Austin & Ally

Show Premise: 

Disney describes the show as a comedy about the relationship between two very different musicians: a young songwriter, Ally Dawson, and Austin Moon, the overnight internet sensation who gains sudden notoriety after performing one of Ally's songs. Austin and Ally struggle with how to maintain and capitalize on Austin's newfound fame. Austin is more of a rebel type who doesn't follow the rules and is somewhat immature for his age, while Ally is conservative yet self-conscious.

Austin & Ally has been called the "pint-sized" version of Entourage (HBO).

Production History: 

Austin & Ally first aired on the Disney Channel on December 2, 2011. Production for the pilot episode began in mid-February 2011, and on May 24, 2011, the Disney Channel announced that Austin & Ally had been picked up as a series. They initially ordered 13 episodes, though that number was later increased to 21. The show was renewed for a second season, and resumed production in the summer of 2012. Season 2 premiered on October 7, 2012, and production for Season 2 ended in early February 2013. The show was renewed for a third season and premiered on October 27, 2013. The show was renewed for a fourth season on April 25, 2014.


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Zoe Vega's picture
Submitted by Zoe Vega (not verified) on

Whats up austin and ally people, im a really good fan of yours. I know you don´t like people asking for you to help them become famous but this is not what im asking for. I just want to know if you need a girl with talent, which looks like a 9 year old girl, just text me. Im alrigt and ill be really happy if you choose anyone else, cause i know theres many taleted people, but if you choose me man youll not regret it.Im a high level dancer ,actress , and singer.Hope you are listening

Zoe Vega

destiny's picture
Submitted by destiny (not verified) on

All of these characters are great Allie is my favorite ,but they all try to give messages to young viewers, like to follow your dreams and your heart and stand up for what you think what's right , some of it is just to make you laugh..and I would love to be on Disney channel I love acting and entertaining

ron stoppable's picture
Submitted by ron stoppable (not verified) on

dear laura marano can you come to the school and pick me up at 2:30 today and join us for the park and claire's and popeye's and ice cream on Friday with me and Sonia she is floating on Friday love, ron stoppable.

mavis's picture
Submitted by mavis (not verified) on

Dear,Ross and Laura I hope you guys have a nice thanksgiving and get to rest beacause you guys work hard and i am proud of you guys because you inspire me so keep up the good work and shine like the stars!

Keila 's picture
Submitted by Keila (not verified) on

I think it is very courageous that you don't care what other people say about you. I don't think it is very nice to do things like that. There is no reason for people to post something just because they we're hurt. They should have talked about what there problems were instead of saying all of those mean things.

China's picture
Submitted by China (not verified) on

Thanks for the episode about anti bullying it was a good subject me and my kids have talked about this time and time again and to relate to a show that they love really help and we had another conversation after the show.... Thanks again

trey's picture
Submitted by trey (not verified) on

you aer a amazing singer and actor. dont worry about what mean people post.if you know you are good at what you do. it doesn't metter what mean posters say.

Angela Jimenez's picture
Submitted by Angela Jimenez (not verified) on

I know its probably to late but I don't want Austin to pass I want him to stay a junior!!!

angie's picture
Submitted by angie (not verified) on

I just saw your show about Trish being bullied. I want to say this was a FANTASTIC episode. You guys are role models for young people today. I am an older adult who has been bullied and it still pops no and again.. Bullying hurts at any age. Unfortunately at my age people just tell you to ignore it and that it will stop. Unfortunately it makes the bullys worse. I am different. I see things differently. I have medical issues that people take advantage of. I hope that disney, their actors and actresses can continue your anti-bullying campaign. Because it doesn't stop as a teenager it goes on. With your messages maybe more people will stand with the person being bullied. Because doing nothing just makes you a partner in crime. Thank you. I would love to see more personal bullying stories from all of Disney kids and adults about how they handle it. Billy Unger's was great and would love to see more. People do relate when it is one to one because the stories are personal.

I love to watch your show. It's funny and it's a nice break from a long day. And the music WOW.

Rachelle 's picture
Submitted by Rachelle (not verified) on

WHY IS AUSTIN AND ALLY GOING OFF ????? I love the show and I'm really sad it's going off I'm sooooo sad I cryed WHY WHY I miss them already

AUBREY 's picture
Submitted by AUBREY (not verified) on

I love you guys so much your the best ever I love your show I watch it all the time

Alya From Egypt's picture
Submitted by Alya From Egypt (not verified) on

When I switch on the tv, I always expect Austin and Ally. I never expect anything else. I love your songs.

Kieran's picture
Submitted by Kieran (not verified) on

Dear cast of Austin & Ally my 9 daughter would love to play as a singing student on your show she has a beautiful voice every time I here her sing her favorite songs she sounds like an angel and she is a great actor. So cast of Austin & Ally if it is okay will you let her be on the show but if you don't, it is okay I know that there is a lot of other talented people thank you for reading this.

caleb's picture
Submitted by caleb (not verified) on

the show is amazing that's all I can say.

