Suzanne Collins

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Suzanne Marie Collins
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The Hunger Games trilogy

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Suzanne Marie Collins (born August 10, 1962) is an American television writer and novelist, best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy (which consists of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay).


Suzanne Collins
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Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

I have read the Hunger Games trilogy at least 2 times already and I LOVE THEM!! I love the way you write! The only major upset that I just can't get over from reading your books is the fact that Katniss chose Peeta over Gale! I think that Gale is soooo much more better than Peeta and that Katniss was forced into her "love" with Peeta because of her first Hunger Games. I feel like Peeta isn't the best person for Katniss and that Gale is because Gale took care of Katniss's family when she was in the area fighting for her life. He kept them alive and they both lost their dads in a mining accident, they both are good hunters, and they obviously LOVE each other but it's Peeta who forces Katniss's love. I also feel that Katniss is much more relaxed and like herself around Gale and that she is trying to be something that she isn't around Peeta. That's just how I feel but seiously I can't get over the fact that she chose Peeta and not Gale. I also feel like Peeta should have died in the first arena and that Cato should have killed him just because then she could go home and be with the person who she actually loves: GALE! I just can't get over this for some reason, I hope to now more about Gales life in District Two after the rebellion.

Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

If Peeta had died in the it th hunger games, it wouldn't be a trilogy.

Submitted by Anthony northey (not verified) on

Hi my name is Anthony I've heard your a brilliant writer I was wondering if you could maybe write a novel or a book about a short story I wrote for an assignment at school. We were given a picture with a paragraph on it my was 'Then the clouds opened, and a light shone down on that exact spot'. I know it sounds a bite weird but I had a storm of ideas on what I could write about. So this is what I got in a short version. It's about a boy named Eren he lived a life were he was always treated like an outcast even his own patients try to avoid he. He gets bullied for no reason, no one wanted to even be near him he has no friends but the only person that liked him was his grandfather. He's name Greg he always says 'no one is burn to be alone in this world' and 'sticks and stones may break but you never let those painful words reach your soul'. But he died in a bush fire Eren was in so much pain he was going to kill himself but right before he did the clouds opened and shined a light down on him in this dark land. The lights shined brighter then the devin gates of heaven. That's all I got when time stopped for the test so if you carnt do it it's fine but please think about it thanks. O and before I forget here's some paragraphs I thought mite help.
.everyday is the same day a terrible nightmare despite to wake up.
.being alone hurts more then being hurt.
.the dark clouds opened shining down on this corrupted land.

Submitted by Anthony (not verified) on

Hi my name is Anthony I've heard your a brilliant writer I was wondering if you could maybe write a novel or a book about a short story I wrote for an assignment at school. We were given a picture with a paragraph on it and mine was 'Then the clouds opened, and a light shone down on that exact spot'. I know it sounds a bit weird but I had a storm of ideas on what I could write about. So this is what I got in a short version. It's about a boy named Eren he lived a life where he was always treated like an outcast even his own parents tried to avoid him. He gets bullied for no reason, no one wanted to be near him, he has no friends but the only person that liked him was his grandfather. He's name was Greg, he always says 'no one is born to be alone in this world' and 'sticks and stones may break but you never let those painful words reach your soul'. But he died in a bush fire. Eren was in so much pain he was going to kill himself but right before he did the clouds opened and shined a light down on him in this dark land. The lights shined brighter then the devin gates of heaven.
That's all I got when time stopped for the test so if you can't do it it's fine but please think about it thanks. Oh and before I forget here's some paragraphs I thought might help.
.everyday is the same day a terrible nightmare desperate to wake up.
.being alone hurts more then being hurt.
.the dark clouds opened shining down on this corrupted land.

Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

"I skirt around the hole and enter the woods at my usual place." Mockingjay chapter 27
In Catching Fire, the holes under the fences were filled in by the new peacekeepers that took over 12 shortly after the electrified the fence but Katniss climbed the branch to get back into 12.
Great books :) I just read all three in less than a week for the first time, and now going to marathon the movies that I've also never seen. Always need to read the books first as they are always much better than the movies, and I'm sure they will. I loved your work and look forward to reading your other books.

