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"Dancing With The Stars Dancing" is an American dance competition show airing since 2005 on ABC in the United States and CTV/CTV Two in Canada. The contestant pairs consist of a celebrity paired with a professional dancer. Each couple performs predetermined dances and competes against the others for judges' points and audience votes. The couple receiving the lowest combined total of judges' points and audience votes is eliminated each week until only the champion dance pair remains.



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Submitted by Stacey McAdon (not verified) on

My grandaughter, Zoe (age 7), is a huge Tom Bergeron fan. She absolutely adores him and can recite his TV accomplishments off the cuff. Hilarious! I'm hoping I can request an autographed photo of Tom for Zoe's upcoming 8th birthday. She'd be over the moon!

Submitted by Maritza Pastoriza (not verified) on

I love you. You are my favorite. It will be awesome if the show brings one non-star participant and pair him or her with the best pro dancer. That will be something to look forward. Simply awesome.
PS. I will be the first one in the list for that job.

Submitted by Concerned Fans (not verified) on

Why does Tom Bergeron insist on saying John Schneider is from “The Dukes of Hazzards” and never acknowledge anything about “The Haves and The Have Nots”? That seems so racist to so many people. Why does he not acknowledge the program that Mr. Schneider is acting in right now and is the most popular program on the OWN channel network? I’ve heard so many comments about that. The Dukes of Hazzard’s has not been on since 1985. It started in 1979 but it’s been off the air for all those years and that’s the program he refers back to instead of his current acting performance. It’s coming off very racist and it’s not even a hidden racism. We also wonder why John Schneider has not corrected Tom Bergeron.

Submitted by Julie Hunt (not verified) on

Dear Carrie Ann Inaba,
I have some ideas that might help improve the show. I think the dresses should not be so short. I also would like to see Betsy Landin and Austin Highsmith on the show. You are My favorite Judge on the Show. I hope to meet You one day.

Submitted by Dave Schmitt (not verified) on

The media has indicated that you are considering Ryan Lockte as a contestant. Why would you consider a person who embarrassed the Olympics with his lies. There are several other Olympians who you should consider. If you pick Ryan, I will never watch DWTS again since you support liars.

Submitted by Ruth Parton (not verified) on

I cannot believe that Dancing With the Stars was so desperate for ratings that they picked Ryan Lochte as a contestant. This man literally spit on America's Olympic reputation by his actions in Brazil. His lying about the situation involving his drunken escapade was nothing short of cowardliness. To bring any attention regarding that night to the media was bad enough but to totally lie about the circumstances was absolutely ridiculous. His "need for attention" will be considerably aided by the showcasing of his dancing ability, I am sure. I have been a fan of the show for many seasons. I refuse to watch this one though due to your poor choice. Sadly, the "boiler plate" lineup of stars this year was mismanaged.

Submitted by Sue Volle (not verified) on

I am boycotting this season because I believe Ryan Lochte embarrassed Americans. He belongs in Brasil.

Submitted by Riley Sever (not verified) on

Select Billy Bush for your show and you lose me! I've watched every season since you started, but I won't watch with him on it.  Billy Bush doesn't need to learn to dance to rehabilitate him, he needs therapy!  His smug, sexist behavior toward women is repulsive. Occasionally the chase for ratings needs to be tempered with good sense. If you only want ratings, why not just get Bill Cosby on the show! Are men in charge of selecting the contestants?

Submitted by Myles Leeman (not verified) on

I absolutely love your show. I've been ballroom dancing for some time now and I'd absolutely love to be on your show. I'm no one famous but it would mean the world to me to be able to meet all of the amazing people and dance live with people I love. Val Chmerkovskiy is my all time favorite dancer on the show and dancing with him would be a dream come true❤

Submitted by Saffron (not verified) on

At the least, Bonner Bolton needs to publicly apologize and he should be disqualified for groping Sharna. It happened when Peta and Nick went to talk to Erin. It needs to be acknowledged and condemned right away. There are too many girls watching and learning their worth in these crazy times to ignore it.

Submitted by creativa (not verified) on

That was a very awkward moment even my husband was shocked. I am sure the producers made it clear that this is a family show to Bonner. As far as publicly apologizing I think this would again be awkward. It should be made clear before the contestants are hired that there should not be behavior of this kind. There is increasingly more sensuality demonstrated on DWTS by the women contestants as well. What is that saying to the youth of america.

