Duck Dynasty

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Duck Dynasty is a reality show on A&E that portrays the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander. The family and business is located in West Monroe, Louisiana. They make products for duck hunters, primarily a duck call called Duck Commander. The Robertson men are known for their long beards and their religious views.

The show has broken several ratings records on both A&E and cable television as a whole. The fourth season premiere drew 11.8 million viewers; the most-watched nonfiction cable series in history. In mid-December 2013, controversy from an interview Phil Robertson gave to GQ Magazine resulted in an indefinite suspension by A&E, because of remarks he had made which were widely-reported as "anti-gay". Following public pressure on A&E to lift the suspension, he was reinstated nine days later.

The show had $80 million in advertising sales for the first nine months of 2013, and merchandise has generated another $400 million in revenue.


Duck Commander Co
117 Kings Lane
West Monroe, LA 71292


Submitted by Jesse Kerr (not verified) on

Reaching out in hopes that you and the duck dynasty team will check this link out. My father and I were avid hunters and outdoorsman, sadly my father past away in 2009 from cancer. He waged a courageous battle but one that he did not win. However, I continue to wage the battle for him by participating in Relay for Life. I simply hope you will check this link out and maybe even purchase a shirt to help support my fundraising efforts. Till we meet on the big hunt sincerely Jesse L. Kerr
I have also attached a photo of my father and I from back in the day!!

Submitted by I am (not verified) on

Dear Phil Robertson,

Thank you for speaking up for the millions of Americans who cherish traditional family values.

As you have repeatedly expressed, our country has fallen away from its roots and has turned away from the principles that made us a great nation. The God-fearing people who founded this country hoped it would be one that was committed to the family and the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman.

We’ve seen Hollywood and the mainstream media defile the sanctity of marriage by promoting an agenda to make promiscuity and homosexuality acceptable. Even our President, when asked to define marriage, put politics ahead of personal conviction by saying he had “evolved on the issue.”

We need more men like you, Phil. We need men who look adversity square in the eye and consciously defeat it; men with the courage to speak the truth even when it offends people; and men who would lay down their lives for God, their family, and their country.

The example you have set for millions of Americans is one we should follow. You have wisely used your fame as a platform to spread the good news instead of trying to make yourself more famous. We're praying that you would continue to affirm God's will and ignore the worldly consequences.

We cannot thank you enough for your willingness to fight the tide and go against the grain. Although America’s traditional family values have fallen by the wayside, you have responded by promising to do your part to inspire their revival in this once-great nation.

You have engaged in a war with our culture, a war that can only be won with the strength of men who pledge to fight with you.

I pledge to stand for traditional family values, and I pray that you would keep doing the same.

Say “hello” to Miss Kay and the rest of the family for me.

God bless,

I am 38 years old. I am unworthy of God's Grace. I am reborn. I am who I am. I am a servant to the Lord. I am nothing. I am no one. I am nobody. With God I am something. I am someone. I am somebody. This is no holier than thou or I am special kind of crap, but the Lord is asked into this vessel every day so that I may do his will and make change. A call for empathy went out a bit too soon and was expected maybe when it shouldn't have. God has awakened something inside of me. It is something powerful that pulses throughout my whole body. He is teaching me about the mind, body, heart and soul. Within us all is the kingdom of heaven and it is in need of help. The soldiers are here on earth commanding an awakening. You Phil are a soldier and servant to the Almighty. Thank you for sticking by the word of the Lord even through the times of advertisement. May peace be with you and your family and may the spirit of Jesus rest upon you. May you and your family live in this world without physical and mental anguish. May you continue to do the will of the One who loves all things. May your whole family continue to receive the blessings of the kingdom of heaven. You have seen what the Lord has showed you for a reason. You know the great awakening that is upon us all and He has allowed you to see the things unseen for a reason. This is the story of "We the people" and how God will do his work in nations that have become ungodly. This is for one reason. So we all bear witness to His great power, love and way of life. So He may bear record in a nation that was built under God and has strayed away from the path. It's an inside job and all his players are in the game. This is a game of reality vs. perception. A game that He has already won. A game that will have the whole world unite under His understanding. For He will show mercy to whom He wants to show mercy. He wants all his children to be there. He has blessed me with His grace when I was undeserving. He wrapped a filthy wretch like me up in righteousness for reasons I know not. I am unworthy of His love and grace but he still gave me both. He told me to love grace and grace I will love for the rest of my life both here on Earth and eternal. He showed me who you are and I would like to come to a sermon when you are in St. Louis, MO. We will once again return to One Nation Under God and there is nothing anyone else can do about it. For He is in total control and connected to everyone's heart through the Holy Spirit. It's time to get started on some new paper.

