Game Shakers

Show Premise: 

Babe and Kenzie are prodigal game makers in Brooklyn who have created Sky Whale, a video game app, for their science project. When it proves to be successful, the two of them form a company called Game Shakers with the help of their friend Hudson. The three of them later befriend rapper Double G, who becomes their investor, and his son Triple G, who becomes their video game consultant.

Production History: 

Game Shakers is a live-action gaming sitcom created by Dan Schneider that premiered on September 12, 2015, on Nickelodeon. It was confirmed by the network that all the games seen in the show will be released online and through an app, making the show a multi-platform experience. The first season will consist of 26 episodes.


Game Shakers
c/o Schneider's Bakery, Inc.
18034 Venutra Blvd
Suite 503
Encino, CA 91316



Willie hair's picture
Submitted by Willie hair (not verified) on

I would like to suggest that ypu make a game with either dirty blob or mego racin

Weirdo 's picture
Submitted by Weirdo (not verified) on

I love Cree what is your email address

aalayiah's picture
Submitted by aalayiah (not verified) on

dear hudson i love your videos on youtube and i think you need to tell game shakers hi

Keagan dunn's picture
Submitted by Keagan dunn (not verified) on

I think that in sky whale when the narwhal falls he should catch on fire so it looks like he’s falling faster

elnathan's picture
Submitted by elnathan (not verified) on

triple g i need you to make kenzie and babe to fight houston in the next episode of game shakers

laque franks's picture
Submitted by laque franks (not verified) on

i love your games

Steven's picture
Submitted by Steven (not verified) on

I am a big fan game shakers can you people rely code because i want to learn how to make video
games just like you

kayla's picture
Submitted by kayla (not verified) on

they can really code ask them send them fan mail. and also i want to make a game to which i am coding it

Lwazi's picture
Submitted by Lwazi (not verified) on

Hi big fan of game shakers I was born in Brooklyn in America I'd love to meet so much I'm 11years old

Zyerrah Smith's picture
Submitted by Zyerrah Smith (not verified) on

I would like to be on game Shakers because I almost played all your games

jennifer balderas's picture
Submitted by jennifer balderas (not verified) on

I play all game shakers games I know a lot about games I LOVE GAMES

maryjane's picture
Submitted by maryjane (not verified) on

i also want to learn how to code and make games

Beau's picture
Submitted by Beau (not verified) on

Game shakers I SO want to work with y'all because I love gaming so do you I would so like to meet y'all and I would love to make games with you

Beau's picture
Submitted by Beau (not verified) on

And so you know I'm a boy

Beau's picture
Submitted by Beau (not verified) on

Hey and I like all of y'all especially babe and kinzie really not to be weirded out but I am a fan of you babe and just so you know I'm 12

Alex's picture
Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

I got 5050 points

Matthew Flynn's picture
Submitted by Matthew Flynn (not verified) on

Hi, I would like to know what Thomas Kuc fan mail address so I can request an autograph photo of his.

Matthew Flynn's picture
Submitted by Matthew Flynn (not verified) on

hi I tried to send an autograph request to Thomas kuc at the address you gave me but the mail was returned back to me as unable to forward. Do you know any other address for him?

Cory's picture
Submitted by Cory on

If Nick is no longer taking fan mail for stars of their shows, I've altered out the mailing address for the network with the one for the production company that actually makes the shows:

Thomas Kuc
c/o Schneider's Bakery, Inc.
18034 Venutra Blvd
Suite 503
Encino, CA 91316

Best of luck and let us know what happens!

Eric Allen Hucklebury 's picture
Submitted by Eric Allen Huck... (not verified) on

Hey Cree Chicchino, a
It's me Eric I love your game show of game shakers and I love you Cree I'm a huge fan of you you're a very great actor and well everything else I hope that you'll email me back soon.
Love you Cree,
Eric Allen Hucklebury

kelsey erlendsson's picture
Submitted by kelsey erlendsson (not verified) on

Dear game shakers,
I was wondering if you could add more dirty blob levels.

Eduardo Cardenas Jr's picture
Submitted by Eduardo Cardenas Jr (not verified) on

Hi game shakers i am a big fan of you i know the pretty girl Babe, Hudson, Triple G you guys are cool but i like babe more please tead this i was willing to join game shakers please accept my first dream is to be part of game shakers i am 12 years old i am from nevada i am willing to go to new york to be with you guys please thank you i watched every episode of you guys good luck.