Submitted by creativa (not verified) on

There is a song Through Glass by Marconi Union that would be great for Argentine Tango done in Gaucho Costumes. : ) although some of the effects should be edited for better musicality.

Submitted by Pam (not verified) on

Tell Carrie Ann to get over it about lifts. Nobody but her gives a damn about lifts - judge the dancing for the dancing. All of what is see Carrie Ann bitching about are a beautiful, fluid, part of performances.

Submitted by Jr (not verified) on

Are you kidding me? Sending Mac and Heather home?i refuse to watch anymore.

Submitted by Roslyn (not verified) on

This must be rigged when the TOP dancer and her fantastic partner are knocked out and three flat footed guys remain!
I will not be watching the show anymore. At least the format could have a "save" by the judges or the marks from last night factored in.
Heather was amazing and so.is Max - the best after Derek.

Submitted by Kat (not verified) on

The show is rigged!!! Who gets a perfect score and gets voted off the show!!!
Whoever is in charge of this show needs to be fired and replaced with a reputable person.
I will not watch the show anymore!!!!!!

Submitted by Jeff Cunningham (not verified) on

Insulting Bonner in week 8 is the last straw for Len. He's got to go. Blaming the viewers for Bonner still being on the show insults us as well. FIRE LEN?!!

Submitted by Edward (not verified) on

I agree

Submitted by Mr. Dallas Connmel (not verified) on

After watching DWTS for several years (and being a ballroom dancer myself) I feel Len Good is the only true dancing judge on the show I respectfully suggest Mr. Jeff Cunningham take a hike.

Submitted by Edward (not verified) on

As Len said to Bonner, you have been here a week longer than you needed. Well Len you have been a judge 1 season too long. Maybe it's time to carry your ass on away.

Submitted by Claudia Scott (not verified) on

I think you was very rude with Simone and Bonnard.
They don't have to take all of your crap. Make sure that it is just for all.

Submitted by Michael Scott (not verified) on

How dare the judges say that Simone doesn't have any emotions. She won gold metals for our country. What have they done lately?

Submitted by Carrie (not verified) on

Len needs to make a public apology to Bonnard and his fans. There is harsh criticism and then there is being cruel and Len was cruel. Basicly saying "you over stayed your welcome hope you leave soon" was completely uncalled for. Bonnard came out and gave 110%...and he did pretty damn good for someone who is still healing for being paralysed from neck down.
Seriously producers, other judges, Tom....get Len to apologize. Even though I have a sad feeling Len believes he did nothing wrong.

Submitted by nicole morand (not verified) on

You're right Carrie. Len is so grumpy and I think it's time he should be replaced.

Submitted by Lenore (not verified) on

First, Heather was sent home - one of the best dancers, and then even worse, Both Carrie Ann and Julie H kept hassling Simone Biles and giving her lower marks than she deserved until finally she was eliminated before the finals. I've never submitted a comment before, but this year the judging has been terrible and the bias has been inexcusable. Simone and Heather should've both been in the finals. I'll have to reevaluate watching DWTS in future.

Submitted by Daniel R (not verified) on

How about the winner of survivor goes on to compete in Dancing with the Stars?

Submitted by J Horsburgh (not verified) on

Continuing to give fan voting equal weight with judges scores demeans and makes a mockery of the judges' thoughtful and expert opinions -- Simone was a better dancer than David Ross, yet was eliminated because he is far better known to the public. David Ross was embarrassed and all four judges were appalled. Same thing when Nomani was eliminated and David Ross remained until the final two contestants. Time to give the judges more weight so the competition is fairer.
It's a great show but audience will drift away if it becomes only a popularity contest.

Submitted by nicole morand (not verified) on

I totally agree with J. Horsburgh but I think the public voted for Rashad because he didn't win anything in the past but above all because he wasn't a dancer like Nomani who was the best dancer in DWTS ! He had to learn everything from the start and he has invested so many hours in order to become a dancer. The public appreciated that.

Submitted by nicole morand (not verified) on

I really wish that the show would give more air time to the winners and runners-up after they are crowned winners and less to all the crap during the rest of the show. the voters want to celebrate with the winner and not just watch them be announced and then immediately the show ends. You should allow 5 more minutes at the end, at least. They announced the winners and the show is over ... so frustrating !!!!!!!

