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Robert Lee Griffin III (born February 12, 1990), nicknamed RG3, is an American football quarterback for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for Baylor University, and won the 2011 Heisman Trophy. He was selected by the Redskins with the second pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. Griffin III won the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award.


2011 Heisman Trophy


Washington Redskins
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Submitted by Tommy (not verified) on

Hi, I do not know if Robert Griffin III will actually see this but if you do read this I would just like to show my appreciation. I honestly have mad respect for you. I appreciate what you stand for and how you carry yourself from what I have seen. I felt the need to contact you because I felt so bad once I heard the bad news of your injury. I felt so bad that you put so much work into something only to have something similar happen all over again. I have had similar issues so I can relate on a less serious level, but that life right? I just wanted to tell you how much I respect you and the fact that you seam to keep a positive out look on things no matter what the circumstances are. I have been a Redskins fan my whole life and I really appreciate the work and effort that you have put into the team. I hope to see you out on the field again. Keep working hard and do not let the haters get to you haha. Get well soon!

A caring fan,
Tommy McVey

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

Dear RG3,
I go for the Redskins when they are not playing the Saints, I am from MS so that's our closest team. I like your new hair style. I just wanted to write to you and tell you that it would be wise to use preventive measures where ever you can during games and practice. Tape or use ankle braces on BOTH ankles and wear knee pads on BOTH knees. It will help to reduce some of the severity of the hits and twists that you will encounter as you play. You might twist your ankle again, but it won't be as bad and will heal quicker. You might get hit in on or fall on your knees, but it won't hurt as bad the next day.

Submitted by Dennis Miller (not verified) on

RG, take time to grow up and enjoy your youth and don't read the garbage the news puts out. I am an old much old guy who has seen a lot in life. Your too young to get caught up in hurrying to get great. Life and lessons will take care of that. You have tons of talent but need to know life is longer and experience will cure it all. Listen to the guys like Santana and Mr. Clark. They have been there before. Your dad will know. You could be a straight A guy and smarter than everyone else but life is about experience and learning. You and all kids your age and I call you kids because I have a son much older. You will get there. Just believe in yourself and know you have what it takes but experience. That will come. Peyton did not do this over night. He knows all defenses because he has lived long enough to see every one. Keep your head up high and know everyone has an opinion and opinions are like rear ends. Everyone has one. My dad used to say, talk to a fool and there is 2 fools talking. You have a long way to go and to learn and that is what we all have or had to do. Enjoy life and leave to cry babies and couch coaches to whatever and move around the road blocks and please, admit when you suck, we all do all our life at some time. I have been a moron many times and will be many more, but I learn. Life is like a library, every day we pull a new book down and not every book we pull down is good. put it back up and grab another the next day. One long learning process. you will be fine and 3 or 4 years from now the couch sitters will be calling you great. they are like the wind, changing every day. remember misery loves company.

Submitted by Theresa Garcia (not verified) on

I am a 4th grade teacher at Martin Walker in Copperas Cove. One of my students' future plans is to play professional football just like you. Right now he has lost his want and drive to do his work and doesn't think that his grades are important. He thinks he can still be in the NFL without having to get into college. I asked him what college he wanted to go to, he told me Baylor. I was wondering if there were some way that maybe you can give the kids in my fourth grade class a pep talk through video a message of the importance of school and making good grades. I did let him know that you worked hard in school, I know because you were in one of the same classes as my daughter at CCHS and she told me how dedicted you were in school. A message to him with be great if you can't tape one for my whole class. If you email me I will get you his name, I already contacted his mom and she hopes that this will help him.
I am sorry this season has not turned out the way it should have been. Hold your head up high, I have watched you play for 10 years, things will turn out great. I know you have the faith. You have a lot of fans here in Copperas Cove that still believe in you.
Theresa Garcia

Submitted by Aboogie (not verified) on

Hello RGIII,

I have been a redskins fan for more than 30 yrs now and I wanted to reach out and let you know despite all that you may be going through, it is just a test and that I still believe in you and I know in my heart that you have what it takes to be a great quarter back in this league and I pray that my words reach you and and that you are inspired to keep fighting. Please take this time to reflect on everything that god has brought you through: Season ending injury that would have end most players careers, but made it through, the ankle dislocation which could have been much worse, but you are still here!!, and this current issue is just another trial. I truly believe that god would not have saved and preserved you for nothing short of greatness, just keep your faith and everything will work out. The only way to appreciate greatness is to go through a storm and come through stronger than you were when you entered it.

