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Jared Tristan Padalecki
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Jared Tristan Padalecki (born July 19, 1982) is an actor. He grew up in Texas and rose to fame in the early 2000s after appearing on the television series Gilmore Girls as well as such films as New York Minute and House of Wax. Padalecki is best known for his role as Sam Winchester on Supernatural.


Jared Padalecki
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Submitted by Bella Nix (not verified) on

Hi! My name is Bella, I love supernatural and would love to meet you and Jensen if possible. Problem is you do not come to Colorado often especially Colorado Springs. I also can never afford photo ops when you do come. So if you could come to COS that would be awesome.

your fan, Bella

Submitted by elaine i labarge (not verified) on

I am a huge fan and so is my daughter who has special needs. Anyway, was wondering when you will be co,ing to the Wisconsin area and also if you guys will be offering another writing contest. I wirte some fan fiction. Thanks for the weekly adventures and awesome movies... Keep hunting

Submitted by lisa thornton (not verified) on

hay Sam/Jared and Dean/Jensen i love you guys so much i watch your show every night it is so awsome i cry everytime one of you die it makes me so sad.
by the way DEAN I LOVE PIE TOO

Submitted by isabella (not verified) on

hi jared! i am a devoted fan of supernatural and would love to meet you but i cannot come to you....can you come to warminster pa????
and bring misha and jensen

Submitted by Kyle Coates (not verified) on

Hey Jared, if you are reading this, I have a huge favor to ask that shouldn't take hardly any of your time. My best friend, Tyler Williams, recently passed away because of his suffering to mental illness. He was a big supporter of your campaign "Always Keep Fighting" and TWLOHA. He also loved the show Supernatural and he would call me to share his thoughts after each episode. You would have loved him...I would like for you to write something or if possible a video message to honor Tyler's memory and to promote your campaign! We would read it at his funeral which is this Saturday on July 1st

Submitted by Haley (not verified) on

I love you guys, but I always wanted to meet you and Jared at a Con that is in Tennessee. I never knew you had to pay more for photo ops.
From long ago, me and my friends discovered that you need maybe a pass at MTAC after security escorted us out of line for a picture with Norman Reedus. We also made him something. Never gotten to give it to him. So, my question is... what Cons do you and Jared go to in Tennessee so I can save for a long time. My heart is set on meeting you guys! :D And if you and Jared do go to MTAC. I will be soooooo excited! I looove you guys! :D

Submitted by Angela Mozzochi (not verified) on

Wouldn't it be a lot easier if we could just email these fan mail?

Submitted by Alice Santos (not verified) on

Oi jered e jensen ❤. Sou uma grande admiradora do seu trabalho, ou melhor dissenso sou o que pode chama de uma enorme fã ....
Gostaria muito de conhece-los mas não posso ir ate vocês . se não for muito incómodo gostaria que a próxima viagem de vocês para o Brasil pudessem vim a Brasília ver vocês me faria muito feliz ❤❤

Submitted by Frankie davis (not verified) on

Hi jared my name is frankie and i am just a small town mom who is in love with your show causes and compassion on you and jenson and your cast. Im trying to get ahold of you because i have a dream a plan that i want more than anything to accomplish but i dont think i can do it alone. So im asking for your help. I want to do a benefit concert for mental illness awareness and all the money raised will be to help those will mental illness and awareness and helping those who cant afford to go to a psychiatrist get on medication. I have bipolar disorder i suffer from depression and i was molested as i child. I really want what ive been through the experince and knowledge i have to help someone alot of someones. So when ppl hear im bipolar its not your crazy its how are you. I want to erase the stigmas and maybe give someone the knowledge that its ok your not crazy or weird and you can be ok. Please i want to get a few bands and have a woodstock type of deal get several bands including spn band and get an open feild in waco tx where i live and make this happen. If you can give me some help it would change everything....also u should know supernatural has helped saved my life so many times giving me hope to stay alive and i just want to thank you for that! You and jensen!!!! So thank you

Submitted by Maggie (not verified) on

Jared who played by dean you had the best 2best shows you were in
You and you're brother had a great start on supernatural season on tv
I'm A biggest Fan of you

