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You are somebody. What does your email address say about you? Are you merely a customer to your internet provider? Are you just an employee with your organization? Are you tired of being "yourname1966[at]internetprovider" or "initials or propername[at]" and just want to have an email address that doesn't require that you add numbers after your name?

FanMailPlus offers you a level of customization you probably never considered. We have a large collection of domains such as,,, and for you to pick from for your email address. See a list of the domains you can choose for email address HERE. Show the world your personality with your own FanMailPlus address today!

Full Access to Your Email

You have numerous ways to get your FanMailPlus email. You can have your email app on your phone or client on your computer synch with your inbox using IMAP. See configuration information for IMAP. You can access the FanMailPlus webmail system using an Internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Or, you can have all email sent to your FanMailPlus address be forwarded to an email address of your choice.

Free Email for Students

FanMail knows how much of a financial drain college can be. To help our up-and-coming generations, we wish to extend an invitation for college students, faculty, and staff to get FanMail Email for free. If you have a .edu email address, then you qualify for free service with us for up to five years! Periodically, our servers will check to ensure that your .edu address is still valid. When it is no longer valid, FanMail will provide you with six more months of free service while you transition from college to the workplace. After the loss of an edu account or five years of free service, you can transfer to a paid account.

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