Submitted by Angela (not verified) on

I would like to know what would happen if Gail volunteered fore Peta at the first reaping

Submitted by Luxor (not verified) on

I just completed the series for the 17th time and I am a big fan. I really don't like the ending of Code of Claw. It just abruptly ends with Boots pronouncing Gregor's name right... I really want to know what happened to Luxa, and if Gregor will go back. I also want to hear something about Gregor and Luxa getting married. Also, what happened to the ants/cutters? Maybe after they get married, Vikus reveals a prophecy about a cutter invasion after the marraige... So many ideas. So please, make more books.

P.S. Maybe go ahead like 6 years so the marriage thing makes sense and so Gregor isnt running away from home and he is of age to go off into the world.

Submitted by Hunter (not verified) on

I love your books and one series that caught my attention is the Gregor the Overlander Series. I have read it probably ten times now and it still holds my attention better than anything else I have ever read. The one thing I didn’t like about it was the way it ended. I want there to be another book so badly I would write it, but only you can. I have some ideas for a 6th book.
It starts out saying that Gregor’s family didn’t move to Virginia, and stayed in New York. Gregor goes to the laundry room and finds a note from Luxa saying that she has a pleasant surprise for him and that if there is any way possible he needs to go to Regalia. Gregor has to sneak away from his family and drops down the grate. At the bottom Nike is waiting for him and flies him to Regalia. When he gets there Luxa is waiting for him. She leads his through the Palace and just before they were going to round a corner she blindfolds him. She leads him around the corner and after she whispers something to someone in front of him she removes the blindfold. All he sees is Aurora in front of him with her wings spread out hiding something behind her. Then a black bat pokes his head out from around her and reveals himself. Gregor is shocked about how much he looks like Ares. Luxa explains to him that shortly after he left, Aurora gave birth to this bat the she and Ares were expecting. She and Ares hadn’t told anyone, not even Luxa. The bat was clearly not full grown yet but he was already as big as Aurora. The bat looked exactly like Ares except he had a golden outline around his face. The bat introduced himself as Gregory, so he had been named after Gregor. Gregor was so shocked that he ran to the only place in the palace he knew had a solid door. The Prophecy Room. He ran into the room and shut the door and took a minute to collect himself. After a few minutes Luxa came into the room, and told him that she had to talk to him about something else. She explained that the rats that were loyal to Ripred were turning to new leaders. Twin Banes. And that they were once again trying to kill or gain control of every species in the Underland, starting with the nibblers. Now with two Banes, it would be twice as hard to stop them. After the initial shock Gregor goes to the Museum to collect the two halves of his sword and his dagger. With Luxa’s help they get a blacksmith to rebuild his sword. Gregor and Gregory team up and set out to take out the Banes as a revenge for Ares’s death and to stop them from destroying all of the Underland. When Gregor and Gregory begin fighting the Banes, they manage to take out one of them before Gregory dislocates his wing and unable to fight. That leaves Gregor to fight on foot and he stands no chance of winning. The remaining Bane charges at him and the only way out is over a cliff. Gregor was about to be killed when he hears a familiar voice purr “Jump Overlander”. Gregor immediately recognizes the voice. It’s Ares. Without thinking Gregor jumps over the cliff. The Bane thought he had defeated Gregor so he reared back and gave a roar at his victory. When the Bane roared he left his throat exposed and Ares fly’s Gregor into range and Gregor slices the Banes throat. Gregor notices a purple scar that was caused by the humans, crosses with a scar from the original Bane. He and Ares, with Gregory in his claws, fly to Ares’ cave outside of Regalia and Gregor walks the rest of the way to get Luxa. When Luxa and Gregor and Aurora get to the cave all they can see is Gregory on the ground with his injured wing because Ares is hiding in the dark behind them. When Luxa and Aurora aren’t looking, Ares slides out of the darkness and reveals himself, surprising Luxa and Aurora into the point where they are crying because of joy. They explain what happened then Gregor and Ares finally get to talk to each other alone. It turns out that Ares wasn’t actually killed, but severely injured by the Bane’s teeth. The injury caused Ares to be knocked out. When Gregor had thought Ares had been killed, he saw his neck where the bane had bitten him, and thought he had torn part of his throat out. But since it was dark and Gregor was relying on echolocation and losing blood, what he thought was his throat that had been torn out, it was actually just some fur and skin. Gregor had killed the Bane before he had done enough damage to Ares to kill him. But when Ares had woken up he had forgotten where he was. He was lost for months until he heard the commotion of Gregor and Gregory fighting the Banes and went to help. After that Ares gets to meet his son properly and is reunited with Aurora. When Nerissa sees Ares the first thing she notices are the scars on his chest that form an “X”. Luxa explains to Nerissa that Ripred had made the second scar himself so Ares is now named the Peacemaker. Even though Gregor knows that Ares doesn’t believe in the prophecies like Gregor, Ares uses it to finally make peace once and for all in the Underland. Gregor and the rest of his family decide to stay and live in the Underland.
Suzanne Collins I beg you to write a 6th book. I know many people want one. Even if the answer is no please write back.
Hunter Morrison.

