Maddie Ziegler

Birth Name: 
Madison Nicole Ziegler
Best Known For: 

Dancing on "Dance Moms"

Short bio: 

Maddie Ziegler is a 10-year-old dancer on the Lifetime reality show "Dance Moms." Ziegler dances for the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company along with her younger sister Mackenzie and her friends Chloe, Nia, Brooke, Paige and Kendall. In the future, Ziegler says she would like to be on Broadway as either a dancer or choreographer.


PO Box 489
Murrysville, PA 15668


Submitted by shelby blevins (not verified) on

Hi Maddie my name is Shelby and I love your show. now I no you get messages all the time that are the same thing like I love your show but that's not all I have to say, I have loved dance for a long time well actually watching the show has made me a better dancer everyday and I do really look up to you guys! you don't understand how much it would mean to me to meet u, I have always tried and come see you but I guess it never happened. I mean I understand if you could not reply back. but I have worked so hard to try and become better at dance . I don't take dance and so basically I help my self but I am better than you would think would be and that's why its would mean so much to me .you guys seem like really cool girls and I just love what you guys do . so if you ever get the chance please message back. oh and also I am not one of them crazy fans who are just crazy. so I guess I am just righting this to you is just because I have a dream to become a very good dancer! so please just think back when you whatched people on tv dance and could sit there all day a fast forward and rewind to try and look at everything that they would do just to become a better dancer! you all are very talented and I want to be just like you guys and I truly mean that! love, Shelby blevins

Submitted by Astrid (not verified) on

Hi Maddie I really love Your show and you And Kenzie You Inspire Me I Have Been Doing Dance For 7 Years Mostly Hip-Hop I Do But I Love You So So So Much I Want To be A Choreographer or a Dancer Love to perform Like most people I WOULD LOVEEEEEEE to See You Like Hannah Did I Thought IT was Nice Of you to give the Trophy Anyway I Would Really Like To See You in REAL real Life And Kenzie Chloe Kendall nia Paige Brooke.......... Anywayz Goood Luck At All Your Comps You can Win!!

Submitted by Lily Mills (not verified) on

Astrid, if you want to be a choreographer or a dancer ... BE ONE! No one can hold you back! You just go 4 it, okay? All of us want to be something, but not all of us get to be what we want to be. And that’s because we hold back. SO DON’T HOLD BACK AND BE AWESOME (like Maddie! And Mackenzie! And all Dance Moms girls too!) lol 😜
-Lily Mills 😊

Submitted by gracegirl (not verified) on

gosh maddie is a great dancer and i hope one day that i can meet you i stink at dance but i always try harder when i think of you

Submitted by Isobel findley (not verified) on

Well,well I'm sure u don't stink at dance. Maybe u have ur own, unique style or share somebody else's. Plus ,we can't all rule at everything,I'm sure ur AMAZING at something that somebody else isn't. We all have different talents! Also,if u like dance go for it,just enjoy it and if u stink,try to become better. Maybe u just weren't born to dance. Be kind to urself, don't focus on what u cant ,focus on what u can! Stay positive in ur mind like the dance moms, when have they stopped bc they're not confident enough. Dance everyday,gradually build up and take classes. Love izzy and please have a dream and think "What would the dance moms want?"

Submitted by rylee (not verified) on

U are so great at what you do by the way love your sia video u inspire me to do my best I look up to your dancing you beautiful also I love your facial expressions thank you your a great role model love rylee

Submitted by Isobel findley (not verified) on

Maddie,ur the best dancer I've ever seen. I was immediately taken by surprise of how good u were when u joined dance moms in 2011. U were only 8 years old! 8 was such a hard age for me and I guess it is for everybody but u took up ALDC! How cool. Me and my mum love ur sia video, we both think ur a great dancer! Luuve u ,such an inspiration. When u were 8 u were sooo cute and nice and still r nice. I'm 11 ,just started watching dance moms and I promise u I'm crazy fan ,pls reply! I even wanted to call my hamster maddie after u if it was a girl. I love ur bff kendall and jojo 2. What happened between u and kendall would love to know. Please give me tips on how to be a better dancer,peace out byee!(u rule).

Submitted by Daisy uk (not verified) on

Hi maddie your such a brilliant dancer and I'd love to hear back from you. Y favorite dance of yours is your tap solo give the best to all the other girls your all so good.

