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Victor Cruz is a wide receiver for the New York Giants. He signed with the team in 2010 as an undrafted free agent. Cruz played college football for the University of Massachusetts with 149 catches which places him at number four on the all-time receptions list for the university's football program. This happened in spite of his initial problems with combining academia and athletics. According to university records, Cruz was sent home twice for academic reasons. He only became eligible to play football for the university his junior year.

Since Cruz joined the Giants, he has celebrated almost every touchdown with a salsa dance. Cruz says it's to honor his grandmother who taught him how to dance salsa. He even was offered a spot on Dancing with the Stars because of the famous dance, but turned it down.

Cruz was born November 11, 1986 in New Jersey to Mike Walker and Blanca Cruz. His parents never married and his father committed suicide in 2007.


2012 Pro Bowl (New York Giants)

2011 2nd Team All Pro (New York Giants)

2011 Super Bowl Champion (New York Giants)


New York Giants
1925 Gaints Dr
East Rutherford, NJ 07073


Submitted by Michael J. Muccio (not verified) on

The Borough of West Paterson the sister town to the west of the City of Paterson-Victors Home Town is celebrating its 100th Anniversary Parade on May 17, 2014 at 1 PM and would like Victor to ride in the
parade as many of are residents are orginially from Paterson and it would be great if he could make an
appearrance. My address is: WP Cenrennial Celebration 5 Brophy Lane, Woodland Park, N.J. 07424
Attn: Mike Muccio Parade Chairman 973-345-3899

Submitted by Daniel wiederhorn (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Cruz,
I am a huge fan of yours and I am so sorry about your unfortunate injury. I truly think that you might be the greatest receiver in Giants history. I hope you have a safe and speedy recovery.
Your biggest fan

Submitted by tony (not verified) on

I think you are the best the way you deal with kids and show much luv to your fan and I love the way you dance. I wish you and your family the best my dream is to meet you one day and talk god bless you and kick butt you get my blessing always stay good and good will reward you papi.

Submitted by Chris Yowell (not verified) on

Vic just wanted to know you saved me i had almost reached my breaking point and almost killed myself. But when i found you and discovered your story it put hope back into my heart. I found out how you had your father die and got kicked out of UMass twice but you didn't want to become a stereotype, a statistic. My uncle had just died my padrino school was falling apart barley passed then the next year i got expelled. But i'm trying to follow in your footsteps now im writing a paper on you but i'm not good at writing so its not really good. So I Just Want To Say Thank You For Inspireng Me And Mabye Delivering me a wonder full life.

Submitted by Melissa Borowy (not verified) on

Mr.Cruz you are a true inspiration to me. Right now I am extremely upset about your injury. I know you will make it through this though and come back next season stronger than ever. I am proud to wear your jersey and proud to have my 15 month old son wear your jersey as well. Best wishes and love! Hope surgery goes well

Submitted by Mike Coffey (not verified) on

I am very sorry to hear about your injury tonight. Not just because I'm a Giants fan but because you are one solid and genuine dude. You took the time a few months back to visit my friend's dying son. You replaced the pain his family was going through with happiness by doing what you did. I can't thank you enough and I will always be grateful to you for that. I wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon and keep your head up, Sir.

Submitted by Jean (not verified) on

Hey man hope you recover after that injury that you have picked up. It's going to be tough not seeing you in the feild no more for the rest of the season. Keep your head up high and recover to be stronger next season. Your fan
Jean C.

Submitted by Ken (not verified) on


My son wrote a letter for you to feel better we just are not sure where to send it so you will get it. We are wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank you and God bless.

Submitted by Mary Ellen Garza (not verified) on

My heart goes out to you during this injury. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan but I have always liked how you played & how you are off the field. Know that this is a "bump in the road" that you will conquer & look at it as a challenge. Best wishes for a good recovery!!

