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Wardell Stephen "Steph" Curry II (born March 14, 1988) is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Listed at 6 ft 3 in tall and weighing 190 lb, Curry plays the point guard position and is considered by some to be the greatest shooter in NBA history. The 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player and a two-time NBA All-Star, he is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry.

Curry played college basketball for Davidson. There, he was twice named Southern Conference Player of the Year and set the all-time scoring record for both Davidson and the Southern Conference. During his sophomore year, Curry also set the single-season NCAA record for three-pointers made.

Curry was selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors. During the 2012–13 season, he set the NBA record for three-pointers made in a regular season with 272. The next season, Curry and teammate Klay Thompson set the NBA record for combined threes in a season with 484 as the pair were given the nickname the "Splash Brothers". In 2014–15, Curry eclipsed his own record by knocking down his 273rd three-pointer on April 9, 2015, finishing the regular season with 286 three-pointers and was named MVP after leading the Warriors to a franchise-record and NBA-best 67 wins on the season.

On May 13, 2015, in a 98-78 win over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 5 of the Western Conference semi-finals, Curry became the fastest player to make 100 three-pointers in the playoffs, reaching the milestone in 28 games. Ray Allen held the previous record at 35. In addition, Curry became the first player in NBA history to have six three-pointers and six steals in a single playoff game. Three days later, in the series-clinching Game 6 victory, Curry made a playoff career-high 8 three-pointers, en route to 32 points, including a buzzer-beater from behind half-court. Curry propelled the Warriors to their first Western Conference Finals since 1976. On May 23, in a 115-80 win over the Houston Rockets in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Curry broke the record for three-pointers made in a single post-season with his 59th coming in just 13 games.


Golden State Warriors
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Submitted by Mackenzie Barnhill (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Barnhill and I am a big fan of yours and I was wondering when your next game was and when do you play the Detroit Piston's again in Detroit?

Submitted by Tristan Donth (not verified) on

Steph Curry, I’m 14 and I play high school basketball and I didn’t think I was cut out but seeing you play and you saying you always were the smallest but you never gave up. I’m gunna try and I’m a big fan and number one wish is to get front row seats and see you and all your teammates.

Submitted by Bonnard Louis (not verified) on

Bonjour Stephen,
Je m'appelle Louis, j'ai 10 ans, je suis français et je joue au basketball depuis 2 ans et tu es mon idole!!Je sais qu'il me sera difficile de te voir un jour en vrai alors je me demandais si tu pouvais me faire un cadeau comme pour certains de tes fans ( je l'ai vu en vidéo sur internet)?
Ça me ferait plaisir d'avoir les nouvelles chaussures Curry 4, pointure 38-38,5 en français.
En attendant une réponse, je pense très fort à toi et je continuerais à suivre tes exploits malgré tout.
Louis qui t'adore!!

Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

Stephen Curry I am your number one biggest fan and I wish I could meet you one day. I practice everyday and have been playing since I was two. I can finally make a three pointer and my dad is so proud. To be honest I think you should win MVP five times in a row. You are my hero I even have a calendar of you and I used my very own money to bye the curry threes. Please tell me if you have some way I could meet you. My birthday is coming up and all I asked for was to meet you unfortunately the games were to far away and we don’t know if I’ll even meet you or not. I would also want to know if I could have a couple things signed if I ever get to meet you. Love your biggest fan Blake Grider p.s my bday is feb 21

Submitted by Jordan Bell (not verified) on

Hi, Mr.Curry this is Jordan Bell I loved the signed jersey that you signed for me this Christmas that jersey really made my Christmas sparkle that was the best gift I have ever had, also I was hoping if you I could meet you sometime I go to school in St. Joe Michigan the school name is Upton Middle School and I was hoping to meet you there. Also, I’m your #1 Fan.

Jordan Bell P.S. You're my favorite Basketball player Just don’t tell KD, Klay, and Draymond.

Submitted by Noah vaknin (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Curry I wonder if you can come to my bother Eli bar mitzvah. He’s a the biggest fan of yours if you can come my whole family will greatly appreciate it

Submitted by Gabby (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Gabby.
I am your #1 fan
You are my favorite basketball player and you will remain my favorite basketball player no matter what happens.
I would love to come to your game and be able to meet you in person and have some of you signed shoes
So I was hoping if you could please allow me come to one of your games and sit in the VIP seats and probably be able to shoot with you and get all of my stuffed signed by you(basketball, shirt, shoes, jacket, and book)
Youll are my favorite team

Submitted by Mendel (not verified) on

Hi Stephen I know you’re probably not going to read this letter but if somehow you do please email at so you see tomorrow is going to be Goldon state warriors vs the New York knicks and I live in New York this the last time you’re in New York so I asked my parents if I could go to the game but the price was 150 dollars so my parents said no so that means I will not till next season So if you will be in Brooklyn any time soon please email me thank you

