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Stephen Douglas "Steve" Kerr (born September 27, 1965) is a retired professional basketball player and the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Kerr is a six-time NBA champion, winning three championships with the Chicago Bulls, two with the San Antonio Spurs, and one as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He and Frank Saul are the only two players in NBA history to have won championships with two different teams in consecutive seasons. Kerr shot 45.4% from 3-point range over his career, which is the highest in NBA history for any player with at least 2,000 shot attempts.

On June 2, 2007, the Phoenix Suns named Kerr the team's President of Basketball Operations and General Manager. Kerr helped Managing Partner Robert Sarver buy the Suns in 2004 and became one of Sarver's trusted basketball advisors. Kerr announced his retirement from the Suns in June 2010. Afterwards, Kerr returned as a color commentator for NBA on TNT until 2014 when he pursued a career in coaching.

On May 14, 2014, the Golden State Warriors named Kerr the team's head coach. On April 4, 2015, with a win over the Dallas Mavericks, Kerr broke the NBA record for the most regular season wins for a rookie coach. The Warriors went on to win the 2015 NBA Finals, making Kerr the first rookie coach to win a championship since Pat Riley in the 1982 NBA Finals.


NBA champion (1996–1999, 2003) - as player

NBA champion (2015) - as coach


Steve Kerr
c/o The Golden State Warriors
1011 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607


Submitted by Leonard Kaiser (not verified) on

I had a very similar thing happened to me after a surgery where spinal fluid was leaking. I had horrible headaches. They were able to go in and do what they called a blood patch. They drew blood out of my arm and injected it into my back in my spine and somehow the blood fills the space and heels whatever it was going on. My migraine stopped immediately just a thought if it's not something that they have already tried with you.

Submitted by Kristen Boyd (not verified) on

That is exactly what I had also! I had a spinal tap and it was TERRIBLE!!!!! I had severe migraines and constantly threw up!!!! I couldn't be vertical I had to lay down!! I went to Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and did a blood patch also!! After, I was back to normal and felt great!! It was life changing!!!!! Hope this helps Steve Kerr!!!! I hope you feel better soon!!
Kristen Boyd

Submitted by Sam (not verified) on

Steve I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Nobody should have to endure what you've gone thru.
Hi, I've suffered from debilitating headaches for the last few years. Thank gd we have ruled out all major issues via imaging but the one thing that sticks out is that I have multiple herniated discs in my back. I'm convinced that this is causing the headaches. No doctors will listen to me. The headaches are unbearable. Can this all be from my back somehow? Anybody with similar experience? Nothing helps.

Submitted by John Williams (not verified) on

You may want to try CranioSacral Therapy. It's a non-invasive modality that has been known to help. You can find out more info at This site will also help you find a local practitioner.

Submitted by Arturo Davila (not verified) on

Dear Sir, I do understand the game of basketball, from a fan's point of view. Without the fan's there is no game, with that said, I love your team, I believe in them, but my heart is breaking. The actions of Draymond Green are not the same as regular season, his demeanor is more angry, or ego driven. Now I say this with respect, I think Draymond is an incredible player on the greatest team in the history of basketball. He is a driving force for the rest of the team, his actions send a ripple affect to his team mates. I believe your team will find themselves, but Draymond needs to fine himself now, with all the respect in the world. Because I care! Arturo Davila

Submitted by lonbeli on

hi steve,
i don t now if this mail will b red!
but if don t send it, i won t b a true fan fan.
my heart is broken as yours i know;;
but stlill hoping that w ll get through this;;
so this is what my stupid mind is telling me!!
warriors always wins when th mvp is on top,
so why others players will not play for him;
h is abl to make a 60 on his own,
so w should try to make him free cause h s not getting much balls these last days

i m leon from France

Submitted by Cassandra McMillan (not verified) on

Bring home the Championship Trophy
This message is to the entire Warrior Team.
Good morning Steve & Golden State Warriors
Stop playing with the Cav, and bring home the Trophy. All the Cav is doing is play the Warriors Basketball game against Warriors. Take the Warrior Basketball game back and win the Championship.
The 2016 NBA Championship Trophy goes to the Golden State Warriors
Your number #1 Fan
Mr. Stevie McMillan &
Mrs. Cassandra McMillan

Submitted by Tim (not verified) on

Steve . . . Please don't tarnish your awesome playing and coaching careers by displaying a jaw dropping ignorance of the US Constitution . . specifically the 2nd Amendment.

