Cameron Boyce

Birth Name: 
Cameron Boyce
Best Known For: 

Luke Ross on the Disney TV show "Jessie"

Short bio: 

Cameron Boyce is a young actor who is currently co-starring in the Disney TV series "Jessie." He currently lives in Los Angeles with his mother, father, younger sister and their dog Cienna.


Disney Channel
3800 W. Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505


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Submitted by natalie guzman (not verified) on

i want to interview you cameron boyce please

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Submitted by natalie guzman (not verified) on

cameron boyce i wanted to know if i can interview you for a school project it is called american dream if its okay please tellme on instagram my name is pinky54119 ok thanks alot

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These are some of the stuff I like singing,dancing,sports,pickles,animals and Jessie I love that show and I love dogs they are so cute I have one her name is Daisey : ) <3

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Submitted by kynlee (not verified) on

hey um I want to say um that my friend really likes you she told me a long time ago and she is 7 im 8 . I am almost 10 but it would take a long time to be 10 so just want to tell you and I do like you to hhope you sent back well bye peace out.

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Submitted by Faith (not verified) on

Hi I like to tell you Cameron that I just want to tell you that I am writing a sad fan note when you get it you will be happy I sent you it or sad I have very few friends like 10 or 11 just like most unpopular kids. So can you be my friend or best friend


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I read your comment and I know I don't really know each other but I can be you friend and I am so sorry that you don't have any friends. I really think that you are the best friend that I could have and girl I only have like 3-5 friends. OH! By the way I am 12 and in the 6th grade.

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Submitted by Justine (not verified) on

Sorry one more thing please write back to me. To Justine or just hit reply under the comment


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Cameron im a huge fan of jessie how are u

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Hi my name is Ethan I live in England Tamworth my sister watches Jessie she is a massive fan please send an autograph


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call me Cameron.

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Hey✌️U seem like a cool dude, lol this is crazy, I've never actually talk to a famous person before, but I just wanted to say hey even tho I no ur not going to see this

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I love you your so cute!!!

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Cameron can n be my boyfriend? I'm 9 btw.

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OMG... I saw Cameron Boyce at the Auto show!!! I was freaking out!

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Omg Hi!! I'm 10 and in Oregon!! I hope maybe you can email me or meet me on MSP. Bye! ;)

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