Submitted by Kaitlyn Pasko (not verified) on

Dear Ms. Collins,
I would just like to say thank you for your fabulous books and movies which were made off of your books. I haven't yet read the mockingjay book because I have to read another book for school, but I know that I will love it. Please consider writing another hunger games book. If you keep in contact with Jennifer Lawerence and Josh Huntishion, please tell them that a 14 year old girl from PA thought that their acting was perfect to the story of the book. You guys are who I look up to and I would actually love to met you guys.
An adoring fan,
Kaitlyn Pasko

Submitted by Garrett the ove... (not verified) on

I am obsessed with your series and it is my favorite book

write back or write another book please write book 6

Submitted by garrett the ove... (not verified) on

WRITE MORE GREGOR !!! Please I have to know does Gregor get a new bond. Please write another Gregor book he has to go back to the Underland their has to be another war or SOMETHING that makes Gregor has to go back. Please Ms. Collins have a heart and write another Gregor book I love your Gregor series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please that series cannot end. other people are still pleading just as I am one of the emails has to convince you to keep writing the series please are you even reading my comment! Please I am begging you to write another. Gregor is my favorite book. I am begging for another book. Maybe Gregor, Boots and Lizzie come down to the Underland for a change? or... just there are so many things I have to know that must happen in the sixth book. Does Luxa come to the Overland? its just I love the book so much I need another book are the sandwiches prophecies really a fraud?

Submitted by Caroline L (not verified) on

Hi Susan,
I am a huge fan of Gregor. I've read all the Gregor books many times. I think your other books are great but i think it would be amazing if you made another Gregor book. Last year in fourth grade my teacher started reading Gregor to us and i fell in love with the books. I Think it would be amazing if you did make another Gregor book because i fell like there is so much more readers and fans could know about. Like what happened in the underland after luxa and ripred made peace between the rats and humans. Also what is happing between luxa and Gregor or does Gregor ever go back to the
underworld. What i'm saying is please please please make another gregor book


Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

It broke my heart when I finished the last book.Please make at least one more Gregor the Overlander book. I want to read more about Gregor,Luxa,Ripred, and all the others.

Submitted by Stephanie (not verified) on

I think a book/movie should be made about the prequel to the Hunger Games. It should be about why the games came to be.

Submitted by the overlander (not verified) on

i think that series of gregor the overlander must go on!!! please write a new book for all the children.
gregor could live in Virginia and a new prophecy that speak of Boots could let gregor be back to overland

Submitted by Quade (not verified) on

I believe you could continue the series by making a prequel about haymich or having multiple prequels about the different victors such as the ones in the 3rd quarter quell or other not mentioned victors

Submitted by Finnick Odair Lover (not verified) on

I loved the hunger games so much and Finnick was my favorite character ever! I was so disappointed when he was killed I literally threw the book. I think you would make so much money if you wrote a book about Finnick in the 65th hunger games in the 1st person perspective also maybe about him mentoring and falling in love with Annie Cresta. Or maybe one about the first rebellion and the history of what happened to the world. Just please please make a book just about Finnick I understand your probably really busy just please consider this. Thank you

Submitted by FinnickLover (not verified) on

I love the hunger games so so much and my favorite character was overall absolutely Finnick Odair. However when I read Mockingjay and Finnick died I was so upset I threw my book across the room. I felt so hollow for like 3 days about Finnick dying. So I came up with an idea and I know you are really really busy probably and I don't know if your actually reading this just please consider this, what if you made a single book about Finnick Odair when he was in the 65th hunger games. And then about when he gets back and mentors Annie and it would be about how he fell in love with her. But it would be in Finnick's first person perspective. Please make this happen and thank you for making such amazing books.