Submitted by Ralph (not verified) on

Kerr is absolutely right about guns. The 2nd Amendment leaves much more room to regulate guns... and they should be. Thank you, Coach, from a Cavs fan, for expressing your opinion. My respect for you continues to grow!

Submitted by Robert (not verified) on

Steve, I will never forget when Jordan passed you the ball, and you made the basket to win the game.
I really do respect you for that. You didn't freeze up ! My concern is the fact that you backup Kaepernick,
he is 100 % wrong. You are right about him having the right to protest, but he still crossed the line. There are too many Black violent thugs in our Cities. I will never forget the Case of Stephanie Neiman, that poor young girl was kidnapped, raped, and then buried alive by Violent Black Thugs. I know that there are some very good Black people out there, but the police have to deal with the bad ones, and during some of these encounters the police have had to use deadly force.

Submitted by Mario Donaldson (not verified) on

Please consider starting Durant(5) Green(4) Iguodala(3) Thompson(2) and Curry(1)...

I love your team and all that the Goldenstate Warriors do.


Submitted by GARY EDWIN TUCKER (not verified) on

Mario,Loosing mo hurt team defense as we now have no one who is strong under the basket. KD may be great but he isn't a center. Can't trade for a center Mid-season? With Igudala starting the line up is not big enough defensively or on the boards.

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

You spoke at your press conference about how disgusted you are with Trump, esp when facing your wife and daughter (I'm assuming because of his comments).
Did you ever consider how you would face your family is Hillary won ? You would have to explain how Bill (who would be living in the White House) not only commented about but actually lied about sex with all his aides in the White House being a sexual predator, how he travelled with Jeff Epstein to Epsteins sex slave island to have sex with underage girls and how Hillary went after ALL the woman bill was taking advantage of. If you think that would be an easier argument, your sadly mistaken. I live in the Bay Area and was a Warrior fan. You brought politics to the game, which was a huge mistake and now I no longer will support, watch or attend your games.

Submitted by David R Bruce (not verified) on

My son lost everything in a fire on November 15th 2016. Please see link. One of his most prized possessions was a picture he had of Draymond Green. It was destroyed in the fire. He received that picture from Draymond at a field trip to city Hall in San Francisco. Is there a way you can send us another signed picture to replace that one.

Submitted by Michele Widmer (not verified) on

I also experienced the same thing when my son was born via C section. To stop the pain, they drew blood from my arm and injected it into my spine. There was instant relief. Just thought this might be helpful or they may have already tried it.

Submitted by Sherman (not verified) on

I'm a diehard Golden St fan. In a close late game situation like against Cleveland why not put Kevin Durant on Kyrie Irving. KD has more length than Thompson. KD is athletic to stay with Kyrie and force him into a higher launch point. I wouldn't worry about LeBron because he DOES NOT want the pressure of taking the last shot. Iggy can hold him just fine. But PLEASE use KD on defense more in key sutuations. I have been more impressed with KD defense. I knew he could play offense. Go Warriors

Submitted by Ron adams (not verified) on

To Steve Kerr,
I am 60 years old and been a Warriors fan since a young boy. Your a great coach but lack critical thinking skills when it comes to politics.
Have you read Trumps executive order banning 7 counties from the USA? Have you read the existing Federal law on the books reguarding alians and the presidents right to ban them or groups of them from entering the USA?
My guess is probably not. Because if you did then you logically would not be speaking against the executive order. First take your eyes and read the order and immigration law for your self.
No where in the order does it mention the 7 nations banned. It only refers to a 2013 ruling by the Obama administration that identifies those 7 nations as being a serious threat to the USA.
Stop letting the main stream media be your teacher or guide. Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises. He is protecting all USA citizens. Even those who don't practice critical thinking skills like you...

Submitted by shawn (not verified) on

the Cavaliers are making trades to make improvements
will the warriors be ready, post, defense get tougher, warriors
will have to adjust game, post presents, inside the ball, crash the glass, blocks, and not depend on
on outside 3 jumpers.

