Sadie Robertson

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Duck Dynasty

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Sadie Robertson was born June 17, 1997 in West Monroe, LA. She's a reality TV star on the A&E show "Duck Dynasty." She is the granddaughter of Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander. Her father is Willie Robertson, the company's current CEO. Right now, Robertson attends Ouachita Christian Academy and in 2013, she ranked sixth in the state of Louisiana for javelin throwing.

On August 26, 2013, Robertson started a YouTube channel entitled "The New Different" with friend and Preachers' Daughters star Kolby Koloff, although she has not been seen on the show since January 13, 2014. She sang "Away in a Manger" with Alison Krauss for her family's bestselling album, "Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas." She designed her own dresses in a collaboration with Sherri Hill, and modeled them during New York Fashion Week. Robertson's line of dresses is labeled "Live Original by Sadie Robertson."

It's been announced that Robertson will be joining the "Dancing With The Stars" cast for its 19th Season.


Duck Commander Co
117 Kings Lane
West Monroe, LA 71292


Submitted by (not verified) on

Ever since I was a little kid I've referred to momentarily forgetting something that I should know by reflex as a 'brain-fart', which made me more comfortable with the memory, and amused people whom I told about it afterward. This way it didn't seem as hard to overcome. And so I've never found ANY problem I couldn't get through, not even when I was in a bad car accident, and subjected to a deep coma. The doctors told my parents that I would never awake, but I proved them wrong.
:-) remember the only ONE time you ever should quit and that is NEVER!!!!

Submitted by Marsha Weisberg (not verified) on

Sadie you were fabulous tonight as you are always. G-d bless you and your entire family. I have never, ever written a fan letter to anyone, but I love all of you from Duck Dynasty. thanks to you and your entire family for bringing good, clean T.V. back. I wish you all the best tomorrow night! I wish you and your entire family all the blessings that the Lord has to offer.

Submitted by Wanda Mellette (not verified) on

Congratulations on DWTS! My husband, son, daughter and I enjoyed watching you each week. Thank you for representing the family of God so well. The little bios and the way you conducted yourself often brought tears to my eyes. I prayed for you different times as you were prepping for each night of competition.

My family and I are missionaries in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We moved here from Lancaster, PA in 2012. Our ministry here focuses on teens...youth ministry. My husband, Jerad, serves as youth pastor, music leader, mentor, and lots. more. He even has a Bible study each Tuesday at our son's public high school (high school here starts in 7th grade).

Anyways, I say all that to say I'm listening to your audiobook, Live Original. I'm loving it! Here I am 37 yrs old and I am really enjoying it. I was thinking that maybe I could use your audiobook as a type of Bible study for the kids in our youth group. It's so hard to get Christian influence here - less than 1% are Christian here. It's even illegal to build a Church building here if it's not zoned for religious purposes (and that's VERY difficult and expensive to get!). We also don't have Christian radio here.

Could I have your permission to use your audiobook in a small group setting with the teens we work with? I don't know if I need permission, but I thought it doesn't hurt to ask.

Thanks, again, for your faithfulness to God and His Word. Keep on keeping on!

Much love,

Wanda Mellette

Submitted by Natalie Aycock (not verified) on

I'm a sophomore in High School, in Edmond Oklahoma. My friend and I started a bible study and we based it off LIve Original. You're book is so relatable. All girls feel welcome. we would love to meet you of course, even have you at a study. You're TRULEY helping us get closer to Christ!

Submitted by Betty Turner (not verified) on

I loved watching you on DWTS. You are great Chrsitand example. I could relate your story. You see, my husband is the preacher for the Buena Park Church of Christ in Buena Park, CA. We were missionaries in Colombia from 1983-1989. My two daughters were born there. When my oldest daughter was in eighth grade she came home and told her father she wanted to try out to be a freshman cheerleader. I was surprised that he said yes. She did and she made the squad. She cheered all four years of high school and also auditioned and made the dance team. She received a dance scholarship to college and went to Paris and danced while in high school. She even danced for Disney. She has since married and had three beautiful boys and is a full time mom. She was able to do all this and never go against her faith. You were able to show the world your faith on a much bigger stage than my daughter did but I see many similarities in what you did and what my daughter did. Good luck in the rest of your endeavors.