Béni Abelard's picture
Submitted by Béni Abelard (not verified) on

Hi Game shakers , i am a Big fan of you i would first tell some guys who makes me awesome like Triple G,Double G you guys you are cool i was willing to join game shakers please accepte my request of m'y first dream is to be part of game shakers am 14yrs old am from Bujumbura, am willing to Côme to new york to ne with you guys please thank you i just want to tell you good luck.

kayla's picture
Submitted by kayla (not verified) on

hi on december 18 on friday i stayed up all night watching reaggea potato episoide all night on demand. Also here is a question for madison shipman. Hi madison do you still live in kings mountain because if you do then i can maybe vist you sometime at a beach or somewhere

joseph and dad's picture
Submitted by joseph and dad (not verified) on

Do a show where the public sends their game ideas in and the best ideathat gets picked....then they would get to come on your show

Vincent chan's picture
Submitted by Vincent chan (not verified) on

I love game shakers that I want to work there and I'm 12 years old
What is the address of game shakers I really want to meet you
Plz reply back thank you game shakers number one fan

Javier Sanchez's picture
Submitted by Javier Sanchez (not verified) on

Dear game shakers I am a top fan of all of y'alls shows and games and I am just asking if I may very plz join your group I want to become a shaker
I am 13years old and strong with ideas Ind a good actor (I'm not an actress) but may I plz join /am a cool Lil boy

Harper's picture
Submitted by Harper (not verified) on

I've wondered so much how you make your games I've tried everything but please answer

Caroline McCall's picture
Submitted by Caroline McCall (not verified) on

Hi My name is Caroline Ann McCall how do u make your
Games they looked cool I love it so yeah

Gracie's picture
Submitted by Gracie (not verified) on

You guys are the best ever I watch your channel every day

maxi's picture
Submitted by maxi (not verified) on

What is the address of madisyn shipman i want to write a letter and then I need her address can somebody help me?! Please!!!

Kenzie leask's picture
Submitted by Kenzie leask (not verified) on

Hi my name is Kenzie belle Leask I was wondering were you got the the name Kenzie for you show my real name is Kenzie belle leask

Jason Pleasant's picture
Submitted by Jason Pleasant (not verified) on

Jason: Hi Shakers.Love the games you make

David Disrespectoid: *scoffs* The games maybe cool but I HATE THAT BABE CARANO!

Jason:Come on Dave. Can't you at least give Babe a break

David Disrespectoid: And let Babe use her actions to take violent matters that YOU CAN'T HELP HER WITH!? NO WAY!

kasi's picture
Submitted by kasi (not verified) on

scott I think you are beautiful and I am in love with you and I want to sleep with you love you text me baby

freya gaynor's picture
Submitted by freya gaynor (not verified) on

hi cree, madisyn, thomas, benjamen ilove you all soooooooooo much you are all amazing

Pjb's picture
Submitted by Pjb (not verified) on

The show is awesome. I especially love Babe and Kenzie.

Hana Peters 's picture
Submitted by Hana Peters (not verified) on

I love the Game Shakers. Please reply to this post ie Thomas Kuc, Cree Cicchino.

Daniel's picture
Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

I was wondering if you can please hire me to be in the show game shakers it 8s my favorite show on nick!on the please can i join your group and be in the show?

Jinny 's picture
Submitted by Jinny (not verified) on

Hi, it's nice to meet you, I just wanted to say that I love your games and is very lit to play with. Babe, Kenise, Triple G and Hundson also, Double G are awesome people. I'm a big fan of your games, and Game Shakers.

Daniel Ryan Kirkland's picture
Submitted by Daniel Ryan Kirkland (not verified) on

Does that address still work

Ellie Waters's picture
Submitted by Ellie Waters (not verified) on

Hello, I really love your games. I want to create games because I have a heap of game ideas and want to make the games. Just wondering how you make the games. I'm really hoping you get this because I want to make cool games. I have a few ideas.

Val 's picture
Submitted by Val (not verified) on

Hi my kids are a big fan of your show. We are visiting NYC next weekend and I was wondering the set really exists in Brooklyn so we can take the kids to see it.

Please let me know


wildmaster84's picture
Submitted by wildmaster84 (not verified) on

Dear game shackers i have found a way to get your games for free wmail me at ps cool games

Clinton's picture
Submitted by Clinton (not verified) on

I would love to work with yall just like Kell Mitchell, now I would like be a BodyGard or something you know I seen yours shows and its great.. because I love kids and im having one my own and it be blessing if I got to work with you kids making games, or whatever yall need help with.

Isabella's picture
Submitted by Isabella (not verified) on

Hi my name is Isabella, I'm 8 years old and love Lama Lama Spit Spit game. I came up with a new idea for a bad guy. "Bagel Boss" it's a girl in the shape of a Bagel and she throws bagels and shoots small poppy seeds. Please write me back about my idea. Thank you, Isabella

Cain's picture
Submitted by Cain (not verified) on

Cree and thoms when are you going to make a new game shakers episode? why did become an actor an can i be in game shakers . Couple of my favorite games are sky whale and ballerina.

Bradley S's picture
Submitted by Bradley S (not verified) on

i am 8 years old and would like to help you make games & go on adventures please i am your biggest fan


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