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Suzanne Marie Collins
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The Hunger Games trilogy

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Suzanne Marie Collins (born August 10, 1962) is an American television writer and novelist, best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy (which consists of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay).


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Submitted by Pelil (not verified) on

AGREE!!! And sometimes i was thinking if there's no other way for Suzanne to rewrite the series in Peeta's maybe us(the fans) could make a "fanmade" series from Peeta's point of view.. Who knows we can meet Suzanne and helps us to do something about it
I really hope that can happen. Will be a lot of fun to meet, or talk about the stuffs we love together with the other fans.

Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

Omg yesss! I literally came on this website to see if I could contact Suzanne Collins to see if she could write it from peeta’s perspective! I feel like there are a lot of parts to Peeta’s story that Katniss wasn’t there for! This is my favorite series and you’re right, I don’t want it to be over!!

Submitted by Go Gregor the w... (not verified) on

I need more of the Gregor the overlander series make more books or make movies!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Kaitlyn (not verified) on

I just finished the series of The Hunger Games! When I read the epilouge to Mockingjay and I thought you should write a series on Katniss and Peeta's kids! I would be so happy if you did! Thanks!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I know that everyone is asking this, but I really want you to make another one from the Katniss's daughters perspective. You could make it to where Snows granddaughter took over Panem and is forcing the rebels children to go back into the Hunger Games, but the rebels with more important roles or had more impact on the Capitol during the Rebellion have their names entered more times. Ultimately leading up to the daughter going back in at the age of...13? The boy wouldn't be old enough, but then Katniss and Peeta would have to be the mentors. Please, I'm begging you make another one.

Submitted by queenb (not verified) on

I agree I love the series and movies but I want more about peeta, katness, and there kids. plese write more books.

Submitted by April Smith (not verified) on

I was wondering.... Did the story of Joe Hill (songwriter/migrant worker/activist) inspire you to write - The Hanging Tree? I definately see a parallel in his hanging and the lyrics to the song in your book. I was just curious. Thank you for any time you might give me.

Submitted by Joy (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne,
I have read all of the hunger games books and it has become a bit of an obsession, it would mean so much if you could write 3 shorter novels explaining everything but in Gale's point of view, & another 3 of Peeta's thoughts. If you could do that i would love them! :) I've always been wondering what went through Gale's mind when Peeta kissed Katniss, and what went through Peeta's when it was Catching Fire especially. Many people i know and seen really want these to happen.
Thank you for your time,

Submitted by Jack Pedersen (not verified) on

Suzanne, i think you might want to consider making a 6th book in the Underland Chronicles. You did a great job crafting the sieres and the charecters, and you ended it with us wanting more. I and alot of your fans would agree, that a 6th book would be awsome.

Sincierly, Your Fan

Submitted by hunger games lover (not verified) on

i was wondering you should make a another hunger games because this book blow my mind. it was amazing even tho the ending is so sad on the mocking jay but your books are so amazing and you should make another one. the book just wants you to read more and i am begging you just make a another book.

Submitted by Kenzie Bucher (not verified) on

All of my friends dislike me for continuing to like Gale. I would like to know if the hunger games series is a metaphor for our economy? And if you still meant for Gale to be a loved character? I know he messed up, but people should have second chances! Though he did kill her sister and didn't apologize, but who could apologize about killing someone's sister? Who could apologize for something like that in a situation so dire? I really want to hear these answers! Thank you, your work is very well put together, -Kenzie

Submitted by Terri Lynn Sullivan (not verified) on

You are the first person here that seems to have uncovered a main message in this amazing series of Hunger Games....the metaphor for our eocnomy. I cannot speak for Suzanne Collins, yet I do recognize she is anti-war. She learned to be from her father, who was a victim (American soldier) in Vietnam. There are MANY stark metaphors throughout the entire books and the movie. Of not merely the American economy, but our culture itself of glorifying war. how be blow it up in the media with "honor" and make it all look so entertaining and for the "social good". Yet, this message is lost onto so many people, since we are a violence for profit society under deep deceit of a capital and powerful elites. As negative as this sounds...its realy, not Sci Fi! I believe the Author is so good at showing, not telling, but wants this main message out to our next generartion. In this, I adore her even more than her fabuous creativity with her writing!

