Rowan Blanchard

Birth Name: 
Rowan Eleanor Blanchard
Best Known For: 

Riley Matthews in Disney Channel series "Girl Meets World"

Short bio: 

Rowan Blanchard was born in Los Angeles, California, to Elizabeth and Mark Blanchard-Boulbol, who are yoga instructors. Her short career began in 2010 when she was cast as Monas' daughter in "The Back-up Plan" and in main cast of Disney Junior Original Series "Dance-A-Lot Robot" as Caitlin. In 2011 she was cast as Rebecca Wilson in "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World" and in "Little in Common" as Raquel Pacheco. In late January 2013, Blanchard was cast as Riley Matthews in the Disney Channel series "Girl Meets World." The character is the daughter of Cory and Topanga from "Boy Meets World."


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jose's picture
Submitted by jose (not verified) on

I think your cool when you act and have a crush on you i know you don't care but i think your pretty

Alex's picture
Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

You are a very good actress, I love Girl Meets world and your so awesome! :)

michael's picture
Submitted by michael (not verified) on

Rowan you are so awesome!!!!!!!! your so positive and i want to be like you. please respond back

Karla's picture
Submitted by Karla (not verified) on

Omg well not really in too being a weirdo but you my idol I'm 11 and I love how you act I wish I could be a actress you are really lucky

Alex's picture
Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

On the 1st episode you want to be like maya I want to be like you i choose you not maya come on juste help y suer I will do anithing

Tanaesha Algie's picture
Submitted by Tanaesha Algie (not verified) on

your a very good actress and I love girl meets world I'm more like riley

ciara's picture
Submitted by ciara (not verified) on

go on Tango there is Rowan Blanchard on there!!!!

Ciara's picture
Submitted by Ciara (not verified) on

You are amazing Rowan i love you forever and always i love GMW

louis's picture
Submitted by louis (not verified) on

how u get so sexy in the new episode. u are smoking hot. And also busty

ethan's picture
Submitted by ethan (not verified) on

I Love u!!!! :)

james robson's picture
Submitted by james robson (not verified) on

Hi rowan are u single and what's your favourite colour mines purple what's your favourite food. I think your the prettiest girl ever same with Sabrina again I would love it if you replied I love you and your acting im in acting school to be a actor and you inspired me so thanks yours senseirly James xxx

Ben's picture
Submitted by Ben (not verified) on

You are cool good actor.I may have a crush on you I don't know but you are cool

Griff's picture
Submitted by Griff (not verified) on

Hey Rowan I was just wondering if you'd want to talk sometime like with kik or txt let me know.

Christina Richmond's picture
Submitted by Christina Richmond (not verified) on

I am currently a major fan of yours! I am writing a book on it has not been published yet but it is still in the making. I just have a few questions. 1. What qualities do you need most to be an actress? 2. Is it possible to be a writer, and an actress? (With dance as a hobby.) 3. Have you ever been to Tennessee? I'd love to hear back from you!

Tyler Decker's picture
Submitted by Tyler Decker (not verified) on

I love ur acting Rowan and think ur beautiful. I also want to know if u could visit Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Jordan Reynolds's picture
Submitted by Jordan Reynolds (not verified) on

I'm pleased with the way you act and your role. You should audition for a movie.

robin's picture
Submitted by robin (not verified) on

please notice me i really look up to you

Cal's picture
Submitted by Cal (not verified) on

Your so awesome Rowan and I love girl meets world!!! Please tell me when you or Sabrina are getting back on USTREAM!! Thanks and P.S we have the same birthday and are the same age!! Thanks!!

kareem's picture
Submitted by kareem (not verified) on

rowan your awesome

April 's picture
Submitted by April (not verified) on

Hi Rowan, Im a huge fan of girl meets world and your my hero. My dad passed away in 2012 so i look at your smile and it makes me happy just saying if you read this i would love to meet you

p.s. me and my bff made girl meets world like the epsidoes but in our version i was playing u if you read this your a hero.

Klaire's picture
Submitted by Klaire (not verified) on

Hi Rowen! You're so lucky to be on Disney Channel. I've always wanted to be an actress and I have been singing your theme song all night.(completely memorized) But I know I have no chance. And I know its soooooo not likely you would answer but it would be nice if you could. Goodnight

Javier Najera 's picture
Submitted by Javier Najera (not verified) on

I love Girl Meets World!!!!! You ate a great actress and I think you are so pretty!!!