Yours sincerely daisy Connolly.xx

Submitted by daeonna (not verified) on

You are a cute girl I wish am you I love to model and do hip hop jazz but I wont to do want you are doing I wish 🌠 I can meet you one day

Submitted by lucas przybyl (not verified) on

are you dating any one and tell me your phone number and ill send you a picture but i live in chicago but maybe we can talk about a trip

Submitted by Lara Grant (not verified) on

hey maddie my name is Lara and i watch dance moms all of the time and everytime you go on that stage you rock it come 1st everytime your such an inspiration to me necuase now i have seen you dance i have started going dancing on tuesdays and everytime i do something roung i think of you that you would never give up and you would just keep on trying. hope you can get back to me on twitter and my name is @lara42972321 i have already followed you hope you can follow me back and message me to say you have got this message thank you xx

Submitted by Jalice (not verified) on

Omg Maddie I love you so much and congragulations for winning Kids Choice Awards favorite reality tv show I voted for you over 100 times. You are my inspiration I really loved dance but ever since Dance Moms started I have loved it even more. I really wish I could meet you I think we would be really great friends and we have alot in common, and the same for the other girls.❤️

Submitted by Sarah <3 (not verified) on

Maddie you are a great dancer.I get why you are abby's favorite dancer.I used to be a ballerina for DanceXplosion (Totowa,NJ) and I will probably re join this year for hip-hop.I was a ballerina in 2009-2010.Keep up your great work and I LOVE you!! #MajorFan!
Happy Easter,
Sarah :)

Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

Hey Maddie! I luv your dancing! It is the best!I am just like you!i am awesome at lyrical! I have attended Sheer Talent and most of the time I get solos and win!

Submitted by gracie (not verified) on

hi my name is grace and i am such a big fan of you i watch dance moms every day on my ipad i can not stop looking at your photos my i pad background is you i love you i am asking you would you like to be my bestie and will you please send your email i love to dance as much as you do you are my number 1 dance bestie nice to meet you i cant believe i even am sending you this text right now its amazing any way i have to go please reply to this text toodles love from your number 1 fan gracie.

Submitted by Tinky (not verified) on

Maddie- I heard you've been have some trouble with dance moms. And your fans. Well I just wanted to tell you some things: 1.You are very beautiful don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
2.Your the most talented dancer I've ever seen, and people are just jealous so they want to mean things. 3.Jesus loves you very much, so you shouldn't care what anyone says about you, Jesus's thoughts towards you outnumber ever grain of sand in this world.

Submitted by jeremiah lash (not verified) on

hi im jeremiah yes im a boy and i watch dance moms and i love the show and i want to say gino u had no right to cxall maddie ugly and disgusting u dont deserve a nice and beautiful girl like maddie u should feel sorry for yourself. :)

Submitted by violet (not verified) on

Hi Maddie i love u so much and i watch dance moms everyday. I am the same age as Kenzie i and i absaloutly adore, her i also do dance and i am really like Kenzie 2.i live in london but i wanna know when ur next doing a meet and greet in london coz i love u soooo much

luv ya

Submitted by Olivia (not verified) on

Dear Maddie Nicole Ziegler,
I love watching your show '' Dance Moms''. Actually while I am emailing this i am watching this now.
My daughter will be selebrating her 13th birthday on July 10th next year. I was wondering if you could come to her birthday. Please get back to me at the email . good bye

Submitted by Tristan (not verified) on

Hey maddie i have some songs i would love to see you guys dance to!! and i think you guys would love them too!! ^,^

Submitted by hailey (not verified) on

maddie i like this boy in my dance class we have a duet we have to kiss should i make it long or quick the teacher wants me to tell her what i want

Submitted by carmel (not verified) on

big fan i love ur work i want to become a dancer

Submitted by Abigail (Abby) (not verified) on

Dear Maddie,
I jut want to say that you are an amazing dancer and I hope you enjoy Dance Moms. It is very fun to watch you dance.

Love Your Fan,

Submitted by Melissa Ferre (not verified) on

I love you maddie. I wish I was a good dancer like you. I have watch you dance and you are so good.i want to meet you so bad. I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Hana (not verified) on

Hey Maddie! Your so awesome and amazing and so much more. Can I have your number. I hope we can be friends, Anyway do you know Aliyana? She's in my class. She told me she's in Abby studio. Anyway please answer this. People say I'm your biggest fan but WHO NOWS! So please answer I just wanna know your number. BTW I would never tell anyone. I promise I wish I could ankle swear you. If you don't know what that is we do this handshake the we just grab our ankles and swear to do pretty much anything. I teach you it if we meet, Just please give me your number so we can be BFFL's. That's best friends for life.

