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Tiger Woods is one of the most successful professional golfers of all time. According to Forbes, he's also one of the highest paid athletes in the world. Born Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods, he turned professional in 1996... and a year alter won his first major tournament, the 1997 Masters. That same year he reached the number one position in the world rankings. Throughout the first decade of 2000, Woods dominated as the world's No. 1 professional golfer.

However, in 2010, he was involved in an infidelity scandal and decided to take a leave from professional golf. By 2011, his golf ranking fell to a professional all-time low of No. 58. Finally, after a 107 week win-less streak, Woods won the Chevron World Challenge in December 2011.

As of March 2013, Woods ranks No. 1 in the world again after winning the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitation.


Masters Tournament: 1997, 2001, 2002, 2005

US Open: 2000, 2002, 2008

The Open Championship: 2000, 2005, 2006

PGA Championship: 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007


Tiger Woods Foundation
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Submitted by rosemarie torre... (not verified) on

Making a come back shouldn't be about fame or fortune. It's about cleanings one' s soul. When an adult of sound mind knowingly and repeatedly committed adultery that's breaking a commandment. God NEVER forgives adultery. You were blessed with a beautiful life, wife and children. You could have prayed. G-d hears prayers. Your marriage and dignity would have been saved! You choose a bad path.

Getting over it is not the right answer. You caused a lot of pain and shame to your ex-wife and children. The message to the public is that it's O.K. if I did that I can just say I am sorry and move on.
NO, scars last forever and you scared your family for life! You hurt your parents, ex-wife and children.
Your a disgrace to the national public. A real WINNER is someone who works hard and does good things and doesn't damage his family.

The world is full of good deserving people who are loyal and respect marriage and family life. You should be giving your millions to start an organization to help extremely successful not to break under pressure. You should leave the professional golf course an allow a deserving good person in your place.

Submitted by VicPatrick (not verified) on

I don't know who you are but you are totally incorrect. God forgives all sins except suicide. Who are you to tell someone that they need to leave their place of income because of a lapse in judgement. Anyone that leaves their livelihood like you are saying would be stupid. A sin is a sin and we are all human that make mistakes. If this is the best advice you can come up with, please just don't try to give any.

You don't know what goes on in other people's lives so you shouldn't comment on it. Any sin you've committed is no better than his or anybody else. I'm glad Tiger is back to where he was before things happened.

If any other golfers were good enough, he wouldn't be keeping them out. You are a sinner just like all of us are: all any of us can do is ask for forgiveness. You are in no position to judge anyone. That's GOD's job. Keep your comments to yourself. PLEASE!!!

Submitted by Bret VonBurren (not verified) on

Thanks for judging Tiger. Am curious what religion you are affiliated? My God forgives all who asks from the heart. Breaking a Commandment does not condemn one for all eternity but does add significant stress to one''s life. God is judge Rosemarie, Not you. God gave Moses the Commandments for many reasons one of which is to live without heart wrenching stress. Tiger will be just fine and will win again. He is a better man, made it right in his heart, and knows God still loves him despite quick condemers like you. I suggest you read how Jesus treated and loved and forgave the woman about to be stoned. My hope is that Tiger will take full advantage of his amazing golf talents with a renewed focus on The One who loves him and gave his only Son for him - as He did for you and me. I will pray for Tiger to strive to win more tournaments and for you Rosemarie to get a clue on the true meaning on God's Love.

Submitted by Mattie Lewton (not verified) on

The nerve, you don't belong in this world; you're perfect. One of the greatest hero's in Scripture is Paul, the Encourager. Was he always that way? NO! People can change. Crawl in a hole and stay away from humans. I'm so glad you don't issue Blessings.

Submitted by HollyElizabeth (not verified) on

I don't agree, Tiger is an amazing athlete let's not forget a human being like the rest of us .I do know that the lessons from the Bible teach us not to judge others or we will be judged. Here in America athletes ,entertainers there personal life's become an open book in the media ,that's sad .Would we want our lives exploited? Certainly not. For some reason we get confused in this world it it hard not to be of the world. live and let live . Can we all agree that Tiger is an Amazing Athlete ,his skills in Golf are quite "a gift" he was born with .We are all blessed with gifts, strengths and weaknesses . We are individuals, I like to think of people like diamonds with many facets that make us shine so brilliantly , & with such complexity not to be compared with another. All souls are great I the eyes of our maker . I am intrigued by Golf it's such a magnificent sport. I am truly wowed by how they get that ball in the hole switch so many elements to consider. I have always wanted to learn to play . Tiger Woods an amazing Athlete , Definitely one of the best of all time if not the best . My wish to learn from the best.

Submitted by Linda M. Lasley (not verified) on

Tiger Woods, you are as the season of the land. As the grass will return always, so shall you. You have been the life of this sport, since your birth! When you are on top, they want you always there. It is your fans; afraid of you out of the picture! G-d gave his only begotten son to the world, Jesus cried father why has thou forsaken me? Looking back in your life, history repeated at your birth. The world is about to level to another dimension and the King shall return. You're heaven and you have not suffered alone. I so much want to say to you, drink from the cup first (selfish) "no" If you linger for thirst, how do you continue your comeback! Give a soft jump with your heels and that ball will go in that hole. Of course, you always knew this! No golfer can make a ball do the things you can. The grass is your DNA, don't lose the infant that rested on the song of dity de dit de de. You have and always will be loved. Comeback as soon as you can, tiger the
man can. Go slow and blow beep - beep ! Talk with a friend; Alisha Keys, I
will always be waiting with open arms. Forever Love, I'm on LinkedIn.

