Nathan Fillion

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

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Nathan Fillion is an actor currently starring as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle. He is also known for his portrayal of the lead role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the television series Firefly and its feature film continuation, Serenity. He has acted in traditionally distributed films like Slither and Trucker, Internet-distributed films like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, voice acted in video games Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, television soap operas and sitcoms, and in theatre.


CASTLE – Nathan Fillion
c/o Raleigh Studios
Clune Building
2nd Floor
5300 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Submitted by Robert (not verified) on

Nathan's bodyguards are solely there to keep the fawning women away.

Submitted by joy (not verified) on

Nathin Fillion is an idiot! does he really think he can "hold" the show without Beckett??!! I always thought he was so NICE! The stuff that has been coming out about him is awful! He is a self-centered narcissistic creep who likes to be the boss and make Stana cry. He is a star all right but so is she. she has done more things than he has and won more awards. PLEASE Nathin...GROW UP!!! life is not all about you. No one in Hollywood wants to deal with someone who sunk a show, and that is what you are doing by getting the ladies fired! trust me...the show is going to flop the minute they are gone. get a brain!!!!

Submitted by Ayana (not verified) on

Listen, Nathan is not an idiot. And its very immature for you to start, "name-calling." Im only 11, and I know more about that. Castle was and still is a great show! Its MY inspiration! Please, calm down and stop calling him horrible names. I understand your point, but still its not okay to do what your doing. I am still horribly sad that the show ended, I even cried on the last episode, but please, PLEASE, stop calling names and being rude. Your opinion is cared for, but its just not put in the right way. Nathan, if your reading this, I miss the show. I miss laughing with you guys. I dont think its your fault. Thank you for listening...
-Regards, Ayana.

Submitted by John Hill (not verified) on

How about a remake of Banacek for Nathan?

Submitted by joy riley (not verified) on

are you going to be an ass again on this show? you thought you were the "all' of the old show and so you made it go into the toilet. are you going to put your warped twisted ego in your pocket or are you going to smash any actor who DARES to get more fan-mail than you? I really liked Castle until I found out what a ______________ ( put in any appropriate adjectives here) you are!!! if someone is good...rejoice for them, DON'T sand bag them just to make you feel better. get a life...get a personality!! WE WILL BE WATCHING to see if you still have a case of "dick headedness" or are you going to start acting like a professional?

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