Chrisley Knows Best

Show Premise: 

"Chrisley Knows Best" is a reality television series featuring millionaire Todd Chrisley and his family. The show takes place in Suwanee, north of Atlanta. A “patriarch of perfection,” Todd runs his family just like his business – with an iron fist – and micromanages every move and expenditure made by each member of the Chrisley clan. But behind the façade of the family’s fairy-tale like 30,000 square-foot home, real-life issues and lots of laugh-out-loud drama unfolds.

Production History: 

The show debuted on March 11, 2014 for 8 episodes. It was successful enough for the USA Network to order a 12-episode second season.


Chrisley Knows Best
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Submitted by jasmine mcneill (not verified) on

Hey my name is Jasmine mcneill. I've been a huge fan of yalls show and family. I lost my mom in 2012 and both sides of my grandparents and my dad ran off on me when my mother passed a few years ago. So ive been on my own for awhile having a rough time but I always watch yalls show and it reminds me what I used to have and it makes me so happy and Yall are very funny and sweet I wish I could meet Yall and actually feel what I felt when I was younger. Yall are my roll model and I will always look up to Yall.

Submitted by Cassiei (not verified) on

Dear Chrisley family Ive loved your show from the start. However recently Ive become a mother to three and a wife to a wonderful man thats been through a lot. In many ways we are in similar in behavior to your family. However we get criticized for a lot. Still we are who we are and our intentions are pure and to raise our children to be self sufficient and respectful. We continue still to watch your show and enjoy every moment. I love that you do your best to teach your kids respect and responsibility. Keep being your wonderful selfs. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Keep on loving.

Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

I️ love Todd and the whole family! You all are so sweet and adorable and funny!! What a real beautiful family looks like thanks for sharing your lives with us! <3

Submitted by Joan McIntosh (not verified) on

Our family has enjoyed watching the show but the tattoo episode was so upsetting that I will not watch the show again. Chase is an adult and should be able to make the decision without the wrath of Todd coming down on him. Then to force tattoo removal with a bribe and to laugh with enjoyment while your child is crying out in pain is just sadistic. Todd you should be ashamed. should be more worried that your son can be bribed into doing something he doesn't want to do than the fact that he got the tattoo. So sorry I won't be able to watch what used to be a fun show. I have lost all respect for Todd Chrisley and Julie too, for that matter - standing by and letting this happen. Shame on both of you.

Submitted by Sharon (not verified) on

I would love to know where she got her little Yorkie and hw old it is. I think the front left paw is hurt on her dog also as it limps and holds its paw up quite a bit.

Submitted by Toni Edge (not verified) on

I see you have Chloe. I watched the family portriat episode. We are over 3 years trying to adopt our 6 yr. old grandchild
Every family picture I take I hurt because my OLDEST is not in them. I hate Demons! I love you can still put on that smile for the more important ones (for the time being.)

Love and respect, keep heart strong. We never forget Any Child in our heart.

Submitted by Sherre Hogan (not verified) on

Congrats on the 100th episode of Chrisley knows best! I have been watching the show only for a couple of years and I love every minute. If I miss it, look it up on demand. I love seeing famlies like yours. When I've had a bad day I come home and The Christley's have me laughing and making me happy!! So good luck and I'll be seeing you!!

Submitted by Paula j Comstock (not verified) on

Why I like the Christleys is because they perform real life. Not fake. Wether they have money they don't flaunt it and keep life real. Incorporate love God an Jesus in everyday life. Plus add lots of humor.

Submitted by Sherre (not verified) on

OMG, USA is hosting the Marathon this week-end. June 16, 2018, Chrisley Knows Best! I've been able to watch episodes that I've missed over the time the show has been on. Todd & Julie keep there eyes on those kids and seem to be great parents. I wish I could have had a family like them. Nanny Faye is adorable. She speaks her mind and I love it. Chrisley family, good luck with all the chapters of your lives. I'll be seeing you!

Submitted by James (not verified) on

I recently watched an episode where they all went to a rustic lodge, I didn't think it was appropriate calling Todd and Julie's granddaughter Coco, the only biracial child on the show and "Coco" should have been disciplined for constantly running over Chase's foot with that toy jeep she need a good spanking.

Submitted by Keri Lentz (not verified) on

I love the show you guys are real, an funny an I haven’t been to a lot of places I would like to visit there... sorry my name is Keri, I have been watching your show for a lot of seasons an it feels like home.... thank you for your inspirations.....

Submitted by Kay Huddleston (not verified) on

I love your family. You are funny,and really jealous because I have no children and my mother passed away 28 months ago. Todd I know your close with your mom. I had my mother until I was 54. Treasure like you do!!

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

Please dont ever stop recording episodes
you are by far, one of the most entertaining shows on television.
the humor is nonstop and such good therapy

Submitted by DA (not verified) on

First of all, I really like the show. It is funny, sweet and heartwarming. Yet, it is truly disturbing when Todd plays favorites with his children. He is kind, loving and giving to some, but obviously very unkind and verbally abusive to one of his children in particular, Chase. It hurts to see the pain and disappointment in his Chase's eyes and his body language when Todd, and even Julie at times, says unkind things to Chase or compliments the other children and leaves Chase out. Please consider changing the dynamic. It would make watching the show more pleasant and I would have much more respect for Todd and Julie if they were kinder and more supportive of Chase.

