Chandler Riggs

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The Walking Dead

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Chandler Riggs (born June 27, 1999) is an American child actor, best known for his role as Carl Grimes on the The Walking Dead, an AMC television horror drama series (2010-present).


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Submitted by Amber Keith (not verified) on

IM sorry about today i know you mad at me just plez talk to me

Submitted by Name (not verified) on

I'd just like to say you inspire me, and I'd love to be friends. Won't happen, but a girl can dream. Thankyou.

Submitted by Kylie Bleier (not verified) on

I just want to say that I love your role as Carl Grimes. You're a great actor, and that is something that I respect about you. I'm being 100% honest, I have had like, an insta-crush on you ever since I started watching TWD (almost 3 years ago), and right now, I can see from Haleigh Hekking's videos/live streams that you two are very happy with eachother. I have never met her, let alone even really know her, but she must be a great person, since you're with her. I don't know, I actually find all of this funny. With my friends I'm actually (not trying to sound creepy or fangirly or whatever) pretty much always talking about you. Even around my family I am too. But then I send fanmail crap like this, and I'm super chill and all "I'm just a fan, love what you do". Gosh if you ever actually heard me with my friends, you'd honestly just book it and leave ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Submitted by Emily Schrecongost (not verified) on

I love Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes him and Norman Reduss as Daryl Dixon .

Submitted by Barry Foley (not verified) on

Chandler, you are a really nice guy. I truly enjoyed talking to you and getting a pic with you. I wish you the very best. Was hoping to see you in Orlando but not sure thatโ€™s going to happen. Again Best of luck to you Buddy

Submitted by Lorelai (not verified) on

Loved your role, think it was horrible to sign you off. I wish i could meet you, that probably wont happen but. Maybe at a comic-com? Come to grand rapids MI again! i really wish you could see how much you mean to me, and im glad your happy with your gf. ngl, im in love with carl grimes... dont wanna be creepy so plz dont take it that way,

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