Submitted by Linda M. Lasley (not verified) on

What are we turning in to on this earth! I fight for my friends, and I take up for my enemies; for if I check myself in the mirror every morning I don't bring lots of nonsense in the world. This man made a mistake in his own
personal life, have you never done so in yours! What man hasn't or what
woman, he had the courage and royalty of his belief to offer the world an apology. Who will throw the first stone? We were talking about a (GOLF)
professional comeback, not an invasion. To those who first loved our Tiger Woods; the same child that grew into a man and with children of his own. I stand at the door and knock; leave Tiger Woods alone! If no one said it to you "Tiger" as a child and I am sure they did;"Welcome to the world". This reply is not for the fans that love, but for those that hate. Tiger yourrr Great!

Submitted by Lee Drocco (not verified) on

Really pulling for Tiger. Followed him since he was very young and we lived in Orange County. Was very disappointed when all the personal problems surfaced and was rooting against him. Now recovering from my third low back surgery, this one with fusion so I know what he's had to go through. It would be great if he came all the way back. Now rooting for him 'big time'!

Submitted by Paul Grill (not verified) on

Tiger has been making good progress and he refers to learning new things with his new body. It's time for Tiger to acknowledge that we the public have forgiven him for his past and want him to start winning again. He has a new body and can achieve unbelievable greatness. Shake all your inequitees from the past off your shoes. No more excuses go out their with the power you now possess and take charge. We Love you Tiger!!!

Submitted by Joe Garganta (not verified) on

Hello Tiger, I have two large plaques with autographs of the greatest golfers of all time. I sure would like to add you to the plaque, if there is a possibility I could get one or two it would be great. I will gladly send you the cards for you to autograph them.

Submitted by Sue Moore (not verified) on

I am writing for my mother, Dee who is 91, blind and on oxygen 24/7. She would like to tell you that she feels you are the greatest and her favorite golfer of all time. She is an incredible woman -very interested in all aspects of life and remains involved by listening to TV constantly-especially you. She is very impressed at your strength of character dealing with all of your struggles. She would like to say that as much as you have already accomplished you will still leave a much bigger mark in this world and she sends all of her good wishes for your continued success.

Submitted by Claudia (not verified) on

I hope you realize you truly are an inspiration to so many. Your ability to just keep going no matter what drawbacks there could be, to never give up is a most admiral quality and now here you are just doing great.

Submitted by Gee (not verified) on

Hi Tiger! I am a huge fan. So glad you are back playing golf again. I had a head on collision. Told I may never golf again. To everyone’s surprise I am back playing. My putting use to be good. After accident I struggled. I am telling you because I went back to basics and it’s helping. When I putt, this is what I’m thinking. HANDS TO THE HOLE. It’s working for me. Maybe it will bring a little something to your struggle. Keep up the good work. That win is coming!!

Submitted by Mattie Lewton (not verified) on

Go Tiger Go!!!

Submitted by Jeff Linc (not verified) on

Dear Tiger

I’ve played at Omer 5,000 health and rehabilitation centers in my life and you are an inspiration not only to me but many of the sickest who just want to give up...
People ask me all the time ... why not go on the voice or American Idol..you could be a superstar...
Elvis, Michael Jackson... etc. have had to pay the ultimate price for there fame..
You could have chose to give up, but you didn’t...
playing music for the poor and sick gives me a great purpose...
Anyways I look up to you and will never give up..

God Bless!!!
Jeff Linc

Submitted by Ken Wilkens (not verified) on

I have never posted an online commentary ever. I quickly went through the above thread and can’t believe how people can confuse jobs/sports, religion and being a human. I’m pretty sure the sports people don’t go blogging all church websites to talk about the sports accomplishments. Everyone’s got their own issues just keep it to yourself unless you’re helpful and otherwise let the man be. But that’s not what I’m here for.

Submitted by Rafael Nunez (not verified) on

Tiger Let me as a white male congratulate you for your unique and gratest oerformance in sports history. Certainly this forever triunph belongs for today and forever not only to you and your family but to Afro-descendants all over the world !!

Submitted by Andrea Gadson (not verified) on

I never admired golf until you played, I came in Augusta in 1993 since than I wanted to come to the golf tournaments. Every year I worked I’m now 50 and would love to see you play before retirement.

Submitted by Jaxon (not verified) on

Tiger, you're great and deserve this medal, but please don't let this disgusting opportunist take advantage of all your work and claim some sort of responsibility for it. On CBS news just now, this story of your medal followed right after the story of a child ripped from his father 11 months ago by ICE and this is the first time they've seen one another since. Stand up for what's right, please!

Submitted by David Wucher (not verified) on

You have no more ardent admirer than me. I’ve followed your extraordinary career from your first win at the Masters in 1997 to your amazing comeback at this years Masters. Because I have so much admiration for your unprecedented accomplishments in tournament golf and the brilliant mind necessary to achieve them, I’m having difficulty understanding your relationship with our President. Please carefully consider your interactions with this man that many of us Americans believe to be, based on his short stint as President, unfit for governmental service.

Submitted by Kathryn Ingold (not verified) on

Congratulations Tiger !!
This was a great honor and I am so glad that your family was there to witness this honor.
Please do not let negative comments about you receiving or attending this ceremony diminish the meaning or minimize the honor of receiving this award. President Trump was right in his choice to give you this award for your accomplishments . President Trump may not do everything right ( but which President has ) but this he got right !! Thank you for ALL you do for the sport of golf and for the many charities you help.

Submitted by gerardo (not verified) on

I am 58 and all I wish for you for father's day is a win in the US Open. You once won by 15, you can make up 10. Happy father's day!

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