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Wardell Stephen "Steph" Curry II (born March 14, 1988) is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Listed at 6 ft 3 in tall and weighing 190 lb, Curry plays the point guard position and is considered by some to be the greatest shooter in NBA history. The 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player and a two-time NBA All-Star, he is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry.

Curry played college basketball for Davidson. There, he was twice named Southern Conference Player of the Year and set the all-time scoring record for both Davidson and the Southern Conference. During his sophomore year, Curry also set the single-season NCAA record for three-pointers made.

Curry was selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors. During the 2012–13 season, he set the NBA record for three-pointers made in a regular season with 272. The next season, Curry and teammate Klay Thompson set the NBA record for combined threes in a season with 484 as the pair were given the nickname the "Splash Brothers". In 2014–15, Curry eclipsed his own record by knocking down his 273rd three-pointer on April 9, 2015, finishing the regular season with 286 three-pointers and was named MVP after leading the Warriors to a franchise-record and NBA-best 67 wins on the season.

On May 13, 2015, in a 98-78 win over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 5 of the Western Conference semi-finals, Curry became the fastest player to make 100 three-pointers in the playoffs, reaching the milestone in 28 games. Ray Allen held the previous record at 35. In addition, Curry became the first player in NBA history to have six three-pointers and six steals in a single playoff game. Three days later, in the series-clinching Game 6 victory, Curry made a playoff career-high 8 three-pointers, en route to 32 points, including a buzzer-beater from behind half-court. Curry propelled the Warriors to their first Western Conference Finals since 1976. On May 23, in a 115-80 win over the Houston Rockets in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Curry broke the record for three-pointers made in a single post-season with his 59th coming in just 13 games.


Golden State Warriors
Attn: Stephen Curry
1011 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607-4019


Submitted by Zakaiel Crawford (not verified) on

Hi Mr.Curry this is probably going to be the best day of my life you inspire me so much. You tell people about god and you are not afraid to do it. Sometimes i fell that if i tell people that i am a christian that they would some how reject me. You are my favorite basketball player in the whole world and i watch your games all the time from beginning to end, like on the playoffs game. Also there is a video on you-tube that really inspired me to do better in basketball, and after i watched it the next time i had practice i was making all of my three pointers just like you, even though i know you miss sometimes. also i am 12 by the way. this is the video that inspired me Stephen Curry 2015 MVP Mixtape Youtube

From: Zakaiel Crawford

Submitted by Jason rivera (not verified) on

Dear curry me and my friend jay
Play for dragons basketball and the curry 2
Royal Blues we have been searching down in our
Sizes since they came out. We can't find them but it matches our team color and we our big fans and our jerseys are also under armour

Submitted by Danielle Smith (not verified) on

My son won first place in a Dr.King essay.He wrote to Dr.King that getting advise from him is like getting advise from Stuff Curry on shouting a basketball. You should check it out. Twanyea Smith was on the News for winning first place in the essay & also read his essay at the Dr.King celebration you can look it up on utube.WE live in grand rapids mi .Thanks for being a great .

Submitted by Markel12111 (not verified) on

Steph I would like for you to visit my school. My school is Spirit Creek Middle School and it is in Hepzibah,Ga. Thanks

Submitted by Evan Schroeder (not verified) on

What do u do to keep your game on top

Submitted by Devinte (not verified) on

Hey Steph curry can you come to Columbia intermediate school in mason Ohio please

Submitted by Gwen M. Robinson (not verified) on

""FLAVOR AIN'T FAIR!"" Why can't the ""OLD TIMERS"" just leave ***Curry*** alone! No, No, No...""FAVOR AIN'T FAIR!""
He's God's chosen right now...and that ""SETTLES IT!""

Gwen M. Robinson

Submitted by josh (not verified) on

hey steph my name is josh and im 15 im getting bullied at school for my faith in Jesus Christ I know he died on a cross and rose on the third day and I accept him and im a child of God.I just wanted to thank you your so inspiring to me and u r my favorite person in the world I love u man u have a great faith and I love basketball and I love u if u could somehow respond it would make my year thanks steph.