Submitted by Shawna (not verified) on

I love your show how includes family values and please try to keep in Jesus name alive in your ending pray because he is reason for all things possible. bless all of you and have a wonder holiday season.

Submitted by MS WISCONSIN (not verified) on

LOVE your show, LOVE your FAITH, my son has been thru alot of hardship, and you help encourage his FAITH,,, I thank you all for keeping the faith,,,,GOD FIRST, FAMILY, FREINDS...THANK-YOU, Ms Wisconsin 1995, Carol Vance.

Submitted by Carrie Totterda... (not verified) on

This is the only show I have loved since Little house on the prairie and The Waltons. I did not start watching it until the 5th season due to the fact I never liked reality T.V. Now I have every season on DVD and have read every book the family has put out there including Miss Kays Duck Commander kitchen and the daily Devotional which I highly recommend to all. I even have the Duck Commander family Bible that I truly enjoy. I thank the Robertson family for helping get America get reacquainted with God and our Savior Jesus Christ. You are special folks and very close to my heart. God bless you all.

Submitted by Heidi k Lanphier (not verified) on

I am writing you not because I watched your show because of the faith and love in Jesus Christ that you have in your family it brings me Comfort even in desperate time as my faith grows stronger in what I have and what I don't have because I know there's a reason I've never really watched your show but I'm very familiar in your faith .I have however Watch God's Not Dead more times than I can count it always makes me stronger to watch it I am a disabled mother of two my disease is progressing and I've lost my job and now my car is no longer working I have no way to my church I had almost given up as a past youth leader I thought because of my disease that I was unable to do that anymore I've been praying and I feel I still have something to give I would like to donate my time to Church youth group but have no way to get there I am trying to sell my car that is broken and my Saving Grace of an antique I've saved since I was 7 years old for an emergency this is an emergency to me as it is my girls have to stay other places to get them to school I miss having my girls home although I stay strong in my faith I work hard everyday to keep selling everything I can I'm asked for your prayer for my family to keep my girls home to get them to school to donate my time at church I am in desperate need you have more ways to reach others for prayer than I do please help in God's name God bless

Submitted by Barbara Zydorski (not verified) on

Dear Phil Robertson,
You are 100% right about Jebb getting bit by a tick. My son was hospitalised, I was visiting him when a team of doctors came in asked him if he was out of the country. He said no. I asked has anybody tested him for tick born illnesses. My son said oh she don't know what she is talking about.
They sent him down for a spinal tap. It came back as Lyme And Erlicheosis, he also had spinal meningitis from the tick. He was treated and released. He started having petted mall seizures. Which have advanced to clinic tonic seizures.
He has been hospitalized several times because his seizure medications aren't working.
The reason I knew is because I was sick from a tick born illnesse and he was complaining of the same symptoms.
Ticks are bad news. They transmit many diseases
Lyme causes joint problems Erlicheosis , Babesia, Strai causes brain and central nervous system problems. Insist on a spinal tap. The longer it's left untreated the more damage remains permanent.
Thoughts and Prayers are with Jebb and your family. Just a note because I care

Submitted by Hattie Leveritt (not verified) on

I was just beening watching and reading all of your books and love everyone of them and you have mention you live and work at the school at Junction City Ark area and ran a bar in the Arkansas side. Well just trying to place where you are, cause I am from that area and would love to visit and see where all took place. Also, my family and I attended Junction City and even knew Mr Al Bolan. Keep up the word of God. Our world needs it.

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

Im trying to spread the faith to the younger people through the online gaming community. I am a avid gamer and Christian and have been for years. Im reaching out to you for maybe a shout out to get this thing kick started. Im at 150 followers in 3 weeks. If interested in checking it out come to or my twitter is cpk@cpk3k for alerts when my channel is live. Thanks for time!!