Submitted by kahasia (not verified) on

You are my favorite person on duck dinisty and you was my favorite person on dancing the stars i voted for you the hole time:-)


Submitted by Mary Claire (not verified) on

Dear Sadie, Reading Live Fearless has given me the courage to ask my crush to slow dance with me and ask him if he wanted to be an item... Thank you for being such a great role model Sadie

Submitted by Serina (not verified) on

My granddaughter is a huuuuge fan of you so I was hoping you could send her an autographed picture. Some friends of ours had their picture made with you at auburn, Al recently & she flipped out. Her dad was at the same game but they wouldn't allow him near you. If this is possible email me at so I could send you an address. Thanks so much!!!

Submitted by alex wofford (not verified) on

I am a BIG fan of yours you are free pretty and a GREAT dancer.
Sorry about dancing with the star

Submitted by Donny (not verified) on

I don't really know what to say but thanks!!!!!!!!! I thank you because you have inspired me and many others to NOT be afraid for who they are or what they believe in but to be confident! You have taught many teens in this world we live in today to not be ashamed of who they are!! I go to a public school and it is really hard at times but I always remember how much courage you must of needed to stand up for what you believe in to thousands of people!!! THANKS!!!! God bless! Oh and I might be coming to Louisiana in March maybe ill met you that would be awesome!!!! Yours Truly, Donny:)

Submitted by joshua deason (not verified) on

i love u!!!! ur so hot

Submitted by no-ya (not verified) on

this woman is an amazing person who cares about god, and all you can say is ur hot? show a woman some respect! she almost won dancing with the stars for peat's sake. that must have taken so much courage. all you can say is ur hot. at least have proper grammar.

Submitted by hannah courtney (not verified) on

I like your style and I would like to be a model with you and I'm 12 years old I'm about to 13 in may but I was thinking about being a Victoria's Secret model but now that I saw you I think I want to be one with you

Submitted by Sarah Pope (not verified) on

Hi my name is Sarah Pope I am 12 years old from Atlanta GA. Just like thousands of others I am a big fan of you. But also I am a fan of your message, currently I am reading your book and I was reading in the car and I started tearing up. You truly have inspired me to become out of my "she'l" and be myself know matter what. I have gotten closer to God through Live Original and our relationship has expanded thanks to you!
You are beautifully and wonderfully made!
Sarah Pope

Submitted by Katie Dominish (not verified) on

Dear Sadie,
Need advice about something and would love to message privately somehow because I don't want to say it on public screen. I would love to hear back from you. I am not one to usually comment on posts but your video inspired me and I would like to chat with you about a situation I am in. Ps we share the same birthday haha!
Hope to hear back :)
-Katie Dominish

Submitted by Alie ford (not verified) on

Sadie your live original video was very inspirational. I want to thank you for sharing it. Those words were exactly what I needed to hear. Lately I have not been asking God for help as much as I need to. And lately i have needed him more than I realized. I have been a struggling with life and wanting to live it to the fullest and how I want to live it. Thank you for your videos and posts they do more than you realize. I admire your faith. I hope to hear back ;)

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

I loved your video on fb and it helped me deal with a someway if you even read these I would like to talk in a private chat.. you seem like you could help a lot. -Angela

Submitted by Raquel M. Payne (not verified) on

Hey girl! I just wanted to stop by and send you a message. I think what you are doing is just fabulous! There are so many celebrities getting attention and winning girls hearts and minds without even knowing it, and they are not leading by example! YOU ARE!
I think it is amazing you have written a book- I have not read it yet, but I will be getting it soon!
Also, you're clothing line is very stunning and beautiful. (Just like you inside and out!) I was hoping maybe you would considering doing a bridesmaid line of dresses too! I know I've been in so many weddings and the dresses the bride has picked out are just not flattering to someone who is trying to stay modest!

Anyway... I just wanted to thank you for leading by example and being a witness for Jesus Christ OUR Saviour! I hope you have a very blessed day! Your sister in Christ!

Submitted by laura matthews (not verified) on

we have 3 1/2 weeks of school left, and we would LOVE to read your Book, Live Original. Is there any way you could send us a class set. I teach 72 students, but we only need 18 copies....we will share from class-to-class. As you know, $$$$ is always the hindrance for teachers. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your courageous stand to live above and live for our Savior.
Mrs. Laura Matthews, 8th grade Reading Teacher

Submitted by Lynn Amis (not verified) on

Hi Sadie!
I teach 7th graders, and one of my classes is all girls. The Lord has opened great opportunities for me to share lots of Christian principles in this PUBLIC school, especially with my 15 girls. I showed them your live original testimony, and they were veeerrry attentive. Some of them need to become Christians. I told them I'd try to get in touch with you so they could write to you. What's the best way to do this? Most of them are on Instagram. You could be a big part of their decision to "live original". Just let me know what's simplest for you. I'll pray in the meantime. We love you!
Alabama Girls

Submitted by levi muller (not verified) on

Can we ever meet face to face sometimes? I would love to have a great conversation with you!