Submitted by Andrew (not verified) on

Hi I am Andrew I want to know any tips you have for basketball. Please tell me I am one of your biggest fans

Submitted by Lupe (not verified) on

im such a big warrios Fan i love em alot im from the bay area

Submitted by Thea Evans (not verified) on

hi steph my name is Thea Evans and i am a hudge fan of you i keep track of every game you guys lose and win and i was wondering if i could have a pair of your sneakers because you are soo amazing and it would be a great honor if i met you,and i'm been trying to shoot like you because you're my idol i look up to.I have Autism too.

Submitted by HEAVEN INGRAM (not verified) on

my name is larry roberts,and my grandaughter,Heaven Ingram (12 years old) and I will be coming to Dallas

Submitted by Angela Caterino (not verified) on

Hello, My son and I will be attending the game on March 29th while we are in the area for his appointment at UCSF children's hospital. He is being seen by the epilepsy center for his seizures that he has had as a result of a head injury he received 2 years ago. My son, Oddy will be turning 14 on the 28th (the day before the game). We will be staying in housing provided by children's hospital the 28th through the 30th. My son is in the 8th grade and has already completed two semesters of college algebra at our local college, he tutors other students in his school and is an all around amazing and loving young man. His seizures have recently gotten worse, progressing from partial seizures to grand mal seizures that last 5+ minutes. As a result his Dr. has taken him out of sports until they can figure out why they have gotten worse. The positive attitude he keeps through everything makes me cry tears of joy and pride. He has shown a tremendous amount of bravery with the obstacles life as given him and has persevered through it all. His teachers and friends describe him as a leader who stands up for what is right and does his best to make this world a better place. You are his idol not only because of your basketball skills but also because of all of the positive things you stand for including your loyalty to God. He finds strength from all kinds of places including from you and your awesome and loving attitude towards the world. My son's ultimate dream, other than being cleared to again play sports, is to meet you. I understand that you are busy and have a million things going on in your own life. It would be great if he could take a picture with you or get your autograph. When I told him that we would be attending your game while we are at UCSF he started to cry and asked me if I could get tickets next to the tunnel that you do your warm up shots from. I tried but being a single mother in college I could only afford tickets in the upper level, which is fine we are grateful to attend the game at all. It would make his dream come true to get a pic with you and if you could sign his shoes. I was always taught that it never hurts to ask so I am asking... begging you to please make my sons dream come true! He is such an amazing kid that inspires so many here locally including me!! Miracles do happen!!! Thank you for your time reading this and God bless!!!

Submitted by Allyson Mitchell (not verified) on

Good morning! I couldn't resist sending this message and I hope that it makes your day. My sons (ages 7 and 11) are so awed by you and your ability. You are the ultimate ball player in their eyes. My 7 year old is constantly writing stories where you are the main character and he wears his "STEPH your game up" Under Armour t-shirt ALL THE TIME! Anyway, last week in school they did a project called "What is really at the end of the rainbow?" His answer...."At the end of the rainbow there's gonna be a basketball that is signed by Stephen Curry. The leprechaun is going to give it to me by following the color orange of the rainbow." So, there you have it! That's what's at the end of the rainbow for him! A ball signed by YOU! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I hope one day he can meet you. Have a wonderful Easter! --Allyson

Submitted by Matt Souza (not verified) on

Hey Mr. Curry I know this seems weird and all that but I am a huge fan if I get an email from you back I will give you an address if you can to send me a signed ball. I love watching you on TV from when you dominated James Harden in Western Conference finals and schooled Anthony David in the first round and had a comeback win and hopefully when I get older than 13 I will get to see you play. Thanks Mr. Curry.

Submitted by Noah (not verified) on

Hi i am doing state champs and could you tell me some advice thanks from biggest fan Noah

Submitted by josiah (not verified) on

Hi can you let me have one of your shoes like curry twos neon colors or something of your choice

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

Hello Stephan,
I know you are super busy but I am desperately trying to speak with you. I sent you a message on Facebook, if you would read it and respond to me personally, I would really appreciate it.