Submitted by Krissy (not verified) on

Thank you for this comment. I can't agree more. The Hunger Games series to me, even though it is fiction, is more a lesson in history and the cost of war. And the divide between the elite and the people, the powerful and the powerless, and all the psychology behind each individual's motivations and actions.
I can't stop re reading it. No other books I've ever read even come close to this level of addiction. I think it should be read in school, so that children get to think not only about the cost of war, but also our individual responsibility as members of any society not to give up our civic duties lest we suffer the consequences.

Submitted by Austin (not verified) on

I thought that Gregor the overlander was and awesome series and I don't have a series that I like more and I think that a new book should be made. There was a lot of talk of the uncharted lands and maybe a new creature could be added and they find new prophecies to face with Gregor

Submitted by Terri Lynn Sullivan (not verified) on

As the mother of a tween, I was at first reluctant to read your books or see the movies, knowing its teens killing teens. Until I heard firsthand (from a teen!) about the main message Hunger Games tries to portray. When I realized it is anti-war, I took notice.

So I read....and watched, and fell nothing short of mesmorized by the sheer talent you hold in the "show don't tell" writery thing. All the metaphors are there. The capital glorifying our culture of violence for entertainment and profit. Our war torn economy, played out like a violent video game. Innocent teens decorated as "brave heroes", rather than the victims of political violence they really are. The media & TV parading them with glitzy glory and "honor", the people clapping in the audience analogous to people saying thank you, with the same cognitive dissonance.

I realized, just as you offer a bleak vision of war that is personal to your experience as a child within your beautifully written children's books, ditto with the bleak vision of war you paint in Hunger Games.

Yet I do such a great job at the show don't tell tactic, if the main message is lost onto too many people? Perhaps one last splash in this thrilling trilogy which tells it like it is? America now, an increasingly dystopian cloud over the capital, as the people cheer on our war games for profit?

Submitted by Krissy (not verified) on

Thank you for this thoughtful comment. I couldn't agree more.

Submitted by gracelynne sawatzky (not verified) on

I am in grad 6 and we are doing a book club and I wanted to know more about it for research from chapter 1 to chapter 7

stuff like:
why you wrought it
why you chose what you did for this book

Submitted by Richard Orich (not verified) on

Suzanne you are one of the best authors I've read. I think Stephen King could take some pointers from you. I like the way you spin a tale that moves at a good clip. You give the reader just enough detail and keep the story line moving. Loved, actually adore the Hunger Games, so I bought the Gregor series. Fabulous writing. A movie is a must. Truly brilliant.

Submitted by Sunnmond (not verified) on

Is it just me thinking this but wouldn't it be awesome to have a hunger games video games and you don't like copy Katniss like you can choose your district and use strategy to win the games just talking outloud anyone else agree?

Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

Hey i thought about that too but in a differant way one that wil actualy get people active so i came up with the glow games its just like the hunger games but in stead of dieing you glow and the glowing is trigured by sertain chemicals like the bullets are blank but filled with the chemical to make you glow and if you eat sertain things it also releases the chemical so you glow and if you glow you are a easyer target at night aspesialy . The glow substance is also acting like a real injury and depending on where the chemical toutches is how it would spread so your clothes and boddy is basicly covered with glow stuf and spreading stuf so if the chemical hits where there is lots of spreading stuf it will make a biger glow pool on your boddy almost like the real injury would affect you ,it also gives of a burning sensation witch should slow you down.

Submitted by Karina Heartman (not verified) on

so I don't know is Suzanne actually reads these but if she does then I have to say I'm a HUGE fan! I'll admit at first I didn't want to read the books because I didn't find it interesting but now I've read them all at least 10 times! It his me sooio hard when FINNICK died! I loved him so so much because he was so sweet. Like he could've had ANYONE but he chose Annie and he is just so perfect and I love him! I need to say this. I want a spin off book just about Finnick and Annie. They are so cute and I would love to know more about them! Thanks! Love you so much Suzanne Collins!