Submitted by Dennis Punches (not verified) on

Dennis Punches here...Willie, I doubt if you ever see this note, but if you do please contact me for an idea for an episode. My son lives outside Canton, TX on a 7 acre ranch. They have rescued and adopted 6 children from the drug culture as well as founded a ministry to help young people coming out of the drug culture or dysfunctional homes. They have built a nice place for the students that was originally a large dog kennel. They have staff on hand that live in mobile homes. They have a saw mill that they use to make crosses and many other things to give skills to the students as well provide cedar siding for the rebuilt double-wide home they are refurbishing for a new home for their six kids. Would you please pray about anything you could do to help them with their expansion of housing and expanding the training for the students. They are under the umbrella of YWAM and their program is called School of New Beginnings, which you can google to investigate. They have helped numerous folks out of bondages and into productive lives. I am just a proud papa who has a heart for my son and his family and ministry. Either way we are so proud of you and your family. You have given hope to so many people and demonstrated what real families can be. My wife and I use your devotional every day and gotten much out of it. Best Regards

Submitted by Nora Houston (not verified) on

I really enjoyed the evening listening to Phil Robinson in Pearl MS. The nation/American needs more men with the love of God spewing through them to banish the evil in this world. Phil hit the nail on the head and drove it into reality. TRUTH, LOVE, LIFE & LIBERTY=JESUS CHRIST. Please let Phil know that regardless of fame-he is bring back ole' time Religion, Christianity and the Bible. This world needs a fire that only Jesus and his grace can provide. The world is lacking these vital elements that is needed to turn this world around. Thank each of you for bring Jesus to TV and claiming him and letting this nasty world know that God/Jesus is all we need. Bless each of you. I love each of you like God ordained, the Family of God. Words can not express how proud I am to have ya'll. I can't express that if God willed it to me I would start a Christianity Revolt to change this world but in God's will only I pray for us and God's Family. God Bless

Submitted by kevin adams (not verified) on

Thank you. You have my vote for best dude in america.

Submitted by Christina Irelan (not verified) on

My step mother, Angela, is a huge fan of the show. She had so much Dynasty merchandise she could have opened her own store. Haha.

Saturday morning she and my father lost EVERYTHING they owned in a house fire.

She is really upset and I know that it would make her smile if she could have just one thing replaced. Her favorite item was a copy of a book that was autographed.

My email address is Please contact me.

Submitted by Cathryna Fagervik (not verified) on

My mom came to visit my very ill 24 year old son and we were talking about my grandfather (her father), who died when I was young and don't remember him other what little I heard growing up.
He was born in Alabama where his family lived before the Civil war.
His last name was Williams, but what caught my attention in the talk was his Surnames were Freeman and Robertson.
Do you know if there is any Freeman or Williams in our family tree?
Fill free to Facebook me Cathryna Fagervik if this site don't leave my private Email.

Submitted by jonathan m rushing (not verified) on

I live in dexter mo goin threw some tough times with my wife and really in need to get that spark back again I don't know what else to do I've turned to the good Lord finally opened my eyes kinda wished I was part of the family but it would make her day if I could get one of you guys to call me or her to tell her I'm planning a vacation to come see you guys soon and she absolutely loves miss Kay I would love to give her the opportunity to meet her this is all I'm asking it's not much but I know you guys have a lot on yall busy schedules already my name is jonathan

Submitted by Andrew Hammonds (not verified) on

I was hoping, after checking your website so much for you recent events that I would see an event that said "Phil Robertson: Akron, Ohio" but I havent. I'm a 15 year old that read Phil's "Happy Happy Happy" and was inspired so much by the hardships that were overcamme by, not only Phil experienced but the entire Robertson family. I would like to let Phil know that my generation still have some good that would like to spread, not only God's, but his words as well. Thank you so much Phil for your inspiration

Submitted by Stacy coin (not verified) on

I am reaching out to the duck commander family because I feel it may be aside from God intervening the only way that I can get my husband to come back to our family. On Friday June 5th my husband of 10 years left me and our 2 daughters to be with someone else. It crushed us our world as we knew it came to an end. It has only been 2 weeks but I have not given up hope that God will bring him back to us. We are and have been devoted watchers of duck dynasty and we have always tried to model our life and home after the biblical values as you do in your family. I have been watching and reading articles about how Mrs. Kay stuck out the hard times when Phil left I admire that women. The one thing that she said sticks with me. 1 man 1 woman 1 life. Divorce is NOT an option. People think that I am foolish and stupid for thinking that way but I know that satan has a strong hold on my husband and the only thing that will change him is the almighty God. I was hoping by reaching out to your family there might be a way that Phil would be willing to speak with my husband and maybe talk with him about what he is going through right now. My husband expects Phil and the man that he is. I know this is a long shot but I believe God can work Miracles. God bless you And your family. Stacy Coin