Submitted by Aquinta Ancrum (not verified) on

Congratulation Coach Kerr & the Golden State Warriors on an outstanding basketball season. With the utmost respect you are 57-14. Let's aspire to close out this basketball season with a 68-14 by playing Man-To-Man defense to stop your opponent outside shot and dribble penetration. Meanwhile, I have a request. I like the GSW to do the following drill 5-days a week from both end of the court "shoot 100 shots from the following spots on the basketball court: backboard, backcourt, ball side, baseline, basket, blocks, center circle, court, cylinder, downcourt, end line, floor, free throw lane, free throw line, front court, game clock, hashmark, help side, high post, hoop, in-the-paint, key, lane, low post, midcourt line, midline, out of bounds, paint, perimeter, post, shot clock, sidelines, strong side, ten-second line, three-point line, three-second lane, time line, top of the key, and weak side. Then challenge yourself (GSW) in transition basketball from each spot fast. THE 2017 NBA CHAMPIONS GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS!!!!

Submitted by Shoopster (not verified) on

Best wishes to The great Steve Kerr and a quick recovery in time to put Cleveland away.

1 tip to stop Lebron - drop back, pack the paint and let him shoot wide open.

There is one line I hope to hear from Coach "I'll be ready" as he was in 97.

Submitted by Gary Wellen (not verified) on

Have you considered playing Durant as center with Curry and Thompson?

Submitted by Michael Ein (not verified) on

Steve, I and my whole family are so saddened by your illness. We are season ticket holders and follow you and the team closely in the news. We are all fervently hoping that your pain recedes and resolves quickly. I feel that you are a great coach and a great guy and you have our best wishes for a speedy full recovery.

Submitted by Linda Quick (not verified) on

I am so sorry for the pain you are experiencing. I have two grown daughters who both had scoliosis. One had a severe double curve and had spinal fusion surgery at age 18. While her side effects were difficult, she now in her early 40's is doing well and has had 2 children by C-section since normal childbirth was not possible. My older daughter had a milder curve which "supposedly" did not need further treatment back in her teens after she wore a brace for two years. Now, in her mid-40's, she has had ruptured disc surgery after experiencing severe pain. Now the same disc is in danger of rupturing again. She can only sit and lie down. She can also walk slowly, but cannot stand still at all without pain. She takes pain medication daily and is going to UC Davis looking for options other that spinal fusion. I am so sorry for your spinal fluid leak, but at the same time have realized that this could have happened to either of my daughters during their procedures. You are in my prayers for a complete recovery.

Submitted by Robert Cooper (not verified) on

Wishing you a full recovery. We met at the Warrior's celebration at the White House last year. I'm still working at my recovery. Hope yours is going well.

Submitted by John. Konstanti... (not verified) on

Have Mr Kerr read information at it may help him reverse his illness. No joke. I offered this to someone around him but I do not know if was passed on. Please pass this to Mr Kerr. The information on this site is free to the world to insure everyone has the ability to achieve great health by their own hands.

Submitted by connie green (not verified) on

I was so happy to see you back on TV. My husband always watched you play, and I started watching yu with him, and I would Yell at the TV. Give the ball to KERR. You were the BEST three point shooter I ever saw. GO WARRIERS YEH YEH YEH. God Bless you and keep you heathly. I'm an 88 year old, who knows a good lad when I see one. Love to all

Submitted by mobetta (not verified) on

Mr Kerr. im a long long fan since chigago bulls teams before and after micheal jordan, so i have a huge following for you coach k, a well all the bulls since then....... no doubt in my mind micheal jordan is the best ever!!!!!!! but im biased of course.... to the point here.. its been intriguing in my mind now for several months why dont we use kevin durant at the point , as well as starting jevale at center (just for 5 -7 mins) he creates match up problems for bigs because he so athletic, and then theres no answer for kevin durant running point, no answer for that!!! that leaves green, curry, and thompson to run all over the floor getting open looks and running that pick and role???????? just saying?????????!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Tom Cathcart (not verified) on

Steve, Quite encouraging that you are at least reconsidering a visit to the White House. I would assume you would get an invitation. At some point in time both sides liberal/conservative are gonna have to use some good manners and keep their emotions to themselves. Fanning the flames wont improve anything but maybe increase the temperature and tempers. I have had some of the same feelings about our former President but the OFFICE is more important than the PERSONALITY. It would be a once in a lifetime honor to show up on that scene. Y'all looked great in the Championship!!! and congrats. Have fun, TC

Submitted by Jay Bear (not verified) on

Dear Steve,

You've shown you have a social conscience. Please raise the following issue:
Please guarantee the first 500k of any contract.