Submitted by Ricky Parraz (not verified) on

Hello my name is Ricky Parraz and I am a student at Walden Grove High School. We are doing a project for our Math class where we got to choose a topic that we are passionate about to research. As part of the project we are required to contact a professional to help us in our pursuit. For my project I am comparing Professional Basketball Player's stats to other and see how they are affected as they become more experienced professionally. If you would help us please feel free to contact me and I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Submitted by Victoria Trevino (not verified) on

Hi Mr Curry, My son loves you as a player and is inspired by you as a man of God. For his 9th birthday he has been asking for your signature shoes. Sadly, we just found out the kids shoes don't have the verse on them :( Heart breaking. Any idea if that will change? I believe that making a statement and standing on your faith should be able to be shown by all, no matter what the size :) Just a thought.

Keep up the good work and faith! God Bless you and your family. :)

Submitted by ketki (not verified) on

I know you probably get this questions asked a lot but it would be a true honor and a dream for my children to meet you. He is a big fan like everyone else is for you but he is a wonderful child who strives to be the best. He is 13 and 6'2 and tries his very best to improve but he is still a kid who is expected to act his height. Meeting you would be a dream come true and a true confidence booster. Hopefully you will get a chance to read my comment. Meeting you is highly unlikely but it is also ok to hope, as all dreams start with a hope and a chance.. God bless you and your family and continue to be a great role model for our future generation.

Submitted by Oshan Chamika (not verified) on

hey steph im in srilanka and im a big fan of you .So I like to meet the best 3 pointer and best player of our school.I everyday watching your videos much as possible i can .your moves are aswome.Now im 14 years old .im hoping for your reply soon to my gmail.bye steph you are my hero

Submitted by Fuck yourself (not verified) on

Hey steph! Good game last night but I was just watching your pregame warmup and I would like to notify that you are cheating your own drill. I believe you should keep your head up while doing your drill. Thanks!

Submitted by Carlos (not verified) on

visit my school Manchester regional Acedemy in CT

Submitted by Edwina Harris (not verified) on

Live in Tuskegee,Al. Our son played basketball and ran track high school &college. He has 8 championship rings. 4/4. Tuskegee is an old indian land where red clay is an old indian method for healing. Red mud and viniger. rap with a ace bandage over night. Soreness will be gone. Good luck Curry I'm a real fan.

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Curry,
I hope to find you in great spirit. I am sorry for your recent injury and hope you recuperate soon. I'm the mother of one of your biggest 15 year old fan. He loves sports and is very athletic. He too just suffered a sprain and almost fractured his right side ankle and has been seen by a foot specialist. This injury has made him miss out on his sports activities and has also made him feel a little depressed. I was hoping your could send him some words of encouragement his way during this trying time and healing process. He is very worried he might not be able to continue to play sports, which he has very high expectations and since he would love to play for a college in the near future. Thank you for your time in reading a mother's request. Well wishes and a speedy recovery for yourself as well. God Bless!

Submitted by Yen (not verified) on

Hey curry this is yen. I love u and the Warriors. U guys are the most motivated and entusiastic team I have ever seen. I am like your biggest fan. My school basketball number was thirty u are like my idols. I hope u can send me back something. Thnx curry and the dubs. Reply!


Submitted by Justina Herrick (not verified) on

Dear Stephan,
My son ( he is 10) admires you so much! He is such an awesome big brother and son. My youngest boy has spinal muscular atrophy and in and out of the hospital. His big brother isso loving,patient and understanding. We took our youngest boy on a make a wish trip 2 years ago and our oldest just goes along with it and lets him have the spot light. He endures so much. I say all that to say this: He deserves to have something special and I just wanted that to be something from you or maybe even to meet you. He has no idea that I'm writing this. Thank you for being a positive influence in my son's life!

Submitted by Jessica Mills (not verified) on

Hi Steph,

The youth group at my church is on a campaign to teach our young people what it means to be young and great. It would mean the world to them if you did a short 10sec vid on what being young and great means to you. I know you're very busy, but i figured I'd at least try.