Submitted by Hana (not verified) on

Hey again just wanna say you inspire me to dance till I die. I asked my mom to work at Abby's studio and she said NEXT YEAR YES!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet u. Your so awesome hope we can be friends.

Submitted by kitso (not verified) on

i am from Botswana and i am 14 years.Maddie you have inspired me to start my own business at a young age because you have shown me that everything is possible. Thanks from your biggest fan in Botswana

Submitted by Jordin (not verified) on

omg maddie you are an awesome dancer I heard that u were gonna quit dancing please dont you are a wonderful dancer and i think mrs abby wouldnt know what to do without you

Submitted by Sophia (not verified) on

I love you I wish I could meet you.Your the best dancer in the universe.
I am only 8 my birthday is on September 4 I am from America, New York
Please sent me a message your the prettiest girl in the universe. I love your dancing. I have a dog and 1 sister I don't live in America but I still wish I seen you my dog is small and her name is Izzy her real name is Isadoura I love kendell,Chloe, Mackenzie,kalani,Ms.Abby lee Miller and more nia,jojo,brooke,Paige.

Submitted by jordan flammia (not verified) on

hi Maddie its Jordan Flammia I really like how u dance I wish I could dance but I cant bc I horrible at it.

Submitted by Angelina (not verified) on

I just wanted to ask you if you could say happy birthday to your sister and i hope one day i could get enough money to meet both of you because you both have inspired me to be the best i could be thank you by the way you both are amazing .

Submitted by Louella (not verified) on

Hi maddie , you are so inspiring to me . I look up to you .i am not one of those crazy fans. I take dance classes I do dance 3 times a week . It would mean the world to me If i could meet you . And it would mean the world to me if you came and did a tour in Brighton because then I could come and see u . I would understand if u could not reply but if you could that would mean soo much to me . Your dancing is fonominal . Xxx I luv u maddie .if u can plz reply xx

Submitted by Hailey (not verified) on

You are so flexible I watch dance moms every day and l watched your new movie the book of henry you are my Idol you really show emotion in your dances and your really creative.

Submitted by emma chaimberlain (not verified) on

hi Maddie its Emma Chamberlain . you are such an inspiration to loads of young children and even some teenagers . you probably wont know but I used to be a cheerleader and I had to learn some of the moves you had to learn and they are quite tricky like the splits , Arial (etc....) just thought I would tell you that .
love Emma Xxx

Submitted by Kyllen (not verified) on

I love the girls and I really wish that kenzie could have a concert in Olympia,

Submitted by Caitlyn Grabel (not verified) on

Maddie, I am such a big fan of your show and your acting. I also love the books you and your sister published. I am only 14 years old but I am inspired. You inspired me when I was a kid! When I was 10, you got me through life. Thank you so much! ❤️😀👍

Submitted by Elizabeth girgis (not verified) on

I am your biggest fan and you are my role model

Submitted by Isobel findley (not verified) on

Hi maddie ziegler, congratulations on winning kids choice awards ,that must of been HUGE for u! I'll bet that loads of kids were happy about that. U have even written a book,wow,I wanna buy that. And YouTube, ur probably getting bigger by the hour ! I'm sooo happy for u and ur sis Mackenzie, aka mackz. Me and my mum both love u in ur YouTube video with Sia,u were only my age,11! So maddie... what's ur advice for a girl around my age who loves to dance and she practices and shows off in front of her friends but gets picked on? What's happened between u and kendall, before I wouldn't have been surprised if u were sisters,but now,ur something else entirely. Please answer, thousands of fans question u for this. And also no offence but in season 1 when u cried u said u got hurt,was this true ? I get ur such a good dancer and dont wanna make urself look bad. Honestly madds ur the cutest thing,peace!

Submitted by Rick (not verified) on

Dear Maddie,
I have watched you on TV for years and I absolutely idolize you. I am inspired by your dedication to your profession, and your attitude to being a perfectionist.
I have been performing my whole life as a semi professional singer. My problem has always been that even though I am a stellar performer, I have lacked stage presence. Over the years of watching you, I have learned a great deal from you. I am a much better performer now thanks to you!
You may see me on the voice very soon, as I have been offered an opportunity to audition.
Please look for the name Ricky Dee. I hope that you will see me, and I would love to meet you some day. Thanks for all your help.
Ricky Dee

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