The NBA has a lot to be proud of in it's treatment of athletes, but in one area it falls very short, treatment of the guys at the end of the bench, specifically non guaranteed contracts which are basically meaningless and leave these guys not knowing where their next dollar is coming from while the Hardens make 40+ million.

The David Nwabas of the world get their options exercised, then they are waived, then they get picked up but no guaranteed money til Jan 10. How is a guy like that supposed to pay his bills?
It's a very bad look for the NBA, just mirroring the outer society of billionaires and homeless people.

You seem like a decent guy. Please raise this issue with Steph and KD and all those guys.

Yours truly,
Jay Bear

Submitted by Brian Bates (not verified) on

Mr. Kerr,

"It's disgusting and it's a shame: it's time to look at America's gun crisis differently." What an anserine statement. Please, educate yourself before"placing your foot in your mouth." Appropriate guns laws were in place before the Texas shooting! The error came from the military not disclosing the man's criminal history, i.e., domestic violence and a dishonorable discharge, so that it would be in the national database. If this had been done, the current gun laws would have prevented this man from purchasing any type of firearm. Gun laws were not the problem, the lack of appropriate legal records was the problem.

Brian A. Bates

Submitted by Harvey (not verified) on

Tough loss
I'll buy the almond croissants tomorrow at Peet's and Fournee!!

Submitted by Jack (not verified) on

Steve -
I think the team needs a shake up. I know they’ve had a bit of a tough run and done incredibly well, but at times they look slow, careless, maybe even lackadaisical. I don’t think they’re playing lazy, but after 9-1 w/Steph out, they seem to have slumped a little attitudinally, bored a bit and maybe complacent a bit. (This also may apply to the coaches as well and maybe they could use something new and fun, as well as ’Think Different!’ to generate new ideas.)
As great as our top 7 are, I don’t think that there is any team that can match up with us top to bottom, so we need to get more guys in the game more often, to get them all more and different experience, wear out other teams and keep their players and coaches off balance.

My suggestions below to:
+ Get them excited, energized and add some fun to the mid season ‘dog days’
+ Develop some new lineups and new skills for players, that can win now and create more options in the post season, as well as confuse the opposition,
+ Get guys off the bench and into the games more
+ Get some rest for the starters
+ Add a little friendly competition within the squad to make things more fun.

1. Start a platoon system - Maybe 2 - 4 ‘Platoons’ w/different combos of players
2. Have platoons ready to play 3 min. each at top speed, or slow down, or whatever their advantage is. Sub whole platoons in 2-3 minute drills
3. At least one ‘Big and Fast’ Platoon to get lots of offensive rebounds, treys and dunks. How about JaVale, Bell, Looney or Boucher, KD and Damian Jones. KD (and maybe one other guard/shooter.driver at times) shoots from the outside, dishes to dunkers and rebounds or drives and dunks. Defense is about shutting down drives, blocks and steals. Hard defense for half of 3 minutes and fast break offense.
4. Of course you also have a small ball line up, similar to the usual starters.
5. I’d like to see a ’Tough Guy’/‘Old Guy’ squad, w/Andre, David West, Zaza, Sean, Draymond (honorary old, definitely tough guy,) maybe switch in Klay or Steph on occasion.
6. It would be fun, interesting and definitely could produce some powerful combinations to ask the players to come up w/a ‘Platoon’ that they think would be a powerful combination, that they would like to ‘Captain.’
A couple suggestions on the suggestions:
1. Try a couple pf them out against each other in practice, let the assistant coaches be responsible for different platoons and you kick back and play master conductor.
2. Test them out against some of the weaker teams, or when they present an obvious advantage against a team.
3. Come up with cool names for the Platoons, rather than a hierarchical system like A, B, 1st, 2nd,
4. Challenge the players to come up with the offensive and defensive schemes for their Platoons.
5. Challenge guys like Andre, David and Draymond, natural coaches to run different platoons.
6. After everybody gets the idea of ‘Platooning’ let the guys come up w/their own new platoons, name 2 Platoon Captains/or ’Sargents’ and make up its name.