Submitted by Mendel (not verified) on

Hi Stephen I know you’re probably not going to read this letter but if somehow you do please email at so you see tomorrow is going to be Goldon state warriors vs the New York knicks and I live in New York this the last time you’re in New York so I asked my parents if I could go to the game but the price was 150 dollars so my parents said no so that means I will not till next season So if you will be in Brooklyn any time soon please email me thank you

Submitted by Eric Proteau (not verified) on

Nine times in a row we won the game,
each meant more than the one before.
In the present, we still win,
our losses seem so dim,
the future seems bright,
a ways to go,
finding right
we score
points than
all others.
We are fearless,
we fight til the end.
It won’t be very soon.
We are set to win again
a title, being world champions.
We’d love to win nine, maybe more.

Submitted by Delores Smith (not verified) on

Hi Steph I am really happy for your return I know you will continue to play good stay strong 💪 I am going to start saving my money this year for next year to come and see you all play I love you'll you all play so well together with the season of basketball begin me and my husband have a good time he love the Cavalier and I love the Warriors but is all fun we can't wait to come and see you all play next year in Oakland but for now I'm continue to watch you all on tv balling like you do.

Submitted by Janice Cohens (not verified) on

I read the story of how to became the sponsor for Under Armour, but those shoes don't hold up very well for the price you have to pay for them. My son loves his shoes, but I can't buy anymore of them because of that reason. My son is 13 years old and I just bought his 4th pair of Steph Curry's in March 2018, they already have a whole on the side by the big toe. My son is not hard on shoes either. 4 pairs in a little over a year is a bit much. I wish he would sponsor a different tennis shoe brand.

Submitted by Laurie Wills (not verified) on

Mr. Curry - As I was taking my 8yr old grandson Colton to basketball camp at Univ of Florida this morning, he told me that he has done the calculations and he figures he will be able to play with you for one year before you retire! And believe me he calculated it! He is a major fan and he will watch your games over and over and over. He loves everything basketball and you. I don't watch basketball so I had to look you up. I would love to find out how to get him an autographed picture if possible. I would probably need two though because his younger brother Teague wouldn't understand if he didn't get one as well. Thank you for your time. Can't wait to see you and my grandson play. LOL

Submitted by Marianne Esco (not verified) on

Our 8 year old son TJ is fighting cancer for the 2nd time. He enjoys watching you play basketball. His best friend also loves you and wears #30 for his jersey in baseball. We were wondering if we might be able to get an autograph pic to frame in TJ’s room. Thank you and Congrats on a great season.

Submitted by Lachlan (not verified) on

I would like to meet you and I live in Adelaide if you could come here and meet me

Submitted by Cole Turner (not verified) on

Ive been dying to met you and show you my insane basketball skills

Submitted by Joseph (not verified) on

Hey, I'm 11, and I just wanted to say ur my hero, and Phil 4:13 is my favorite Bible verse.

Submitted by Yonkely (not verified) on

Sir! I really want to learn how to shoot. I need your help curry. You are my best nba player.

Submitted by Junior martinez (not verified) on

Hey curry I hope you read this but I’m not here to say I want something.I am here to say you are the greatest basketball player of the NBA today.Curry you and Jordan both inspired me and I am at an age where I want to ball like you guys.The things LaVar has been saying are lies and he is just saying that stuff because he is jealous and he is just I don’t know but I’m inspire by you and I hope you read this and if you do please reply.Thanks you’re the best I’m the biggest fan even though I haven’t seen you and no im not some psycho typing this stuff.Im a normal kid that enjoys basketball.Kk thanks bye.

Submitted by Mike Fitts (not verified) on

Mr. Curry:
It is greatly appreciated what you have accomplished for girls athletics. Your earlier letter was just a tip of the iceberg. It will take years to get things changed to what they should be. This is my 29th year to coach girls athletics. I have been in places where girls have been given hand me downs from the boys for practice gear. When I first saw that, I made sure from then on, we would always have "Lady" in front of our mascots name.
I have been in a school where the dressing room sizes aren't even close to being equal or the niceness. I know of one story where the school was looking to hire a new boys basketball coach. He had a condition that their dressing facility needed to be very much updated (and it really did). The school spend thousands of dollar to do this. They brought in wood lockers. It is really a nice dressing room, and they needed it. The girls continued to have old metal lockers. It wasn't until a couple of years later that the girls received wooden lockers that had to be put in by a volunteer and I don't believe any of that money came from the athletic budget. It was money they had from tournaments they hosted.
Many girls have just accepted their lot in life. And it shouldn't be this way. It is not a "human rights" issue. It is simply "the right thing to do" issue. Having a daughter changes our perspective, doesn't it.
Thank you for letting me vent.

