Ross Lynch

Birth Name: 
Ross Shor Lynch
Best Known For: 

Austin Moon on Disney's "Austin & Ally"

Short bio: 

Ross Lynch was born in 1995 in Littleton, CO. He's the second youngest of five siblings and was home schooled by his parents. In 2007 the Lynch family moved to Los Angeles. In 2011, Lynch was cast to play Austin Moon in the Disney Channel series "Austin & Ally." But Lynch's talents do not end with acting. He's also a musician who can play piano, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and is currently learning to play the violin. He sings lead in his family's band R5 and has recorded several songs for "Austin & Ally."


P.O. Box 280154
Northridge, CA 91328


Submitted by brian bernal (not verified) on

Ross what your phone number

Submitted by Lydia (not verified) on

Hey Rossy, I am your biggest fan and I am wondering if you could please send me some "Sometimes Last night" truer tickets.

Submitted by ashly (not verified) on

OMG i think ross lynch is a hoty and i want to marry him or kiss him like i have a poster in my room and i kiss it every day cause i love you very much ROSS LYNCH IS SUCH A CUTE HOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by anja (not verified) on

hey ross im a big fan of your music. living in serbia. my love music of you is;
1)not a love song
2)if a can`t be with you
3)i wan`t you bad

Submitted by meagan (not verified) on

hi ross lynch i am a big fan of you and i need your help my friend raven wanted you to visit hher since she was little now she is 12

Submitted by austin stevens (not verified) on

HAY ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i`m your biggest fan i love all your music my favorite song is heart made up on you because of the ending of the music video it`s funny. can you and r5 come to allen or dallas texas so that i can see you guys in person for the first time in my life? I would appretiate that very much.

Submitted by Lydia Marie Winans (not verified) on

I am your biggest fan you will ever have in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of your songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have everything in common, for example my favorite color is yellow, I can eat anything I love pancakes and Hawaiian pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by I'll love ross ... (not verified) on

hy ross i am a big fan for you. i sing a song your and r5ers songs. its a veru beatybul songs.i love he forever

Submitted by Dixie Schember (not verified) on

Hi R5 i am a big fan of the band and especially Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch but i like the others to but mostly Ross and Rocky Lynch.

Submitted by bridget (not verified) on

hi ross I am a big fan of R5 and Austin and Ally I have been watching it since 2012 I love the song smile by you and R5 you are my favorite out of everyone and hope I meet you one day!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Megan (not verified) on

your my favourite i love you Austin and ally is the best and i also like teen beach movie i cant whate until the new programs come out

love megan

Submitted by lee (not verified) on

one day can come to Birmingham AL and I can be in your music video

Submitted by Dachan (not verified) on

hi ross I am one of your biggest fan. I think that you are so talented, really cute, and you are my favorite male singer. so reply back and can I have your number?ttyl

Submitted by Alexis Diaz (not verified) on

Hi Ross I am your #1Fan☺️ And I think you are cute

Submitted by Bryan Salton (not verified) on

Would you make another teen beach 3 I want to ask you when Austin and ally goes off would you. Do teen beach series if they ask you and Mia and rest off teen beach cast I would love to see that happen

Submitted by Lily (not verified) on

ross is a terrible person/singer he writes terrible music with his siblings I HATE ROSS LYNCH!

Submitted by eviepodolsky123 on

you are seriously amazing! Keep up your acting and singing. And no way you're learning how to play the violin?! I have been playing the violin for 8+ years!! It's seriously one of the best instruments!

Submitted by ross lynch on

hi ross i love you

Submitted by Josephine meredith (not verified) on

What your phone number if I call you and FaceTime when you done your works at your tour

Submitted by mia (not verified) on

Love him more dont touch him

Submitted by suzanna gulick (not verified) on

ross i think you are cute

Submitted by sabrina (not verified) on

hi ross im your big fan and I like your song on Austin and ally so yep I love so so much :)

Submitted by Ashley (not verified) on

I love u ross marry me i also love r5

Submitted by bella (not verified) on

i like your hair i like his fashon i want R5 to come to b day so ....!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Neoka🎀 (not verified) on

Hi ross lynch you are so cute I really love your songs and your acting I really wish you could come and do a concert in South Africa in Durban I would do anything just to meet you you are my crush I really love you to bits💋💌! Hope you read this message!

