Chrisley Knows Best

Show Premise: 

"Chrisley Knows Best" is a reality television series featuring millionaire Todd Chrisley and his family. The show takes place in Suwanee, north of Atlanta. A “patriarch of perfection,” Todd runs his family just like his business – with an iron fist – and micromanages every move and expenditure made by each member of the Chrisley clan. But behind the façade of the family’s fairy-tale like 30,000 square-foot home, real-life issues and lots of laugh-out-loud drama unfolds.

Production History: 

The show debuted on March 11, 2014 for 8 episodes. It was successful enough for the USA Network to order a 12-episode second season.


Chrisley Knows Best
c/o Maverick Los Angeles, USA
6060 Center Drive
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Los Angeles, CA 90045



Submitted by Austin Peterson (not verified) on

Hey Chrisely family I know you probably won't see this comment but I want you to know I watch your show and laugh the whole time! Keep up your core family values and teaching your kids right from wrong! Always enjoy watching your show and hope you guys have a happy holiday!!

Submitted by Christine Larkim (not verified) on

I just watched an episode that has me seething, bawling and at a loss. Being a Christian I'm s but floored as to ur stance. To put your child thru the pain of tattoo removal is insane and cruel. I've lost all respect. Im done. God help your children. Im just beyond disturbed and disappointed

Submitted by Laurie Waddell (not verified) on

I watch your show when it’s on and using ONDEMAND too! I never thought I would get married and after turning 62 and planning on meeting up with an x-boyfriend that purposed when I was too young (I felt) at age 21 I think I’m ready!

I just caught an old show of your anniversary party, I was teary eyed after it! Seeing the love that Todd and Julie share; along with remembering the love that my parents shared after well over 50 years of marriage with 8 children and God only knows how many grandchildren and great grandchildren I really want to experience that! My parents knew my x-boyfriend and liked him even though he was divorced-I know they would approve!

I’m going to try the banana pudding recipe for my friend who is company to Denver for a visit! We are both talking about retiring together in the South East cause I need to be closer to my siblings who are in the East, Atlanta, and Florida.

Thank you for your laughs and love.


Submitted by Laurie (not verified) on

Coming to Denver

Submitted by Austin Peterson (not verified) on

Watching the camping episode and can't stop laughing! If ya need help contact me!!

Submitted by Holly C Beasley... (not verified) on

God i prey todd chrisley (an actual man with brains and a heart of gold ) would have ran for president ( i mean at least i would know i could feel safe for my childrens future if todd or Julie would run in upcoming election

Submitted by Austin Peterson (not verified) on

FYI your wife and daughter can't drive lol

Submitted by Tamara (not verified) on

I just love your family! all of you are too funny. My sister lives in another state. We call each other when your show is on and laugh out butts off! Have a Merry Christmas

Submitted by Marion Davis (not verified) on

This is my Favorite show! Sooooooooo funny!! I will have my DVR on to record a few, but I don't think I've missed one! I need to know where I can send a card & letter to the Chrisley's.I wish the episodes were on for 1 hour nightly!!!!

Submitted by Kayla Jackson (not verified) on

You are the father i wish I had. My father is a drug addict and alcoholic. I watch your show 24/7. I just wish i had a dad that loved me as much as you love your children. They are so blessed. I wish i had a over protected, involved parent. I hope my husband can be half the man you are. You are such a idol. God bless.
-Kayla Jackson

Submitted by Wardell Crosby (not verified) on

I first watched the show right before Christmas at my mothers house in Whitmire, SC. I've been living here in Suwanee, GA since June 2014 working as an Ultra Fit trainer. Excited about the upcoming episodes. You guys are hilarious!

Submitted by olivia (not verified) on

i watch your show everyday my favorite peole are savannah and gryson julie you are so sweet and nice chase you are so funny grayson you are so cute savannah you are so pretty i say that about everybody tood you are so cool you guys are awesome really i mean really you are so nice and kind you all love each other sometimes you are so funny i wish i could meet you guys i had a dream that i met you and i came to your house i love you guys so much really i mean really i look up to you guys so much i hope you see this.

