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The Miami Heat is based in Miami, Florida, and is a member of the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. They play their home games at the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami. The team is owned by Micky Arison, who also owns cruise-ship giant Carnival Corporation. Pat Riley is the general manager of the team, and the current head coach is Erik Spoelstra. As of 2013, Forbes Magazine ranks the Heat sixth in overall NBA franchise value at $625 million.

Home Venue: 
American Airlines Arena

NBA Championships 2006, 2012

Conference Championships 2006, 2011, 2012


American Airlines Arena
601 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132


Submitted by Stephen Stanley (not verified) on

Coach, Lebron, TEAM, if you’re hearing this I know you don’t need extra motivation from me. Look, there’s piss poor effort and defensive intensity all around, and terrible offensive ball movement. WE NEED 5 LEBRON JAMES ON THE FLOOR. That’s what’s it’s gonna take. It’s a mentality – when I see it in his eyes (game 2 just 1 example). 5 Players play like beasts and trust your shots and movement. (You may consider keeping Wade on the bench when Lebron is in the game to throw a wrench in Spurs Defensive gameplan). Leave it all out on the floor and play – it’s that simple, and this Heat team can beat anyone. As much as I want to say have pride for your fans, it’s NOT about anyone else but yourselves – that will all work itself out in the end. Best wishes…

Submitted by Donald Mann (not verified) on

As Usual P. Reily did a magnificent job in the wake of the loss of James. He isn't done.
He needs to use that 6 million he has to pay for M. Miller 's contract to sign Mike Miller and get Ray Allen if for no other reason so the Cavs do not get them.
The lineup looks good with Oden possibly at center. This will make a playoff team.
Signing M. Miller/R. Allen will solidify the shooting potential of this team.
Sign D.Wade, Haslem. This is a done deal.
Another idea: Trade Jones, Chalmers, and a draft pick for Korver or any combination that leaves Lewis, Anderson and Cole intact.
Douglas, Beasley and Hamilton can also be in the trade mix.
Oden is a potential 20 point scorer. He could be the center with Bosh and Deng the forwards and Granger and Wade the guards. McRoberts is a sound backup forward center to Anderson and Oden.
That is a very solid team. You need a bench.
Miller, Korver, Cole, Allen, and whoever remains with Douglas, Chalmers (7 million) and Jones.
This is a championship team once again.
The Cavs are after Jones, Allen and Miller. Miller especially since it was Miller that handed James the opportunity to win those rings and Allen's shot that gave him the second. Mike Miller was integral to those two rings.
James needs them to have a chance to win, especially Miller.
Don't pay for Miller's salary to have him play for a competitor.
I can't say it enough sign Mike Miller and you get R. Allen. Try to get Korver and you have a team that can compete with SA Spurs in 2015.
Without Miller and Korver Miami can not beat SA. Three point shooting wins championships.