Lastly, before I retired, I spent most of my career as an Organization Development Consultant, (whatever that is) and did hundreds of corporate.executive ‘teambuilding’ sessions, with games and focused ‘Dialogues.’ If you ever want to do a ‘now for something completely different’ practice session to shake things up, have some fun and get the players and coaches (owners? and admins?) thinking a bit, I’d be glad to comp you a 2 hour session.

I really admire your attitude and approach to coaching, even more so given the health problems you’ve had to deal with (no doubt still are.) You’re a great model for ‘advanced leadership’ in all fields. Keep up the great work. All of you are bringing lots of joy and happiness to all of us.Kamillus

Submitted by Laurie InSpirit... (not verified) on

Dear Steve, It's wonderful to see how you persevere through trials and model courage for your team, particularly as you've been battling back pain. Last year, when I first heard about your injury, the Lord put it on my heart to pray for you. As I was praying, God showed me that He wants you to come forward to seek His healing. I lead a healing ministry in the Bay Area. If you are interested in "coming forward" to have a few of us pray for you, please let me know. There are two Scripture verses that the Lord gave me for you: Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Also, please read Mark 3:1-12 (NASB version) - of special note is how the Lord told the man to "come forward". I hope to be able to bless you with His healing as you come forward to seek Him. Blessings to you and your family.

Submitted by SDeb (not verified) on

Hello coach,
Tonight loss at NO shows that we are not guarding opponents from the beginning. Our defense is not up to the mark the way Warrior played first two games against NO. As well wisher, would like to recommend in starting lineup - Curry, Klay, KD, DGreen, Aguadala. Bring Javal from bench at some point in 1st quarter.

Submitted by Sdeb (not verified) on

Hello Coach SteveKerr,
Last game against Pelican in 4th quarter was sloppy. It looks like team has taken into account that game is over after taken a lead of 20 points over Pelican by end of 3rd quarter. Energy was not there in 4th quarter. Giving free basket, turnover, easy 3-point shoot. It will not going to be same against Rockets @Houston if we continue same in 4th quarter. Couple of 3point basket in 4th quarter would make Rocket to take control of the game. Warrior has to play like warrior aggressiveness at least for 7-8 mins of the game with same intensity in 4th quarter. Would recommend to start 4th quarter with same starting line up AI, KD, DG, SC, KT. Hope to see same starting line up as well in 1st quarter.

Submitted by Sdeb (not verified) on

Hello Coach Steve Kerr,
As we could see KD has to take jump shot very hard way, we may need to give him some room to play shot little less clumsy way to make it. Please do something there when KD has the ball and allow him to take the jump shot with fooling opponents that KD will pass the ball to other in the team. Also, would request not to take out a player when the player is going on full swing, team is in full rhythm and making basket. Prevent these two things from happening in Game2. Remember Houston can make a 3 point shot on any turnover easily which is there strength and Warrior has contained them under 50% in Game1. Need to maintain that strategy in order to win Game2 @Houston.

Submitted by Sherry Silas (not verified) on

I just want to be one of the people that tell you that you were awesome and spoke truth speaking about freedom/patriotism/kneeling, and may I say, eloquently and clear. We need more of this right now.


Submitted by Scott montgomery (not verified) on

You need to focus on game 6&7 rather politics and comments about the national anthem. You have turned off over 50% of Country with your leftist anti American comments. Go Rockets.

Submitted by John Doerre (not verified) on

Hi Steve
Have you considered playing JaVale McGee for game six and possibly game 7. I feel he brings a lot of energy to the team , especially for home games and I feel an important piece to the team has been missing. He did play a major role this year getting the team to where they are now. Sincerely, John Doerre

Submitted by Andy (not verified) on

Well, that seventh game against Houston was scary especially in the first quarter. Houston out rebounds Looney and runs around him like he's standing still. Houston is pulling down offensive rebounds. You needed McGee in there desperately. I hope you learned the lesson Steve when it comes to playing Cleveland you need to have a big guy underneath getting the bounds and blocking shots and McGee is the guy to do it, also Zaza. Looney isn't big enough or strong enough and he can't hit a foul shot which makes him a liability.

Submitted by Jackie McKenzie (not verified) on

Hello Coach Kerr

I would like to congratulate the team! You remind me of our Coach Jackson 🏀games. Very proud of y'all and I know Coach Jackson is!!!!