Submitted by Joseph (not verified) on

My mama's 55th birthday is coming up and was wondering how to go about getting a signed photo of y'all. It would mean the world to her. If possible e-mail me at

Submitted by Patricia (not verified) on

Hey Todd! Absolutely LOVE your show & family!! Question: how do you and Julie make it work?! My husband and I have been together for 7 years, 1 beautiful child ( love of my life) and I'm still scratching my ass!! I feel like I'm raising my husband who doesn't help me with our daughter ( unless it's fun) works but I pay the bills ( I'm a stay at home mom) and acts like a damn 14 year old when we try to talk about anything important that grown people do!! Any advice?!?

Submitted by Adele weicht (not verified) on

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2016 at age 33. My wife and i stumbled upon your families show and have been watching ever since. (Also binged the yearlier eps.) Your show helped us get through some hard times...then we seen the episode were we found out julie had the same. We were in tears. It really hit home. We love your family we laugh so much. Not sure if you will ever read this but we would love to hear back. And share our breast cancer story with julie and how she coped.

Submitted by Chloe (not verified) on

Hi Todd my name is Chloe just like your granddaughter she is very beautiful. I would love to meet you someday. I hope you reply. I sbsouletely love the show !!!

Submitted by Rita (not verified) on

Hi my name is Rita socarras, I watch your show cause your family makes me really laugh. I've been married 22 years have 3 wonderful kids that alai love your show. We love our Jesus as you, so God bless your and your family. Nothing really good has ever happen good in our life we live day by day. I have a hard working husband. I just thought it would be such a great time to get away from life for a min and meet ppl that are so real. Maybe a dream but it don't hurt to dream right. God bless you all so very much and I pray God continues to bless your family. Love you Julie and Todd.

Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

I have been through a lot in my 21 years , my dream would be to meet you .

Submitted by David martinez (not verified) on

Hey Todd, Julie. I'm so nervous. I watch your episodes every Tuesday. I act like you for some reason. My brother gets mad because your my mentor. Two days ago I lost my dad.
David Martinez.

Submitted by Hiedi (not verified) on

You have a big, beautiful house and every time they show the exterior I cringe because the roof is covered with dirt and tree mess and leafs and etc. Please, please, please get your landscaper to blow it off!!!
Thank you!
Your biggest fan,

Submitted by AnimeeVanityMonroe (not verified) on

I adore the family. The comedy and dun they family has. Todd knows how to put his foot down and teach his kids a lesson they try not to forget. His wife is a really confident women that keeps Todd's feet on the ground. Chase, handsome young Manx even tho he is younger than me, Savannah is a beautiful young lady that should wear nice clothes but keep everything hidden so nothing get attracted to her unless for the right reasons. Todds mother, omg, I love her, she's funny, cool, outgoing, adventurous and a beautiful at her age and finally Grayson, love that lil guy, he's mini Todd Chrisley. I love watching this show and I hope this show stays on as long as I live.

Submitted by kem Dodson (not verified) on

I love your show

Submitted by Amanda Jay (not verified) on

Todd I have started selling younique makeup because I have had a major back surgery that has kept me from working. I would LOVE to get ideas from you about how I can succeed in this business.

Submitted by Papi Lover (not verified) on

Awesome Family, Family is everything , I would love to meet the chrisley family and do comedy shows together, I love making people laugh , its so much fun, and its great doing comedy that helps to change peoples lives for the better while making them laugh at the same time.......Todd and Papi we would make a great team.

Submitted by Dustin McClain (not verified) on

Your comments about tattoos being trashy i amy not have the money or the rich freinds that you and your family have but i am a tattooed army vey and i take care of my family and give them a house and everything i can i dont appreciate being called trashy because i have tattoos and as far the the word tattoo in the bible it doesnt mean what everyone thinks it does it is a word that means a deep cut that represents the beliefs in another god, so please by all means appologiez to thise of us that do have tattoos and i understand you dont like them or want your kids to have them but it doesnt gove you the right to talk nad about thise that do have them