Thank you.

Submitted by Froggie430 (not verified) on

Totally agree

Submitted by Froggie430 (not verified) on

I love this show but really??? Todd talks about making things up to his children but no mention of his oldest boy he wrote out of the family..

Submitted by Brett (not verified) on

He probably wrote his son out because Todd’s the biggest whiny, whimpering, girly man I’ve ever seen and at least his oldest isn’t. It’s sad he’s rubbing off on his other two sons.

Submitted by Janice Armistead (not verified) on

I love love your show. I can feel depressed and it makes me laugh. But there’s one problem - Don’t use God’s name and Jesus’ name in vain. I mean it - now stop it.
Janice W. Armistead
PS...We live in Gallatin, TN, which is about 25 miles from Nashville. 😁

Submitted by Janice Armistead (not verified) on

Sorry I previously misspelled Best.

Submitted by Tamara L Lord (not verified) on

Just wanted to say that you all bring such joy to my household...between laughing and loving your family interaction especially in today's times...its truly uplifting and fun...keep it up and thank you so much

Submitted by Sara (not verified) on

What is the name brand of the white with gold dinner plates Julie sets the table with.

Submitted by Adrienne Givens (not verified) on

I just love this family. They make me smile and want to be the best parent to my lovely daughter! I think they have done a wonderful job raising those children. I have NEVER been one to be a 'fan' EVER. This is the first time i have wanted to a show/series to know how i feel about them. Just PLEASE tell them they are doing a wonderful job raising those babies, from...a lover of there wonderful loving spirits. One parent to another you are and have done a wonderful job!

Submitted by Brett (not verified) on

Todd you’re such a girly man! You have to be the biggest wimp posing as a grown man I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame it’s rubbed off on your two sons. Hopefully they’ll grow up, not squander millions of dollars, lie about their finances, go through a $45,000,000 bankruptcy. What a ridiculous poor excuse for a grown man that wouldn’t know a hard days work if it slapped you in the face. Something your parents should have done long ago and I wish your mother would do. You treat her like such a child.

Submitted by Mark Ford (not verified) on

This year's season seems phony made up. I like the earlier shows I thought it was pretty realistic

Submitted by Christy (not verified) on

I would love to watch Julie Chrisley on the Food Network Channel!!! I have tried making a lot of her recipes and they have turned out wonderful. Not to mention they are very simple and easy to put together.

Submitted by Shirley Johnson (not verified) on

I would like to taste so of juile cooking and her desserts I love the show I wish that I see it live and in personal

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

We're very disappointed in the promotion of homosexuality in recent shows, and some in the past. Was hoping the show wouldn't sell out, and go in that direction. "No I'm not Homophobic"! Just don't like the promoting, and making it look like the norm. You are a Christian family, and I'm not a prude, have been watching from the beginning, and reruns, and I watch on demand all the time. After the last show, I've lost interest. We're not the only people who feel this way, hope you change your future format. Just wanted to let you know how the majority of people who watch your show feel. Sue

Submitted by Susan LeBlanc (not verified) on

We just love your show..we are feeling bad for Grayson since Chloe came in the family Grayson has gotten pushed aside....he always came in the middle of you 2 forever now he climbs in and Todd pushes him away and takes Chloe and makes a big deal about her..

Just feeling sad for him.

Submitted by SPE (not verified) on

My son swam at to 2 Div1 colleges and Captain of his school Senior year. His best friend went to Belmont - my son now has a masters and CPA and just bought a house...the best person and friend I have ever known - he may at 5’10.5” almost 5’- 11” possibly worthy of meeting Savannah. We could go fishing off NC coast. Ps we love Faye and sis Frances.

Submitted by Patty (not verified) on

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Chrisley, Mamma and family: My heart goes out to you as you deal with these allegations. Only you and God know the truth. The truth will always set you free. Be straight about what happened and know that God is with you through this. I don't know the details of either side but I do know that having the courage to be honest matters. Trust that you will get through this. I have watched your show and whenever I need a pick me up, I watch your show. It brings me joy, love and laughter. I am sorry you and your family are going through this, I pray for your mom and your children are hoping they are surrounding themselves with people who love and care for them. Trust in the process. I will keep praying for miracles. I pray that you trust God to see you through this. Even when it seems like He isn't there, He is. When you finally surrender to Him, you let Him take over and listen. Sending you love and light through this journey in your lives.

Submitted by Dar (not verified) on

Thx for making me SMILE. GOD BLESS TAKE CARE.

Submitted by Margaret Johnson (not verified) on

I love the Chrisley family shows. I have been watching for years now. I laugh till my sides and cheeks hurt. This is the best show on tv! Now i got off of facebook , but i need to show the family my support .

