Dove Cameron

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Disney's "Liv & Maddie"

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Cameron was born in Seattle, Washington on January 15, 1996. At the age of eight, she began acting in community theater. Then when Cameron was fourteen she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally. There she attended Burbank High School and sang in their National Championship Show Choir.

Since 2013, Dove has starred in the dual lead role of Liv and Maddie in the Disney Channel original series "Liv and Maddie." The show premiered on September 15, 2013. The pilot episode gained 5.8, which was the most-watched in Total Viewers in two and a half years. Cameron has also starred in "Cloud 9" with Luke Benward, which premiered on January 17, 2014.


Dove Cameron
c/o LBI
2000 Avenue of the Stars
3rd Floor, North Tower
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Submitted by Lauren daniel (not verified) on

I absolutly love you you are the best can you email me your autograph

Submitted by srishti patnaik on

I am your biggest fan Dove Cameron even though I am just 11 years old!!!! You inspire me. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. I have every single movie you star in including the series Liv and Maddie. :)

Submitted by Natalie (not verified) on

Hi dove your an amazing person and so inspiring if I could meet you I would like faint that's my life every time I'm sad I listen to your songs your so inspiring I wish I could meet you. You are my family every time I got to family reunions I bring s picture of you because I always honor I could meet you

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

I love u for real...I cant describe what I would say to you if I met you...I also love animals and write songs as a are the best...and your hair is always perfect

Submitted by Eric ivan nugent (not verified) on

Hi dove I'm Eric. I love your name. I see you on TV allot on Liv & Maddie... whats it like acting?... any ways... you are pretty;-) I hope u reply soon...yours truly Eric ivan nugent

Submitted by Cassidy (not verified) on

Hey Dove,
You are the most inspiring person in the whole universe when I started watching liv and Maddie YEARS AGO I would always put on crazy outfits and repeat after you of your lines in the show. You inspire me so much all the way from acting to kindness and fashion and style. you should see all my posters of you all my walls are covered in posters of you! I would love you to see them! Please read this I would be one million miles over the moon! it would mean so much to me and if you do read this here is some info about me!
name: Cassidy (Cass)
age: 12 years old
I love: Dove Cameron
I live in: Australia

Submitted by audrienne (not verified) on

Every day I watch your liv and maddie episodes and I keep on replaying them. Since I got Cancer I started watching your liv and maddie episodes and basically the episodes have been with me since I was 4 years old. I sing your songs every day.

Submitted by mallory (not verified) on

dear dove comeron i love you as a actress and a singer your beautiful and kind you have a wonderful voice i just wish i could see you in person in liv and maddie and desendents your a wonderful actress and no matter what enybody says about you that is really rude always remember that it doesnt matter what they think it matters what you think and the thing i really like about you is that you inspired me that i can do enything if i believe i hope you enjoy your life being an actress and singer and p.s watch out for poparatze lol haha oh and remember im 10 if you can inspire me then you can inspire enyone.

Submitted by Isaac (not verified) on

Hi dove I a big fan of yours .

Submitted by Clarissa Jones (not verified) on

Hi Dove!! I am a hiuge fan of your work! As a matter of fact, I am your biggest fan!!! I especially love your song that you shared with Lauren Donzis "One Second Chance"! So I have a birthday July 12 and I was wondering if you could come and celebrate it with me!! I'm turning 11!!

Submitted by Nathan Pouliot (not verified) on

I love watching Disney Channel, you are very good in the show Liv And Maddie, and the Movie Descendants, I'm your biggest fan, If you are not Busy Do you want to come over my House, if you do I will Interoduce you to my Family And Animals,

Submitted by Cheyenne Burr (not verified) on

I wish I could meet u

Submitted by Ananya Akruwala (not verified) on

Dove I think that you are really beautiful. I love your character Mal from Disney Descendants. I also love Spider-Gwen and appreciate your debut in Marvel Universe. I and my friend Smyrna Isaac are big fan of yours.
Love you <3 once again!

Submitted by Chris Hemon (not verified) on

Hey Dove Cameron. My name is Christian Hemon and can i just say you are my idol i literally listen to all your songs from Liv and Maddie, Descendants and Hairspray Live. and i would love to hear from you on how to become an actor. thnx
Yours Truly
Christian Hemon

Submitted by Moriah O'cana (not verified) on

Dear Dove, you are my fav actor, you make my day whenever Liv and Maddie comes on you are so funny and talented no matter how old you get I will always love you.