Submitted by Dawn Price (not verified) on

I do agree tattoos aren't trashy, and actually the one Chase got done was really pretty. It could've been ALOT WORSE. I don't know about the cut meaning a belief in another God. I believe in the only God I know. Each of my tattoos have meaning to me. I'm an FSU fan so I have the Seminole head on my ankle, I have both of my sons' names on my back, I was born in the year of the tiger so I have the Chinese symbol of the Tiger on my wrist, and I have a cross with all four of my grandparents initials around it being carried by a dove and garland on my other wrist. If there is meaning behind them, and it's not a bunch of mishmash of everything and it's clean and looks nice, then there isn't anything wrong with it. Back in Jesus's time, and before, each of the 12 tribes had a symbol for their tribe. Many had that marking put on them to make it clear what tribe they belonged to.

Submitted by Kim Donaldson (not verified) on

I just love your show. It makes me smile and laugh during one of the most difficult and painful times in my life. My husband has metastatic liver cancer and has an uncertain prognosis. I am waiting for a kidney transplant. We have a beautiful 14 year old son who needs both of his parents. Being able to belly laugh out loud when I really just want to cry is so good. We have so many medical issues and financial distress. Keep the episodes coming and I will keep on laughing. We do have a GoFundMe account set up to help our family during this time.

Submitted by Joseph Waddell (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Chrysler my family and I are big fans of the show I love the fact that you haven't let money change you are your values I hope that you get this I don't know how to get a email to you, I am a disabled veteran I served six years in the army two of which I was in Iraq where I was injured both deployments and the second time done me in I was medically discharged I have had trouble raising my family cause I haven't been able to the way I want to and my wife can't work cause of the chemo and other meds she is on, but I wanted to ask cause you where in real estate we have always had the dream of owning our own house with a yard for the kids but my credit is horrible mainly cause I couldn't keep a job due to my chronic injuries and other medical conditions but what I was wandering if you could give me some advice on how to budget what I do get for my disabilities or how I could fix my credit so that I could possibly give this dream to my children and wife I understand you are a very busy man and appreciate you time if you do get this I wish your family the best and one more thing if you could tell Mrs. Faye I appreciate her husband's service to our country thank you again for your time Mr. Chrisley

Submitted by Mike Banske (not verified) on

I have been watching episode after episode of the show, now getting current with season 4. When I first watched, I admit I was expecting it to be another dumb star-related reality show. I was quite wrong and have been thoroughly entertained. I have two daughters, and a beautiful sons, which I have always been fine with. I was raised with strong family ties, which is how I have been raising my family. Todd, your leadership of your family reminds me a lot of myself, with a lot less money. I appreciate your efforts to provide everything your kids need, yet struggle with teaching them to "fend for themselves" at times. I have struggled with that part, and have felt the opinion that you shared in a recent episode when you wondered if your kids understand that struggle. My youngest daughter, Jordyn, is a freshman in college this year too. That has made this 4 BR house quite empty. She is also looking at a beauty pageant in the Fall (Wisconsin) with the hope of getting a nice scholarship award. Anyway, I am not sure if this will ever make it to you, Todd, but if it does, please get someone to pat you on the back from me! I think you're a great Dad, a refreshing show to watch, and a family I wish we were friends with (not because of the money though). God Bless you and your family.

Submitted by Kristen (not verified) on

Dear Todd,

Let me start by saying I'm the type of person that is not a huge fan of shows, celebrities and all that sort of stuff. So I hope that by you knowing that about me you will realize how heartfelt and sincere I'm am when the say the following.

Their aren't many people in life that I have looked up to much less someone that is television personality. I don't envy you for your wealth or your obvious successful business sense.
I envy and have such respect for the father that you are and the leader of your home. The love , guidance and protectiveness that you show your children,wife and particularly your daughters is something I would have given anything too have in my life. Rather it would have come from a father, brother or partner. It's just never been in the cards for my life. From the moment I was born I was kinda thrown to the wolves and trying to hold onto hope that what you represent in your family is out there somewhere waiting for me. Unfortunately that card has never been dealt to me. I made a decent enough life for myself although it's a lonely and a scary one at times. For the last couple years I completely lost all hope in what it is you represent. Watching you and family gave me that's small speck of hope again. And for that I thank you,
May God continue to bless you.

