New Girl

Show Premise: 

Single girl shares Los Angeles apartment with three single guys.

Production History: 

During production, the show was provisionally titled Chicks and Dicks, which was temporarily used as the title owing to its description of the storyline at that point. As the script developed, the plot moved on from being about the sexual endeavors of the roommates and became more socially oriented, so the title was changed to New Girl. Fox initially ordered 13 episodes before ordering a full first season of 24 episodes. Fox originally promoted the show with the tagline "Simply Adorkable."

Zooey Deschanel was once asked if the character was written for her specifically, to which she replied that it was not, but "should have been". When asked to join the team, Deschanel was questioned if she had any hesitation, Deschanel replied that she loves working with the team and Jess is definitely the character she would like to play forever.


New Girl
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India Cabot's picture
Submitted by India Cabot (not verified) on

I l-o-v-e you guys so much. Zoe has been my inspiration since the first episode came out when she told her life story after she was asked if she had any pets. Max is so hilarious, and his girly/frustrated character and his love problems with Cece. Jake's character is generally amazing, and he makes me try harder at life... Winston and Cece's mess arounds are the best episodes!!!
Anyway please never let this show end, please let stretch it as long as you can because it is has been the only show I adore. I don't even remotely like any other shows
I love you guys!!!!!!!

REV's picture
Submitted by REV (not verified) on

Love the show. My husband and I started watching the show together just a few months ago and we're hook. We love all the characters. Continue to make them grow please and most importantly ;-) please have Nick and Jess get back together. We loved them together. I personally can't get pass the break up and refuse to finish season 4 thoroughly without knowing that they will be back as a couple in the next season.
I do have a few ideas of my own: Jess gets caught up in something with Nick's old colleague from law school. Some kind of accident to where Jess gets sent to the hospital. Nick punches his colleague in the face once he hears about the news. While Jess is unconscious tells her that he's come to a realization that he knows he'll always have his friend but misses his girlfriend and wants to uncall it. But even before all that he runs into Russell (fancy man) and asks him what did Jess write on the piece of paper that night.
Just some ideas. Thanks!

Randolph Vernon's picture
Submitted by Randolph Vernon (not verified) on

Have been a huge, obsessed fan of the show for the first four seasons. Watch and re-watch with my wife constantly. Best situation series on TV, hands down. But what has happened to Season 5? The writing is flat, the plots are not so interesting. Maybe removing the sexual tension between Schmidt and Cece has diluted the show. And with Jess and Coach gone, it's not the same. Meagan Fox is a hottie, but her character just doesn't fit. Do something quick and fix this. Or you will go the way of SCRUBS, which became unwatchable after five seasons.

Maggy's picture
Submitted by Maggy (not verified) on

Big New Girl fan. Seen every episode more than once. Acting and writing are superb. One thing that could be improved is the consistency between shots. It's a bit distracting when things disappear in the blink of an eye and Jess's bangs change from a part in the middle to no part without any intervention.

Wendy's picture
Submitted by Wendy (not verified) on

I am not impressed with the episode that is endorsing Hilary Clinton. I usually love the show but I am going to have to boycott it and have everyone I know boycott it too. This is a sitcom and people watch these shows to escape reality for a few minutes. If I want to watch a show convincing me to vote for Clinton, I will watch a politcal show on a news channel.

Pat's picture
Submitted by Pat (not verified) on

Dear New Girl Producers,
I absolutely love your show, but I have a major concern that is instrumental to ensuring my mental sanity. I am currently on Season 2 Episode 22 of New Girl and I have been prematurely informed that you change your intro. I am wondering, why would you mess with perfection? Everyday I go to numerous classes and work my monotonous job, but I look forward to one simple thing...hearing the catchy "It's Jess" tune. It is simple, catchy and enjoyable so why would you try to steal the only thing I care about. I am wondering if it would be possible for you to alter the episodes to make sure I can still watch the next few seasons with the original introduction. All you would have to do is task an intern with basic video editing skills to do that. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Schmitt is my boy

Pat's picture
Submitted by Pat (not verified) on

*Currently on S4E8
The unfortunate day has come, I have had to deal with the new intro. I have no words for this emotional roller coaster I have been riding and I might quit the show. This ruined my day, maybe my week.

"It's Jess,"

Gina's picture
Submitted by Gina (not verified) on

I love New Girl but please change stations. I can't watch FOX anymore for their ultra right stance.:(

meghan 's picture
Submitted by meghan (not verified) on

this show is the only thing i watch....right when i finished season 6 i started season 1 right away again and im on season 4 for the second time. if there is not a season 7 my heart will break i need to see what happens with jess and nick. please renew :(((

Tracie's picture
Submitted by Tracie (not verified) on

I HATE Nick and Jess as a couple. I wanted them as a couple initially and when it happened, it was fine for a few shows, and then - nothing. It got weird. The actors made it weird, it was like seeing friends kissing, it was awkward and weird and it never got better. Plus, the more it showed them as a couple, the more you show their differences. I mean, right down to their cores. They have a physical connection and nothing else. As friends they work because they accept the other as is. As lovers they failed because they kept trying to change each other and let's be honest, that's the only way they could work, if one or both changed dramatically. And that's not a healthy relationship. But they're gonna force yet another round of Nick and Jess on us, so I guess I'll watch and hope for better things. I can't imagine how things will improve for them though. He's still a complete mess, a better mess, but still.

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