Submitted by Finnickisawesome (not verified) on

I totally agree a spin off about Finnick and Annie would be so awesome Finnick was my favorite character

Submitted by Bella Angelo (not verified) on

I love the hunger games trilogy and was so sad when it ended!
I think that a hunger games guide would be a great. With characters back stories to the tributes such as Johanna and haymitch and finnick. It'd be great to hear the real stories of them and even though there's many fan made stories there's only one you!

Submitted by Emma c (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne Collins, at the end of the books what might of happened if gale and katniss were together? Would it be similar to the original ending? Please let my know! I love your books and have more questions waiting for you. Thanks for the many hours of joy I get from reading your books, I love you! ~your biggest fan, Emma C.

Submitted by Cheyenne (not verified) on

OMG!!! I love your Hunger Games Collection book they are so amazing. I've seen the movies so i just know the book is going to be fascinated. You are a good writer. I hope you come up with some more books dealing with the Hunger Games.

Submitted by A fan of Your's (not verified) on

the gregor series is so awesome.its thanks to my 7th grade L.A. teacher he had us read that book in class or i might not have ever known about your books except the hunger games trilogy.but anyway i loved the first one so much i had to read more.once i picked up book 2 i couldn't get enough.I litteraly finished book 2-4 in a month tops.please write a a 6th book and movies would be nice too.

sincerly Brent =)

Submitted by Chassidy Cerrato (not verified) on

I've always wondered how did Mags win her hunger games?

Submitted by Suzy Q (not verified) on

Her kindness stopped them dead in there tracks and blew them away.

Submitted by Rigoberto Monte... (not verified) on

Dear lady Collins:

My nanme is Rigoberto Montenegro and will contact you to ask for feedback for a job that we are dessarrollando classes.

As mentioned above, in the subject of language, we are studying love in literature and surgiola question: How love in literature with love in real life .To relate to support our position we have been asked to contact a prominent novelist, who give us feedback on tema.Y I have chosen you because my sister is a big fan desu trilogy "The Hunger Games".

I understand that you are a busy person, and that this mail is one of thousands that come to you daily, however will be very grateful if you can help me complete my school work with your valuable comment.

Rigoberto Montenegro Colegio Marambio Chile

alumno 8°A Melipilla

Submitted by Just a crazy fangirl (not verified) on

This is probably never gonna get to Suzanne Collins but still, in case it does, have you gotten any offers for a movie for the underland chronicles? Those are pretty much some of my favorite books. But they're too unknown by so many people. I have no one to talk to about them. Maybe if a movie came out more people would read the book. I'd just really like to see a movie. And hopefully they don't end up like the Percy Jackson movies.

Submitted by Alorette (not verified) on

In the books, Katniss' name comes from a flower. Peeta is a baker. Pita = bread. Bread is made from flour. Katniss is flour (flower). Gale is a wind. Wind carries flowers. Katniss = flower.


Submitted by Kris miller (not verified) on

Hunger games

I am a huge fan of the hunger games series. I have read the series at least a dozen times. I wrote it before every movie has come out right it just in between just for fun because I love the series. I was wondering if you might thinking about writing another book or two about the under ground railroad, the workings of the rebellion.
Maybe talk about some previous past failed attempts maybe one of them was her father that's why he was blown up.
Maybe at first hey Mitch was the only want to see that Katniss could be the one to pull this off.
When she rebelled and volunteer for her sister and maybe he spends a lot of time trying to convince people in the capital and people in other districts that she would be the one and they finally didn't see it until she did what she did for Rue. They went district 11 happened to start rebelling that's when everything's got the ball rolling.
Maybe Seneca Crane has always been on it too.
Maybe he had a lover another district and they got separated and his lover was in another district they had a kid together. So maybe he didn't want his child to be in the reaping and so he was on board with the rebellion and that's why he made it possible that if two for the same district or to survive they could be cowinner's in the hunger games.
Maybe we could also go back and see some previous hunger games of the characters that played out in these three books there hunger games and how they got to where they are now. How have they evolved and why are they involved in the hunger games. What roles did they play.
Maybe people from the capital in other districts have been caught and turned into slaves of the capital.
Maybe Ceaser Flickr man has been involved from the get go to. After all he is the one who asked the questions and talks to all the tributes.
Maybe Ceaser Flickr man and Heymich we're on board together. Ceaser Flickr been knew what questions to ask because it would prompt a certain response out of Pete up. Prompt a certain response out of Katniss.
I know I buy ads and I've read it 1000 times just like I have your books now and I know many others would too.
You're an amazing writer and I hope you might consider writing another book that's related to the hunger games the underground workings of what happened and how it went on and how they were able to work out the whole rebellion.