Kristen Keller

Submitted by Nadia N (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Chrisley I was one of your biggest fans I watch your show religiously. Your family is a dream family I wish I always would have had .. my father passed away two years ago he reminds me a lot of you but he was a lot older but he still had those traditional values like you do, the only difference is that I am Pakistani in and half English.. I love your show until the one time you said that you never trust a Muslim in your house I'm half Muslim and Half Christian and proud to be both of my religions but I just want to let you know that my father died two years ago and he was a architect and his last two years of his life after he was very ill and sick he was a volunteer as a police officer because of something he always wanted to do for this country, so you should not discriminate people just because of their religion because when I watch your family it reminds me of his values because you have the most honest and blessed family have ever seen in my life every time I see your show reminds me of my father and when you said that it really broke my heart I'm As American & so was my father who died for this country so you should understand that they're not bad Muslim we never even would heart a animal or bug it's all the media and Internet false accusations about Muslims .. I was born to love it never hurt anyone and my father love this country as much as you do he was as American as you are I love your family you have beautiful children and a beautiful wife God bless you and I hope you understand and think a little differently.. I hope I get the opportunity to meet your family one day ❤️

Submitted by Samantha Levinson (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Todd Chrisley

My friends and I love you! We talk all the time about how we would love to hang out with Todd Chrisley for a day. Your say it like it is no nonsense personally is endearing. My friend, Angelica, whose birthday is coming up soon would love nothing more than for you to come celebrate with us on a Saturday family game night. Please make her birthday wish come true.

Submitted by Mario Ruiz (not verified) on

I love your tv show its funny and you leaner some lesson from the show to never stop making your tv show

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on

Hey Todd we are doing a fundraiser in Dallas, Ga. right down the street from you at The Dallas Public House for a young man 13 who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I couldn't imagine what that would be like as a parent to have to go through that with your child. I am a teacher here in Paulding, and his mom works with me. My son also plays baseball with their younger son. If you were in town, and would like to show up for support we would love to have you there.

Submitted by Emma Massengale (not verified) on

I hope this finds you well. I just wanted you to know how much my husband and I admire you and your Julie . We watch your show ever time it is on, even the reruns.LOL.
I love the way you all are so involved with your children and want them to experience life, but, yet know the obstacles that are in everyday life. You are wonderful parents, and deserve to know people think that about you.
We live in Tennessee as well, Sparta TN, it is about 85 miles east, l have lived here all my life, l am Realtor and have been for a little over 20 years. I love what l do, and again l admire you for what you have done in Real Estate as well. Wish you and your family all the best.
Take and God bless
Sue Massengale

Submitted by Regina (not verified) on

I don't know what it says about me, but I love your silly show so much!! I love your family! I truly hope it is mostly fiction and just for fun, I would hate it if Chase was really treated like the black sheep....seeing what made-for-tv as I have of your family, I don't think you would really single out your boy like that in a negative way. It's probably very true that Savannah is your favorite, daddy's girl and all, but cut Chase some slack...even on the show. It's the only thing that feels bad while watching, otherwise, I enjoy you guys so much!!! I'm so sorry your oldest son is estranged! I really hope he learns to deal with stuff and make peace. Nothing can replace family. Not that you asked for my two cents. :)

Submitted by Danny Jacobs (not verified) on

For the love of God,.... please DEMAND that Chase joins the Marines,so he can MAN UP! The show is awesome, but Chase is so metrosexual,..... he's one episode short of fully coming out of the closest!
Just saying! No offense meant.

Submitted by Dave K (not verified) on

After watching several episodes, all of which I've enjoyed, I'm in COMPLETE AGREEMENT that the spoiled rotten, lazy, inconsiderate Chase be forced to do a hitch in the Marines ! Hope he's NOT indicative of his least have him do voluntary work at a VA hospital or homeless shelter to know what it's REALLY like to live a hard life -

Submitted by Bruce (not verified) on

I agree, Chase is a spoiled rotten brat with not a single endearing quality. He needs to learn how to be a man.

