Ross Lynch

Birth Name: 
Ross Shor Lynch
Best Known For: 

Austin Moon on Disney's "Austin & Ally"

Short bio: 

Ross Lynch was born in 1995 in Littleton, CO. He's the second youngest of five siblings and was home schooled by his parents. In 2007 the Lynch family moved to Los Angeles. In 2011, Lynch was cast to play Austin Moon in the Disney Channel series "Austin & Ally." But Lynch's talents do not end with acting. He's also a musician who can play piano, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and is currently learning to play the violin. He sings lead in his family's band R5 and has recorded several songs for "Austin & Ally."


P.O. Box 280154
Northridge, CA 91328


Submitted by khristian ledoux (not verified) on

Ross I love Austin and ally so much plz tell ally she is like me but , if you forget to tell her I get it. I love pass me by .

Submitted by LuvMusic (not verified) on

I am only ten I really wanna meet ya hope U come to McLean Viginia for a concert

Submitted by LuvMusic (not verified) on


Submitted by Caleb (not verified) on

Hi Ross. This is Caleb. I just wanna say that my sister is in luv with ur music. I love ur music 2.


Submitted by Danielle Waring (not verified) on

Really look at all of you. You're acting crazy. Ross is a person just like all of you quit acting crazy. Like forreal.....

Submitted by Justine (not verified) on

I like you a lot and I am going to send a letter to you soon so can you please write back so we can stay in touch. I hope we can meet in person someday. So talk to you later! P.S. I don't like you I love you!

Submitted by azulisa (not verified) on

I just want to say I have a big crush on u and ur doing. A really. Good job on the music and u are so so so so so cute by the way I am 13

Submitted by cupcakemuncher on

You are an amazing guy, you have so many adoring fans...normally these sites never work so if you never contact me it's alright because I'm not going to get my hopes up...i am 17, going to be 18 this coming August and i would love to be able to at least Email you...i am hoping that you will find it in your heart to take time out of your busy days to contact this ordinary girl :) keep up the great...the amazing work <3 im sure u can find a way to get my email or something...if not...ill try again lol <3

Yours truely,

Submitted by cupcakemuncher on

Hello ross, so i am 17 and i wanted to do my friend a favor because we have been friends since kindergarten and she is a big fan of your...she is in the hospital and i am hoping that you can visit her out in plainfield illinois...Ik your busy and famous but it would mean a lot to email is the same as my user name but with 22 at the end and at gmail...hope you will message me soon...thank you, bye

Submitted by Sissy Ann (not verified) on

Who is Ross going for?

Submitted by RossAdam LynchCoat (not verified) on

I am a huge fan of u Ross Lynch i am Adam coat you are older than me for only one day
i love you're music, singing and acting and now i am in hightschool learning how to dance just like you and i have a voice just like you and i am acting the same act of u in Austin & Ally and now i have a band me and my freinds i always tell my freinds i want to sing the songs of R5 i love all you're songs and you are now famous also in my Hightschool because of me i always talk about you in everything and because i learned to be my voice just like you'res i took the number 1 in my talent of singing and acting and also dancing i make my self a great performing just like you'res.
very <3 u ross lynch and i will take you like my teacher to be famous just like you.
i am you're number 1 fan

Submitted by abigail (not verified) on

Ross, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!! I Am soooooo obsessed over you. Nobody loves you more than me. if I would meet you I would hug you like no tomorrow and never release my hands from your waist. you are the HOTTEST guy that I've ever seen. I cry in my pillow at night because I feel sooo bad that ill never be able to see ya. I'm 15 and I cry to my mother and ask her day and night why I couldn't have been a little older. however, can you pleeeeeeeeease date me??? I love you to pieces, and I know that you probably don't care cuz that's what all fans tell you, but I really mean it. Its so scary that we have the same personality, I LOOOOOve the color yellow, and I love people who are spontaneous. I play the piano/keyboard, and guitar, and im a brunette. I love you like craaaaaaazy, and plus you were the one that said that you would date a fan!!!!! There's no way I can make it without you... Oh ya and also at night I start kissing all my posters that I have of you. you are the cutest chic ever:-) as much as I want you to be with laura marano, she aint getting you cuz you are reserved for me. Never forget that I love you.