Submitted by Lynne (not verified) on

Did they ever respond to you sweetheart sorry to hear your going through this not a good feeling but the good Lord will help you through it

Submitted by Sandra Slayton (not verified) on

I grew up duck hunting in East Texas as did my brothers. I am now on the Texas coast and my brothers & their sons come down here to duck hunt with my oldest son & his son. Jan. 2014 two of my brothers, the son of one and his best friend came down to hunt. They had all grown beards for months (one brother has had one for years, but let it get longer--and called themselves the Duck Dynasty Hunters. My one brother, age almost 68, looks so much like Uncle Si. In fact, people seeing him out and about call him Uncle Si. I would love to be able to send copies of pictures of this group of hunters, and especially my "uncle Si" brother to the Robertson family. How an I get an address to send them the pictures?

Submitted by Cory on

The address to send fan mail to Duck Dynasty is listed at the top of the page you commented on:

Duck Commander Co
117 Kings Lane
West Monroe, LA 71292

Submitted by brandon (not verified) on

Hey I know this is more than likely not even gonna get read but by more fans. Nevertheless I would like to share my story. I grew up in not the worst of places but it sure wasn't the best. I lived with my mom and my two younger sisters and we was barely making it by with all kinds of problems, but I didn't care cause it was with the ones I loved. Then one day when I was like 13 I got hit by a car on a bicycle and I was in and out of consciousness for a few days. I was scared I was gonna die. I remember seeing my loved ones standing over me and I thought that it was over for me. When I finally woke up to my surprise I was ok, other than a few scratches and a broken collar bone. But as a few weeks went by I had my mom taking me back and forth to the doctor because I had a lawsuit and I was still sore from my wreck. After a few trips to the doctor I realised that it was an accident and it could happen to anyone so why sue if I had been surprisingly okay. I had told my mom that god was watching over me that day and saved me from a lot that could have happened that day during my wreck. I had felt bad about trying to sue and thought god gave me another chance so what denies this lady another chance from a lawsuit. With that being said I let the lawsuit go, then about half a year later I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor had told me that at the rate my joints was going by the time I was in my mid twenties I was supposed to be in a wheelchair. I was depressed for a little while until I remembered god had already saved me once so what was stopping him from saving me this time. I had taken humara for almost two years and I was experiencing a strange combination of not only pain but the medicine had also gave me dramatic mood swings. So I had talked my mom into letting me stop taking the medicine thinking that it was doing me know good. After a good two or three years I realized that it was a bad idea... For my symptoms had gotten worse and along with my symptoms so did my life. Needless to say I ended up with no ride to go back to my rheumatologist to get back on the meds or try other meds. Now I just got out of high school and got a full time job in fast food working almost 40 hours every week. It is terrible I had to car pull to work until I saved up $800 for my first car I've never been so excited being able to own a vehicle made me think I am capable of anything. Until I remember my arthritis and how much it pains me to work not only does it hurt, it also keeps me up at night with all the inflammation and swelling in almost all my joints but mainly my knees. Now I wasn't the best student in high school and I also didn't get any scholarships or could afford college... I was really wanting to go to uab and become a doctor but like I said can't afford it sadly I just wish that there was some way I could either win the lottery or have a gracious donation for college from someone. Yes I know money doesn't grow on trees or anything crazy like that but god does work in mysterious ways. With that being said do you think that you could help me with my situation before its too late? My email is thanks for your time and keep up the good work with the show.

Submitted by Susie Phillips (not verified) on

I was hoping you all would be willing to look at the homemade wooden beard combs my husband is making. They are so awesome. I know they sell combs on amazon, but these are amazing. They are made with scraps of different woods like
walnut, cherry. Oak, poplar. He works in a cabinet shop and is having a hard time working lately. He is diabetic and only about 5 years away from retirement. He has a hard time being on his feet, but he does not want to do disability. He was saying he was hoping to get the beard comb idea going and pursue a small business. Since you all have the beard, and beards are really a popular thing right now, I was hoping you would take a look at it and help him promote his idea. I know it is probably a long shot, nut I hope someone seed this that it will spark an interest. Thank you so much. Susie Phillips.

