Big Bang Theory

Show Premise: 

The show is centered on five people living in Pasadena, California: roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, both physicists; Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny's social skills and common sense.

Over time, supporting characters have been promoted to starring roles: Leslie Winkle, a physicist colleague at Caltech and, at different times, a lover of both Leonard and Howard; Bernadette Rostenkowski, Howard's girlfriend (later his wife), a microbiologist and former part-time waitress alongside Penny; neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler, who joins the group after being matched to Sheldon on a dating website (and later becomes Sheldon's girlfriend), and Stuart Bloom, the cash-strapped owner of the comic book store the characters often visit.

Production History: 

The Big Bang Theory premiered on CBS on September 24, 2007. It's now in its seventh season which premiered on September 26, 2013.


CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019


Megan mc donnell's picture
Submitted by Megan mc donnell (not verified) on

Hi guys i watch this show religiously, every week i watch the brand new episode and every week it never fails to entertain! My question to you guys is would you ever think about dedicating an episode to the question of which came first the chicken or the egg?? Id love to hear sheldons thoughts on this lol!!

Charlie Jones's picture
Submitted by Charlie Jones (not verified) on

In episode 10 of series 5 ("The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition"), there's a Kirk figure in the background of the comic book store behind the desk. I'd like to inquire if anybody knows if that was specifically made for the show or if it can be bought online anywhere, and where exactly it can be bought if so.
Reason being for asking is that I've been looking for a good quality Kirk figuring for ages and I saw that one while my mother was watching the show, thus if anyone could be of any assistance that would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.


Glenda clarke's picture
Submitted by Glenda clarke (not verified) on

Thinking of something a little different for part of my sons graduation gift.We spent time wathcing big bang as he grew up and even now,i would love to get a sighned picture personalised to michael if you coul fix that.Don't mind paying for it.Thanks.

Jay's picture
Submitted by Jay (not verified) on

Is the Batman T shirt that Sheldon wore in "The Septum Deviation" Season 8, Episode 9 available to buy please. I have searched everywhere :-(

Kaan's picture
Submitted by Kaan (not verified) on

Can they do first season first episode again ? Its will be really amazing...

Bill's picture
Submitted by Bill (not verified) on

Bernadette should know that a pregnant woman should not get into a hot tub.

Shanessa's picture
Submitted by Shanessa (not verified) on

i loveeeee u alll .penny looks gorgeous.leonard is a geek.sheldon is smart and reserved and fits with amy.raj u don't worry u will find someone better than emily.howard is a great enginheer and is lucky with bernadette. keep up the good science

Kaylee 's picture
Submitted by Kaylee (not verified) on

Raj needs a makeover. The entire gang needs to go to somewhere, and win a makeover for Raj. It could be Vegas, Disney Land, or even a science convention. The group needs to be selected and give Raj, and maybe Amy too, a makeover. He needs to get rid of the sweater vest and start going out on more dates. He has remained constant since season one, and with all of the other characters settling down Raj needs to create more excitement. The sweater vest may fit his personality perfectly, but it's too out of style. Another suggestion would be to make Stewart less pathetic, but Raj is the top priority.

sherl's picture
Submitted by sherl (not verified) on

Not an actress but would love to be the new girlfriend that helps Raj become the new cool Raj!!

Sue Cole's picture
Submitted by Sue Cole (not verified) on

I agree. Actually, most of the guys could use some wardrobe enhancement. I don't think I've seen Leonard's 'orange' (rust??) pants in a while, and that is an improvement.

C.C's picture
Submitted by C.C (not verified) on

I'm a Swedish fan who love your show but lately you've just been mean to Stuart. Stop bullying him, and stop using Raj as an excuse to make rasist jokes. I want the old gentle and warm but still very funny Big Bang Theory back please!

R A Hilbert's picture
Submitted by R A Hilbert (not verified) on

Add Marshall Weathers from Canada as Pennies young brother. She needs a family person to relate to and he's attractive as she is.

Karen's picture
Submitted by Karen (not verified) on

Stuart should be in cast pic at beginning of show and inthe lineup. His delivery of his lines is spot on. Loved when he was home health aide to Howard's mom and had more airtime.After 9 yrs he should be aknowledged as part of the team.

