Peyton List

Birth Name: 
Peyton Roi List
Best Known For: 

Emma Ross on Disney's "Jessie"

Short bio: 

Peyton List was born in Florida in 1998 and has a twin brother.. Spencer. (She has another brother as well) Her family moved to New York when she was 4, and currently lives in California. List's first TV role was in 2002 in one episode of "As the World Turns" as a little girl in a diner. Since then, she's gone on to start in "Jessie" on Disney and "Cashmere Mafia" on ABC. Other TV credits include Holly Hills in the FOX comedy films "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Dog Days."


Osbrink Talent Agency
4343 Lankershim Blvd.
Suite 100
Universal City, CA 91602


Submitted by david (not verified) on

Hi peyton dou you ever visited Spain? Im from here and I wish know you by skype please you are my dreamgirl!! My skype name is davidrbk13. Thank you so much!!!!

Submitted by FAITH (not verified) on


Submitted by Nathan Hall (not verified) on

hi Peyton this is Nathan Hall i miss you i live in Kokomo Indiana i love you you hottest girl ever kiss me

Submitted by Gio Segovia (not verified) on

I think your Beautiful! REALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Elizabeth Boone (not verified) on

dear Ms. list,
how do you do your hair and say hi to debby ryan for me

Submitted by Isaac Michris A... (not verified) on

Hi ms. Peyton im a very huge fan of yours.. i really want to see you and get your autograph.. your very beautiful i hope that i can see you and i wish that i can be your friend.

Submitted by Amir (not verified) on

hi Peyton my is Amir your role in jessie is great abd diary of a wimpy kid movies and books. Anyway Peyton I would like to skype you
ps I would like to meet you on skype

thank you

Submitted by katie letcher (not verified) on

hi can you come to united kingdom and i didnt do it because i need to talk to you all can you come to day or on saturday and come with me to school bring you bits thanks katie

Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

I understand u need privacy. But u haven't done like a follower contest in a while. So just putting that out there but I believe we will understand that u probably wont tho.

Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

Sorry bout the last comment. It sounded kinda bossy and rude. So is change that and say that u can so whatever u want. U run ur own system and shouldn't let anyone do that. So good job on what u dom

Submitted by ginayapinkney@g... (not verified) on

Peyton can you com to my house

Submitted by Angela malhi (not verified) on

Hello Peyton you don't know me but I was wondering if you would tell me if this is your Skype name thepeypeylist because then you could see my face

Submitted by !##BIGGEST FAN###! (not verified) on

I am totally a way much bigger fan!! Than the last comment!!! You are my hero and my best role model. Thx for what you do!! I hope I can meet you or call you!!!

Submitted by presley (not verified) on

I love to watch you on Jessie.You inspire me and I look up to you.I can not wait to watch another episode of Jessie.Every time I see you I will make sure that I see it.I know that you are awsome because when I ask my friends do they think you are awsome that they all will say yes.So if anybody says you are not awsome they are ether jealous or they are just lying.This is why I think you are so,so,so awsome.

Submitted by Julia (not verified) on

Peyton list, you rock! Can I have your autograph? Your my fave! Can you sign an autograph to julia? Thanks! I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!! Your awesome!

Submitted by Austin dupre (not verified) on

I am a huge fan of you on Jessie. my kik is lax16rham. please text it.

Submitted by Devin Gethers (not verified) on

Can You Be My Girl Friend?

Submitted by Emileegray_ on

I love you so much! Your like me role model! I just wanted to ask if you could send me an autograph in the mail. Or even your number so I can talk to you!! I love in West Virginia and I'm 13 years old. Hope you reply back to me!!

Submitted by Hamim (not verified) on

Hi Pey.My name is Hamim but u can call me what u like.I just want to tell u that I like you very much.I have seen ur show Jessie and ur movie Diary of a wimpy kid 3 Dog Days.I always wanted to meet you.I see dreams about you.I don't want to be ur fan I want to be your friend.I want to spend time with u.And if you
spend some time with me then you might like me.i will eagerly be waiting for your reply Xoxo

Submitted by jasper maciejew... (not verified) on

if i could go out with anyone it would be peyton list because she is smart and pretty and funny and awesome and very talented if i could meet you right now i would tell you that your shoes are really cool

Submitted by Saladin (not verified) on

I have to say peyton that you are very good being Emma in Jessie.

Submitted by Robyn (not verified) on

Hi Peyton my name is Robyn and I'm 15 years old I'm your biggest fan and Emma is my favorite character.please text back

Submitted by Peyton List hug... (not verified) on

Hi, if Peyton List is reading this, please reply me your email please and can you please give me your email. I am a huge fan of yours, I really like your Disney series Jessie and Bunk'd. Love it. You are my favourite actor since forever. Even if you choose not to, you will still be my favourite star. Thanks!


Submitted by XOXO (not verified) on

I Love you, Peyton List so much, I actually think of you day and night, you are so beautiful!

Submitted by Bilal (not verified) on

Hello Peyton I was just wondering if you were ever going to visit the UK as there is quite a lot of fans here.

Submitted by BIGGEST FAN!!! (not verified) on

You are the best!!!! I am your biggest fan!!!!

Submitted by Maylynn on

You are awesome,pretty, and inspiring! The way you are yourself, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Submitted by Logan Fuehrer (not verified) on

Hello Peyton, you a SUPER amazing i have one faver, i added you as a friend on snapchat and was wondering if you can snapchat me plz and i might write you a letter thks

Submitted by Emma Guerrero (not verified) on

Hi Peyton List I am a big fan of yours, I love watching Jessie and Bunk'd they really inspire me and one little fun fact my name is the same name as your character in Jessie and Bunk'd! You are very beautiful and you are a great actress I hope you have a great summer!

Submitted by Alan Goldberg (not verified) on

hi, Peyton List i want to know if u want to come to my birthday next year. My birthday will be August 23, 2019 and i need to know before May of 2019 because graduate from high school in May. I don't know where it's going to be at yet, but i will let u know in April.

Submitted by Kaleb Mason (not verified) on

I just wanna say you are the most bad ass female in cobra kai and one of toughest fighter to defeat in match.Hopefully you and sam get along in season 5.

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