Submitted by alia (not verified) on

Hey stephen curry i was wondering if i can meet u in person im a big fan

Submitted by Isaiah Milliard (not verified) on

Dear, Stephen Curry in health class we had to write to a role i decided to talk to you about how and why i think you are a role model to me.I have seen you play basketball and win all of these awards the 2 time mvp.You are just amazing an ive seen a video of you called stephen Curry motavation and it really imspireded me it told me to keep trying never stop beleiveing in yourself so i went by that and i talk about you all the time and i sometimes get made fun of when i say i want to make it to the NBA and they say dude you live in maine and are in 9th grade and am never going to make it to the nba so i dont listen to the doubers and i beleive in my self even know that i am in 9th grade i will never stop beleiveing in myself becuse you are amazing and will always be my fan.I love seeing your 3 pointers fly and seeing you make 402 3pointers in 82 games that is amazing and the 3 pointer is what amazes me when i shoot 3 pointers i make a few but am not even as close to being as good as you.So no matter how good i am i will always try to be good and keep pushing myself to the limit and making myself better by the ball handleing skills and the form of shooting and all the stuff that you do to make yourself better.

Ive been seeing you play since you played in davison collage and i have just been imspired.Im in 8th grade and live in a School in fortfairfield maine and the chances of me to be able to make it to the nba are very low but im never going to stop trying im only 5,61/2 but i am still working on improving myself like you did after getting that ankle inery a few years ago and that has never kept you from stoping and quiting your carrer.You know what really imspired me was this year going 73-9 the best record in nba history that has amazing because you worked as a team not a one man team.And when you got your ingery from your knee in game 1 of the first round of the play-offs i knew that you were going to be tough and be able to make it back and then when you made it back that same game you got back you sprained your knee and i still knew that your were going to make it back and you did on monday and did the unthinkable scoreing 40 points and 17 points in overtime and overtime is only 5 minutes that was amazing bro just always know i have my eye on your game and will be watching you win another finals so go get them boys and win,Gods got your back and i do to so thank you so much for imspirering me in everything that you do and i hope that one day i will be able to be good and make it to the NBA.

From,Isaiah Milliard

Submitted by Chance pierce (not verified) on

Dear Mr.Curry my name is chance pierce the cousin of De'Kayla Dansberry ....Saturday may 14.2016 , De'Kayla was murdered ..she suffered from a stab wound to the chest and she was pronounced dead at stroger hospital in Chicago, IL ....De'Kayla was a huge fan of yours Mr.Curry and me and the family will be honored if you reach out to share your condolences in which ever comfortable way ....her funeral is Saturday May 21 2016 @new beginnings church where she always attend will be a big appreciation to the family if you show your support or presence @De'Kayla Dansberry home going service....thank you sincerely yours....chance pierce

Submitted by jealyn minguito (not verified) on

Do you know that more than 83% of Americans say they can't afford college? I'm from Philippines but currently living in Canada. I am not begging but I even I am still in grade 8,I am already worried about college. I am worried that my parents couldn't afford the expenses to send me to college. There are many people in the world who deserve to have an education and I am one of them. You're a good person, you help a lot of people in America. I am a dedicated student, I get A's in all of my grades but that's nothing if I cant go to college.Stephen Curry, I idolized you, I watched every game you play and I encourage you to create your own scholarship award for people who couldn't afford college and for people to have a better future.
Looking forward for you to have time to read this...
I also wish that people who could read this will be able to pass the message to other people.
Thank you :)


Submitted by Aaron Correll (not verified) on

Hi, Stephen Curry I have a couple about ball handling. How did you get so good at it? What can I do to get better at it? I know you are a busy man and all, but next time you came to Charlotte to play the hornets can you stop by my school. It is Mountain Island Charter school.


Submitted by Maggie (not verified) on

Hey Stephen Curry, you probably wont respond or see this, but I just wanted to say how much I admire you not only as an amazing player but just the way you publicly show your faith and how you stand for God. Not many people these days have the courage to do that. All that you have accomplished in your career is truly amazing and I can only hope to be as great as you. I heard about you from my brother and we have watched your games ever since then. My mom is an assistant coach for a girls high school basketball team, so basketball is pretty much everything to me and my brother. I also want you to know how much of an influence you have been on me..just your determination and your faith is amazing. We are cheering for you and the Golden State Warriors during the playoff season and hope that you can become back to back champions. GOOD LUCK!

Submitted by Jack Cashwell (not verified) on

You are the best player in the NBA! Please write back it would mean so much to me!

Submitted by Malachi Duckworth (not verified) on

Chauncey Davis Elementary School
PO BOX 437 South Bend WA 98586-0437
May 26, 2016

Dear Stephen Curry,

love your games. I hope someday I can be like you. You are my favorite basketball player. I am ten years old. I am in 5th grade.I play basketball too. It is my favorite sport. I am still working on my hand coordination and my dribbling. I am good with my right hand but I am still working on my left. My dad went to one of your games before. Sometimes I watch your games live. One day I want to come to your games in real life.