Submitted by Joseph harwood (not verified) on

You know jared. I love you. Thank you for being an inspiration. I'm not new to the series or the trials of the series. But it campaign for help.made wanna reach out. I saw it on the fan page. But everyone shares it because of.you. I never get to meet my idols and if I don't get to meet u I'd like u to know you inspired me to stay alive. My problems are so small compared to what people got hru every day. And that's part of what u and Jensen roles taught we. I can't birch to much, Cu others might need my help with something g far worse than what my problem is. My brother killed himself N do found hifirst choking... but the traits u show on ur show showed me that wBen during the night I found hI'm lifeless. I aasnt the only one that was suffering. I dont want u to say hi or anything g or even reapond. I would just like to say that u and Jensen really make an difference and we (or at leaSt me) really went thru some real bad just bad shut and I thank u guys for helping me thru it. I lover yall.

Submitted by Katie (not verified) on

Hi Jared my name is Katie and just wanted to tell you that I love you and think you are sexy as hell and I love your character on supernatural sam is my favorite i love dean too but Sam is my all time favorite I have seen all episode of all the seasons of supernatural. Just wanted to let you know that. Have a great Christmas.

Submitted by Holly Bowers (not verified) on

Needing to find out how i can get a signed photo for my 14 year old daughter suffering from deppression.

Submitted by Cory on

If you want to get an autograph from a celebrity, you will need to contact a representative of theirs (usually their talent management agency or team or record label depending on what the celebrity does). To request an autograph from Jared Padalecki, write down the address listed above in his bio and contact info. You will need two large envelopes; I recommend getting 8"x10" and 11"x13" envelopes. The 8x10 will be the envelope which will transport the autograph back to you. Put your home address in the top left corner and in the center of the envelope. I also recommend writing "Do Not Bend" in large letters on the back and in normal-sized letters along the left and right edge of the front. On the 11x13, put your home address in the top left corner and the agency's address in the center. I recommend typing a letter with a brief message and then requesting an autograph. It is fairly common for celebrities to have 8x10 autographed photos available for this request, but adding a blank card to be used to autograph doesn't hurt. You may want to include a small folder or cut out a couple of 8x10 pieces of cereal box to serve as padding for an autographed photo. While it is possible to mail objects to get autographed, such requests are complicated to do and the potential of your object being lost is very high.

Now...off to the post office. You will want to get the weight of all of the stuff you are mailing: both envelopes, your letter requesting an autograph, along with any padding, cards, or whatever is being shipped. I would then round up by 10 cents or so how much it would cost to send that through the US Postal Service and put that much in stamps on your self-addressed envelope. Put everything you are sending inside the large envelope. Seal it up. Put the appropriate amount of postage on the envelope and send off. For some peace of mind, you may want to pay the extra money to send certified mail, which provides you with a tracking code which usually will provide you will info on where the letter is on its way to its destination.

If you aren't up for doing the above, I do offer a service of mailing off autograph requests for folks with FanMailDelivery.

Submitted by Marzena (not verified) on

Hi, I know you have a lot of mail like this and probably you even will not read it, but anyway I have not any chance to see you or meet you so just know that I am glad you are in my life, you are like my family and I hugg you deeply in my heart. GREETINGS FROM POLAND

Submitted by Jasmine Armendarez (not verified) on

Well I just so happened to be reading your bio when I ran across your parents name. My parents are also named Jerry and Sherry with a y. Lol thought it was pretty cool. Stay awesome!

Submitted by Amber Reda (not verified) on

Dear Jared Padalecki:

I am a huge fan of “Supernatural.” I started watching the show on Netflix less than a year ago, and I am just hooked on it. I have seen each episode and I love your character Sam Winchester. He’s so kind and compassionate to so many of the unfortunate souls that he and Dean meet. And I love how Sam gets exasperated with Dean when he flirts with women or makes jokes in serious situations. But you are equally wonderful in very dramatic emotional scenes. I really feel his pain.

I do basically love the whole cast, and never get tired of your adventures and the relationships among the characters.

I have seen on YouTube that you, Jensen and Mischa have announced that Season 15 will be your last. I, like many other “Supernatural” fans, was very bummed out to hear about that. It’s become my favorite series of all time — I’m now 23 — and I literally thought the show would never come to an end and certainly never needed to. But I do get that you probably want to spend more time with your family now, including your very young children, and may want to pursue other creative endeavors.