Isabella Toledo's picture
Submitted by Isabella Toledo (not verified) on

I love Austin and Ally! But...i think that evrything is perfect so there is nothing else to write.Maybe u can make another series like bunked they still have the same actors but a new setting a new storyline.The cast is fun but the storys are old .i hope to see more adventures!p.s dez (calum) u are so funny

Isabella Toledo's picture
Submitted by Isabella Toledo (not verified) on

I would love to be on your show as a student i sing good and i dance and act to i have seen every episode and i know every word by ❤

Augusta's picture
Submitted by Augusta (not verified) on

I think I could be on the show my mom and friends say I have a wonderful voice and they don't liw

Ciera Broussard 's picture
Submitted by Ciera Broussard (not verified) on

iam a singer and i love how austin dance and how ally sings you'll is my drem just want to tell you'll

Savannah's picture
Submitted by Savannah (not verified) on

Hi laura,ross,calum,raini i just watched the austin and ally where triah wins an important role in a play but another student bashes her over the internet and at the end you all tell how cyberbullying and using mean words can affect peolle negatively well i am not goung to do that actually ross lynch is a great singer and actor you fan tell he is very committed to his work along with laura marano is very very beautiful and smart and awesome raini rodriguz is fun intellegent beautiful inside and out and a great actor calum worthy makes me laugh on austin and ally he is so funny i like the fact that he is that way tho i am red head just like him calum do u have blue eyes because i learned there is only like 3% of red heads with blue eyes in the whole world me being one of them you all are so great and thanks for making the episode about bullying

Martine e Irene's picture
Submitted by Martine e Irene (not verified) on

For Austin: we love your serie. We love how you sing and dance. We practice your dances.
For Ally: we love how you play the piano and you sing very well too. We love that you teach children to play instruments.
For Dez: you are very funny and you do very curious things.
For Trish: you get jobs and concerts very quickly. But you are fired very quickly too.

Molly and Mia's picture
Submitted by Molly and Mia (not verified) on

To whom it may concern,
We have recently been studying some of your older songs, and have noticed some rather alarming mistakes. I am shocked and quite frankly disgusted by them and I have been trying to hold this back but it has been distracting me from my studies and it needs to be addressed.
Firstly, in your composition 'Double take' performed by Ross Lynch, you state that 'they want the girl, girl, girl with game, game, game'. originally I found a problem with the fact that you say that they want the girl with game, what game? That is one of the questions that has plagued me for months on end. On further studying of this text, I also observed that you say that they want the girl with game but what if a girl has no game, does that mean that they are unwanted? Can you begin to imagine what this comment could do to young girls self-confidence world wide? No. Clearly you just want a 'catchy' tune and you have showed no concern for girls feelings. I have found these comments de-grading, thoughtless and reckless.
Also, I would like to bring to your attention a line from the song 'I love Christmas' sung by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano. In this song you have used the line 'friends you know are gunna pray for snow'. This brings many misleading points to surface as it doesn't specify if you know the friends that are going to pray, or you know that your friends are going to pray. Obviously, at first glance you assume that it is the latter as surely you would know your friends, but on a more in depth observation has lead me to believe that the first option is correct as in the singing of the song the punctuation is not made clear and it brings many different opinions to light. I would appreciate if you Could clear up this insane miss use of gramma as it confuses the listeners. This would be much appreciated.
Finally, after hopefully bringing the monstrosity of these lyrics to your attention, I request that you have everyone involved in the writing and producing of this absurd comment publish an apology to women worldwide, expressing your regret for damaging their self confidence and destroying their self worth.

sammy's picture
Submitted by sammy (not verified) on

hello, i am a mother of three and i was curious to why austin is proposing to ally? whats next ally getting pregnant? all im saying is i do no think it is a good model for children to learn from if they getting married at 18! Maybe you should learn from some of the writers in the past because hannah montana is way more popular now, years after its stopped producing new episodes, than this jank will ever be!

Eva's picture
Submitted by Eva (not verified) on

Please, please, please do not stop doing Austin and Ally. This is my favorite show on Disney Channel. With Austin and Ally ending, there aren't many other good shows! Even though they are moving on in their lives, they could still get back together sometimes, and show their progress. If not continuing with Austin and Ally, could you do a different show, with the same actors, just about later on in their lives?

Harmony's picture
Submitted by Harmony (not verified) on

The episode where austin asks casidy out and she says no because she is going to LA with her band. She states "i promise when i get back we will have that first date." I think that she should come back now that ally and austin are dating and see what happens. :)

Tristan 's picture
Submitted by Tristan (not verified) on

Hey Ally how are you doing right now and making your own cd I am proud of you I will be there for you in my life and my heart is telling that you are the one for me I love you ally because I care about you so will you come over to see me to make a record deal with you. I'm fine here I miss you so much are you round I like to say to you is will you marry me if you want to just let me know OK Ally you are so beautiful. angel. thanks sweetie I love you Ally see you soon and one thing is are you ticklish let me know OK I miss you sweetie bear

Khysner's picture
Submitted by Khysner (not verified) on

I am a really a big FAN. I thing that you two look Perfect for each other. My favorite episode was when you had the prom, because it was so romantic. When the show ended I got bored and didn't know what show I can watch because I love Austin and Ally. I love your songs so much. bye now.

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