Submitted by Christine Vorisek (not verified) on

I am so sorry about your injury...When I saw you get carted off the field on Sunday, tears came from my eyes. I want to wish you a speedy recovery - I know that your strength, determination, family & fan support will see you through this disappointing time. I know that you will return next season STRONGER than EVER. I will continue to miss you on Sundays & continue to pray for an awesome recovery. I am proud to wear your jersey, as well as SCREAMING 'CRUZ' in my living room at every amazing play. Prays & Love Always
Christine - Bohemia, NY

Submitted by Jose M. Kansas ... (not verified) on

Hi, I'm Jose M. and I'm an extreme Giants fan. I've been following your career and you are one of the greatest football players. So, sorry that you are injured. Get well, looking forward to you again next season. Oh yes, my buddy K. Peterson wishes you well.

Submitted by Thomas Fooshee (not verified) on

Mr. Cruz,

Get well soon, I know exactly how you feel I also tore my right patella tendon yesterday working out at work. It was the worse pain i ever felt. Felt like someone hit my knee with a bat. Good luck sir.

Tom Fooshee

Submitted by Lexi Farmer (not verified) on

Hi Victor I'm a big fan! I am so so upset you got hurt I cried. I know how you feel. I just want to know if your ok. I can't watch the Giants with out you playing. I won't even watch or look at anything Giants without you. I Miss you so much. I LOVE You so much Victor.

Submitted by Julie Loomis (not verified) on

I've never written a sports figure before, but my son, Jackson, just had a full patella tendon rupture a week ago. He is only 14 and was practicing with his high school lacrosse team. No contact was involved, he was running fast and jumped up. It is extremely rare this young and the surgery more complicated because they have to work around the growth plates. He is having surgery Thursday, October 23rd. If you would be willing to send him an autographed photo it would be so special to him. When and if you are up to it. I know you both have a long road ahead and I just had to ask. It is such a rare and confusing injury - only those who've had it can probably fully understand. I sincerely wish you Gods strength and endurance as you - and my son- fight your way back from this. Sincere thanks for considering this request. Julie

Submitted by Lexi Farmer (not verified) on

Hi Victor, I am so sorry about your injury. My biggest dream was to meet you but unfortunately my parents doesn't have the money. My BIGGEST dream was to meet you and marry you. Would you be able to meet me? You live a hour away from me in Jersey. My parents want you to marry me when I'm 23 which is in 11 years. Can you please marry me? I'll do anything for you to marry me. When my parents do get the money in a few years or months I'll give you money to marry me? Please it's my biggest dream to marry you. You've been my crush for years now. Please? I LOVE you Victor. Please email me back about this.

Submitted by Lexi Farmer (not verified) on

Hi Victor, I just wanted to say get well soon. I really want you on the field again. My biggest dream was to meet you but unfornutely my family doesn't have the money would you be able to meet me you live a hour away from me in Jersey. My father and mother said maybe in a few years but my BIGGEST dream was to meet you and to marry you. I really want to meet you and marry you my father and mother said that would be a good thing to marry you when I'm 23, which is in 11 years. Listen would you please email me back about this? Thanks From Lexi

Submitted by Nathan Head (not verified) on

Hey Victor, i know this wont be read by you, but I have been a Giants fan since i was 6 (14 now) and when i saw you come on the field for that first time, i knew you would go far and you really have. I am inspired to be just like you with your amazing skill and when i saw your injury last Sunday, i was devestated. I know you are getting tons of Get Well letters, but i need to add your pile. I cannot wait until you return to the game! Please get better Vic and we'll see you on the field soon man!

Submitted by Willie Snow (not verified) on

I have had the surgery you had 3 times. As i watched your Bio/doc. I notice something that is hindering you in your recovery.

The odds of you reading this personally are zero to none, however if by chance you do read this then its not by chance. It's a devine purpose. I will allow the rest to be up to you. If it is for reason than you will reach out to me.

Talk to you later.

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