Your fan,
Malachi Duckworth

Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

Do you have any tips for shooting 3s?

Submitted by LaRae Shipper (not verified) on

I have a 14 y.o. daughter, Brindy, that eats, sleeps & breathes the Warriors, especially Steph Curry. Anyone who knows her, knows she is a HUGE & loyal Steph fan, she gets a lot of crap for it. She had her school pic taken with a Steph Curry shirt, she cries when the Warriors lose a game, when they win, she tells me "we won!" The other night I wanted to take her to a movie with me & she told me she'd rather stay home & watch the Warrior game. I actually share the same birthday as Steph, when she found that out, I became the "coolest mom ever", haha!! I could go on & on with stories, its not uncommon for us to hear Stephs name 25 + times in a day around our house. She got to see Steph live in a game against the Utah Jazz on March 30, best day ever! I don't know if you'll ever read this Steph, but thanks for being a great role model to my daughter & also for your belief in God!!! U r awesome!

Submitted by Gramma Merilee (not verified) on

I'm not the biggest sports fan, however you are larger than life. Personally, I think your being a team player and having a humble attitude are just as important as your ability to shoot 3-pointers.
As we celebrate the life of Muhammad Ali, I hope his generosity and support for all mankind will inspire you. Obviously, you have all it takes to leave a legacy^ similar to his.

Submitted by pamela whetzel (not verified) on

my son loves you to death!! he has watched you for quite a while. i am the same way and i know you are from gratos. my son needs some influence on playing ball. he shoots ball just like yourself!!! he says he cant shoot in front of crowd and i really think you could help if you could talk with him or for him to meet you!!!! he birthday is in august. i wouls lovew to have something nice for him if you could back with me. he had just started junior high this year in 7th grade and pushed hisself with honor classes to carry straight As for the school year. please email me back!!!! keep up the 3pters!!!!! pamela whetzel my son name is austin and his 13 now till august 18 he will be 14. very athletic as well!!!!

Submitted by ronnie (not verified) on

Stephen you are a very good player, one of the best to ever play the game. I'm very glad to see you are a christian. In today's world we need more role models like you. God bless you.

Submitted by O C (not verified) on

HI Stephen! Great job this year! You will not only survive this series you will thrive. Your help is on the way. Trust in God and trust yourself! God bless you! Everyone has a season, and this one is yours!

Submitted by Lezlee Pollmann (not verified) on

Dear Steph,
How I love to watch you play!!! You have an incredible gift! If I may, please consider placing your right hand on your heart when the national anthem is played. It is a outward sign of an inward expression of love and respect for this great land that we call home. Thank you, from a huge fan!!!

Submitted by Shane kailimai (not verified) on

God did not let up on you son.neither did I .stay strong in your faith with him in spite of opposition.this championship is in hands grasp towards you.may it be an inspiration for his glory.god bless and much love and aloha from hawaii.

Submitted by Cassandra McMillan (not verified) on

Bring home the Championship Trophy
This message is to the entire Warrior Team.
Good morning to the Golden State Warriors Team
Stop playing with the Cav, and bring home the Trophy. All the Cav is doing is play the Warriors Basketball game against Warriors. Take the Warrior Basketball game back and win the Championship.
The 2016 NBA Championship Trophy goes to the Golden State Warriors
Your number #1 Fan
Mr. Stevie McMillan &
Mrs. Cassandra McMillan

Submitted by O C (not verified) on

Hey Stephen, I feel like you are my younger brother, and I am so proud of you. Adversity comes not to stop you but to make you completely depend on your creator. Remember who you are, and remember the formula. Trust in God, and trust yourself. You can, and will do all things through Christ that strengtens you. Go let your light shine tonight. God will be there with you, and your teammates on every play.

Submitted by Alexis Kyles (not verified) on

I want to meet you and I'm 1 of your biggest fan and I'm Riley curry biggest fan I want to have one of your jersey in shoes and autographs I want you to come to my birthday July,2 this year you and Riley Curry I use to play basketball for my school


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