Submitted by hannah lane (not verified) on

Hey Ross you are seriously freaking gourgous I want you bad and I totally would love to go out with you will you love me forever

Submitted by Natalie (not verified) on

Hey Ross,
I am your biggest fan! I love your music! I have a cousin that loves you so much that she wants to marry you! She is good at gymnastics!


Submitted by Giavanna (not verified) on

Hi Ross I think your song I can't forget about u is so cute like u I am ur biggset fan ever

Submitted by kaileez (not verified) on

You are a great actor in austin and ally i love the show and the band R5 is the best band ever hope you get my fan mail

Submitted by I'll love ross ... (not verified) on

what your real namber phone ross lynch? what/// i love you

Submitted by dream girl (not verified) on


Submitted by Ireland (not verified) on

Ross Lynch im the biggest fan of u in the whole wide world i love you and i need tickets to a concert of yours and i need your phone number!

Submitted by Biggest fan (not verified) on

I know everything about R5 I even went to both concerts in Edmonton front row and u were looking at me cutely

Submitted by Ireland (not verified) on

I love to surf having fun im a straight a student usally i love the pool i have always wanted to be a singer and ily and also wanted to know how to become a singer and again i really need your phone number

Submitted by I'll love ross ... (not verified) on


Submitted by Jenna Overcash (not verified) on

Dear Ross Lynch,
I'm a big fan of your music and Austin and Ally show. I also like the teen beach movie!
Jenna age 10

Submitted by mijat (not verified) on

i think don\t love for you and my sister love you forever

Submitted by Malaki Pottle (not verified) on

People say I'm a really talented singer, and I hope we can keep in touch so that I can ask you if you can help me see If I have what it takes and help me find a manager

Submitted by katie (not verified) on

you are absolutely inspiring to me and to everyone...and i heard that if you were free, you would date a fan, is that true?

Submitted by Miah Skateboard... (not verified) on

Dear Ross,
If you are reading this then listen what I've got to say....Okay, YOU ARE SO AWESOME IN ALL OF YOUR WAYS!!! I heard you skateboard?? I don't know if that's true but just letting you know I LOVE Skateboarding!! And I may not have all the posters, magazines, and albums but I am a HUGE fan!!! I wish I can come to your concerts, but if I did, you would see me in the front row fainting on the ground thinking this isn't real!! And I even have a facebook fan page but I haven't gotten a lot of likes, but I still post stuff on my wall about you and I sing some of your songs, but of course....I would be a good as THE ROSS LYNCH....One morning I woke up and my mom said, "why do have so many Ross Lynch posters?" I replied, BECAUSE HE IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! I hope to go in one of your concerts soon!! And...Sometimes I get sad because, I know Ross is never with me but sometimes I get happy...because he's always there in my mind!! :) BYE!! (P.S. If any other readers besides Ross lynch reads this...IGNORE ALL OF THIS!!)
Toodlez!! Miah!! :)

Submitted by Abby Rohde (not verified) on

If you could come to citrus heights and say hi to my friend it would mean a lot!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Alexander (not verified) on

One day Im going to hang out with you I hope cause I'm love your music and show ill do what ever It takes

Submitted by Faith (not verified) on

hi my name is faith I like music a lot sometimes I try my best to mix music and lyrics I just turned 11 a few days ago u are a awesome singer dancer and has really cool friends I would like to meet them like u someday. I wish I had a autograph it would be really cool I know a lot about u . u like the color yellow favorite sport ice hockey born December 29 1995 has 5 siblings and your band name is R5 um also Austin and Ally um u make great music but I wanted to talk cause my class is writing fan mail and I chose you can u give me your fan mail address I really want u to read my letter when u get and please pass on the letter to your friends that play Austin and ally to Laura and your other friends

Submitted by Faith (not verified) on

sorry um I took a test to see if I am your number one fan and I am one of them I got 7 out of 8

Submitted by one other thing (not verified) on

I am really different but u inspire me if u were never famous or even born I would not have anyone to look up to but my family not that it is a bad thing. nelson elementary 5413durant rd. dover florida 336527pls send a letter their please

Submitted by Mariana (not verified) on

Hi Ross i think that you are a great actor & singer you are my inspiration to continue with my band named "rock in line".I really would like to meet you but i only have one problem i live in Colombia so i really wish that you could give a concert only one concert in Cali in Colombia because i am sure you will love this wonderful place please come to Colombia.And maybe you could learn some spanish!!
ATT Mariana


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