Still, I had the idea that after Season 15 ends, that you maybe could eventually put together a movie of “Supernatural” every year or every couple of years. That worked so well with “Star Trek” and I think it would work just as well with “Supernatural.” No matter how Season 15 ends, the characters can still come back, even from the dead, as you know. And the writing is so great and the acting so natural, that you could easily thrill and entertain audiences for a full-length movie and even several. Sam might even get to drive Dean’s car a little more!

So, I hope you will consider this, particularly since you are such great friends with Jensen Ackles. Your fans would love to see you two together, at least every two years or so, working out great new stories.

Submitted by Alexandria Sundstrom (not verified) on

I completely agree with you, Amber. But I am going to add one thing. I think that if they do make a Supernatural movie, it should be with the original cast because I think Mr. Padalecki, Mr. Ackles, Mr. Collins, Mr. Shepard, and Mr. Calvert are the best actors for their roles. Thank you for listening to my idea. 🙂

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

Hi Jared, my name is Sarah...I am a caretaker for a down syndrome lady named Dereka. She is a huge fan of Supernatural but more importantly you!! She has been through alot in her life and uses "Sam" as her power point! Whenever she is struggling or in a bad headspace we give her her pillow with the Sam Winchester pillowcase, and say use your "Sam Strength". She is truly a devoted fan! And I just wanted to share her story.

Submitted by Christina Allen (not verified) on

Hi I am Christina I watch supernatural and love the show as well as you thank you for making the show great. I know it gets stress full and overwhelming at times. I hope you have a great day and that things will go smoothly for you when on and off set.

Submitted by Leisa Griffin (not verified) on

How the Winchester’s saved my life.

I had just lost my son and was thinking of a way out and away from the pain. I sat in a hotel room alone, while my husband worked. I thought about my daughter, my grandchild, and my husband. I didn’t know if I could be there for them like I should. Grief was just about to overtake me. As I contemplated life or death, I flipped through tv channels. I came across a couple of pretty boy faces and thought “ oh boy another one of these shows”. I watched for a while, thinking “Wow”, “these guys really have had their asses kick”. No mother or father, just a couple of friends and a broken angel. ( I was watching TNT reruns)
Still Dean can laugh even though he knows he is going to hell. (I knew I would go to hell if I committed suicide) Sam is so positive. Hum “Great Writing”. The next morning I woke up frantically looking for the remote, I had to find the show again. I spent the next 4 hours watching, and again the next day and next day. Just a simple show with a couple of cute guys and great story line made me realize I could overcome the devil that was chasing me. Thank you Sam and Dean.

Leisa Griffin

Submitted by Alexandria Sundstrom (not verified) on

Hi. I’m Alexandria and I’m eleven. I’ve been a supernatural fan since the last decade. And I y’all about it all the time. My friend got me a calendar of Supernatural for Christmas and it hangs right above my head. (I know this might be weird but sometimes I talk to it because sometimes I just need something to talk to). You and Mr. Ackles are my idols. Thanks for reading this, and enjoy your evening. 🙂

Submitted by Dex (not verified) on

I would love to meet you Jensen and Misha if been a fan since day 1 and I've never missed an episode. You guys have made great entertainment that has helped me thru some major depression. I would like to meet you in person to say thank you and shake all of your hands

Submitted by Kris (not verified) on

Hi Jared I’m a fan seen a thing that said you suffer from depression. I was wondering how you get through it when it hits you hard I’ve had it my whole life and can’t figure it out some days are really tough

Submitted by Patrick Ballard (not verified) on

Dear Jared
I'm 66 going on 67 in july. i am a huge fan and have copd. my hope is before I get too bad to do anything was too meet or talk to you guys. I am the younger brother of 2 and I have related to the characters that y'all play. i have followed your show since the beginning and tears came to my eyes on the last episode and through out the seasons. in live in Georgia now, native of tenn. my wife is handicapped so I don't get out much. if you get this is would greatly appreciate hearing from YOU. i understand that some people have or her people answer these emails for y'all, understandably so. thanks for hearing me out. God bless and keep you

Submitted by pat ballard (not verified) on

by the way jared I understand you have a brother who is a surgeon. my ex worked with him while being a traveling nurse some years ago

Submitted by Max Dallas (not verified) on

Never mind on the suggestions there’s no hope for Walker it should be on Lifetime or Hallmark channel. Sorry guys my friends and me are done watching too girly. Better luck next time maybe

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