Submitted by T'rell (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne, I am one of your hugest hunger games fans and when I tell you this I am speaking for all hunger games fans... We want more!!!! maybe you could make books about past hunger games since you ended the mocking jay book in that way I really don't see the book series going forward so why don't you go backwards unless you could find a way to make the series go forward....... Thank You and I really hope you take my opinion/imagination into consideration.

Submitted by holly (not verified) on

i think you should make a new book mabye peeta and katniss childeren are entered in the hunger games and then peeta and katniss volunteer because they dont want their children to go through what they did

Submitted by A - dog (not verified) on

Your books are THE best books I've ever read. I have just finished it and I am going to see mocking jay 2. Can't wait!!!

My favorite part is your wonderous mind. It is the best part when your mind sets free and lets readers know your feelings and deep heart into the humger games!!!

Sincerely, ur #1 fan,

A - dog

Submitted by Abbey (not verified) on

I have read the books countless times, what I think would be awesome is another series but from the same thing. Different perspectives. Perhaps one from President Snow's point of view. Or Peeta's. Haymitch. Prim. Really any character showing you a different version of the same story. That's just me, I don't think it would be boring to reread the same story line told from another character. We constantly see how you add Katniss' every single thought and I think it would be interesting to see what others see her as. She doesn't see herself as the mockingjay until she actually visits the hospital in District 8 after a bombing to see the effect she has. Just a fan's opinion, lover of the hunger games forever!

Submitted by Noura (not verified) on

I would love to know president snow's perspective and Gale's too :D

Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

Out of all the characters in the Hunger Games, I really like Haymitch.

But. . .

We don't really know his life or why he drinks. Maybe it was the Hunger Games. . .but still. We don't know his family or anything like that. I think he really deserves a prequel, and so do all the fangirls.

Suzanne Collins must consider this.

Submitted by Ares (not verified) on

Your books are amazing! I would love it if you could make another book in the ‘Gregor the Overlander’ series. I like the idea of gregor’s family going down to the underland again to fight the cutters. That is one of my suggestions. Also, another fan wrote and idea that, I think, is pretty interesting. That idea was that Boots (Margret) Goes back to the underland later on in the future and she fulfills prophecies that they uncovered from a cave that was long forgotten or something like that. I won’t take any credit for these ideas because other fans have mentioned them before. I just hope that you consider writing another book and possibly use these ideas. Again, I love your books and these are ideas to consider.