Submitted by jack 10 year old boy (not verified) on

I finished mockingjay last night. I was crying so much because it was over. It was great writing. I suggest making another book. I have an idea, you could write a series about Haymich and his experience in the hunger games. Or maybe say what it was like after the epilogue. You are my favorite author and if you ever come to Colorado I would want to come see you.

Submitted by Hollis holmes (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne Collins,
First off, I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY LIFE COMPLETE BY WRITING THE HUNGER GAMES! I absolutely love them ALL with my whole heart. I literally can't stop thinking about them. I have read the series twice and watched all the movies about 3 times. It physically hurts my heart every time someone dies... It hurts to think about how much I love them. I was wondering if you would pleaee consider writing more about the story. Like what happened after Mockingjay ?? Also please consider making Gale more important to Katniss and don't let them drift away!! I love gale with my whole heart (i wish he and katniss were together) and can't bear to see them not getting along. I really hope you see this !!!!!

Submitted by Thom van Rij (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne Collins,

My name is Thom van Rij, I’m 17 years old and live Reeuwijk, the Netherlands. I am a huge fan of your Hunger Games trilogy. I have read them in English and in Dutch. The books are so interesting and exciting, I can truly say it are the best books I have ever read. The story is so detailed, true this amazing description it’s almost realistic. Off course it won’t happen in our time but it’s excluded for the future. I am writing you this email because I want to tell how much I like your book.

My most favourite book of the tree is number one. When I saw the cover of the book combined with the title I knew immediately that I have to read it. After I finished the book one breath I read the next one and thereafter the last one. I couldn’t stop reading after the reading something is missing, I miss reading such good books. It makes me feel fortunate that I can live in this moment, I have a good life in comparison with Katniss. We live in a good time. At the same time Katniss show me you can be happy with few she does that at district 12. I like the moments when Katniss could save someone and when Katniss have an ingenious idea. Like the idea that Katniss and Peeta can survive The Hunger Games both. I didn’t like the scenes when someone who I like goes die, as Rue it makes me feel sad. On the other hand, it makes the book more exciting. I really like the end of the book it gives you a little intro to the next book.

Maybe after reading my letter, you have a little time to answer my questions.

How did you get so much creativity, to write so detailed and exciting about the future?

Can you write another book about an earlier edition of The Hunger Games?

How is the experience to write a GREAT bestseller around the world?

I hope you enjoy reading my letter a bit. For the future, I hope you can write and publish more magnificent books. The this and next generation will definitely read this book with pleasure. I wish the book will not become reality in the future.

Thank you for reading my letter for you.


Thom van Rij

Submitted by Pleaseaddmorebooks (not verified) on

Please add a sixth and seventh book!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Olivia (not verified) on

Hey Suzanne i'm Olivia and i'm in the 6th grade and the Hungers is one of my favorite series. I've read all the books and seen the movies at least 70 times. It would mean so much to me if you were too make a sequel to show how Katniss and Peeta's children are doing and how Gail is doing and too what's happened with the new government. Or even show the points of views of the other tributes going into the games. ( such as Cato, Foxface, Rue, Thresh, ) I know its alot to ask but it would mean the world too me it you were to make a sequel.

- Sincerely, Olivia

Submitted by A person who wa... (not verified) on

You could make a sixth book where Gregors gramma disappeared, and Gregor sees an open grate in the hospital and then boots says "temp!" And jumps in the grate and Gregor leaves a note to his mom and dad and jumps after boots. While they are falling Gregor realizes that there is a cockroach with a bent antenna and its's temp. Then Gregor hears his other sister, Lizzie, come in after him. When they get to the bottom luxa and aurora get him to the waterway, and Gregor is surprised but boots is, as usual, having fun and Lizzie runs off to find ripred. When Gregor, Luna, and aurora get to the waterway, Gregor sees that a bunch of the flesh eating mites are coming, but are still a couple days away. After that everyone prepares a bunch of war stuff and mite proof armor(I made that up). And then Nerrissa runs up and says Gregor is the peacemaker because the two lines intersecting could be Gregor and Luxa, and Gregor DID deal death, and some other reasons that you (Suzanne Collins) could make up, but I forgot some of my reasons. And then you could write a book about the war with the mites. Just please write a couple more books after this book (if you want to write this book, of course). And pleeeeaase make the series end with Gregor's family members coming to live in the underland and Luxa and Gregor get married.

