Dove Cameron

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Liv & Maddie in Disney's "Liv & Maddie"

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Cameron was born in Seattle, Washington on January 15, 1996. At the age of eight, she began acting in community theater. Then when Cameron was fourteen she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally. There she attended Burbank High School and sang in their National Championship Show Choir.

Since 2013, Dove has starred in the dual lead role of Liv and Maddie in the Disney Channel original series "Liv and Maddie." The show premiered on September 15, 2013. The pilot episode gained 5.8, which was the most-watched in Total Viewers in two and a half years. Cameron has also starred in "Cloud 9" with Luke Benward, which premiered on January 17, 2014.


Abrams Artists Agency
750 North San Vicente Blvd. East Tower
11th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Samaiha's picture
Submitted by Samaiha (not verified) on

Hi Dove, my name is Samaiha im six years old and I'm from nyc, I watch your program Liv and Maddie and descendants, you're an awesome actress. I love you so much. I would like to meet you someday. You inspire me. Keep up the good work....bye have a good day/night.

Abigail (Abby)'s picture
Submitted by Abigail (Abby) (not verified) on

Dear Dove,
You probably get a lot of fan mail and you are probably very busy but I would just like to say that one, I love you. You are an amazing actress and you portray your characters perfectly. Two, I was wondering if you could read a script I wrote. I was inspired by you so I wrote a script (for descendants (3)) if you guys think there will (emphasis on will) be a descendants three. Lastly, I would like to say... I hope you are enjoying yourself and having a good time.

Love Your Dedicated Fan,

L.D's picture
Submitted by L.D (not verified) on

Hi Dove Cameron
do you have a Wattpad account and fanpop account because if you do I would love to follow you on them.
I love all of the stuff that you act in and all of your songs.

Tanasya's picture
Submitted by Tanasya (not verified) on

What month will Descendants come out?

Michael 's picture
Submitted by Michael (not verified) on

Hi Dove marry me forget about Ryan lol hahaha #SeriouslyPLS!!!!!!

Miggy's picture
Submitted by Miggy (not verified) on

Hi Dove pls go here in the Philippines I need you here you can stay in my House :)

Brianna Snyder-jones's picture
Submitted by Brianna Snyder-jones (not verified) on

hi Dove I love you so much I wish I can meet you I love Live and Maddie and discordance I am a big fan I just wish I can be you I do your look for school

keke rose's picture
Submitted by keke rose (not verified) on

hey dove Cameron i am a huge fan of you i love your show liv & maddie i also love your music and lyrics and album i also love your movie descandents i want to meet you in person ur my idol i love you dove Cameron u r amazing and beautful girl in the world??

Davionna harvey's picture
Submitted by Davionna harvey (not verified) on

I love you dove

Blake's picture
Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

You are amazing I love liv and mad die and on the kids choic awards who knows how many times I voted for you really want to see you win, is it hard playing liv and Maddie? Big fan I really want to be a actor and I am already working on several songs. (Sadly most of which are parodies. Um I would like to send you fan mail I am going to pretty soon so hopefully you will respond to it. Um I am one of your biggest fans.

Blake's picture
Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

I meant Maddie and choice sorry

Julia and Hannah's picture
Submitted by Julia and Hannah (not verified) on

Hi Dove! We saw your Girls World magazine and saw that we could write a letter to you. So we did. Hope you get it and PLEASE write back.

Stacy Siskoff's picture
Submitted by Stacy Siskoff (not verified) on

I love the movie Decedents were you played as Mal, daughter of Maleficent. and I love your show Liv and Maddie.