Submitted by Hunter (not verified) on

I've read the series over 7 times now and I really want there to be a 6th book. I've got the idea the idea that Gregor and his family are still living in New York and Gregor sneaks down to the laundry room and finds a note that was slipped through the grate. It's written from Luxa saying that if there is any way possible he needs to come to the underland again and that there is a bat waiting at the bottom for him. Without hesitation he jumps down the tunnel and rides the bat to Regalia where Luxa says the has a surprise for him. She blind folds him and leads him around the palace. When she unties the blind fold all he sees is Aurora standing in front of him with her wings spread out hiding something behind her. A black bat pokes his head around her and comes into full view. Even though the bat is clearly not full grown it is the size of Aurora. Gregor is stunned how much he looks like Ares. Luxa explains that shortly after Gregor left Aurora gave birth to the bat that she and Ares were expecting and that they had neglected to tell anyone about. The little bat looked completely like Ares except for a little gold outline around his face. The little bat introduced himself as Gregory, and that he was named after Gregor. Gregor was so stunned that he turned and ran to the only place he know that had a solid door, the prophecy room. Gregor got in there and was trembling from shock but found a lit oil lamp. After a few minutes Luxa came into the room with a grim look on her face. She told him that there was also another reason that he was needed down here. There was another prophecy. She said that they hadn't told him about it because it mentioned the birth of Gregory, Aurora's and Ares child, although they couldn't predict that Aurora was going to have a child by reading the prophecy. But now that the events leading up to the prophecy have come to pass and they could now understand it. It stated that there were now two Banes, twins. Two white rats born from the same mother at the same time. They were already turning the rats that were loyal to the current leader , Ripred, who was on peaceful terms with the humans into bloodthirsty monsters who wanted the humans dead. Gregor and Gregory must work together to kill both Banes. And both of their blood is drained, and Ares claw is laid in their blood. Ares will come back to life and he and Gregor, Aurora, and Luxa will be reunited and Ares will get to meet his son for the first time. Then Gregor and his family stay and live in the Underland.
Suzanne Collins I beg you to take this into consideration and let me know what you think. I guarantee you that this book would be a best seller but only you can write it. Please think about it.

Submitted by Ares (not verified) on

Hunter has ideas to consider. They make sense and I also agree that it would be a best selling book. I would definitely read it! Also, I have posted some other ides on page 1 and one on page 2 so we all have some good ideas and I beg you to make a new book. It would be amazing no matter what the plot is. Please make another book. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please.

Submitted by Daniela (not verified) on

Hi,I'm a fan of the hunger games BUT I think that its a bit disappointing how it ended.Its such a great story and its good but I'm not very happy with it.I think that you should write one more book where there is a new uprising and coins family would like revenge and there is one last hunger games and all the victors children are reaped also maybe say that because its fair in the future she has a choice to brings people back to life or something but I still love the books X

Submitted by jack 10 year old boy (not verified) on

i agree about the one last book, and that the ending was upsetting.

Submitted by RIP ARES (not verified) on

First off I love the series of Gregor The
Overlander. I was thinking that you could add a book in where gregor is 8 years older and there is a new threat. It would be just a walk down memory lane and knowing your skill it would be great. By the way, why did you kill off ares? I hope you read this and thank you.

Submitted by Cole kokish (not verified) on

I agree with Luxa to make new books please

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Maybe you can make him come back when he's an adult And see luxa (sorry if I Spelled it wrong) and temp and Aurora and I don't know about Vikes he might be to old but boots can come back to. And They could have the sword he broke repaired and all of that back . I love the books I read the series like five times

Submitted by Spookyone (not verified) on

Please pass this title idea along to Suzanne Collins. She'll know what to do with it. If this fan site does not get her attention then someone who knows how, please pass this title message to her. The Trials of Haymitch Abernathy.

Submitted by Mae (not verified) on

I didn't see a rememberance of Phillip Seumour Hoffman in the credits of Mockingjay part 2. I was so upset because I honestly have no clue who Garry Bailey is, but I thought that Phillip Seymour Hoffman did a great job and he should've deserved a credit of rememberance.