Submitted by Alec Valle (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne Collins,

I have read your novel “The Hunger Games,” and all I can say is that I love it because it took me to another world and just like others always say, “fictional words are better than the real world.” Actually, this is was my first time reading a novel and I really didn’t regret it. I just wanted to tell that I’m really not a fan of reading but as I read “The Hunger Games,” I eventually felt in love and addicted with it. I prefer reading it than watching it because I think books are more interesting and would challenge me with my imagination about your stories. The movie was also good but reading it is much better. I’m planning on saving money for me to buy another of your novels “Mockingjay” and “Catching Fire.” May I ask if what drives you creating this kind of novels and where do you get inspiration in creating one? I am hoping for your reply on this message but if you have some time, I’d like to have a mini chat with you. Thank you.

Alec Valle
Mapua Senior High School Philippines

Submitted by Danica (not verified) on

I am Dying inside, I need to know what happens next in the series!!!!! I love your books and I really want you to wright a new book like a continuation with these details:
1. Katniss and Peeta's kids go get picked in the reeping
2. Someone tries to ruin peace with an army behind them
3. Katniss's figures out that Cinna really isn't dead after all
4. The arena is now more harmful and more horrors every 30 minutes
Please consider this and I will be happy either way if you say yes or no.

Submitted by Ripred (not verified) on

I would really love it if there was a book about Gregor moving to the under land and fighting in a war against the cutters, fighting alongside ripred and all the rats, this would give my mind some ease after the cliff hanger at the end also Gregor should get a new bond like ares' son or maybe even the queen

Submitted by Evangeline innasi (not verified) on

I am seriously begging you to pls make a fourth book because I just dont want it to end. if u do write another one I would be so happy so pls.

Submitted by Austin Jergings (not verified) on

I am with you

Submitted by America (not verified) on

Suzanne Collins i love your Hunger games book series but i was kinda disappointed that they ended. i would love for you to write another one continuing where you left off. Also maybe do a re-Imagen one of instead of being with Peeta she goes with Gal

Submitted by Deuce McGhee (not verified) on

I see a lot of people wanting another book picking up where the last one left off. As much as I would like that, I'd much rather know what happens to Gregor as he grows up and tries to find his place. I am curious to know if he goes back to live in the Underland, maybe when he's 18 and can legally make the adult decision. If he decides to stay in the Overland, do they move or do they stay? How would he cope with his friends and school if he stayed in New York. By all rights, he has the mentality of an adult, a soldier, far too old for his age. What happens if he gets in a fight and can't control the rager side? If he stays as an adult, does he become a soldier in the military or tries to become a peacemaker in his own land? You can't easily turn off being a soldier, I am one, and this I know. I want to know about him and how he finds his way. I read these books when I was around 12-ish. I had those questions then, and I still have them now as I reread the series for the countless time.

Submitted by Boots the PRINCESS (not verified) on

That would be awesome like just an epilouge

Submitted by Austin Jergings (not verified) on

I think you should make a second series in the Hunger Games and Katniss and peeta souls be mentors of the next hunger games made by Plutarch. I bet it would be really good if you made that

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on

Please Suzanne Collins so many people are begging for another hunger games book or movie (one or the other or maybe even both) please just answer our prayers we all love the hunger games and want another one please please please!!!!!!!! If u love the hunger games and want another please reply!!!!

Submitted by NeilaAnn Perry (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne, my name is NeilaAnn Perry and im 11 years old. I love your books and was hoping you might be able to help remake the hunger games. Dont get me wrong the orignals are great but i would love if you kind of reamke them and maby show a little more of Katniss and Peetas relastion ship. Your #1 fan NeilaAnn Perry

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Why gale!!!!!!! I thought gale and katniss should have been together. I neeeeeed to know why gale went to district two and left katniss. I think an excellent series would be gales point of veiw as he had to watch katniss in the hunger games whilst looking after his family and katniss’s. In my opinion I like gale more than peeta. Who agrees?