Submitted by Gavyn Grove (not verified) on

Hi Steph, I’m Gavyn, I’m a eleven year old kid from Iowa. My basketball team is decently good and I admire your handling and shooting skills and I would like it if you answered back to me and maybe I could meet you, bye.

Submitted by Jann Celski (not verified) on

One of your HUGE fans is my grandson Brent Jackson. He is a senior in high school and is turning 18 on Dec 24th. For his present his parents are surprising him with a plane ticket from Tacoma WA and a ticket to your game with the Bulls on Jan 11th. His older brother Cole lives in San Fran and is taking him to the game. Brent is an awesome goodly man and would be so honored to shake your hand. If that is possible that would be the biggest surprise in his life. If not I would totally understand. Go beat the Bulls and glad to hear you are getting better.
Thanks...Jann Celski/Grandma

Submitted by Charlie Parker (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Curry this year i asked my parents if i could re due my bedroom and then customize it with Golden State warriors things. I have the whole collection of you shoes I have the Curry1s, Curry2s, Curry2.5s, Curry 3s, Curry 3Zeros, Curry 4s, and just renentaly i made my middle school basketball team and my mom said I could get the curry 5s in my school colors which is red white and black. And i got them.

Submitted by Larry Gottlieb (not verified) on

Steph. I am a long time fan of yours and of the Golden State Warriors. One mystery: what does dubs mean?

Submitted by Gina Deluca (not verified) on

I am 61 year old woman who, not really cared too much for basketball, but started watching your team because of you. Then i found out that you have your own line of shoes and when I found them online I was in heaven! They are hightops!! I love that and those are not easy to find. On top of that, I heard the story of how you decided on who would have the privilege of representing you and how you have an inspirational saying on your shoes. I just knew I had to have a pair....I also have rheumatoid arthritis and any support my feet can get is surely welcome. I saved and bought a pair of your shoes and I have to tell you....the BEST investment I ever made!! I work in the medical field and am on my feet all day and these high tops help me more than you will ever know. Thank you. These are the best shoes I have ever owned and my feet and ankles thank you as well!

Submitted by Eleanna Schram (not verified) on

Hi I just wanted to say that the dunk you did was awesome and that you were really awesome. I also really want to meet you and so does my brother we both play basketball and we want to get trained.

Submitted by Kimberly Bounds (not verified) on

Mr. Curry,

I used you as an example this morning in my piano class as to why we do a "warm-up" before we start working on our lesson. I told my class that you do your warm-ups/drills before practice and a game whether you need to do them or not because it's what's expected of you, number 1, and that your body and mind need a chance to get focused on your task. I asked them what would happen to you if you refused to do the warm-ups/drills before a game or practice and they seem to think you would still get to play because you're Steph Curry". Would you settle this debate for us and let us know what would happen if you refused to go through the team warm-ups before a game?

Thank you so much,

Kim Bounds
Piano - Mineral Springs Middle
Winston Salem, NC

Submitted by Name (not verified) on

Dear Steph curry,
You are my favorite basketball player, I am 13 and I love shooting 3 pointers as well. My town is not as out there but I want to go far in basketball. Thanks

Submitted by Meema (not verified) on

I am a grandma of 19 and a greatgrandma of 7, for REAL. I made a God box. I put things I need HIS help with in the box and read each entry about every 6 months to see what HE has granted. One time, I wrote that I wanted to meet you because I see you as a Godly man. I never hear of your using profanity, hitting others, and have always read of the husband and family things you do. I told one of my granddaughters that meeting you would probably never happen and she simply said, "Meema, but God!" I put you back in the box.

Submitted by Patricia Holland (not verified) on

I am 67 years old and still working full time as an RN. I really would like to buy some of Steph’s shoes. I know there are lots of women that want them. However, the color choices seem to be limited. Old ladies like purple and turquoise and pink. Any chance your shoes will be coming out in any of those colors? A pair of good shoes is an investment and though I would buy them for work, I would like them to be pretty!
Thank you for listening.
Patricia E Holland

Submitted by Kinzie(biggest ... (not verified) on

Every day I wear something with you on it. You are so inspirational and even though I have a knee disease I want to be able to play basketball like you one day. I love you soooo much and my biggest dream is to meet you. I can’t wait to meet you and I believe I will. Thank you for all you do don’t stop! 💗💗💗💗

Submitted by Karen Shagrin (not verified) on

I just found out you have keratoconus . I have had it for the last 50 years . I just want to tell you how awesome you are to have achieved what you have, knowing the challenges it can present . I live in the East Bay , however , am a Cavs fan since I am from Youngstown , Ohio . You have just converted me to a Warriors fan knowing how you have persevered . My biggest challenge is watching sports , since I can never see the ball in play in most sports and seating is usually far away . Basketball is easier to follow due to the size of the ball . Best of luck with your new contacts !