Jason's picture
Submitted by Jason (not verified) on

Greeting Writers and Casting Cast of "The Bang Theory." "The Big Bang Theory" is my favorite program on television. I have a suggestion about Howard's father if he get written into one or more of the Season 10 episodes. My suggestion is for you to cast veteran actor, Gene Wilder, as Howard's father. Mr. Wilder looks so much like Howard and as a longtime fan of this program, I recommend that you get Gene Wilder to play the role of Howard's father. Thank you, Jason's picture
Submitted by (not verified) on

Dear _________

Sorry to hear that your computer is not functioning properly, but I've had quite a bit of experience in these matters and I may have a solution for you >>>>>>>>>

Check out the following, and make sure you "trouble-shoot" your computer using these instructions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You should take a look into your computer and see if the co-axial Sagan omicron polarity converters are out of phase-variance with the Asimov quantum resonators. If they are, then you'll have to adjust the flow in the Hawking plasma conduits to match the frequency of the spherical Dyson tachyon pulses in the Jeffries-Tube which is otherwise preventing the Smoot graviton generators and the delta mark-III Bohr phase-discriminators from aligning properly with the Heisenberg compensators. Once you do this, your system will be in sequence with the Faraday gamma-burst emitters and the Gates neutron inertial-dampers ... Otherwise ... of course .... it will not allow their synchronization with the deGrasse-Tyson anti-matter inducers in the Wozniak positronic network matrix.

Simple, really, once you think about it.

//signed// .. Dr. Sheldon Cooper Image result for Dr. Sheldon Cooper live long and prosper

.... "You're welcome" ....

Dennis M Cokor's picture
Submitted by Dennis M Cokor (not verified) on

I have a book called Flags of the World... a 1934 version by Gilbert Grosvenor and William J. Showwalter... I was wondering if a story line could be used on "fun with flags" show with the character Sheldon Cooper

Christopher Taylor's picture
Submitted by Christopher Taylor (not verified) on

Please, please don't end the big bang theory after season ten please carry on its the Heston comedy program I have seen in years

Sharon Devitt's picture
Submitted by Sharon Devitt (not verified) on

When I was a young child my friends and I would leave our houses at 8:00 in the morning and not return home until the 5:00 whistle. All we did was enjoy the outdoors with so many enjoyable activities. Today the kids are plugged into not just the electronics but the video games too. My Idea is to get them back outside. It would be like a survivor show for children with competitions in relay races, tree climbing, hopscotch, wiffle ball, creek investigating, egg throwing contests and the list goes on and on. The idea is to have neighborhoods competing against each other with the winning neighborhood winning an elaborate neighborhood playground. Then the winning neighborhood could compete amongst themselves and the single winner can win a college education. I think it would be a very enjoyable show for parents and children everywhere.

Forrest Clanton's picture
Submitted by Forrest Clanton (not verified) on

How may i contact the writers of Big Bang Theory, for a slight suggestion for an episode? Thank you for any help. Forrest

Forrest 's picture
Submitted by Forrest (not verified) on

Thank you very much Cory! Was not sure if that address would go to Big Bang writers, but you have answered, and very quickly. Thanks, Forrest

Gale Wilson's picture
Submitted by Gale Wilson (not verified) on

My grandson "Carmine" is 8 years old and favors Sheldon. If you ever do a flashback to Sheldon's childhood - he's your little guy. Would be happy to send you a picture.

Ian Ryan Smith's picture
Submitted by Ian Ryan Smith (not verified) on

I have recently noticed a lot of questionable trends on social media that seem to be doing the rounds.

Flat earth theory
The Mandela effect

To name a couple of the more out there ones that are popular at the moment.

My suggestion would be to use an episode to categorically disprove some of these "hypothesis" not only could this be a very funny episode but it might actually serve to educate some of the audience.

Milan's picture
Submitted by Milan (not verified) on


I've heard many times Sheldon saying ''May I interrupt you?''. A smart and educated person would never say something like that, because by saying it, he would make an interruption already.

blemish's picture
Submitted by blemish (not verified) on

Ever notice how much Dan Florek (law & order) looks like he could be Stuart's dad, or an older version of him? :D

Valerie Locke's picture
Submitted by Valerie Locke (not verified) on

My friends and I have been arguing about what Sheldon's and Leonard's lives would be like if they had been born to each other's families. Thought that would be an absolutely awesome premise for a show, or two.