Submitted by Donald Mann (not verified) on

I just realized that Mike Miller had two years on his contract when the Heat amnestied him.
Why couldn't the Heat have done something else to prevent such an essential player for this team that was sure to end up in the finals from ending up elsewhere with no chance of now rebuilding from the horrific mess the loser James left this team in.
He planned it all along to allow the Cavs to get draft picks stopping Miami from progressing and building for the Cavs future and then says goodbye.
The only two rings Miami with James has is because of Mike Miller being part of that attack.
No wonder James wants him he couldn't won without him and the other stars.
He can only win with stars.
MJ made stars with the team he won with. James needs stars to win. MJ played for his team to win. James played for his team for him to shine.
He is not or ever was in the Miami family and he's no friend.
Don't believe that homesick story. It was back to Cleveland from the start.
In all due respect to the Heat management amnestying Miller was a colossal blunder. He was integral to the offensive punch that was vitally necessary to the success of this team especially in the finals.
Now you will lose Miller and Ray Allen and Cleveland will sign him to a long term contract that the Heat will ultimately lose the chance of him ever playing for the Heat again and Cleveland your competitor and the last team you want to benefit from your mistake at this juncture will have him play and probably beat you and you have to pay his salary while he does that and whatever Cleveland signs him for and they probably will get Ray Allen to.
This was not a very good move. It may have cost you any chance to win in this years finals and let Memphis benefit from his services at your cost. He made Memphis a better team.
What a colossal blunder. It seems the Heat management still have not figured out that three point shooting wins NBA championships not just one man team exhibitionist attention deprived losers who came to this team and sucked out the championship spirit in the 2014 finals.
Don't get me wrong. LBJ is a great player. He is no MJ.
Everybody was down with James himself knowing he was leaving since he arrived and it was picked up apparently casting the never was my heart in Miami sentiment with his fanfare that took away the role of the true leader of the Heat D. Wade and assisted in the casting down the vigor of this team as a team that led to the badly spirited 2014 finals. That was D. Wade non-appearing game 5 play.
James forcing shots in desperation to try to get back in the game was a one man show that killed the team. That is not how MJ would have done it. He would have hit timely shots James missed because MJ was a profoundly better shooter. You needed Mike Miller desperately.
When it was at seven in game 5, you needed a 3 or two to get it to one. If that happened there may have been a game 6. You didn't have the player who could have done that. Instead miss after miss led to another rout.
If James had to make the 3 that tied game 6 in 2013 the Heat would have gone home. James couldn't make the big shot at Cleveland and he still can't. He's a loser. Thanks for the memories! Give me a break! That's his line. No gratitude to the team that made HIM a winner.
Not only have you lost James but you lost Mike Miller and probably Ray Allen and possibly James Jones because of that July 2014 colossal blunder. You will lose them to Cleveland helping to make them a winner now. Good Gracious!
If there was nothing else that could be done I could begin to understand. P. Reily states how essential Miller was and then throws him away to save cap space for what? It didn't help. You won two NBA crowns with what you had. Whatever you did it was clearly not worth it. You helped throw away the only salvation you could have reclaimed with the loss of James and now set to lose more not to mention the weapon that could have given you a chance in the 2014 finals.
I am very disappointed at this management! Good Luck in 2015.

Submitted by Donald Mann (not verified) on

Now that Mike Miller is off the table it is time to get a three point shooter to replace the loss of Miller.
Lebron was going back no matter what.
I would have amnestied someone else maybe even Chalmers. He could be eligible to sign this year again Why didn't they pick someone with a high salary whose contract runs out this year?. He had plenty of turnovers in the playoffs and with Cole and Jones The Heat could have gotten by without him.

I would trade Chalmers, Jones and Beasley and the first round draft pick for Kyle Korver if Atlanta would be crazy enough to do it.
That would give you the #1 3 point shooter in percentage in the NBA in 2013-2014 season.
Mike Miller was third.
The highest three point shooter the Heat had in 2013-2014 was at 47th place. It was LBJ.
Then 55th and 58th, 98tth and 100th. It is no wonder they lost in 2014.
SA had 7 with 3 in the top 13. It wasn't Genobli or K. Lenoard. they were better than 47th.
SA had 5 or 6 - 3 point shooters better than LBJ.
It is no wonder the Heat got blown out with the spectacular 3 point shooting SA had to the dismally poor 3 point attack Miami had.

This folks was a series that was crying out for Mike Miller's services and he was not to be had and will not be until JUly 2015.
What a colossal blunder that wrecked the 2014 playoffs.
If Miami had Miller and Korver with what thery have now and Oden can play to his abilities the Heat would be back in the finals in 2015.
That now without Korver and Miller leaves them scratching to get in at all.

Submitted by Richard F Pappalardo (not verified) on

This is a bit of a stickler, but Dwayne Wade deserves some love. On the other hand, if you overpay, that will curtail some of your other efforts to "beef-up" the team. I say it is actually not that hard to work out. Give Wade a two or three year contract (do not do 4 years), or as follows:

$15 MM - Year 1
$25 MM - Year 2
$15 MM - Year 1
$20 MM - Year 2
$25 MM - Year 3

That gives him the $20 MM per year that he is seeking, it gives you some flexibility because the cash outlay for Year 1 is relatively low, the cap will continue to increase every year. Therefore, Wade's increase in pay should be covered for the most part. This is a "win-win" for everyone.

Go ahead Pat Riley I know you can do it, YOU ARE THE MASTER!

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