Submitted by karsyn reed (not verified) on

Ross you are sososososososososososo amazing i've always wanted to see you and you are sososososososososososososososso cute i hope you come to virginia soon and i want to meet you sosososososososososososo much i have a poster of you and R5 and i have a picture in a picture frame and i have your LOUDER cd me and my friends talk about you and R5 all the time and even in class i sing your songs all the time i am your #1 fan and you are my favorite celebrity i listen to your songs every day and when i'm at my dads i sing along with your cd on my karoke machine i am 10 years old and for my birthday i want tickets and meet and greet tickets but your mostly booked for this year i asked my mom for R5 tickets for christmas but i didn't get them i've always wanted to see you again i dream about you meetin me every night and sometimes i tell my friends that i would cry then faint if you came to see me when i look at my pictures i kiss them and every day i pray that i will get to meet you and like i said you are amazing,awesome, and cool and don't forget that i'm your #1 fan and that i love you sososososososososososososososossosososososo much and i hope you come meet me or that i get to meet you at one of your concerts or you come to me anyway i just really really want to came meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE You

Submitted by karsyn reed (not verified) on

dear ross, i love you more than life i hope you read this but sometimes i cry when i can't meet you.but i really really love you sososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososososossososososossosososososososososososossososososososososso muchhhhhhhhhhhhh and if i never meet you i will cry my eyes out

Submitted by jasmine (not verified) on

no your not im I know most things about hhim than you probably didn't even know ;)) just saying im not being mean lol <3 so yeah one day im going to marry him and your all be jealous of me mrs... lynch muahahahah ill be his 2016 girlfriend love you rossie poo say that's my nick name for my furture husdand ? boyfriend <3 byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Submitted by karsyn reed (not verified) on

i love you ross lynch sosososososossosososososososososososo much

Submitted by ILoveMusic101 on

I wanted to say I love your music and as much as I will never be able to see you perform since I don't have the money I want you to know I wish you all the luck in your music and acting careers. Thanks for loving your fans. I will always be a supporting fan.

Submitted by Joseph (not verified) on

Ross your my favorite person of all time lol please send a comment back ross bye

Submitted by sabrina (not verified) on

hey this is sabrina text me on the coumpter love you you are so cute

Submitted by sabrina (not verified) on

hey text me on the coumpter love you you are so cute

Submitted by kaylie (not verified) on

hi ross this is kaylie and i just want to tell you that i am a big fan and i lookup to you. you are one of my heroes. i am proud of how hard you work

Submitted by brianna&keanie (not verified) on

we reaaaaally want you re phone # we also love you're music &we want 2014 phone#
we love u & i think ur hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Clinton m Lewis (not verified) on

Mr lynch u may not know me but I do know about u make sure to tell your character name that ally Dawson's middle name is rebekah

Submitted by Juliet (not verified) on

You have such an AMAZING opportunity to be a light in people's lives. Music is a really powerful thing, and it's something that can explain things that sometimes words can't. A lot of people look up to you. Just think of how many people you could reach out to! Just... remember to keep singing about things that matter.


Submitted by Samm711 (not verified) on

Hi if you se this comment pleas replay i live in sweden and im ten and a big fan and i wished i so the consort in sweden im doing this for a school work but its vary fun and im also a big fan pf R5 to and i did a video.
My hobby is mdusik and i love i.
i play your songs an guitar and i sing the song.

Submitted by haha (not verified) on

if you would lick to know more go to youtube and tipe in r5 songs go to can t forget about you he yous the word dame

Submitted by haha (not verified) on

sorry ross I got out of hand

Submitted by Purrr! (not verified) on

Say Hi! And smile!