Submitted by Caleb Weber (not verified) on

Hey steph this is Caleb Weber, I’ve been ur biggest fan and I’ve always wanted to meet you in person

Submitted by Joelle Novak (not verified) on

Thankyou so much for bringing such a beautiful and moving story to the big screen for Easter. I wish there were more mainstream movies like this!!!! Wishing you a Blessed Easter! With gratitude, Joelle Novak

Submitted by Phoebe Domingo (not verified) on

Curry this is a longtime coming to be nominated for all your effort and support to your team! Congratulations, I hope you get that title it's much deserved. Your focus and love for the game of basketball is real; hoop, swoop and swish! Go Warriors! <3 Phoebe Dawn Domingo

Submitted by Ari (not verified) on

I am only 10 and I am a big fan so please reply because you are my favorite player

Submitted by Noah Hunker (not verified) on

I just wanted to say you have been such an inspiration to me because I didn't play a lot or get off the bench that much but after watching your games and pre-game warm-ups I started doing them myself and I wanted to thank you. I wouldn't have improved to so much if it wasn't for you so i thank you with the greatest thanks because you have always have been my idol and I hope to see you in the N.B.A some day.

Submitted by Marci Williams (not verified) on

Like so my kids across the world, my daughter is a big Warriors/Curry fan too. She is determined to be just like you, Steph. And this mom couldn't be more proud. Thank you for being such an amazing role model. Your story is real. Kids understand and witness the hard work, immense time, and valued patience that you put into honing your craft. My daughter has found that same passion in and off the court. Just like Steph, it hasn't all been easy. In her mind's eye though, she is a warrior. It's all about "What would Steph do?"

Submitted by Judy Hannah (not verified) on

I am a 68 y/y black female, who would just like to take the time to say THANK-YOU for all the hard work you put into bringing this film to the light for those of us who did not have the opportunity to meet and greet some of the family members. I just wished it could have been showed for perhaps another day or two. Once again THANK-YOU so much.

Submitted by Phoebe Domingo (not verified) on

Hey #30 I've been active duty deployed for the U.S.A. and Canada for 18 years. Stephen Curry: seeing a few good Bay area teams win some championships was a highlight. Hooray for the bay!


Phoebe Dawn Domingo

Submitted by Lizabeth Spencer (not verified) on

My 7year old son, Ayden, just had a Warriors birthday party because of his love for Steph Curry and the team! He loves to play ball, and for 7, dominates the court! Warriors play Chicago in December, are meet and greets a thing? My son lost his dad at 2, having someone like Steph for him to have as a role model is incredible to watch. From "steph currys best plays" to "ankle breaker" videos, ayden studies Stephs moves on YouTube then will try them himself till he gets it down! Id love to make his dreams come true and meet Steph! Please let me know how i can do this for him. Thank you!!!

Submitted by Joshua (not verified) on

I use your jump shot and want to meet you

Submitted by michael guice (not verified) on

🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀--🏀__Some of the media have written this season off for you.
In other the saying is scratch this season and just look forward to next season.
I say show the rest of the league what you is made of.
I don't know if you is familiar with the character ( KION ) in the movie of ( the lion Guard ). adapt the roar of the lion in letting the league know that you is not going away anytime soon. Being a young group do not take away your ability to play the game well, it just makes you all the more Hungrier !!!

📖 📖 Matthew 19:26__( King James Version )__But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

Submitted by Ethan (not verified) on

come back soon and win the mvp

Submitted by James Saxon (not verified) on

Steph, to protect you from being injured, join an acrobatic program so that when you fall you will not break an arm or leg. You will know how to fall. Well at least the team will have top pick in the 2020 draft. Good luck & recover quickly.

Submitted by Leslie Torres (not verified) on


Submitted by Parker (not verified) on

Hey curry I am one of your biggest fans every year during basketball I buy currys I was wondering if you could come to our school and practice with us.

Submitted by jason Perales (not verified) on

Hey steph curry so i want to grow up and be a NBA champion like you im 14 years old right now and im 5´2 and but no one in my family believes in me they say im to short and im not good but i want to prove them wrong any advice idk if you ever would get back to me but worth a try

Submitted by Jaxson Binkley (not verified) on

JQ is a 6year old that looks up to Steph in basketball. They have two things in Common. Jesus and Hoops. To see his drawing of shoes please reply back.

Submitted by Vicky lacy (not verified) on

I'm a grandmother that have two grandsons that enjoy this game and enjoy Stephen Curry back in my day it was Michael Jordan I didn't realize until my only son passed away that how much they love this man if there's some way that Grandma me can put them on something to let them know this is what they did and Uncle would have wanted thank you very much sincerely a grandmother who loves her grandson very much and would do this for them and try to understand the game a little better


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