Submitted by Hunter (not verified) on

Dear Suzanne Collins,
I love your books and one series that caught my attention is the Gregor the Overlander Series. I have read it probably ten times now and it still holds my attention better than anything else I have ever read. The one thing I didn’t like about it was the way it ended. I want there to be another book so badly I would write it, but only you can. I have some ideas for a 6th book.
It starts out saying that Gregor’s family didn’t move to Virginia, and stayed in New York. Gregor goes to the laundry room and finds a note from Luxa saying that she has a pleasant surprise for him and that if there is any way possible he needs to go to Regalia. Gregor has to sneak away from his family and drops down the grate. At the bottom Nike is waiting for him and flies him to Regalia. When he gets there Luxa is waiting for him. She leads his through the Palace and just before they were going to round a corner she blindfolds him. She leads him around the corner and after she whispers something to someone in front of him she removes the blindfold. All he sees is Aurora in front of him with her wings spread out hiding something behind her. Then a black bat pokes his head out from around her and reveals himself. Gregor is shocked about how much he looks like Ares. Luxa explains to him that shortly after he left, Aurora gave birth to this bat the she and Ares were expecting. She and Ares hadn’t told anyone, not even Luxa. The bat was clearly not full grown yet but he was already as big as Aurora. The bat looked exactly like Ares except he had a golden outline around his face. The bat introduced himself as Gregory, so he had been named after Gregor. Gregor was so shocked that he ran to the only place in the palace he knew had a solid door. The Prophecy Room. He ran into the room and shut the door and took a minute to collect himself. After a few minutes Luxa came into the room, and told him that she had to talk to him about something else. She explained that the rats that were loyal to Ripred were turning to new leaders. Twin Banes. And that they were once again trying to kill or gain control of every species in the Underland, starting with the nibblers. Now with two Banes, it would be twice as hard to stop them. After the initial shock Gregor goes to the Museum to collect the two halves of his sword and his dagger. With Luxa’s help they get a blacksmith to rebuild his sword. Gregor and Gregory team up and set out to take out the Banes as a revenge for Ares’s death and to stop them from destroying all of the Underland. When Gregor and Gregory begin fighting the Banes, they manage to take out one of them before Gregory dislocates his wing and unable to fight. That leaves Gregor to fight on foot and he stands no chance of winning. The remaining Bane charges at him and the only way out is over a cliff. Gregor was about to be killed when he hears a familiar voice purr “Jump Overlander”. Gregor immediately recognizes the voice. It’s Ares. Without thinking Gregor jumps over the cliff. The Bane thought he had defeated Gregor so he reared back and gave a roar at his victory. When the Bane roared he left his throat exposed and Ares fly’s Gregor into range and Gregor slices the Banes throat. Gregor notices a purple scar that was caused by the humans, crosses with a scar from the original Bane. He and Ares, with Gregory in his claws, fly to Ares’ cave outside of Regalia and Gregor walks the rest of the way to get Luxa. When Luxa and Gregor and Aurora get to the cave all they can see is Gregory on the ground with his injured wing because Ares is hiding in the dark behind them. When Luxa and Aurora aren’t looking, Ares slides out of the darkness and reveals himself, surprising Luxa and Aurora into the point where they are crying because of joy. They explain what happened then Gregor and Ares finally get to talk to each other alone. It turns out that Ares wasn’t actually killed, but severely injured by the Bane’s teeth. The injury caused Ares to be knocked out. When Gregor had thought Ares had been killed, he saw his neck where the bane had bitten him, and thought he had torn part of his throat out. But since it was dark and Gregor was relying on echolocation and losing blood, what he thought was his throat that had been torn out, it was actually just some fur and skin. Gregor had killed the Bane before he had done enough damage to Ares to kill him. But when Ares had woken up he had forgotten where he was. He was lost for months until he heard the commotion of Gregor and Gregory fighting the Banes and went to help. After that Ares gets to meet his son properly and is reunited with Aurora. When Nerissa sees Ares the first thing she notices are the scars on his chest that form an “X”. Luxa explains to Nerissa that Ripred had made the second scar himself so Ares is now named the Peacemaker. Even though Gregor knows that Ares doesn’t believe in the prophecies like Gregor, Ares uses it to finally make peace once and for all in the Underland. Gregor and the rest of his family decide to stay and live in the Underland.
Suzanne Collins I beg you to write a 6th book. I know many people want one. Even if the answer is no please write back.
Hunter Morrison.

Submitted by Stephen Hey (not verified) on

Hi Suzanne

I read that you had never heard of Battle Royale before writing the hunger games. Surely working in the entertainment industry in the 90s/20s meant you had at least heard of the book/film Battle Royale that was a global cult film. I honestly think that as a writer you have due care to give credit to sources that you take inspiration from even if you want to butcher their original work. If not, you have to expect to and accept that you are a complete fraud. Neither the less, rest in peace the fact that most people that you will ever speak to, that have a tad of intelligence will know that you have somehow (and wait it's not that hard) taken someone else's work, passed it off as your own and made idiots and young girls eat it up.

Kind regards
Stephen Hey


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