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Lena Dunham (born May 13, 1986) is an actress, author, screenwriter, producer, and director. She wrote and directed the independent film Tiny Furniture (2010), and is the creator, writer and star of the HBO series Girls. She has received eight nominations for Emmy Awards as a writer, director, actress and producer and won two Golden Globe Awards for Girls. Dunham is the first woman to win a Directors Guild Award for Outstanding Director in a Comedy Series.


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Submitted by Joe Sinopoli (not verified) on

Don't let the door hit you in the ass! Bye, Trump's got it in the bag.

Submitted by US Citizen (not verified) on

Wonderful thing about the United States is freedom of expression and freedom of speech. What ever the outcome of this 2016 election brings, we should remember the vote should always reflect the will of the US Citizens and right to vote is precious. If you dont like the results of an election you need to work harder next time for your candidate. Grow Up. Whinning and running away because you don't get your way is not a solution. Its called childish and children don't have voting rights for a reason.

Submitted by Sandra Day (not verified) on

Dear Ms. Dunham,
I hadn't heard of you or your show(s) until today when reading about your plans to move out of the U.S. should Trump win the election. I can't comment on your talent as I haven't watched any programs you are in, but you seem to have made a name for yourself, at least according to the info on Google. People that make remarks like you did about moving - I say go for it! This country has enough entitled, willfully ignorant self-absorbed people, so one less would be welcome. You are younger than I, so you haven't seen this country deteriorate economically, morally, and spiritually as many of us have. So goodbye, farewell, and best of luck to you as you as experience life outside the US. My bet is you'll be like most of those who live in a glass bubble in Hollywood (BTW - I lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years so I consider myself one who has firsthand knowledge) and change your mind and opt to stay in the country that allowed you the success you so freely enjoy, as does Trump. That's what people like you do - no backbone, and no courage of your convictions.

Submitted by Jenn Sadai (not verified) on

Anyone who would pick Trump over Lena Dunham deserves Trump as a leader. Lena has so much more courage and conviction than Trump, especially when it comes to issues that actually matter. Lena, please come to Canada! We'll welcome you with open arms. Our country is safer, kinder and not fooled by Trump's money and bold-faced lies.

Submitted by skippyalpine (not verified) on


Submitted by Richard Adamonis (not verified) on

It's the new year yet Ms. Dunham is still in the USA--as are other entertainers who made the pledge to leave. Right, no backbone, courage or conviction. Keep your pledge Ms. Dunham , please. And apologies Jon advance to Canada.

Submitted by Lee Fedornak (not verified) on

Lee Fedornak So do we know a timeline on when Lena will be leaving the country? She piped off with vile that she would leave the country if Trump was elected...to the point that it was her angry attempt to influence others & think for them. The thing that bothers me the most about these uber leftist socialists in Hollywood, is that they think their vote & opinion is more important than that of the average American, someone who works at McDonalds, a farmer, a homeless person, a teller at a grocery store...what hubris. Well I for one hope that she moves quickly. I will start a "go fund me page" to help her move...because we all know that rich uber liberals will not spend their own money to right a wrong...btw...as a side note. Any company that uses her for endorsements, I will gladly boycott...I hope there are many other Americans that will do the same. It seems that these socialists change their minds when their income dries up or is in threat of doing so... Bon Voyage Lena..not sure what country you are going to as a protest against Trump...but I am glad for once in your life you are delivering on your socialistic promise...

Submitted by Skippyalpine (not verified) on

You PROMISED to move from the USA.. You want to hold the politicians to a high standard of living up their promises DO THE SAME and GET OUT.. It is the LEAST you can do. Do what you said or what you say means nothing.

Submitted by Jack Lakes (not verified) on

Please live up to your word. LEAVE ASAP

Submitted by Lesley (not verified) on

Grow up and quit acting like the world revolves around you. You are not a great woman. Your abortion comment shows your ignorance. I see why you wanted Clinton. Both of you are corrupt evil people who only cares about yourself. You live in make believe worlds where if someone doesn't agree with everything you do then you try to annihilate them. In the real world people get along with each other a thing called compromise, something you know nothing about. Please move to canada and never come back. America would be much better with out you in it. You're just a spoiled rich person loving themselves and no one else.2

Submitted by Art (not verified) on

Why are u still living in the usa trump is president ?

Submitted by Becky Q (not verified) on

You are an arrogant, pompous, ass! How dare you assume that you, in your great wisdom and knowledge, know better than the rest of the grown women in this country just because they disagree with you. How dare you think we need you to "parent " us because, again, our ideas don't conform to what you think is correct. You incredibly stupid twit, you are just as bad, if not more so because you are a woman, as the men who thought we shouldn't have the right to vote or hold important positions in business - because we needed someone to "parent" us because we don't think clearly. I have absolutely no respect for you. What an incredible piece of arrogance you are!

Submitted by IslandDean (not verified) on

What's the holdup on you moving to Vancouver? Could this be that the ultra-libtard Canadians don't want you either or did rosie the fat hog get to the place before you? The sooner you are gone, the better off our country will be. Thought for the day: Don't come back, ever!

Submitted by Megan Hulce (not verified) on

I've watched your show irregularly, but every time I see it I like it. However, I loved the episode I saw today more than any I've ever seen. I kept thinking about the fact you've written the dialogue for the whole thing and how instinctively you occupy those different voices. My favorite episode ever. Btw, I am from Lansing, Michigan and I wonder how you decided to choose East Lansing as your hometown on the show. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Submitted by Lucy (not verified) on

Seven times. I have watched season 6, episode 3 American Bitch seven times. I am 44, my mother is 70 and she has now watched it a few times. We wept on the phone together about each moment we loved... the perfectness. I had my dog walker sit down and watch it while I ran an errand... came back and she had watched it twice in a row, eyes red with crying. Fuck yeah this is brilliant writing, flawless and worthy of more praise than my silly little keyboard in my tiny little office can click out. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. You are amazing. Your team is amazing. Your peers, your friends, your loved ones your network, every single person involved in the perfection of that episode. I will never forget how this has made me fee - HEARD! UNDERSTOOD! scared! terrified! sad... and a million other things that great, truly great works of art do. Thank you.

Submitted by Stacy Hupp (not verified) on

I want to start by saying - Thank you for creating the series "Girls". My husband & I watched every episode and LOVED them all! You are an awesome, brave, beautiful & talented woman!!
Ive also followed news articles on you dealing with Endometriosis, I to have it. Ive had several surgeries & Im FINALLY scheduled to see an actual endometriosis specialist in Nov 2017. Ive been being treated by mg gyno since 2007 - only to find out he has been NOTHING more then a butcher to me! Between now and nov 2017, Iam left fighting almost every day of my life - fake smile, pushing myself etc. please if there is anyway you can contact me - provide info, advice or direction on how to deal/ cope or ease my pain until nov 2017 - i would GREATLY appreciate it.
Thanks for your time. I hope you are doing better and also get the relief and help you need.

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