Submitted by Kayla Webb (not verified) on

My Brother Passed away on 8/9/2014 from a seizure he suffocated in his bed. He loved Duck Dynasty, and he wanted to go to the Headquarters. I've had friends who have said they didn't get to see you all, and I would like to come and get a picture with you all to add to his wish list I created. God bless you all!!!

Submitted by Sara seaward (not verified) on

Just watched the episode where Jase asks what is potted meat?? It is a Newfoundland, Canada traditional sandwich spread.....which equals out the frog leg fetish that you all love!! Just an FYI!

Submitted by Michael Lewis (not verified) on

I just wanted to ask for your prayers for the families of Adam and Alison who were killed while doing a news interview. They were shot by a coward who snuck up behind them. Both of them were amazing people and very much loved by there community. Adam was a former student of my wife and loved life and was very proud to play High School football here. He was also a very strong christian. He had just gotten engaged not long before this and was ready to start a whole new life with the love of his life. I'm not asking for anything, but the prayers from your family members for Adam and Alison's family and for this community. I know what strong Christians y'all are and we really need it. Thanks for your time.

Submitted by Jeff (not verified) on

My wife and I got married rather hastily in life. I gave up my whole world for her. We used to live in Illinois where everything made sense. Now I live in Florida. I love the wisdom you share on the show, so I'm reaching out to you. I love fishing. Going out for coffee. How do I balance the times I want solitude with the obligations of having a family?

Submitted by Tim (not verified) on

Dear Phil,
I wanted to let you know that Karen Kimrey, wife of Harold Kimrey is in hospice and will soon be going home to Jesus. Harold mentioned to me once that you all had done some bible studies years and years ago who he was in bible college. Harold and Karen are faithful in The Lord and still having an impact for Him. Say a prayer for the him as he finished his journey without her.
Tim Schmidt
Northwest Arkansas Church of Christ.

Submitted by nick (not verified) on

dear Willie,
I also injoy duck hunting my friend tought me and hes known from were we come from for be a real good hunter,but this aint no braggen letter or a fan letter I mean I love the show when I do watch it but the reason am written this letter is to hopefuly reach you and spark your interst. well he was teaching me how to build a duck blind and telling me all about it well we were building a contraption or more like an idea it didn't work because we didn't have the right stuff to build it but were to hard working Americans he works hard and I am serving so we don't have much time to work on it and he is more a realistic person as I am more of and idealist and I came with a better plan I tried putting it in along time ago but things didn't work out I hope you get to read this and hear me out I know you are very busy and always have fans buggen the crap out of you but maybe if you can reply and we can discus it I promise its not a waste of time hear is my email if u ever do get this

Submitted by Christopher (not verified) on

I am from Ohio,and I'm not a yuppy. I am a true hunter, I am in online schooling. Jason you are a better fisherman than Willie, you are better looking than Willie, that episode was funny. I want to meet you guys in the future that will be in 6 years. I want to be apart of your show it would be cool if I was on your show because I can hunt, fish, and eat anything that is meat or veggies.

Submitted by Steven (not verified) on

Jase you and your brother can not even make a hamburger that is funny

Submitted by Carol S (not verified) on

Phil and Al. Mr. Phil, I've got your Bible all your books. I would love to have an audio bible of your voice. I read how people just turn their lives around after been with you.
I've tried for years to get there. Please tell me if you would do that. Also, I would love to feel the way some of these people that you have helped them.

Thank you

Submitted by Barbara Tryner (not verified) on

Dear Jase, I'm writing to let you know my daughter and two of her friends went to nascar races last weekend in Alabama which in return saw a man on the balcony where the VIP go and saw which they thought was you and asked this man if they could have a picture taken with him for the kids because they love you and Duck dynasty programs , so the man said sure. Well after they got done the guy he was with was teasing him about his name which they then realized something didn't seem right. So they looked up you pictures which then they realized it wasn't you Jase. I wanted to share this with you that there is someone out there pretending to be Jase. They were thankful they caught this before showing the kids a false person. Thank you and hope maybe this can be helpful to others to be careful of others trying to be someone they aren't. I have the pictures if you would like to review them. Thank you. Barbara

