Dove Cameron

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Disney's "Liv & Maddie"

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Cameron was born in Seattle, Washington on January 15, 1996. At the age of eight, she began acting in community theater. Then when Cameron was fourteen she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally. There she attended Burbank High School and sang in their National Championship Show Choir.

Since 2013, Dove has starred in the dual lead role of Liv and Maddie in the Disney Channel original series "Liv and Maddie." The show premiered on September 15, 2013. The pilot episode gained 5.8, which was the most-watched in Total Viewers in two and a half years. Cameron has also starred in "Cloud 9" with Luke Benward, which premiered on January 17, 2014.


Dove Cameron
c/o LBI
2000 Avenue of the Stars
3rd Floor, North Tower
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Submitted by Paige Beck Pbe... (not verified) on

Hi dove I'm Paige I would love toy text you because I need help with fashion and singing your the 2nd best Ross Lynch is the 1st. I need lessons for you your smart pretty talented plz I need you in the next text I will give you my number

Submitted by keturah (not verified) on

hey,di I mention that I have a great taste in fation! to be honets iv never ionce yet one the spelling bee but im am great at well reading writing hate ma sience is ok but not really my thing! anyway... I watch liv and Maddie great show btw... so u know the episode falala a roony yeah your dress.. im making a sort of type of copy of that dress oh also im in choir and it would be my dream if you came plz reply and give me ur numbe so we can chat and you can come to my concert btw it on December 10th Thursday @ 6:30 plz reply

Submitted by keturah (not verified) on

forgot the s sorry again

Submitted by Etahlia Cashman (not verified) on

Dove I think u r so pretty I love living and Maddie I love ur songs u r a pretty and talented girl

Submitted by aidan (not verified) on

hi dove you are so pretty are you dating

Submitted by AMANDA Riso (not verified) on

yes she is

Submitted by isabel (not verified) on

i loved descendants it was the best I also think you very talanted when you played both liv and maddie and mal .

Submitted by Bailey Woodbury (not verified) on

i love your fashion design as Liv .i like liv and maddie's catch frasess .i love your show there amazing

Submitted by Izzy (not verified) on

Wow, how nice she will feel if she's ''2nd best'' offensive much?

Submitted by Kate Rowberry (not verified) on

Hey Dove my name is Kate Rowberry and I really want to be an actor and a singer it would be an honor if you were able to help me

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

Hi Dove Cameron, I would like to tell you that I love you. Also your outfits are outstanding, you are amazing . You are just to die for. One day I want to dress like you. I want to be you. Also you playing Voltage is unbelievable. I love you so much. You're personality is amazing. I hope things go great with you and Ryan.

Submitted by Jailyn martin (not verified) on

Hi dove I have a birthday coming up in sept on the 22nd and I would love to meet u. I will be 7 . I love your show on Disney my birthday wish is to somehow meet u or talk to u if u possibly can that would be totally amazing!!!!! Please give me the one thing I dream of everyday.. Jailyn

Submitted by Alexandra (not verified) on

Hi Dove, I watched all your movies and I was like "I have to meet this girl" I REALLY hope one day we can meet, my friends and I are HUGE fans of you and it would be soooo amazing if one day we can meet you in person

Submitted by Jade (not verified) on

When I was 9 and I heard your songs your shows and the first time I watched Liv and Maddie I would probably be mixture of Liv and Maddie right now I'm having trouble of becoming a young singer and dancer, you've inspired me to try. I don't post things because the Internet can be bad or is bad mabey you can actually make my dreams come true the reason my parents can't is because my mom had her goblater taken out and she had a siecier after the surgery, and the next day she couldn't move her right arm completely I was scared, thankfully she's still here with me so thank you also I would love to talk to you by calling thanks, bye!

Submitted by Turyaga (not verified) on

Hi, Dove! I just want to tell you how much you inspire me. let's start by 2 years ago when I first started watching Liv and Maddie. When I saw you acting as both Liv, and Maddie. I was so amazed at your skills and voice and beauty and...well everything, especially your skill. You do so much in liv and Maddie, like act two people at once, act inside acting, and not to mention have to change between your personalities throughout the seasons. My dream has been from there to become a talented actress and singer just like you. Although, one question does bug me a lot: do you really have glasses???

Submitted by Catlin Rose Cap... (not verified) on

I want to sing with you and maybe let you have one or two of my songs and want you to meet you I had a huge crush on you I like you in descendants who are my second favorite I want one of our songs and sing that song with you I also want you on the voice too from rose

Submitted by JohnErwin (not verified) on

Hi dove Cameron i want to be on Liv and Maddie want to be a actor.

Submitted by Lauren Clough (not verified) on

I love your outfits dove you are amazing.when I grow up I want to be just like you

Submitted by Abbrianna (not verified) on

Dove, I would LOVE to meet you, me and my best friend have already watched decendants 20 million times. I am listining to your songs 24 7. Its my biggest dream to meet you! Even just you replying to this would make me the happiest girl in the world, you are my role model!

Submitted by Jane (not verified) on

Hi Dove I am Jane and I love your music and shows and want to learn to sing. I have written a bunch of songs but don't know how to record them. I look up to you so much and want to be like you. Please help. Thanks.

Submitted by Jane (not verified) on

Hi Dove. I'm Jane. I love love love your shows- especially Liv and Maddie and Descendants. They inspired me to write music. So I have written a bunch of songs. But I don't know how to record them. You are a really great singer and it would make me so so so so happy if you replied. Thanks!

