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Russell Wilson was born November 29, 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks as quarterback. In 2012, he was selected by the team with the 12th pick in the third round (75th overall) of the NFL Draft. Wilson played football and baseball for NC State. In 2008 he was named the ACC Rookie of the Year in football and became the first freshman quarterback to receive first team All-ACC honors. Wilson also played minor league baseball for the Tri-City Dust Devils in 2010 and the Asheville Tourists in 2011 as a second baseman.

Wilson transferred to the University of Wisconsin in 2008 setting the single season FBS record for passing efficiency (191.8) and led the team to a Big Ten title and the 2012 Rose Bowl. Wilson received the Big Ten Quarterback of the Year award and was named a consensus first-team All-Big Ten and third-team All-American by Yahoo! Sports.

Wilson signed a four-year, $2.99 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks on May 7, 2012. He was named the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year in 2012, and in 2013 led the Seahawks to its first ever Super Bowl victory. As of January 2015, Wilson holds the record for the highest career playoff passer rating (109.6) in NFL history.


Super Bowl 2013 (w/ Seahawks)

NFC Championship 2013 (w/ Seahawks)

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Submitted by Kurt (not verified) on

Greetings Mr. Wilson, your public apology as a christian for seeing 50 Shades of Gray is appreciated. May I suggest the movie Old Fashioned. Its worthwhile, realistic, respectful, & redemptive. I kindly challenge you to see it as a Christian. Thanks for your time. Peace, K PS I think you might like it. I did.

Submitted by Kim Hermann (not verified) on

Hi my grandaughter Karlee Jacobs is autistic and has the most severe form ashbugers. I was visiting with her for a week and she is a huge fan of Russell Wilson. She know all about him and just loves the seattle seahawks. The team is all she talks about and she told me that the only things she wants is to meet Russell. I know that is impossible but some sort of an autographed item would make her so happy and would be the best medicine for her. Karlee is 10 and I had no idea how her aflication affects her and her whole family. It wou,d be sogreat if there was anything you can do for her.

Submitted by Larry Weeks (not verified) on

Hi Russel, my 94 year old Mother was a huge fan of you and the Seahawks as am I. Mom wore her jersey every game day including Oct. 18th when she passed away at 10:03pm that night. I just wanted to see if someone could give her a shout out at one of the home games. You have no idea how much that would mean to our family and Mom watching from above. She was a wonderful Mother and huge Seahawks fan. Thanks for all you do in the community.

Submitted by tiffany (not verified) on

I'm a huge fan of the Seahawks....12the women forever go hawks.

Submitted by tiffany (not verified) on

I'm a huge fan of the Seahawks....12the women forever go hawks.I've never been to a game and would love to go to a hawks game.Russell Wilson your one of my favorite players and I got your jersey....I wear it every Friday and every game.thank you for your time and hopefully I can get to go to a hawks game for my first time. Sincerely...Tiffany Bushnell....Go hawks

Submitted by Don Curry (not verified) on

MR. Wilson,
I would like to thank you for the work you do with the Chidren's Hospitals.

I own an ACE store in Hayden Idaho, and am a member of the Inland Northwest ACE Dealers (INAD) group. We also support the Childrens Hospital, our local one is the Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital in Spokane, Washington.

I know you are extremely busy, but would like to invite you to visit our local Childrens Hospital.
I would definitely make it work around your schedule. We also do fund raising events for the hospital, if you and or any of your team mates would be willing to donate some signed equipment or mayby be willing to come to one of our events for an autograph signing again we would definitely work around your schedules.
All the proceeds would go to the local Childrens Miracle Network at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane Washington.

Thank you in advance for any consideration of this.

Thank you for another great season of Seahawks Football.


Don Curry

Submitted by Mitchell Dowdy (not verified) on

Of all the modern players of stature, you are at the peak. I cannot remember a time when I had to explain to my kids why you did anything other than sportsman like. Others take their cheap shots and you move on, never arguing with officials or taunting other players.

You ethic to achievements in all areas is what we need more of. Visibility of someone that takes on adversity, keeps his shoulder in it with pride. Thank you so much for being you.

Submitted by Joseph (not verified) on

Hi Russell,

First time I have ever written something like this but the personal way you have touch our lives has me out of my comfort zone. My son Christian is the hardest working student I have ever seen. His work ethic is bar none and only mirrors everything you have worked for and accomplished. So why am I writing. Every single job Christian has applied for in banking during his summers have always come with the " why not you Christian" speech before interviews fully inspired by the story we heard about Russel during the super bowl work up show. This is now our motto and Christian will be heading down to New York to work for his ultimate dream job full time this summer. He will be leaving home and we want to have a send off party with a special gift. How do we order and get a signed poster or jersey or something that says " Why not you". It will close the loop on an outstanding inspirational journey led by Russell's will for excellence.