Submitted by G. Mann (not verified) on

You are so right. Chase is spoiled and a real sissy period afraid of bugs? Doesn't like to get dirty? Went to private school but can't speak English properly? Pays more attention to his hair and clothes Than a Woman.! Todd isn't any better can't speak proper English and is very effeminate and I thought he was a gay man and Chase as well. No wonder we have a country full of sissy boys and men. This family claims to be Christian yet the words damn ass and douchebag come out of their mouth on national TV. That's not Christian. None of them know the meaning of hard work. Chase and Todd can't even change a tire on a car. As I said in my other comment ignorance pompousness and arrogance abound. Too bad the men on the show don't act like men. These children supposedly went to private school and yet I've never seen such ignorance. I don't watch the show any longer and won't allow my children to watch that show. I don't want them to think that's what Christians are period it seems to me that money is the most important thing to everyone on that show.

Submitted by Kathy Green (not verified) on

Mr Chrisley,
Do you ever do speaking events, such as pings ceremonies? My ADN class will be graduating in December of this year and since you are from this general area and many of us loooove your show, I thought it would be worth the asking. Would you do this for us? The ceremony will be in Seneca, SC.
Thank you for your time.

Submitted by Alan Romines (not verified) on

Dear Todd,
I just felt the need to write you and say how much your love for your family means to me. In life fame and fortune may come and go but at the end of the day family is all that really matters. The recent episode about your beloved mom's cancer scare really touched me as we lost my mom a few years ago to ALS. Since her death things have been really rough including my dad losing his home. He is a decorated Vietnam vet and my best friend. He and my kids are my world and lately when things are hard your show has really gotten me through. Im a bus driver for the transit system in Olympia Washington so if your ever around I would love to give you a ride around town. God bless.

Submitted by Debbie Garrison (not verified) on

They are a beautiful family that has worked hard for what they have and they have the most ungrateful and spoiled child in case. The young man thinks he does not have to work or lift a finger to earn anything in life. He only put effort into finding the easy way out. That young man needs to know he has it better than 90% of this planet and he should be grateful and not be so spoiled and selfish. You respect a lot more of what you have and people around you when you know what it's like to work and earn for your money. He should be ashamed of himself at his age he acts like he does and does not know the world at all. If anything were to happen to his family and his money that young man would not survive. And someone should be ashamed for that. His sister has such a good heart and she has a logic head and knows how to respect what she has and other people and Chase does not have a clue. I don't know how to say it any more than he should be ashamed of himself. I think it is absolutely awful how he feels he deserves everything and does not feel the need to put any effort into getting what he has. I think it should all be taken away from him for a long enough time for him to learn how to respect people their belongings and what it's like to not have. That's the way this world works. If there is no respect or empathy this world will come to a complete stop and that young man needs to know what life is about

Submitted by JD (not verified) on

You need to make him work in a wastewater treatment plant to find out what smell and hard work it about. Enough mirrors and soap, show him that others have bad jobs

Submitted by Gannon and Grant (not verified) on

Dear Mr.Todd thank you for making my family laugh on your show. Chase is so funny. We really like the way he acts like even though it sometimes can be a bit lazy like. We like the way that you have the kids run the juice bar. We think that it is a good way to build character and to show that you need to work TOGETHER a lot. Your family looks like it would be a lot of fun. Chase and Savannah have some very unique qualities to them. Your show is my favorite reality show to watch. I hope that you will keep up with the good work.
Sincerely Gannon and Grant

Submitted by Walk n tall (not verified) on

Been watch in show on an off and get discussed practically every time I watch especially tonight's when Chase and Savannah have first jobs and dad especially makes an ads of himself especially when you he showed he never did the same work all or even in same way Chase was expected by him

Submitted by Dara J (not verified) on

Pay It Forward to a TN Tech Univ. Honor graduate this Fall, 90 minutes from Nashville. PM me for info.

Submitted by Dawn Price (not verified) on

I just wanted to say you made two more people VERY happy with the song you wrote for Julie. My stepson and his fiancé have been having a REALLY HARD time finding a song for their wedding, and when I let them hear Infinite Love, they decided that was the song. Her bridesmaids dresses are yellow, just like in the song to, so it REALLY matches. I hope it's okay they use it and I will definitely post it and tag you on Facebook.


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