Sparsh Gupta's picture
Submitted by Sparsh Gupta (not verified) on

I follow this show continuously and have found it to be extremely entertaining, with the show being regularly updates with events like new Star Wars movies, etc. Could you also include some scenes where the guys discuss popular theories regarding Star Wars like Jar Jar Binks is actually the greatest Sith Lord, or any such theories? It would be real nice to hear Sheldon proving/disproving such theories via a detailed analysis.

TheBigBangTheoryFan's picture
Submitted by TheBigBangTheoryFan (not verified) on

first off, i am a viewer from india and i am not comfortable how you are portraying india through raj. Once or twice for fun is okay, but not recurredly. It creates an impression that india is a pathetic country with bollywood actresses like Madhuri Dixit who look like 'leprous prostitutes'. This is the only complaint i have regarding the show. Also i would like to know if kunal was comfortable delivering such dialogues.

Apart from that, give stuart a chance! Get him a girlfriend!! and also what about howard's long forgotten father and his half-brother?? those have remained mysteries after season 8. and when will leonard or anyone ask penny about her maiden name?? that has been a mystery since the pilot!! for amusement sake it may have been stretched till now but i think it's time that you reveal these mysteries..... also put a major breakthrough in for leonard.....

James Allan Krause's picture
Submitted by James Allan Krause (not verified) on

As a fan of the show and being of the geeky variety myself, with a PhD from the LA area, I have written a pop rock song, "The World was Once a Simplier Place." with the show in mind.

The lead vocal seems best suited for Johnny Galecki. The song is built into an e-book musical, "The Pilot and the Parrot", written by myself, and available through, or through me directly.

Best wishes,
James Allan Krause

James Allan Krause's picture
Submitted by James Allan Krause (not verified) on

OMG, someone with a PhD should khow how to spell the word simpler, right?

Proves I'm not a robot, they can spell...:)

The short title of the song is "Once a simpler place," and here are the lyrics - it rocks!

The world was once
A simpler place
Way back when
Candles blazed
The human race
Kept us close
And in our place

How things connect
A way to express

So sensible

The meanings of
The garden’s place
Lost in time
Without’a trace
I must confess
To being unsure
It’s snowing hard
In our war-ming world

How things connect
A way to express

So sensible

The world’s at hand
As we connect
The media
What you’d expect
It’s digital
For all to see
A vote for all

How things connect
A way to express

So sensible.

Copyright James Allan Krause, PhD, 2016
All Rights Reserved

aaliyah thompson's picture
Submitted by aaliyah thompson (not verified) on

Dear Sir
i was wondering what is next Sheldon and Amy (shamy)
is Sheldon gonna propose to her?
where is the ring

Angela Scheuerle's picture
Submitted by Angela Scheuerle (not verified) on

Penny called out the guys for bullying Zach early on. When is Amy going to call them out for all the misogynistic comments that equate being female with weakness and poor behavior? I've almost stopped watching a couple of times because it gets so thick and offensive. (I'm not through season 10 yet and apologize if it has already happened.)

Rita's picture
Submitted by Rita (not verified) on

While watching the local news I noticed that the weather person looks like she could be Amy's younger 10 Medford Oregon....and a sister might have sparks for Stuart...

Tasha's picture
Submitted by Tasha (not verified) on

Watching Sherlock Holmes, I bet he'd win one on Sheldon.

William Meyer's picture
Submitted by William Meyer (not verified) on

I'm sure you get this alot. But I wrote an episode entitled 'The Tail of Two Stuart's'. In short, Raj and Sheldon argue over who is better at chess, Professor X or Capt Picard. There of course a re few more twists and surprises in the episode. But I'd like to know how to work on the opportunity to have it made. Thanks.

Dr. Ann Ingala's picture
Submitted by Dr. Ann Ingala (not verified) on

I think your show, cast, writers should connect with the scientists' March on DC being planned!