Submitted by A Fan is wrong (not verified) on

Hey buddy, it’s not Peeta’s failt he got jacked by the Capitol

Submitted by Victor Manzella (not verified) on

Hello Mrs. Collins. If you are reading this I am a HUGE fan and I would love it so much if you added a book or two to the Hunger Games series. I know writing books is time consuming but I am 13 years old, have read every book in my house, and the Hunger Games Trilogy was the most appealing to me. The passion and love between Peeta and Katniss was amazing, but also complicated because of Gale and then Peeta got hijacked and Prim died and then Katniss shot Coin. It all came at once by the end and was hard to process. I know there is not much more to write about with Katniss Everdeen’s story, but maybe you could make one from the standpoint of someone else, not related to Katniss, and about their experiences in the Hunger Games. If you read this thank you so much, and it would mean the world to me if you did.

Submitted by alisha.brannam@... (not verified) on

Hi! I am your greatest fan! I am reading the first book of The Hunger Games! I like it so far!

Submitted by Jerry Zhou (not verified) on

Hi, I'm writing this to ask you to continue the hunger games series. I've only read the book for 2 days and I'm totally hooked! I literally cried when I finished mockingjay because there are no more books. these books that you wrote inspire me every day. please write another book because no one wants to leave Katniss and Peeta behind forever. all I'm requesting is another book, just one. please, for me and the sake of all the other hunger games fans

Submitted by Suzy Q (not verified) on

Hi, Suzanne Collins! I WAS wanting to put PLEASE MAKE MORE GREGOR THE OVERLANDER BOOKS OR I WILL DIE ALONE AND DEPRESSED! But I thought a simple hi would do....also the fact that I ran out of space in my subject. So... I LOVE GREGOR THE OVERLANDER! Luxa and Gregor for life! 😁 Please give me more! Will his grandma make it out safe? Will they stay? How will they pay for daily life accessories and explain there strange disappearance for such a monumental period of time? Will Boots and Hazard date in the future 🤞. You should do a book about Luxa coming to visit the Overland calling for help from Gregor because of Bane/Gorger supporters are growing and threatening the peace between the humans and rats. Or maybe for once you know.....a HAPPY BOOK?! Just a suggestion! I love both series but honestly Gregor the Overlander is better. (Don’t tell my friends or I won’t make it through the night) I love this series it’s gripping, funny, and you grow with the characters in the book! Please don’t let me down, us Suzanne’s got to stick together right?

Submitted by Sam (not verified) on

I k ow you will probably not see this but I was hoping you would write another book if Gregor the overlander. Not so much as Gregor but maybe a side story. Like star wars and the clone wars. But this would be about ripred and his whole back story and how he became who he is In more depth. It would also be cool to see a book made from fan stories. People could submit stories to you and then you could make a book out of all the small stories people would write. I know this is late because you finished the books 12 years ago but the ending did not feel like a full ending to me. It felt like a Gregor the overlander ending were there would be a next book. To me I think people could write about this stuff for months and not get sick of it. Kind of like Star Wars and how there are tons of books about different characters before and after. Stories of the past and what might happen in the future. Just a thought.

Submitted by Anna Sophie (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne Collins

I live in Denmark and have been listening to The Hungergames and Gregor, and watched the Hungame films. I have read rather a lot of Fantasy for Young adult readers, beause of interest concerning the psychological issues and the paedagogic which are in that gendre. And also for the fun of it. I still read childrens books at an age of nearly 60.
Your books are realy good and both seroius and fun in a for me good way. (sorry about my english language). Have you thought about a sequel to Gregor?

With kind regards
Anna Sophie DK

Submitted by Jo (not verified) on

Just question to anyone who knows, I’m writing a fanfic on wattpad and need to know: are mentors all of the previous victors or just the most recent ones? And if it hadn’t been them for the quarter quell, would katniss and Peeta both have mentored?

Submitted by Lola (not verified) on

Hi! No matter how many times I reread The Hunger Games, it never fails to amaze me!

Submitted by Eve (not verified) on

I loved the Underland chronicles so much that I blew through them in a month! Although I loved all of them and felt like each and every character was a part of me, I somewhat feel like it was left at an odd end. As if there was meant to be more, like how the rats and humans alliance would end up, or will Gregor and his family move to Virginia and leave the Underland behind, and if there are any more hidden prophecies that everyone neglected to tell Gregor and his family about! I just feel like there could be more, and if I'm being honest, I was more intrigued throughout this series than the Harry Potter series.

Submitted by Marilyn (not verified) on

I’d love a book about Haymitch and his game. Thank you !


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