Great job to you,
Jackie McKenzie

Submitted by D. Gene Murray (not verified) on

As a former Arizona resident I have followed your career with great interest since your days at U. of A.
I also agree with you that American politics resemble "The Jerry Springer Show." It's one of the things
that can happen when both major parties offer you only sociopathic personalities to vote for. Here's hoping for better days to come.
D. Gene Murray

Submitted by Paul Kelley (not verified) on

Hi Coach Kerr,

Not sure why but felt prompted to send you a message. I’m a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I believe that through Jesus Christ, we can be with our families forever- In this life and the next. I know you’ll be able to see you’re father again.

Submitted by Judegail (not verified) on

I am a 3 time cancer survivor, I say that because I have found a love for basketball in these days that I spend more time indoors resting. I adore great players and I enjoy watching the Golden State Warriors, it is indeed a delight. Kevin Durant is one of the greatest players... in fact your team has many great players, but I feel Kevin’s frustration with the media. I am from Oklahoma and I know he left Oklahoma for good reasons. I understand business. I am still ashamed so many Christians in the Bible Belt down here find a need to boo and criticize. I like what you said, “ it is just part of it.” Heh, your doing a great job! Tell your players most of the bull just does not matter... laugh it off... people are basically good, they just want their way, which comes to my point, try to play KD more, he is my (told you people just want their way)! Honestly, just keep doing what you do, all that matters at the end of the day is if one can believe in themselves and that they did the best they can do in the moment! Tell the players they make an old lady happy to watch them play so unselfishly! They have found the key to life!
A fan, Jude

Submitted by Kyle (not verified) on

Just rewatched game 5 against the clippers and it’s killing me that Steph cannot get one teammate to set a screen for him the whole second half of the game. Please put Bogut and Steph on the floor at the same time. Someone has to set a screen for Curry. Every time he got the ball in the second half he was double teamed. When he doesn’t have the ball someone needs to be setting a screen for him. He was feeling it too; there was a moment there early in the 4th that it looked like he was going to light it up. But he can’t if no one will set a screen for him. His low number of shot attempts is solely responsible for our loss to the clippers. The fact that KD can have a 40 point game and the warriors still lose shows how critical Steph is to the offense. Steph needs the team to help him create shot attempts, even if he’s missing, because it throws off their entire defense; plus, I think Steph would have hit them. Thanks Steve, -Kyle

Submitted by Jin Luo (not verified) on

Hi Steve Kerr
Pls let your starters play less in Game 4, especially for Curry, Thompson and Green. Your might take a risk of losing the game. But the benefits are greater, resting these guys, giving more time to have Kevin, Andry and Cousins to come back. Plus NBA loves it. You don't want to lose another guy due to injury. In all, losing game 4 is not a bad strategy and you don't want to go to the finals too soon.
You guys will win anyway!

Submitted by Cirilo (not verified) on

Adjustments needed and matchup changes. Watch the Sixers series against the Raptors. Sixers almost won. They dominated the boards. Warriors can play Bogut and Green together against Gasol.and Siakam, Damian Jones and Looney at the same time against Ibaka and Siakam. 2 big man at the same time and 3 shooters always on the lineup. Let Klay start against Kawhi. Iggy should come in to relieve. Good luck

Submitted by Martin prnjak (not verified) on

My family and co-workers all believe in you..We support you one hundred percent..Toronto cannot beat will and determination...We can do this

Submitted by Jacqueline B Hale (not verified) on

Hey tell Cousins he is not playing like a lion, but a cat. Missing free throws, always on the floor. Play like this is the last game. Come on giant.
Why not let Durant play 4th quarter instead of 1st. What's wrong?
Coach Kerr have U noticed each time Toronto went to their end Leonard was always filed. Very few files for GS. Toronto also get a file on GS when they are not in penalty to be able to shoot free throws.
Why do U Coach never check the Reps. Some cheating going on.
Show us that a beat & battered team can show the world.
How dare Toronto fans clap when KD got hurt?
Cousins is not ready for Prime Time.


Submitted by Kent Watson (not verified) on

As a fellow U of A grad, I do respect Steve Kerr but what a hypocrite. Speaks out about everything and denounces everything about Trump but silence about China? Typical.


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