Casey's picture
Submitted by Casey (not verified) on

Last night's episode was so disappointing as an advocate to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and sign language users. There are real sign language interpreters. This is a legit profession requiring extensive knowledge, training, higher education, state and national certifications, continuing education and intimate knowledge of and experience with ADA law, Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities, cultures, and sub cultures amongst other things. I know for a fact that there was a certified sign language interpreter on set during the filming of last night's episode, who was ACTUALLY interpreting EVERYTHING being said by EVERYONE within ear-shot as well as other environmental noises and cues, because this is the law. But instead what was shown was Howard "interpreting" again. This just perpetuates the misconceptions and ignorance surrounding the Deaf community, culture, their language, and advocates to a HUGE audience nation wide. They should know better. Deaf people can do anything except hear. Deaf people are mothers fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. They are doctors, lawyers professors, scientists, architects, CEOs, CFOs, trades people, and artists just to name a few. They have a complete and rich language and culture, and use certified sign language interpreters every day to meet their unique communication needs. The Deaf/Hard of Hearing/sign language using communities have to fight every day, all day long, to educate people and break down barriers and limitations placed on them by others misconceptions, assimptions and ignorance. These episodes could have done so much to educate in those those areas, in such a short amount of time, to an enormous number of people. A huge opportunity was lost. It's frustrating.

Liz cook's picture
Submitted by Liz cook (not verified) on

I find her character to be a sad and uncaring mothet

Jokerj2's picture
Submitted by Jokerj2 (not verified) on

The baby is here but what happens when it's time to go back to work? I say hire a nanny that Raj becomes infatuated with but she has no interest. Possible love down the line?

Danthebigbangfan's picture
Submitted by Danthebigbangfan (not verified) on

I would really like to see these topics in future episodes
1. The story of why Sheldon's dad died
2. An episode or a double episode where it shows what the school days where like for Howard, Raj, Leonard, Penny, Amy, Bernadette and Sheldon
3. The return of Howard's Father (preferably a season finale)
4. Either a 3 parter or a full length movie where they all go to India and go to Pria's wedding
Please take into account any of these ideas and try to put them in season 10/11

Mary E. Brewer's picture
Submitted by Mary E. Brewer (not verified) on

I think there should be an episode about Sheldon having to go before Judge Judy for some stupid lawsuit. I think it would be hilarious.

Ian mckee's picture
Submitted by Ian mckee (not verified) on

Back in the 80s therevwas a song called star trekkin. You should do an episode were sheldon is baby sitting howard and bernadettes child and he finds the song on the internet. It is on itunes so listen to it and see what you think

bruce's picture
Submitted by bruce (not verified) on

u are born with ur intelligence. how u use ur intelligence with what u have learned makes u SMART or STUPID! i was born gifted, but i can do the dumbest things., but i have kids that are average iq but use what they have so well, making them smart. smart only lasts til the next decision, intelligence is a constant. penny is the smartest one on the show. i wouldnt miss an episode, lol.

stwven moran's picture
Submitted by stwven moran (not verified) on

Bring back sheldons twin sister she was gorgous or have a shelden look alike pop up

Ethel mertz's picture
Submitted by Ethel mertz (not verified) on

Since the time of Shakespeare women have been seen as the Gensler sex. Their role is to civilized manner and teach them social graces. Every sitcom depicts women as smarter and more civilized than men. Even the big bang Siri has fallen victim to this. Men are Meadow mocked and diminished in someway. The male characters become complicit in their own degradation in their pursuit of sexuality and sexual satisfaction. I find it disheartening that this show has fallen victim to this characterization which is pervasive and shows like everybody loves Raymond and the king of queens etc.
Sheldon and Howard and Leonard all live in a perpetual state of gratitude because women have taken mercy on them and have agreed to become their girlfriends. That takes away from their power and I find it distasteful. Don't know if the same women who desperately worshipped these guys for the relationships were cemented now lead them around by a ring in their nose.
Just an observation. I'm sure I can be with mediated if the writers work on it.

Jeffrey H. Cokeley's picture
Submitted by Jeffrey H. Cokeley (not verified) on

I'd like to see an episode where Sheldon goes back to high school to receive his diploma. he wasn't able to because he was in College.

Todd Taylor's picture
Submitted by Todd Taylor (not verified) on

you have an opportunity to show more growth between Penny and Sheldon. There is a wonderful train museum in Omaha Nebraska.... BEAUTIFUL scenery....

Jessica Carter's picture
Submitted by Jessica Carter (not verified) on

I love the show and have watched it since the beginning but recently I have noticed that in too many an episode I see the gang go inside their refrigerators and pull out a plastic bottle of water to drink from when they could quite easily fill up a glass from a filtered jug or a tap. By 2025 it is estimated that for every 1 tonne of fish there will be 3 tonnes of plastic in our oceans. The USA are particularly bad with their wasteful plastic products and I just feel like the show should use its platform to reduce its plastic waste and promote making cautious decisions to protect the planet.


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