Submitted by AMANDA RISO (not verified) on

Hey dove. I just want you to know that i admire EVERYTHING you do. Keep on reaching for the stars
Also can you please come to NJ so I can meet you =)

Submitted by Tom Jablonski (not verified) on

Hello Miss Cameron,

I am writing you to tell you about your biggest fan; my 7 year old daughter. Her name is Maggie Rose and she just adores you. She loves the movie Descendants, she dressed as Mal for Halloween, Liv and Maddie is her favorite show,(she watches it non-stop on Netflix), and she was stunned to learn that it is ending. She also loved you in Hairspray and was thrilled when you sang in a parade in Chicago, (we live in its suburbs).
So, in short, thank you for entertaining my child. I really appreciate it.

Tom Jablonski

Submitted by Arsema (not verified) on

You are amazing I love you do much. You are my favorite. I love you so,so,so,so,so much. Please text me back dove!!!! I am 9 and I love you more than anything.

Submitted by Max Flinchum (not verified) on

I love you Dove. I always will love you. I hope we get a chance in the future to meet one day. Love You

Submitted by Max Flinchum (not verified) on

Dove can you reply back please I love you and will always will.

Submitted by Heath Rowland (not verified) on

I have watched every episode of Liv and Mady twice and I have watched dicendece around five times. Today I surched how to meet Dove Cameron and I found this so I realy hope you see this. I want to meet you so much and am male. I was also born in Los Angeles and I play guitar and sing and I soon hope to act. So thank you Dove for inspiring me.
Love ya Heath Rowland

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I am seriously obsessed with you! If I could pick one celebrity to meet I would pick you. You match EVERYTHING that would describe my dream sister. I really hope I get to meet you someday. I hope you are having a great year!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I forgot to mention above I love you soooooo much! You are my fav celebrity. If I ever get on Disney I will definitely want to be on a show with you. You are the best!

Submitted by Aaliyah Brown (not verified) on

I would love to meet Do in person. I hope that could happen one day... I also would love to be a great actor just like her.

Submitted by Takia (not verified) on

I agree and im all with you on acting i love acting and i love how dove actsc

Submitted by Takia (not verified) on

Hi im takia my dream for my life is to meet Dove Cameron.I was born with heart problems and f.a.s and as soon as i heard of liv and maddie i was like ok let see what this is so i started watching it and dove tought me alot.Then last year i saw descendents and was like wow ok never knew she was that good and now its my dream to meet her.

Submitted by Mikael Provost (not verified) on

Dear Dove Cameron I am a biggest fan. When I saw liv and Maddy it took my breath away so much that I was captivated. Also two hours later on last Friday I watched descendants and descendants 2 and I loved the way you Sang and acted but it was so cool the way you fought with the sword. Also the way you rode the motorcycle madre you look like a pro motocross driver with a gentle nature with a certain ferocity to the way you act

Submitted by Mikael Provost (not verified) on

Dear Dove Cameron I am a biggest fan. When I saw liv and Maddie I was happy I love when Maddie dose the BAM WHAT and I like Liv funny laugh I like when you singer and you are a good actor. Last Friday I watch descendants I like it because is funny and I dance and sing to the song also last Friday I watch descendants 2 I like it because the way Mal rides in the motorcycle and I hope you guys descendants 3
From your fan
Mikael Provost

Submitted by Mikael (not verified) on

Dear Dove Cameron I am a biggest fan. When I saw liv and Maddie I was happy I love when Maddie dose the BAM WHAT and I like Liv funny laugh I like when you singer and you are a good actor. Last Friday I watch descendants I like it because is funny and I dance and sing to the song also last Friday I watch descendants 2 I like it because the way Mal rides in the motorcycle and I hope you guys descendants 3
I am sorry ๐Ÿ˜ for bugging you and being inappropriate with you
Happy birthday ๐ŸŽ ๐ŸŽ‚ to you
From your fan
Mikael Provost

Submitted by ELLIE SACHS (not verified) on

Hi Dove you probably don't know who I am but I am such a big fan I am 9years old I have never met you but I wish I have I am a singer dancer and actor to I sing a lot and love desendents I am so happy I could say hi to you


Submitted by Eva (not verified) on

I want to do acting but I don't think my dad will support me. Then my dream will never come true. I want to tell him but I'm worried what he'll say if I do.