Submitted by Jane (not verified) on

Hi I'm Jane and I really love Descendants and Liv and Maddie. They inspired me. You inspire me. I think you are super good at singing and I would love love love it if you taught me. If you would please reply. I would be super duper crazy excited. Thanks.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Does this address work for people who don't live in the USA or only those people... And how long does it take

Submitted by Cory on

That address should work for anyone, whether you are in the US or not. How long it takes for your mail to arrive varies, as does how long it will take for you to see a reply - if you get a reply.

Submitted by charity (not verified) on

hey dove im such a fan of all things you do you inspire me so much

Submitted by Jessenia Cabrera (not verified) on

Hey Dove, I love everything of yours! You are the best disney actress and singer together! With every actress you are the best of all!

Submitted by Kyla (not verified) on

YOU ARE MY IDOL my dream is to be a professional actress and meet you I've watched every thing you were ever in please reply I would break out in tears just to know you care about this you are AMAZING AWESOME what is the word for THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD ps I am a girl

Submitted by pranisha (not verified) on

hey dove this pranisha. i am having a slumber party for my birthday and really want u to come. u comeing is my birthday wish. i tried calling u but u did not lift. ur number is 310 859 0625 right? anyways i am a great singer and love your songs. sometimes when i have nothing to do i gush over ur songs and u. i heard u r in new jersey. where in new jersey exactly. i really hope u visit monroe township. it is a great place with amazing houses. so i hope u respond bye.

Submitted by keturah (not verified) on

hey dove, I am 11 years old and love to meet you, My name Is Keturah my parents got divorced when I was three, its been my dream to meet you ever since way back when! my mom says i'm a great singer,and if you don't belive me... then we can meet somewhere and ill prove it to you ...not tot sound rude or anything... well gota go hope to see you soon

Submitted by blancairis (not verified) on

Dove Cameron i really want to see you in a concert ,but i don't have money for it.I tried calling but i can't.I love you!

Submitted by Danielbowden (not verified) on

will you go out with me

Submitted by PRANISHA (not verified) on


Submitted by tristan d (not verified) on

i am a huge fan and my b day is november 3rd and i have always wanted to talk to you or get an autograph from you your so cool my e mail is tdhippoman please email me love you so much you just so awesome thank you tristan

Submitted by Diamond (not verified) on

I'd like you to email me i have a new version of true love ...wondering if you would like it ..follow up story for it is you and holden finally started dating ....also i would love to become an actress please help me been my dream since i was little .

Submitted by Nikki Seely (not verified) on

Dove you are so cool i love all you movies if you are in it its a good movie or show because of you i want to be on Disney Channel. My dream is to be with you in movies. if i jest meet you i will be happy or if you reply. I love you dove plz do not ever forget that.

Submitted by keke (not verified) on

I love your acting. You look so pretty with purple hair. Just keep on doing what you do because i want to do the same i hope you respond. Remember long live evil

Submitted by Zachary Mattson (not verified) on

Dove Cameron us the best. She s the most talented and beautiful actress there is. She's my favorite and I would love to meet her.

Submitted by Vicki (not verified) on

Good Morning Dove,

My son is turning 12 on October 21st and all he wants is a letter from you for his birthday. He is going through a real hard time in life and I would love it if you could make his birthday dream come true. He is a Make a wish child and is suffering from a terminal illness as well as going blind. His biggest fear is when he is blind he won't be able to see you anymore.
He knows he will never meet you however he so badly wants a letter from (in his words) her heart to mine.
If this is possible, then please email me for our address.
Thank you!

Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

Dove Cameron, I'm so surprise that I have the same Birthday Date, Month as you!

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Dove Cameron hello I look the most beautiful and inteliginte cincerente woman is no words to describe my dream and berte or be with you I love you your fan stiven gomez

Submitted by Steven Donnici (not verified) on

Omg I love your work in descendants you are an amazing person and I would love to work with you you are my inspiration for music and my writing I love you so much

Submitted by akzana edwards (not verified) on

you are the best you were awesome how you played mal in descendants the first time i watched descendants i was like OMG my favorite actor of all time i would cry if you could answer me back

Submitted by jasnaya lopez (... (not verified) on

dove cameron i love your show and movies. your song the dreamcatcher came out on the same dya as my birthday oct.2

Submitted by I <3 U! (not verified) on

Hey, i would be a really special moment if you replied but you probably won't anyways i want you to know that i love you, your movies and liv and maddi you are my role model and my dream is to be like you, an actress and singer
thank you

Submitted by your BIGGEST fa... (not verified) on

i wish you could come and see me. i will send you my phone number and we can talk about maybe hookibg up and watch Liv and Madde on demand. my number is (603)-512-3611 please call and if i dont answer just leave a message and i will call you back.

Submitted by Renee Brinson (not verified) on

Hi Dove Cameron from Renee

Submitted by Isaac Evans (not verified) on

Hello Dove, I whatches the premier of Liv and Maddie and I loved it. I just wanted you to k ow u are a beautiful girl and a wonderful actress and I hope you get the time to read this. BTW keep up the great acting. :)

Submitted by Ilse! (not verified) on

Hey Dove,

I love you so much! You are my favourite actress/singer. You're the reason I got into acting and singing. If I never met or heard you I never would've been into acting and singing. The only thing I ever want is to one day meet you. I fall asleep every night thinking about you, and basically every night you're in my dreams. If you see this please reply the only thing I want is to have some part of you contacting me. It would make me so, so, so happy!

xx Love from Ilse!


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