Submitted by Juhi (not verified) on

Hi Sadie,
You were an inspiration to me when i was going through a few rough patches. I am Indian and still believe that all are equal. I am not a christian but i believe in all gods. I am a bible reader and thanks to you i have discovered so many beautiful things in life.

Submitted by Amber Nelson (not verified) on

Hi Sadie Robertson. I Want to know if you would like to be friends with me. I'm a huge fan of duck dynasty. I love your Uncle Si. If you please Sadie gmail me at amberlnelson93 I would really like to be friends with you. I'm sure were around the same age. My name is Amber Nelson and I'm 22.

Submitted by Abby & Megan (not verified) on

Hi Sadie,
We are two of your biggest fans. We have read all the Duck Commander books and your book Live Original. We are so excited that you are speaking at our WOW weekend in 4 days. We will be there with our Live Original t shirts and tattoos on. We are very disappointed that we will not get to meet you personally as we have been told that due to your security you will not be able to have a "meet and great". In the slight chance that we do meet you, we will bring our Live Original book for you to sign. You are an inspiration to so many young women. We love you! Abby and Megan Wineinger

Submitted by Double j (not verified) on

I have a huge crush on Sadie Robertson from duck dynasty

Submitted by Evelyn Jean (not verified) on

Sadie...God bless you and your family for the love and encouragement you have bestowed on the public. I'm older and want to encourage you to go to school for a life that really matters. Nursing is so fulfilling. I can see you nursing your family in days to come and helping others. You have a gentle heart and are heading in the wrong direction with fame. God loves you. Make your life pleasing to God not man. I pray God guides you.

Submitted by Kristi Perry (not verified) on

Sadie, I have been a day care provider for 32 years. I'm would love to see a series of Christian books about you for young girls. The roll models for the young girls are very disappointing and negative influence. The pre school girls and first few grades need a better foll model with Christian values and you would be perfect! Please consider this. Thanks Kristi Perry

Submitted by Nick Plourde (not verified) on

Please pray for me. At Boston Children Hospital with Leukemia. Thanks, Nick Plourde

Submitted by Lorryn Holt (not verified) on

Hi Sadie!! My name is Lorryn Holt and I am a huge fan!! You and your family are huge role models to me! As a Christian myself, your enthusiasm and courage to be so outspoken is encouraging me and my friends to do the same. Work as hard as we can to serve the Lord. I would love to hear back from you. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!

Submitted by abigail (not verified) on

dear sadie

i am a book worm and when i read your book i was like WOW! you are such a good author and one of my favorite things you do is go on duck dynasty to preach the good word. god has answered your prayers and i hope he does the same for me
Abigail Rodriguez

Submitted by abigail (not verified) on

you are such a great role model for girls of every age! when i am an official teen i want to be just like you
Abigail Rodriguez

Submitted by Taylor (not verified) on

Hey sadie, i dont know if you have time for this but i really need your help with a struggle i have. I am 13 years old and a christian. I have been struggling with same sex attraction for a year and i dont know what to do about it. I look up to you and i would really like your help with this. I never told anybody about it. It would be awesome if you could make a youtube video to help me and anybody else that struggles with it.

Submitted by Notjustanengine... (not verified) on

Your a beautiful and inspiring woman. If your ever orut west and would like to know when and we're the hotspota are in California, just hit me up somehow. Love you!! <3

Submitted by Joseph Christen (not verified) on

Hey Sadie I met you at Winter Jam in Portland Oregon last year. I actually ran into you there were a lot of people. You said you wanted to talk again at some point.
Thanks hope to hear from you.