Thank you for your consideration.


Submitted by Cristi Bush (not verified) on

When my nephew was born four years ago he was born with a congenital heart defect, you visited him at Seattle Children's Hospital. He goes in on June 29th surgery scheduled for June 30th. It would lift him up if he got a visit from you again before this big surgery. He is a fighter and loves the Seahawks! This surgery will be extremely hard on him and I think this may push him through:)

Submitted by Wolfhead (not verified) on

In response to - Seahawks QB Russell Wilson says he wants to ‘help change a generation’

I wanted to pass this thought along to you, it's one of my creeds I live by. I have it taped-up on the wall above my dresser drawer. It reads...

"What Man is a Man, Who Does Not Make The World a Better Place."

I saw it in the move "Kingdom of Heaven On Earth" carved into a wooden support beam of the foundry shop at the beginning of the move.

When I pass away, I hope folks will say that I made their world better for knowing me and the good deeds I have done.

My Indian Name: Wolfhead
Seattle, WA

Submitted by Lewis Saintsing (not verified) on

PLEASE STAND WHEN OUR NATION'S BONG IS SUNG! I use to take my small son to see you play at NCSU and then baseball in the summer. Both of us respect you so much. Both as an athlete and Christian. Please don't tarnish that respect by refusing to stand for our flag/country!

Submitted by Lewis Saintsing (not verified) on

Please stand for our country! Do not honor BLM and black panthers. My son saw you play college football and baseball. He idolized you because of your talent and faith. Don't ruin it! Please!

Submitted by Stephanie Brown (not verified) on

Good morning,

This may sound like a crazy email...but I am writing this as a "Christmas wish" in regards to the upcoming Seattle Seahawks game on December 24th.

I am from Calgary,AB Canada and I am surprising my amazing boyfriend by flying out to Seattle! He is going down there to see his newborn (1st) nephew and to see the Seahawks game with his sister,brother-in-law, and father. It was difficult to get time off work, but I decided that it would be worth surprising him. I absolutely love and adore my boyfriend and this is our first Christmas together. You may think that it is corny...but I know I'm my heart that he is my one and only. He is my soul mate.

We met only 8 months ago but I knew that he was the one. Here is a little funny story about how we first met- He was a student teacher at my mom's (she is an assistant principle) school. My mom phoned me one day and said "Stephanie I have a super tall,handsome man wearing a kilt in my office." Now, many people would be surprised at this...but unfortunately it is common for many of my family attempting to set me up with random tall men. I am proud that I am 6"2 but it does have its difficulties in regards to finding tall men. I politely declined my mom as I was too proud to lower myself to the family attempts at playing matchmaker. Fast forward a couple months- I ended up meeting Ben when I met my mom at her school to show off my new car. My mom cunningly introduced me to everyone at her school. However, when she introduced me to Ben- it was a bit different from the other introductions. It was like she was the lady on wheel of fortune uncovering numbers...but she was revealing her daughter and pretty much showcasing me to Ben. Ben and I politely greeted each other but both were flaming hot red embarrassed by my mothers obvious attempt to marry me off to a tall, random stranger. Fast forward another couple months and as fate would have it- we reconnected on a "fabulous" app called tinder. From there on in we have been inseparable.

So here is my question...I do not have tickets to the game, because this was a last minute decision- but I have. Crazy corny plan that I would be forever grateful for you to fill. I am hoping that you could get me into the stadium for the "kiss cam." I wouldn't have to stay for the game...I would just come in wearing a sign "KISS ME BEN" and hopefully he would?

I know this is a crazy and extravagant plan but that is how much I love him. He holds me at my weakest, he pushes me to be a better person, and he loves and chooses me everyday.

I hope with my whole heart that this Christmas surprise could be granted. I would be forever grateful!

I am hoping I hear from you soon!
All my best and happy holidays!

