Ross Lynch

Birth Name: 
Ross Shor Lynch
Best Known For: 

Austin Moon on Disney's "Austin & Ally"

Short bio: 

Ross Lynch was born in 1995 in Littleton, CO. He's the second youngest of five siblings and was home schooled by his parents. In 2007 the Lynch family moved to Los Angeles. In 2011, Lynch was cast to play Austin Moon in the Disney Channel series "Austin & Ally." But Lynch's talents do not end with acting. He's also a musician who can play piano, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and is currently learning to play the violin. He sings lead in his family's band R5 and has recorded several songs for "Austin & Ally."


P.O. Box 280154
Northridge, CA 91328


Submitted by Cassaundrea Pearson (not verified) on

Please please call me I'm your biggest fan or text me on this website..........

Submitted by TorriThompson (not verified) on

Hi ross lynch I'm your #1best fan I know every thing about you your so cute I think I wanna date you by I'm too young for you but I like the your band plays I like smile and pass me by and forget about you your a really great person I'm really not like this I'm really just a chill person but idk its ......Well u know what I ment I hope you text me back

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on


Submitted by Shianne vanover (not verified) on

I am ur biggest fan I love u so much and I love your music and ur style and ur smile u r a amazing person and I hope u get far In life because u rock .

Submitted by Laurel (not verified) on

what's your favorite ice cream flavor

Submitted by skye stuart (not verified) on

Hey Ross i'm a super fan and I am like in love with you. I know that sounds weird so sorry but, you are amazing and I love your band/family. I hope we can meet one day that is like my dream. So I hope we do meet one day.

Submitted by Joselin daza (not verified) on

Dear ROSS lynch, I was just wondering . I live in Grand Rapids Michigan and I know I would have no chance of meeting u. But I would love to know when will u have a concert close by my home so I could save up to go. Let me know when u can thanks.
Sincerely, one of your biggest fan

Submitted by bisky and pary (not verified) on

hey Ross what up p.s we love your episodes on Austin and Ally and you lol :) we were wondering if your going to canada this summer hopefully you are ;) we love your band R5 hopefully you can right back soon :)

Submitted by evelyn (not verified) on

I think your such an inspirational person. I love your band and I'm hoping to visit one of your concerts and I also think your an amazing actor in Austin and ally. You are an absolute amazing person being able to act, sing, and dance. You're a talented person, never let people put you down!

Submitted by Leonel (not verified) on

Hi Ross, I now your working on Disney Channel , I want you to go in Portugal in Lisbon and one day i want you see me

Submitted by katelyn (not verified) on

oh ross i love you so much!!!

Submitted by Raelyn (not verified) on

Hi Ross this is Raelyn I think you are cute

Submitted by Raelyn (not verified) on

Would you ever consider dating a fan?

Submitted by Samaria (not verified) on

Ross I love your shows. You are so awesome. You are an amazing singer/dancer. Your are so cute. Please give me your number.

Submitted by Kristen (not verified) on

Hi! My name is Kristen and I love your music. I love your music and your band I hope to meet you. I love singing . We can sing together.

Submitted by Holly (not verified) on

Hi Ross I have this friend who loves you and she's upset that she can't see you in concert and would love to meet you do if you read this please may you send a autograph for me to pass on to my friend
Thanks a lot holly and Maisie

Submitted by Chelsea kendrick (not verified) on

Hey Ross Lynch my name is Chelsea, my younger sister is probably your biggest fan EVER... Her birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her the best present ever, I think the best present would to meet you in person... She absolutely loves you, she knows every movie and TV show you play in lol she also loves and knows all of your songs lol.. I hope we can arrange a time for her to meet you

Submitted by Jasmine (not verified) on

I love yalls band and how yall are always playing music and having fun and Ross I'm so sad that Austin and Ally will be ending and I hope that Disney decides to make a TB3 and I wish that I could meet you Laura, Raini, and Calum. ❤️Yall

Submitted by LucyMilligan (not verified) on

Hello, Ross if you are reading this my little sister is one of your biggest fans, she has been to your concerts and all i ever seem to watch is Austin and Ally and Teen Beach movie. I am writing to ask if there would be some type of way to contact you, see my sister has a heart condition and has been developing another illness to do with her brain, I would love to find a way for her to meet you because she is spending A LOT oftime in hospital and it would really brighten her up.

Submitted by Mysterious girl (not verified) on

Hi Ross I'm 12 years old and I would love to meet you and talk to you I'm a big fan. Thx to you I have a reason to live I have a hard time breathing I almost died and without you I would not be hiding but I do have stage fright I need help dancing and your very cute don't let anyone tell you different just be you plz give me your number I would really like to talk to you and if you're reading this tell R5 I said hi.