Submitted by Dennis Witt (not verified) on

I have a very close friend that is the President of an organization called Outdoor Adventures For The Physically Challenged, this organization assist physically challenged/disabled individuals on an all-expenses paid hunting or fishing trip. They have qualifications that apply to Military Veterans, Children, Terminally ill, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegic, Paraplegic, Amputees and other individuals. Well he is a very big fan and I am wondering if you would be interested in looking into this organization to see if you could be of any assistance. They are also having their annual Banquet on June 18th, 2016 and we will be putting on a benefit ride for them in July. Any donations would be great or maybe you guys can make a stop to the Banquet and show some support to this organization, I can give you all the details for what ever you can do. Thanks for your time.
Dennis Witt

Submitted by Samantha (not verified) on

I have a teenager girl who absolutely loves your show. She really wants to hunt but I can't afford it or have a place to go. She sees your show and wishes every time that I could take her out so she can get her own food. If you could help let me know.

Submitted by Rhonda Johnson (not verified) on

My family and I relocated to Wilmer Alabama September 2014 from Albuquerque New Mexico -(We stopped in West Monroe to your store each time on the move) in Albuquerque we were able to afford pay television as well as afford to buy Duck Dynasty DVD's up until then. We watch them over and over again and wish we could afford the last few Seasons of your show, but when your income drops $1,000 less per week and you find yourself living off of $300 a week to make ends meat. We also watched Sadie on Dancing with the Stars. If you can find it in your heart and please send us the past few season's DVD's we would appreciate it.

Submitted by Yooper uncle Si (not verified) on

Wow , The Robertson is awesome them and their community . I enjoyed their Duck Dynasty Show , it is my favorite show to watch . I love them all. I too when younger ran with the Devil . I was stupid , foolish and ignorant . Now I am to old to run with anybody so I might as well walk with the Lord. I have been clean over 25 years now . I am not perfect but the bible says there is not no such thing as perfection , but growth to be closer to God . The Robertson family has help me with that . I even became a ordained minister myself . My friends up here in Marquette Michigan decided to nick name me Yooper uncle Si . So in my registration name , my card and papers say Randy Si - Scott Saatio.

Submitted by concerned black... (not verified) on

As a black mother of a black son why would you adopt a black male child and raise him in a city/town where i know racism is on the surface and not hidden. I honestly feel that you are mocking the black community and your responsibility to make sure we dont ever succeed. Why would you take an innocent life and purposely expose him to the evil of this world. I feel like you adopted this black child to purposely watch him suffer and break as a man. Please dont do this to this innocent child. Please spare him that pain. I will take him at no money value and raise him to become a positive black man. I will walk to where you are to save this precious life. He did nothing to you or your family. Please spare him from the evil that your family will bring to his life. please take me up on this offer, and dont make this child suffer. Please

Submitted by RK (not verified) on

Your letter seems hurtful and filled with anger. We are exposed to the evil of this world everyday. And the evil of this world knows "no color". There are children, black, white, brown, etc. who suffer daily from neglect, hunger and abuse. I think that any family that has an abundance of love in their heart to reach outside themselves and adopt should be praised. God knows no color...but he does know what lies in our hearts.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