Anoushka's picture
Submitted by Anoushka (not verified) on

Dove there is no way that there is a bigger doveliy than me and I love you so much you are my idol and you inspire me everyday love ya bye

Anoushka's picture
Submitted by Anoushka (not verified) on

Just one more thing I love you

Tabatha's picture
Submitted by Tabatha (not verified) on

I wish I could meet you.I am a huge fan.I love your show, Liv and Maddie.You are so inspiring. I have stage fright, but I still sing along to the theme song to Liv and Maddie, Better in Stereo.You are also amazing in Descendants. I even have the game.I play it all the time. I love the game.I also watch Descendants wicked world shorts.I have always wanted to talk to you, because I am a huge fan.Please reply if you get the chance.

Stacy's picture
Submitted by Stacy on

Hi Dove Cameron I really love your movie Decedent your boyfriend in that movie is super cute.

Love your fan Stacy S.

Serenity Carpenter's picture
Submitted by Serenity Carpenter (not verified) on

Hey Dove I'm a huge fan and love your songs and show.I've always wondered,do u want kids?If u do why do u want them and if u don't why not? If u answer it will be one of the best things thats happened to me thanks
Love one of ur biggest fans,
Serenity Carpenter

Cory's picture
Submitted by Cory on

Abrams Artists Agency

Their L.A. address is above in Dove's profile.

jamela williams's picture
Submitted by jamela williams (not verified) on

you are a theif because you stole her song from 1999 genie in a bottle she sound more better then you i cant believe you stole her song you are my favorite tv star but notg until you stop singing other ppl songs make up your own

Katherine's picture
Submitted by Katherine (not verified) on

Hi dove I love your movie descendants and liv and maddie and congrats on being engaged u are my favorite movie actress and I love singing too but I need advice about how to sing informer of people and show the talent I have of singing can u help me

JJ Hunsicker's picture
Submitted by JJ Hunsicker (not verified) on

Hey Dove it's JJ so I Just wanted to ask if u wanted tocome to se me this summer if u want to ,because I have something to show u and something for u, thank you bye.P.S u are the most important person in my life I love you Dove and nobody can stop me from loving you

Hannah S.'s picture
Submitted by Hannah S. (not verified) on

Hey guess what I am sending YOU a letter for school. We had to choose someone famous and I choose you.

Lila Starkie's picture
Submitted by Lila Starkie (not verified) on

Hi Dove. You are my idol. The sad part is I live in CT and you live far away. I just wish I could go to CA to meet you. Last night I had a dream about meeting you and now I'm writing this. You are pretty and sweet. My favorite movie is, Descendants, my favorite TV show is, Liv & Maddie. I've always wanted to be an actress like you.

Eva's picture
Submitted by Eva (not verified) on

I so love your work and you are so pretty and I want to meet you so so so so bad!!!!!!

Willow (not Smith)'s picture
Submitted by Willow (not Smith) (not verified) on

Thank You So Much, for all you do. You are a beautiful girl, an amazing singer, a great actress. You seem to have an air of confidence, without a hint of self doubt. You are strong, and I hope you always stay that way. I am truly inspired by you and your work.
Thanks again,
P.S. Don't ever let anyone change you.

Jeremiah Ellison gause's picture
Submitted by Jeremiah Elliso... (not verified) on

Dove I love you like a boy friend I'm 21 years old

Sophia's picture
Submitted by Sophia (not verified) on

Dear Dove Cameron,

You are the best person in the world and you are such an inspiration to me and my best friend Shelby. She wrote a song for you I want to help her achieve her dream and put it on Liv and Maddie with is our favorite show and her dream is to get noticed and be just like you. It would be amazing if you could and I can tell you my email or phone number.

Kisses <3 Sophia

david isaacs's picture
Submitted by david isaacs (not verified) on

Your are perfect actress and i love you and i like all your songs i live in kansas edwardsville near kansas city i think ur sweat and nice and i like all you doing keep it up i will love you and take care of you tell the end.

Apple's picture
Submitted by Apple (not verified) on

I just wanted to let you know Dove that i hope to be like you when i grow up. How did you first start Disney. I want to be on Disney channel someday when i am older like you. Well you have inspired me to act and continue my passion of singing. Thank you for being yourself.