Stephanie Brown
Aka a crazy in love corny tall girl

Submitted by lee lipton (not verified) on

russell maybe you should learn details and facts before opening your mouth basically you are saying that 50 per cent of america are morons and you arent maybe its smart that those 50 power cent who disagree with you on politics dont watch you play maybe we are too stupid you are watching the democrat party fall apart since barack obama took office over 1000 democrat seats were lost !!! why???
do you want a list on how terrible obama was as president i mean real facts this is not black or white this is right or wrong if you want i will set up a meting w dr ben carson to explain would you like that?? i think you need to learn the truth before you talk

Submitted by Tia lemalu (not verified) on

My wife accidentally drop her laptop and we just don't have enough for another macpro, she got 4 more weeks left before she finish nursing school. Thank you

Submitted by Evan Corelli (not verified) on

Just bought your jersey for my dad. Any way I can get it signed !! Huuuge fan and supporters over here. Thank you!

Submitted by TAMI URBANEK (not verified) on

I would like to Thank Russell Wilson for taking time before game, half time, then after the game to give my Grandson a high five and after the game he gave my grandson his wrist band. My grandson is 10 yrs old and is a HUGE Seahawks fan since he was 5 years old. He eats sleeps and dreams football and not just cause hes my grandson hes awesome at football. In fact he got MVP of the season on his football league. These VIP game tickets that were giving to us because of him being the BIG SEAHAWK fan that he is has truly made one of his dreams come true and keep following his football dream of him being there one day. Just wanted to say what a great Guy you are and how Aiden looks up to you and sees why hes such a HUGE fan. Thank you again and GO SEA-HAWKS #12FAN

Submitted by Stephen (not verified) on

Hello, Russel!

Ive enjoyed the Seahawks, ever since I discovered that you, and other players were Christians on the team!

I was wondering:

Are you staying with the Seahawks?


Submitted by Aeron (not verified) on

Hey Russel
I live in Seattle, and appreciate all the hard work you’ve done for our city. But I just read that you visited alibaba, and talked em up. You should read about all the discrimination that Ali has done to women. Kind of disturbing. Love your hard work take care. Good luck next season.

Submitted by Gerry Blachley (not verified) on

Russell your linguistic skills have improved to the point that is amazing from college to where you are now one slight little thing that you might look at the Overuse of (you know)

Submitted by Amber Lynn Boyer (not verified) on

Mr. Wilson my Sad grew up in the Seattle area and is a Huge fan . I doubt that I would ever be able to take him to a game but I was hoping you would mail him a picture with your signature ?
Thank you!
Amber Boyer
His address is Kerry Miller 889 Farmdale Rd. Mount Joy , PA17552

Submitted by Isaiah Cremin (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Wilson,
My name is Isaiah Cremin and you are my inspiration. You have inspired me to do good in school. You have also inspired me to follow my dreams. I want to be like you just different. I do not want to be said to be like some else. I want to be me. I would love to be able inspire you like you did to me. Sure I would love to be rich and have money, but if that means being really mean and rude; then I will let that image go. That's the thing though, you are the nicest guy that I have ever heard of. I remember the game that made you famous when you spun out like 4 players in the patriots game. That was awesome. I remember when you through that amazing pass to Tyler Lockett and he had 6.3 percent chance of catching it. You always get the ball right over their shoulders and into their hand perfectly. Oh, and by the way I am 12 years old. I have never heard you brag or be mean to anyone after you one a game. I think it was in 2017 or 2016 when you met my brother Albert Cremin. To be honest if I got the pleasure to shake your hand then I would become a lefty. I would even put a bag over my hand in the shower so it wouldn't get wet. Thank you for your time! And tell the Seahawks team that their number one fan said "HI!!!". And Pete Carol.

Sincerely your biggest fan,

Isaiah Cremin

Submitted by Jonathan Feemster (not verified) on

Hi Russell,
I used to work Seahawk games every year since u been with the team but do to covid I couldn't this year. My family loves you and the team. You make us laugh amd cry with every win and lose. You keep my spirits up high even when it looks like life is getting to hard would love to speak with u got some things I think u could help with. Plz email me

Submitted by Branden Walters (not verified) on

Hey bud, happy late birthday. You are an inspiration to me and my family. The absolute of how a family man should be and your faith is a huge part to on top of your consistency as a human and how we should be bud. Consistency is key and you never waiver. It’s admirable and I thank God I am abroncos fan because you teach me life lessons to show my family as a man. Thanks bud! Happy late birthday!

Submitted by Nathan (not verified) on

Where is the real battle.

Trials come and go our strength is in the Lord. I know you know this; the world can't take away what God has given you.

Submitted by John L. Harper (not verified) on

Hey Brother, praying for you in this time of difficulty! My family always enjoyed watching you play with Seattle. Let's see how God re-writes your story.

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