I was so thankful that your father said that he was choosing to go with the most Godly candidate. God said blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” Psalm 33:12, “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” Proverbs 14:34, “those that rule over men must rule in the fear of God and be just” II Samuel 23:3, “woe to those that decree unrighteous decrees Isaiah 10:1 (or likewise woe to those that do not vote for the person that will lead the nation the most in righteous decrees, because if they don’t they also become responsible for the unrighteous decrees that come forth from the more ungodly person they choose), “when the righteous rule the people rejoice, when the wicked rule the people cry out” Proverbs 29:32 and etc. When the historians came to America they expected too that the reason for America's greatness of such extraordinary power and wealth, beyond what any nation had ever before achieved, came because America had supernatural businessmen or supernatural land or resources. They could not find anything but people just like people all over the rest of the world, not any smarter or more talented or better land or resources, but they found the pulpits aflame with righteousness, teaching the laws of God and embedding it in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and etc. They found that as the only possible reason for America's greatness and America must have a man that fears God and fears to do anything but diligently bring America back to God. Recent Greece didn't fall because all of a sudden the people became dopes at business acue, it fell because the once great and powerful wealthy nation became so corrupt morally and didn't do God's laws. Just the simple law of God "the work person needs to get the reward of his labor" Luke 10:7 can trace the rise and fall of every nation's economy at any time of history. God is the Creator and He said He alone knows what is best for us and came to give life and give it abundantly. God's laws are universal and a government either legislates those natural laws in or against them. Against them the people cry out, it is so horrible the consequences of going against God's laws. Like our nation is legislating now that one can murder one's own flesh and blood baby. God's law says "whosoever sheddeth human blood their blood must be shed". America will cease to be great if America is not good, and there is no goodness except adhering strictly to God's laws. They cannot be broken without peril to oneself and others. It doesn't matter who believes them, all of history attests to "blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord". Look at the suffering that nations that don't adhere to this have now and in their history. America is in serious trouble if we do not repent and fervently study and quote the scriptures that tell everyone what to do that is the only best way. If you don't legislate God's laws, you legislate violation of God given liberties. Just like many our clamoring to do away with the 10 commandments. Do they want someone to kill them, violate them, steal their stuff, false witness, and etc. etc. They should be called the 10 protections, because that is exactly what they are. Government is only to protect what God gave each person from those without or within the country from hurting it or the government itself. When God says woe to those that decree unrighteous decrees He is not kidding in how that word means severe judgment. I want America and its leaders and people to have the blessing of God and not His judgment. Please vote for the most God fearing man that has shown fruit that his whole being is diligent in bringing America back to God's laws, the only greatness that is possible and all history proves in matching God's laws adherence to the condition of the nations. Thank you for how much good you all do and please endorse the most Godly man. Thank you.

Submitted by marc (not verified) on

As a vet my self i wanna say thank you for what you did
For those 2 marines . It was outstanding thank you and having 1 of my inspirations and a real hero marcus latrel
Added a great touch.those 3 individuals should be the 1s
being honored not the fakes they have on tv .
Thank you marc

Submitted by anthony wright (not verified) on

I say salutations to you all because I feel it proper to salute a commander in arms. The force to which I speak {as you know} is the army of God.I feel that you and your family is and are above me in the Lord.
A little about name is Anthony wright. I am 36 yrs old from Scottsboro Jackson county Alabama{ lake Guntersville} I am a Christian that is somewhat like Paul. I have a few thorns in the flesh.
I took some of the same roads that phill has been down. I have a good heart and much love for Christ.I was shot in 2005nthrough the neck and was given 0% chance at life.

I think a lot of our present problems in our country are that our youth don't have as many old timers to learn from.
My dream is to alleviate some of this by creating jobs in which teenagers are partnered with seniors.
As I said living in Jackson county Alabama is like living in an outdoor mecca.
Could there be a Bass commander on the horizon??

Submitted by Pam blanchard (not verified) on

This is meant for Phil Roberson.I am engaged to a wonderful man named Clay.I am 59 and he is soon to be 55.We are both disabled,his is more serious and recent.He had cirosis of liver.We have been together for 7 years first marriage was when I was 16 and I remained married for 32 years.It was a very emotional and physically abusive marriage and even though I don't believe in divorce,I felt in my heart that the good Lord didn't want me miserable forever.Clays first marriage ended in the death of his wife when she was 45 due to heart attack.We are Huge fans of your family and admire so much the fact that you don't mix word on your beliefs. We live in a small town of Dequincy,LA.and are hoping to marry before Clay has to travel to New Orleans for liver transplant.My reason for writing is to ask you to consider performing our wedding.It would be a dream come true for us and our children/grandchildren.I have 5 grown and he has 2 grown sons and want just our immediate family there.I know you are a busy man and it means the world to us if you said yes.We are will to do the wedding any way you see fit.Both of our first weddings and not anything to brag about but if you agree,it would be awesome!!!!!We planned on traveling there to meet your family one day but Clay has not been feeling well enough to travel.We're praying for a complete healing so he won't even have to have liver transplant but its in the Lords hands.His oldest son is a preacher but I feel it would be awkward for him to marry his dad to another woman,even though I know he respects me,and I don't want him to be uncomfortable with this.Any day you can make this possible for us will be more than fine.Please pray about this and get back with me.I'll be waiting for your response. GOD BLESS!