Emily's picture
Submitted by Emily (not verified) on

hi dove um... i love your show live and maddie and i would like to meet you on my birthday and talk to you some how please make my birthday wish I am turning 12.

 Mya           shylah's picture
Submitted by Mya ... (not verified) on

Hi dove Cameron
What you doing and what's the time we're you live such a fan of your work and other stuff lol

Brooke's picture
Submitted by Brooke (not verified) on

but I have been loveing liv in maddie. And are you guys going to do more episodes?

Alexandra's picture
Submitted by Alexandra (not verified) on

Hi Dove, I am a huge fan and it's my dream to become a Disney Channel actress. If you could help me that would be amazing. I really hope you can help me because I would love to get a part in a Disney show. Thanks for considering it.

Alyssa Casner's picture
Submitted by Alyssa Casner (not verified) on

How can geston have a kid when he died on beauty and the beast Disney put skull and cross bones in his eyes when he fell of the cliff to show that there was no way he could have lived so how does he have a kid?

Ciara hayes's picture
Submitted by Ciara hayes (not verified) on

U are my best actress singer songwriter I love your fashion your my role model I wish I could meet you

The Not-Quite-So-Creepy Fan's picture
Submitted by The Not-Quite-S... (not verified) on

Hey Dove, so I thought while I was singing your song it sounded a little like a worship song, so I editied it a little but not much. Can I play it at my church? I know Disney is crazy about copyright, so it would fine if I could just do it at my youth group instead.

A Fan

The Not-Quite-So-Creepy Fan's picture
Submitted by The Not-Quite-S... (not verified) on

Hey Dove, so I thought while I was singing your song it sounded a little like a worship song, so I editied it a little but not much. Can I play it at my church? I know Disney is crazy about copyright, so it would fine if I could just do it at my youth group instead.

A Fan

Dan_ielle 's picture
Submitted by Dan_ielle (not verified) on

I love ur work. especially decsendents . :)

Hannah 's picture
Submitted by Hannah (not verified) on

You are so important to me I started watching Liv and Maddie 3 years ago and ever since you have inspired me thanks

Lauren's picture
Submitted by Lauren (not verified) on

Hi Dove. Your'e so cool! Love your acting! How do you do that?!? I wish I could meet you. Love you!

Lauren daniel's picture
Submitted by Lauren daniel (not verified) on

I absolutly love you you are the best can you email me your autograph

srishti patnaik's picture
Submitted by srishti patnaik on

I am your biggest fan Dove Cameron even though I am just 11 years old!!!! You inspire me. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. I have every single movie you star in including the series Liv and Maddie. :)

Natalie 's picture
Submitted by Natalie (not verified) on

Hi dove your an amazing person and so inspiring if I could meet you I would like faint that's my life every time I'm sad I listen to your songs your so inspiring I wish I could meet you. You are my family every time I got to family reunions I bring s picture of you because I always honor I could meet you

Chris's picture
Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

I love u for real...I cant describe what I would say to you if I met you...I also love animals and write songs as a are the best...and your hair is always perfect

Eric ivan nugent's picture
Submitted by Eric ivan nugent (not verified) on

Hi dove I'm Eric. I love your name. I see you on TV allot on Liv & Maddie... whats it like acting?... any ways... you are pretty;-) I hope u reply soon...yours truly Eric ivan nugent

Cassidy's picture
Submitted by Cassidy (not verified) on

Hey Dove,
You are the most inspiring person in the whole universe when I started watching liv and Maddie YEARS AGO I would always put on crazy outfits and repeat after you of your lines in the show. You inspire me so much all the way from acting to kindness and fashion and style. you should see all my posters of you all my walls are covered in posters of you! I would love you to see them! Please read this I would be one million miles over the moon! it would mean so much to me and if you do read this here is some info about me!
name: Cassidy (Cass)
age: 12 years old
I love: Dove Cameron
I live in: Australia


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