Submitted by Chlse (not verified) on

Hi I just wanted if you could give me a part on your next decendencts 3 pls

Submitted by katie (not verified) on

hey dove me and my sisters are huge fans of descendants#1 and descendants#2 hopefully there will be a descendants #3 coming out soon

Submitted by Diymeah (not verified) on

Dear dove it's been a while now so I have to say this your the best and I really want to meet you I'm am 12 years old and I wanna audition for Disney channel i really hope is see you

Submitted by Emma Guerrero (not verified) on

Dove Cameron I have always wanted to meet you and I want to work with you as a actress when I grow up! Me and my friends have always adored you! We both enjoy watching desendants and Liv and Maddie you are truly the best actress ever! This is the first time I sent fanMail so please reply I love you!!!!!! You are my hero I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!!

Submitted by Poppy (not verified) on

i have always wanted to meet you i have seen descendants 1 and 2 so much i could say all your lines. i love you dove i really want to meet you. I am your biggest fan ever. please reply. you are awesome and cool.
Ps: can i also meet anna cathcart i love dizzy!

Submitted by Emma Guerrero (not verified) on

Hi Dove Cameron! I just got a Mal doll from the store. It looks almost as beautiful as you! It also came with a little plastic spell book! I really like all the purple that the doll has! I love the colour purple by the way. I love desendants! I really want to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing and beautiful!! -Emma

Submitted by Ella O (not verified) on

Hi dove you're the best and l want you to know I am your biggest fan and I want to meet you someday I have dreams like that every time but then when I wake up I realize they're not true so it would be the awesomest thing if you saw this and reply and like you're part of Descendants it I want to be a part of the third movie and liv and Maddie is my all-time favorite show from Ella o

Submitted by Kaci Collins (not verified) on

Dear dove I am kaci and I am from England . I really love you and the films and shows that you make .I really hope that maybe you could somehow help me get on Disney channel . I would really appreciate it . I am 12 years old and come from quite a poor city plz message me back x

Submitted by jahi ra (not verified) on

Do you like anime Dove cameron

Submitted by Grace Green (not verified) on

I was wondering if there going to be a decendents 3. And if there is is there is, is there going to be auditions for new actors because I would love to be in a movie with you and Sophia because you are my favorite actresses of all time. I also am in love with the decendents series and I don't like movies. I also have all of the songs download. I have also watched decendents 1 and 2 a million times. Again I would love to be on my favorite movie series with my favorite actresses because I am your number one fan. I also have all of the decendents books, and have read them a billion times.

Submitted by Grace Green (not verified) on

Um I just wanted to say that I watched all of liv and Maddie and omg I loved it. I would still really like the part if you can get it because it would be a good start to persuing my dream of being an actor. I was too scared to start on my own. So plz reply and try to get the part fpr me

Submitted by EmmaCrowley (not verified) on

Hi Dove. My name is Emma, am aged 8, I have a little sister called Abbi, who is 6. I live just outside Glasgow in Scotland. I am your biggest fan. Love you in Liv & Maddie, and especially Descendants. Can't wait for Descendants 2! Would love it if u could message back pls xxxx

Submitted by Ashlynn Frailey (not verified) on

Hey Dove!! My name is Ashlynn Frailey. I am thirteen and turning fourteen on January 12. I want to be an actress. You have inspired me so much! Can you help me get started?? I would love to meet you and see if you can help me. If I could maybe just be a helper on descendants three my dreams would come true!! You are such a great person for me to follow!! I live in Tooele, Utah. 275 north 100 east. Please help me get my dreams started!! Thanks for being a role model!!

Submitted by Paulina (not verified) on

Hi dove I really like what u do. acting singing,even youTube. Umm, buy the way u have a pretty cool name, when I grow up I will name my one of my kids after u. Hey um I have a Question can we be pen pals? we could right each other letters . I really hope we can, and u and I could become great friends. I know it sound crazy that a girl like me could be asking a bing star to be friends with them. oh by the way your so pretty do you know that? u always let us girls to be ourselves and do let others put u down, and I'm saying the same thing use your girl power for good. because the world is change and we we girls need to stick together, like peanut butter and jelly. love you and hope to see u in descendants 3


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