Submitted by r5 lover (not verified) on

Can r5 come to north carolina please!!!!! :) <3. *_*

Submitted by Neylee (not verified) on

I wish I could meet Ross lynch love u Ross hope one day I can see u :(

Submitted by am im rm em ym om nm (not verified) on

have you ever been to the Griddle or Runyan Canyon I have all the time I hope to meet you one day if you ever read this just hit me up on twitter oh my name is the first letter of I have said to much about my name find it out your self oh and one more thing here is my twitter @airgirl1996

Submitted by Peaches (not verified) on

Hay Ross hope u get this but me and my friends where wondering if u can come to manistee michigan and come sing/dance/talk at kennedy elementry PLZ

Submitted by sarah (not verified) on

Ross I love u and I wanted to let u know that I was looking online for ur number and I found it and called it u said hello and I freaked out and hung up. I think you should no that that was the best few seconds of my life. I LOVE U ROSS AND I LOVE R5 AND AUSTIN AND ALLY AND I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CALL YOU AUSTIN BECAUSE YOUR NAME IS ROSS!

Submitted by Isabel Tiburcio 16 (not verified) on

will you be at the Jones Beach concert
June 1st

Submitted by Leilani (not verified) on

Hi Ross lynch I'm a big fan I was wondering if I can have your number people on Instagram say that they give your number away but they don't plz follow me @lani_k102

Submitted by jasmine ( aka m... (not verified) on

hai ross I love you im your huge fan I know almost every thing about you I wounld die if I met you one day please I want to met you so badly me and my coiusin loves you and your show and your music stop by florida sometime soon ok?? also have a concert in florida to you in R5 ;) LOVE YOU !!! bye stay hotz and stay awesome I love you<3 p.ssssss im 13 btw im not trying to stalk you or anything just so you know .) anyways if we ever met can I have your phone number it wounld mean the world to me I will not try to call or text you every day since I know your busy with Austin and ally and your band and personal life so stay awesome ross lynch I still love you and always will until I die lol ;) <3 ok im done bye now lol

Submitted by Veronica Green (not verified) on

i love all ur songs. i listen to u 24hours a day exept if i have school u r the most talented person I've ever met in my entire life but im just 11but i love U and R5

Submitted by Gema Dominguez (not verified) on

Hey Ross I really love you and I would really like to meet you in person or at least go to your concert. I really love your music I know everything about you ,and I want to be a singer just like you.You inspired me and I would like to thank you.One of this day made I will be famous made we will sing a song together.I really like your style ancient I don't care what people say about you.When I am sad your picture always makes me smile. Thanks for everything I am so happy you are creating music for the world

Submitted by Cayden (not verified) on

Hey r5 and Ross how are you. I was wandering if you had a opening for r5 because I sing great

Submitted by Your biggest fan (not verified) on

Hey Ross! Please come to Fort St. John BC Canada. Maybe have a concert.
It would be really awesome. So please come. And by the way, I totally love the show Austin and Ally!

Submitted by evanna (not verified) on

I love ross lynch I 10 posters of his band,12 posters of ross

Submitted by Fernanda (not verified) on

Hay Ross I a huge fan of yours oh also your band r5 I love y'all so much I hope u see this and reply this to

Submitted by Natalia (not verified) on

Hi Ross I would like to now when your next concert will be in LA, CA? My birthday is in October and I would love to go to one of your concerts

Submitted by Simi Sharma (not verified) on

Hi ross I am a huge fan and guess what I am also from Africa

Love Simi Sharma

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

You are incredibly talented. You are such an inspiration.

Submitted by Simi (not verified) on

Dear Ross I am your biggest fan I love u so much

Love Simi Sharma

Submitted by Purrr on

Hi Ross Shor Lynch! How are you?! ツ

Submitted by Hanna (not verified) on

Hey ross I been your fan for a long time so how bout that number


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