Kaden james's picture
Submitted by Kaden james (not verified) on

Girl meets world is my favorite show!!! And your really hot

Holly and McKenna's picture
Submitted by Holly and McKenna (not verified) on

There is only one word to describe you. Amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!!
From Holly and McKenna, age 8.
P.S. You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lara Marchite's picture
Submitted by Lara Marchite (not verified) on


Sam's picture
Submitted by Sam (not verified) on

I think that episode is not accurate
That is not even close on how bullying starts
Or what it can do to someone
I've been bullied trust me it's WORSE😭

Kelly Louis 's picture
Submitted by Kelly Louis (not verified) on

I've been bullied too but it's different this is a TV it won't be like real life

Jaron DeVito's picture
Submitted by Jaron DeVito (not verified) on

Rowan, you are the person I look up to. Girl Meets World is my favorite show. Although I'm a boy, it's still my favorite show. You are very beautiful and I think you are perfect.

anthony weller's picture
Submitted by anthony weller (not verified) on

is it true that you got engaged

hanna's picture
Submitted by hanna (not verified) on

I loved you in spy kiis and I love you in girls meets world. Your amazing. You're my role model!!! :)

elizabeth's picture
Submitted by elizabeth (not verified) on

Hi I can't stop thinking about how pretty you are

James's picture
Submitted by James (not verified) on

Tbh you're one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen and I have such a huge crush on you. You're from LA so I was wondering if you're a Dodgers fan like me.

sam's picture
Submitted by sam (not verified) on

Best girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leo's picture
Submitted by Leo (not verified) on

I am a soccer player and I am also from California. I think Girl Meets World is the best Disney show so far and I don't think I'd be saying the same if you were not a part of the cast. You are my favorite character because you are strong and extremely beautiful. I am also 13 years old. Although it may seem embarrassing, I have found it to be a dream of mine to date you. I think you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen, both inside and out. I was wondering if you are a Dodgers fan like myself since you are from LA. Anyway, all in all I think you're an amazing person.

Anonymous 's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on


Ameera Nasr's picture
Submitted by Ameera Nasr (not verified) on

Hi! How did you get famous. I love the show Girl meets world. I can relate to it so much but yet I cant. Did you have any of those real life problems in your life. Im so depressed. Watching Disney channel is what I do besides homework and cleaning. Sorry. Im overwhelmed. I wish I was famous. Only if we were friends and you know that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddie's picture
Submitted by Maddie (not verified) on

Wow, you are such an amazing person, Rowan, and you have to know that. I really look up to you, you are like my idol. I can't wait to be a TV actress just like you. You always seem so happy on the show and in life, that it just makes me want to be one of those people like you, the fun, happy type.

will's picture
Submitted by will (not verified) on

Hello I'm a huge fan of yours

Goulet's picture
Submitted by Goulet (not verified) on

Your an amazing actress your very pretty abd cute and I have a huge crush on you plz respond I would be amazing if u would

victor's picture
Submitted by victor (not verified) on

Well i think your an amazing singer and actress since you were small girl meet world is an amazing show and i love you so much and your so beautiful you make my day your like my role model your pretty inside and outside good luck in what ever your doing

Rennel L. Handoc's picture
Submitted by Rennel L. Handoc (not verified) on

ahhm your so good Rowan and your so beautiful I had a crush on you.. and I like all your movies its so nice. I LOVE U ROWAN :) and I wish that Someday I will see you in person .. and u know Rowan when I see your picture it make my heart beats faster I think I'm in love with u..

from Rennel Handoc Jaro,Leyte Phillipines

Jovan's picture
Submitted by Jovan (not verified) on

I LIKED HER BEFORE SPY KIDS I LOVE HER KNOW AND I cant explain why but i love her we're the same age she has beautiful brown hair gorgeous brown eyes a perfect smile the perfect girl but shell never date a guy like me im a loser no girls like me and my friends laugh at Rowans voice but I think its cute .

Patrick Oliver's picture
Submitted by Patrick Oliver (not verified) on

We are the same age. I want to talk to you.

Jovan's picture
Submitted by Jovan (not verified) on

I know im not the perfect person and your probably too busy to see this for some reason i cant get you out of my head i think your my crush

Pedro 's picture
Submitted by Pedro (not verified) on

Hey I Live In Az Phoenix , I Was really wishing you would come. I wish to meet with you and talk & have a great time , I'm a big fan ! Take care.

Pedro Cadena

austin rouse's picture
Submitted by austin rouse (not verified) on

I heard you were single

samrooke's picture
Submitted by samrooke (not verified) on

I've got a crush on you i'm 11 years old and I think your pretty

Lolah Walker's picture
Submitted by Lolah Walker (not verified) on

You are a really good actress. Especially on Girl Meets World. Oh yeah and guess what.. Your birthday is October 14, 2001. While my birthday is October 12, 2001!! Crazy Right!!


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