Submitted by Mitchell C Johnson (not verified) on

When you start out with 8 losers and 8 good performers, there are no surprises that matter for a few weeks, but the peoples vote toward the end allowed deaf guy with abs to beat Paige VanSant and Olympian to lose to Old white Baseball star. You can't let prejudice win in the late rounds. Its not all racial, its age too. It's just bad when its so far wrong.

Submitted by Pat Shetler (not verified) on

DWS- I believe that you would make many ladies happy if you would have Victor Webster of the Hallmark movies on your show as one of the dancers in the VERY near future. It would be soooo appreciated!

Submitted by steve (not verified) on

The dances seem shorter, when are the dances going to get back to there original length of time?

Submitted by Kim (not verified) on

Why are the costumes so tacky for this season! So many sequins and ugly colors. And poor Drew always looks like a lion tamer. The costumes for So You Think you Can Dance are a million times better.

Submitted by Marie Flaherty (not verified) on

I don't understand voters Victoria should not have gone home before Drew or Frankie they are good but she was excellent! She got robbed!!!!

Submitted by Julie Hunt (not verified) on

Victoria should not have been eliminated. She had just one bad week. Someone cheated. Come back sweet Victoria

Submitted by Peter Brumlik (not verified) on

Not fair to put Jordan on. He’s good but obviously a ringer.

Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

Why did they bother to have any other contestants?
Jordan is in musical theater! They sing and DANCE! That makes him a PROFESSIONAL DANCER!

Besides, I wish they would get back to Ballrom Dancing. All this jazz and contemporary and freestyle all look like just jumping around to music. I never saw anybody doing anything like that when I was learning ballroom dances. How about a 'Back to Basics' season?

Submitted by Eli Rose,M.D. (not verified) on

I was appalled when I watched Mirai Nagasu skate in the long program at the 2018 olympics. She did not attempt any of her jumps. She stated she was satisfied with getting the team competition bronze medal. She felt she did not need to do anymore. She now wanted to be on Dancing with the Stars.
She failed to realize she was selected for the team to represent the USA, not just herself. Please do not reward her selfish behavior by inviting her to be a contestant on your program.

Submitted by hersvepota (not verified) on

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Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

I have never missed dancing with the stars, however, I will not be watching this year. Unfortunately, I will not watch anything with Tawnya Harding on it. SORRY DWS, gonna miss ya,

Submitted by Digit (not verified) on

I will miss seeing a wide selection of people competing.

While I understand others may be interested in an all athlete competition, I'm not.

Submitted by Casey (not verified) on


Submitted by rinarae@hawaii.... (not verified) on

If the men don't have wear high heels why does Arike Ogunbowale. Very sexist.

Submitted by Sharon (not verified) on

I think Adam was totally unprofessional when he made the comments about Tonya Harding. This is the first time in all of the DWTS that I heard another contestant speak so rude. He should give her a public apology

Submitted by Bob Hough (not verified) on

DWTS is one of my wife's and my alltime faverite series. Each year we can hardly wait for you to come back to our TV. This year, we are very disappointed with only 4 weeks. Apart from the fact we miss 8 more weeks, the contestants don't get the chance to improve. We don't get to see the star's stories develop. Eliminating 2 or 3 competitors at a time is rediculous. You have really hurt the franchise. One good comment is the quality of competitors is great. PLEASE GO BACK TO 12 WEEKS!

Submitted by Stacy Stears (not verified) on

I have been watching reruns of Laverne and Shirley. I have really enjoyed watching Eddie Mekka dancing and singing. I think it would be a great trip down memory lane for some of us older fans!

Submitted by mary meeks. mee... (not verified) on

1.Have a battle of champions of champions.
2. A comeback of 2nd and 3rd place winners to battle.
3. A seperate battle All women, A seperate battle with all men. Then a battle with the top five in each
for championship.

Submitted by Jimmy Hippenstiel (not verified) on

Hey, ABC! Just a suggestion, but you might want to hook up the new pro Brandon with a PR person before you allow him to get on a microphone on ABC news again. He explained how lucky he was as a new pro coming in, because they are usually given someone who's "like 90," and at least he got someone who is "young and good." As an aging dancer and choreographer myself, who is almost 60 but still dances, this seems offensive, and I suspect much of the Dancing With the Stars audience is "of age" and roots for the Chloris Leachmans and Florence Hendersons of the show...both who did quite well. Unfortunately, I have not even seen Brandon's work yet, and am already rooting for him to be first out. Sad.


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