Submitted by Paige Beck Pbec... (not verified) on

Plz help me dance your the best one and will you help me sing plz I need someone plz help me if you're re this

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Sweetheart, I'm sure u have a thousand reasons to live. U r prob beautiful and very talented. Why would u need someone like Ross, who's full of himself to make u feel better? Trust me, ur heart will soar higher than his can even imagine. Trust ur heart!

Submitted by Paige Beck Pbe... (not verified) on

Hi Ross I'm Paige can you plz give me your number I rea need someone to talk to you and I feel close to you when you sing it's like I know who you are so if you are reading this I would like if you texted called or FaceTimed me next comment I will add my number. And I would like it if you got me tickets to r5 I have been trying very hard.

Submitted by abby (not verified) on

hi I love your show Austin & Ally.!

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Thank God every day for people that are down to earth like Laura, or "Ally". I promise u her talent keeps that show alive, not Ross lynch! U can't hide ur true colors when ur in the public eye, can u Ross?

Submitted by Faith (not verified) on

Ross u r such a great actor and Singer I love it when you sung a song on teen beach 2. I love u so much

Submitted by SAVANNA (not verified) on


Submitted by Kathy (not verified) on

Used to watch Austin and Ally all the x, until we actually met Ros Lynch in person :( Met most of the Disney stars outside kids choice awards. Ross Lynch was the only one who pushed my son (on crutches at the time) away. Laura keeps that show on the air!

Submitted by Kathy (not verified) on

Selfish, self righteous, bastard only thinks of himself! Bitch, don't u know who votes for u? Less and less the way u been acting

Submitted by Lisa Sprung (not verified) on

Dear Ross lynch I love you so much and I miss you a lot and is little late bu would you be my prom date with me

Submitted by abigail queenie (not verified) on

hello, im a big fan of ross lynch, i know ill never meet him or his band and he is inspirational in life.i live in canada, montreal to be exact, and i was asking, can r5 play in montreal, hope so..
from your biggest fan

abigail queenie

Submitted by Emily (not verified) on

R5 is a really cool band, and I enjoy listening to your music. I even sing along with you. XOXO

Submitted by Savannah (not verified) on

Hi ross just so u know you are a fantastic actor and singer i love austin and ally and teen beach 1 and 2 i want to be an actress do u have any advice to help get me started????

Submitted by Kiley Keeling (... (not verified) on

Are u single? If not than date me

Submitted by Dakota (not verified) on

No, he's mine because I known about him since I was little and he's way too old for u kid brat

Submitted by Abigail (Abby) (not verified) on

Dear Ross,
(I was reading through your comments and you have some serious stalkers and haters.) I really like your acting and your singing and dancing. You make a good Austin. Anyway,..., I hope you are having fun with you busy schedule and enjoying yourself.

Love Your Fan

Submitted by Mack (not verified) on

OMG Ross I listen to your music every morning! I absolutely love your song Illusion! I really hope to meet you one day!

Submitted by shannon (not verified) on

Hi Ross, i have a friend, her name is Natalie, she is a huge fan, and she really wants to meet you, i would be so happy, if you did me the favor of meeting her, thanks!

Submitted by shannon (not verified) on

She is 14 years old, and lives in California!

Submitted by jamela williams (not verified) on

hey ross lynch im a big fan i wish that all of these other ppl will back off but hey ross im miss your tv shows make more sometime that you can just let me know thank you bye.

Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

hi Austin my name is Laura and i just wanted to say i love you and i'm a huge fan and that i hope to see you and R5 here in Indianapolis. my dream one day is to meet you and i love your music.

Submitted by Dakota (not verified) on

Hi Ross, my name is Dakota Wiechman, I'm 15 yrs old and I am a big fan I know most of ur songs for R5 and I really happy that u have decided to come to my home town. I really want to meet u. I can't come to the concert because I have 4h that week and my mother said that ur tickets are too expensive for me to go and see u and the band. I really want to hear ur voices and see ur tour bus.

Submitted by Tate (not verified) on

My older sister knew you in high school. Her name is Natasha. Do you remember her?

Submitted by Sarah Benson (not verified) on

Hi Ross just want to let u know that i think u r totes amazing. I wonder how u can sing in front of people without breaking down with nerves. Can u plz tell me how u do that?❤️ Ur style.
Thx for being awesome

Submitted by John (not verified) on

Hi ross iv Ben trying to contact you you are awesome an I like your shows your amazing

Submitted by Alexia Appalsamy (not verified) on

Hi Ross lynch im a huge fan of you .You are my hero my music mentor. I would do anything to meet you. My name is alexia appalsamy and i live in south africa in durban i would do anything to visit your concert. It is my dream to meet you and I want to tell you that you are my favourite actor and singer I've seen all your movies and I've listened to all your songs.
Ross you and R5 rock. You are the best and you rock. Please write back ross

Submitted by Sydney (not verified) on

Hi Ross,
I'm a big fan of yours and absolutely love your work. You have inspired me to write my own songs and start acting. Austin and Ally is one of my favorite Disney shows.

Love you


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