Submitted by Margaret Johnson (not verified) on

I love this family I wish i had , had him back in my day when i was raising my 4 sons!

Submitted by Janet (not verified) on

I just want to say Thank you so much. I love your show and u have helped me so much. I'm a single mother and have my bad days but when I watch your show I laugh my ass off. I love your kids and the relationship you all have. I love how Chase and His Grandmother are they are the best. Love how close they are. So Thank you Chrisley Family. God bless.

Submitted by Michaela Kamara (not verified) on

I'm just a regular single mum civilian living in Englad, sheffield which is know for its steel work.
I dont want to sound cheesy or a crazed fan but I absorb all your shows which may air differently than in America. You the Chrisley family are so strong and bonded in every way and that is the best blessing any human being could possibly have. The fact that I gain strength courage faith and commitment to carry on is like my trophy. I would like to write a proper heart felt letter as I'm more old school even though only just turned 30 I like paper and pen so i hope my letter will reach you guys and treasure my letter.
I will continue to watch your show.
May you all be blessed protected and guided my our lord all the best in all you do.
Thank you for opening your life to the world to see your story and who you are individually and mostly as a family.

Submitted by Carlene (not verified) on

I love the show but how did they ever have kids ? Every episode ends with Todd amorous and Julie going to sleep.

Submitted by Dr. Darlene Jackson (not verified) on

I would like to extend my heartfelt enjoyment in watching your family show. Each individual involved is so Genuine and comical. In the world we live in one needs more laughter and positiveness. I applaud you as parents and grandparent for teaching your children and grand children values and responsibilities. Regardless of the lifestyle you live your children and grandchildren have been made aware that it took struggles, hard work and prayer. to reap the benefits they have today. Julie you continue to be in my prayers daily and your cooking looks Fantastic. God bless each and everyone of you. Christley's is the #1 show for me!

Submitted by Brandon (not verified) on

I'd like to know if and where Chris Chrisley gets his nails done at. Mine need some work.

Submitted by Melissa McMahand (not verified) on

I stop watching tv 10 years ago except for your show. Me and my son loves your realness. You guys are simply the bomb!!!

Submitted by Noy Schuman (not verified) on

I hope you get well very soon. So you can get back to your show again. I really love your show a lot have a good family show. I love how you discipline your children good. I love that So get well soon and continue to do your show thank you. Noy Schuman Jacksonville Florida

Submitted by Kira (not verified) on

I absolutely love the family and show.

Todd, I wish you were my papa. I love Many Fate, she's hilariously funny.

Very nice family.

God bless

Submitted by Kira (not verified) on

When will there be new episodes ????

Love the show

Todd I'd love to meet you

You're absolutely Gorgeous, Awesome Todd


Submitted by Theresa Martin (not verified) on

I love the way you all have disagreement but at the end of the day you all show family love. The show show how the children try to put something over their parents but Todd catch them all the time😂. Looking forward to seeing Chole in more shows. Nanny Faye love you. Stay on them lol

Submitted by Jennifer Burton (not verified) on may possibly be the Male version of me!! I love your Godly morals and the love and laughter in your family! Thank you for sharing your life with us, I can only imagine how hard it truly is to let the world in your private lives. Thank you again, I cannot wait until the next season!! I love you guys and pray for you all!

Submitted by Jacqueline Ann ... (not verified) on

I love this show. Especially during COVID, it gives me peace and comfort. I am an adult who had two terrible parents and I wish Todd were my dad! When I watch your show, I fall asleep with no bad dreams and Oh God, how I love Faye - get off her back about the drinking! This is one of the best shows on TV and I could not be more appreciative!

Submitted by Marla S. (not verified) on

I love your show. I watched it when I was going through difficult times. It helped me keep moving on. I love Nanny Faye, and Julie. The entire family is hilarious. Love you guys. Love the show!!!

Submitted by yvette thomas (not verified) on

While I enjoy the show, I find it difficult to watch Chase and way he disrespects his father. The things he says to ToTodd are appalling and poor Kloe, I saw the episode where he gave her the finger. I just don't get him, if he were my son, he would not be so Braison. I would cut off his allowance and make him work at McDonald's until he learns a little respect. I understand why Kloe does not seem to like him very much. He has no respect for anyone! He's like Jason Voorhees, in the movie Friday the 13th, HORRIBLE. You can see how he resents his childhood; it certainly shows in his behavior. Nanee needs to wash his mouth out with soap, and Todd seems to do nothing but applaud his terrible behavior. No wonder he can't find a nice girl to date. He's not a nice guy and there's no filter on that mouth of his.

Submitted by Lori COURTNEY (not verified) on

I love the show and everyone but Todd. He is so embarrassing to his family. It is awful to watch when he embarrasses his kids. Everyone else is great. Love namy Faye. She needs to spank her son!!

Submitted by Aric Rockhold (not verified) on

I want to take Chrisley deer hunting. Teach him how to field dress a deer and I’m not talking about putting a pair of khakis on a big buck. Maybe a coyote hunt. It would be fun to see him live like a Midwesterner for a week.


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