Submitted by Wyatt (not verified) on

Hey I just want you to know I have a huge crush on you and I would like your phone number

Submitted by John (not verified) on

Nice try Buddy. Haha

Submitted by Autumn (not verified) on

Hi Sadie , u are such an inspiration to me. Your love for God is something we have in common. I read your book live original and it helped me grow emotionally and spiritually . Thanks you for that

Love Autumn

Submitted by Trevor (not verified) on

I was talking to my mom and she was crying and I asked what's wrong. She was crying because we signed up to go to the youth congress in New Orleans and she wanted us to go and she didn't want us to go. The riots in Louisiana are 75 miles away from the meet up. I just wanna say that this is not right. I have nothing against African American people. I believe that all lives matter. It's a sad world when you can't travel somewhere without having fear of riots in the streets. I was thinking of a person to start a campaign to stop riots and end people fighting over Caucasian police officers shooting African American people, and you were the person I thought of. No matter what ethnic group a person is in, if they do something to get shot, has their fault.

Submitted by Brian Kammerer (not verified) on

I recently started learning about you Sadie! I am so impressed with your values! Wonderful Christian who is true! I absolutely love your smile! Most beautiful I've ever seen in my life! You r so amazing! Please reply to me if you can so I know you read this! Anyways I just wanted to say this because Sadie you are a Great role model! God Bless You!

Submitted by Lori Hudson (not verified) on

I am a teacher in ohio. I recently left an inner city school and took a job at a college-town school. Needless to say, my clientele is very different. God has laid it on my heart to offer a girls' Bible study to my inner city kids (now that I can no longer be fired for such things). I need book suggestions. Keep in mind, these girls do not know the gospel message/no familiarity with Scripture. Thanks!

Submitted by Sheila Hagenson (not verified) on

Was finally able to watch God's Not Dead 2. You were beyond amazing. Reality TV where you're just being yourself is one thing, but when you can play a scripted character and connect so deeply with every emotion and what that character is going through and portray that as if it were you yourself-that's something not everyone can do. Please give us more!!!

Submitted by Brad (not verified) on

Sadie I love you and would love to take you out on a date

Submitted by Abby Miles (not verified) on

OMG SADIE I LOVE YOU! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN WINTER JAM ON APRIL 1st!!! I was freaking out earlier because I will get to meet you live in person 5 days before my birthday!

Submitted by riley (not verified) on

she is so awsomely hot

Submitted by riley (not verified) on

are u single?

Submitted by Jason Harrison (not verified) on

I was in car accident at 17 y/o in 1997. Spent nine months hospital three months coma an life support, didn't walk three years or talk for four years. So I'm a miracle. I live on my own, pay my bills AN take care of myself. I work at Goodwill in Little River Sc on Hwy 9. In a cashier, which I love. I continue to cut up with my customers an fellow employees.
My sister saw your show on tv last night AN said that reminded her of me. I have a good life an thank the Lord for everything. Without him I'm nothing. Daily I share my testimony with others , tell them how good Jesus is. Got go to work, so have blessed day.

Submitted by Kathy Parker (not verified) on

Sadie I made a huge mistake. You have helped me through it, I've been a fan sinc the first episode of Duck Dynasty and need help.. Please reply it would mean the world to me.

Submitted by Layne William J... (not verified) on

Dear; Sadie

I always looked up to you since I first saw you on Duck Dynasty and saw you on #DWTS FYI you are a great dancer. I turn 18 on Friday July 13, 2018 and I would love for you to be at my party as a guest. That would be the Greatest gift that a boy would ever dream of. I love that you are the most spiritual, funny, and beautiful young lady like your self. I just got finished reading your first book. I loved it.

P.S. "you will always be in my heart"...

Submitted by Loreen Kaspersen (not verified) on

There's a teen that is the most amazing I've ever known (I'm a friend of her grandmother who along with her grandfather is raising her). Her parents divorced when she was small. She almost died of lung complications 3 years ago. Her father left the picture with another woman. Her mother struggled emotionally and died last August. But Sophia (now 16) has stayed faithful to God, sings in adult worship team, strong leadership in youth group and is an honor student at school. She loves public speaking and wants to be in journalism. Hopes to go to Christian college. I've tried to be brief but hope you can take a few minutes to see her blog (expressing her heart) at Any message from you would be so fantastic as she follows you and given your new book to countless friends. Thank you and God Bless

Submitted by Abby Sorensen (not verified) on

I hope to be like you someday. I wanna share the love of Jesus Christ and help other girls struggling like I once was. You are a great role-model for kids and teens and I would know that because I have changed so much by reading your books (and devotions) watching you preach, and seeing how God has helped you through tough times and knowing He will help me too. I know this is probably one in a million comments, but Thank You so much for sacrificing your life to God! Give it up for God!


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