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The Ellen DeGeneres Show debuted on September 8, 2003, and is produced by Telepictures. The show has won 32 Daytime Emmy Awards as of 2011. The 10th season of the show began on September 10, 2012, and it was announced on March 11, 2013 that the show had been renewed through 2017, which would extend the show through its 14th season.


PO Box 7788
Burbank, CA 91523
Twitter: @TheEllenShow


Chris's picture
Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

She is doing a great job promoting gay rights.

Amanda Savage 's picture
Submitted by Amanda Savage (not verified) on

Dear Ellen I watch your show all the time and I see you do great things for great people and ask for nothing in return... now I want to do the same I know a great singer/ song writer Sheri Schlosser! Hear her love her give her an epic chance! I see her talent and i want nothing in return. I dont even want her 2 know im sending this! She is epic!.. please just youtube her! PLEASE AND THANKS U WILL NOT REGRET IT!

shane Newman's picture
Submitted by shane Newman (not verified) on

Ellen Degneres how are you Today ,
Can we working my album My frist Single Boyfrined by Justin beiber
Record Label your ellen DeGeneres
From winnpeg Manitoba
669238 .
My Name Shane Newman

Amy Domiano's picture
Submitted by Amy Domiano (not verified) on

I'm trying to igure out how to submit a video to Ellen, I think you will LOVE Derek!! He is a Junior in High School, pretty much self taught twirler, who comes from NOTHING. Has a heart of GOLD, and just deserves a chance in life. This kid is AMAZING, you wont be disappointed!! He is on YouTube, Twitter now, Facebook and any other social media site I can get it on!! Derek- Old Forge High School Bro with Baton. Thank You!! :)

Brianna Snyder-Jones's picture
Submitted by Brianna Snyder-Jones (not verified) on

Hi Ellen My name is Brianna Snyder -Jones I live with my grandparents .It was hard for my mom because she has a disability so it was hard for her I have a disability to I do special. Olympics I have a vision problem so if you would throw me into a pool it would be like throwing me into a cliff .I go to Northampton are high school in pa I'm in 10th grade . I go to work bass in the mornings I go to a day care on Monday on Tuesday Marshalls home goods on Wednesday I go to red robin on Thursdays I go to meals on weal's and on Friday I go to Applebee's .my favorite place is the child care because I love to help people just like you my other favorite things is dance and sing that is the only things I'm good at that and swimming .I one day I would like to own a dance class /musical theater class and a cheering class I have bin dancing for 10 years now and in the summer I take a musical theater class and I always wanted to be a cheerleader my consent owns a team but we have no money. There is a girl at school and she has down syndrome and I love that girl so much I love to help her as much as I can she is the beast thing that I got .I like school but not when I get bullied yeah I get bullied a lot I have bin bullied form kindergarten in till now and it has not stop they mean to me because they think I can not do anything so If I can come on your show that would be grate to me I want to show I can do things ok thank you .

John Seibert's picture
Submitted by John Seibert (not verified) on

Hey Girl this js John from Willy G's all them many years ago ! Benn following your successes and really happy for ya. I still remember you telling us jokes and making us all laugh. The bad news is my brother Tommy passed recently .. This is the only way I think I could find you and I hope you get this mwessage. Later girlfriend,

Chuck's picture
Submitted by Chuck (not verified) on

Hi. Im disabled and watch your show daily but wonder why you have fem like or gay guys besides your celebrities you interview n plus why cant straight guys besides celebrities play in your games? Do straight men have to act fem or gay to get rewarded or be on your show? Thats discrimination. Just wondering

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