Submitted by Pam blanchard/c... (not verified) on

*Phil Roberson* I recently send a letter to fan club asking Phil to consider performing the marriage between my fiancee,Clay Hall.My name is Pam Blanchard.Email is above.This will be both our 2nd marriage and we've been together 7 years.He is 55 and I am 59.We are both disabled and live in Dequincy Louisiana.Any day you agree upon is fine with us but we're not getting any younger.Lol.We are two of your biggest fans.We want just our immediate family at our wedding and if Phil would agree to marry us,we can truly say we started our marriage on a perfect note.Waiting in anticipation.Pam Blanchard

Submitted by Gerry Watts jr.. (not verified) on

Phil I thankyou very much for your episodes on your changed ways you being lost and found you saying you had the booze women darkness the first half of your life and your second half been alot better ..I loved your episode wen you and miss Kaye renewed your vows acknowledgment of your last ..this has really really helped me with my sobriety I had to quot the drink smoke whoring lying cheating stealing I've found God and pray everyday go to church every second sunday due to work scedule I've been alcohol free for over 2 yrs and smoke free for 17 months you have truly helped me so much along the way I love you and your family yous r true people ...I'm not sure if you or any of yous will get this mess but I hope it finds you well..I'm from lively ont canada a little town outside of sudbury ontario canada the nickel capital of the world at one ever here of stomin tom Conners sudbury Saturday night ..inco ..anyways I hope your all enjoying our Canadians as you call em..cut em down as you say..I'd love to meet yous all one day and break bread with yous all..take care God bless yous all.

Submitted by Christy (not verified) on

I know this will probably be read or taken seriously but its more of a way for me to vent my frustrations. My mother in-law passed away two years ago, my husband is an only child and farm for his daddy(no income for 25 years) due to his daddy's illness. I recently had to leave my job of 10 years to be care giver to father in-law and have been looking for a second or third shift job. I was offered a job but my 1995 Fords rangwer with over 450,000 miles decided to call it quits. I also just had to put a roof on our home out of pocket . I am now searching for a reliable truck that has to be 4x4 for farming as well as getting to a job when I find one. I also run back and forth from our home to my parents home on the weekends. My parents cant drive and my daddy farms cattle or at least he is still trying. please pray for me as I ask the Lord every night for stronger shoulders. thanks for your time thanks for listening

Submitted by Deborah Walthers (not verified) on

Contact Pastor Andrew Green on Facebook. He is from Tennessee and wishes to get in contact with Phil
His message he's trying to get to Phil Robertson
Highways and Hedges Ministry
((HELP ME MEET PHIL ROBERTSON!!)). IS THERE ANY OF MY FRIENDS OUT THERE THAT KNOW PHIL ROBERTSON? OR ANY OF THE DUCK DYNASTY FAMILY? IF SO I WANA SHAKE THE MANS HAND... Surely somebody out there knows them and can help me make this happen? Figured it couldn't hurt to ask.. Thanks everyone! ( pastor Andrew). SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Lets get this to Phil...

Submitted by Dennis Wood (not verified) on

Hey MR.Phil I could use the line DR.Phil but I'm sure you get that way to much.I have to admit that I was kind of skeptical about your show but as I watched more and more I came to love all of your family.WE NEED MORE people with a spine that will stand for GOD Jesus and the Holy Spirit as you do.I grew up in the Blue Ridge mountains of N.C. not far from Ashville and Knoxville TN. more or less on the state line and realized that or Mt. and La. morals and values are much alike .I am now 53 years old man that has pretty much thrown lif away until about age 40 nobodies fault bu mine .In April 2008 I made things right with GOD and since then he has blessed me more than I could tell in this note,I will close for now and say May GOD bless ride and keep you and yours as you do what you do,would be a great honor to set and break bread with you and yours love y'all

Submitted by richard young (not verified) on

Could i get a duck call of all your names on them I don't no how to ask you this but would be nice and his bless all love ya

Submitted by DeVon (not verified) on

Thank you for your comments regarding the transgender bathroom issue. There are a lot of issues that we face today, that are a matter of "common sense". The more that we speak to truth, the more that we are able to de-politicize most of these simple issues which can clearly be handled with either the Bible, or sensibility. Again, thanks for being an example of a man who fearlessly chases after God!

Submitted by Rhonda Wolfe (not verified) on

I just wanted her to know that I have been married to my husband for 23 years and you lose respect for a husband that is physically and emotionally violent my entire marriage. So in my opinion I do not owe him respect.


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