A truly loyal fan until the end.

Submitted by Howard G. Cooley (not verified) on


As you know, a big man subject to the public's observations of his every move will have big critical reviews. That is with the territory. Continue to handle it with grace and humility; and, let your play on the field do the talking. Speaking of that, I have 3 points.

1. You are now like Ali after his 3 year layoff. He could no longer move counter clockwise with speed for 15 rounds and land hundreds of punches. So he changed to a heavier, stronger, timing puncher, resting in the ring, and a flurry to close it out. Ali adapted. Ask George Foreman.

2. I listen to the FAN, 660AM, a lot and after the Giants' 45-14 drubbing of the Skins, their linebackers and cornerbacks gave what I thought was an insightful interview. In essence they revealed their coaches had advised before the game that Kirk was a precision passer but he points to his receivers, and any pressure near him rattles him and that counts as an incomplete pass. They also talked about his passing efficiency with no pressure and with pressure. They then talked about you, and said that you -- like Kirk -- did not have to have the ball batted down to make your pass incomplete. Rather, because you don't decide your passing lane as you drop back to pass and get the ball out fast, just threatening you or chasing you around causes you to move and makes it harder for you to reset, and counts as a disrupted play because you cannot synchronize with your deep threats who are open for only very brief period of time. They said they would be pleased to contain you and Kirk to the short passing game so they could set you up for the interception at a critical period. So they were confident that they could contain you and Kirk.

3. Take extraordinary steps to fit in with Coach's precision passing and time based offense. He does not need you to run. He wants you to see that offense at all times like it is a virtual reality game. Look at Brad Johnson's Skins' clips. Once when I took my wife to a game in the 1990s, they scored so many points my wife thought it was still preseason and the other team had in its 3rd string. Johnson to Westbrook was like a thrilling aerial show and the precision of the Johnson to Westbrook was incredible. In an interview he explained just how much work it was for him to throw a 50 or 40 yard pass in the corner of the endzone so that when the receiver arrived there so did the ball. Call him. Look at Theisman and Rypien tapes, but more importantly have someone like Warren Moon, Doug Williams, Kurt Warner,or Jason Campbell with work you. I think Johnson and Warren would be great.
I am counting on you to make it happen on Sunday by any means possible. Walking through the fire will make you stronger.

Submitted by Jeff F (not verified) on

Speaking as a loyal Baylor Bears fan and true RGIII supporter: The combination of The Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III is not a positive situation for either party. Both sides of the dilemma are not pleased and honestly the problem goes much deeper then the implied bad quarterback play. (Which is what the coaching staff is complaining of). The Washington franchise is clearly struggling as a whole, including the entire coaching staff, management and players; clearly not on the same page. You can't blame the entire faults of an organization on quarterback play.
Take a look at the Baylor Bears organization and the accomplishments Robert Griffin III and Art Briles were able to achieve when a coach and quarterback were on the same page. The proud Baylor franchise was taken to a whole new level in the years of RGIII. Ever since the move of Art Briles from Houston to Baylor and the impending following of RGIII, the Bears have flourished. Its no coincidence The team is now ranked #5 in the country, Leads all FBS in scoring, and possibly may be in the 1st ever College Football Playoff Championships. Its not an accident. I am not going to go into all the stats and comparisions and so forth because you can look those up for yourselves and see that the problem is not RGIII. So stop blaming a 3rd year quarterback, who hasn't even played most of those years, for an entire teams faults. Move on with your career RGIII before The Washington Redskins ruin it for you.

Submitted by Jim Hill (not verified) on

I am a fan  of yours in my 9th decade and greatly respect your athletic abilities and personal behavior. I regret your difficulties and only wish you the best. If I could advise you it would be to go humble stop selling yourself. You cannot top your first year until you regroup emotionally.  If I could guide you it would be to understudy you with Peyton Manning. You could learn from an elite pocket passer and not press to be the top dog and heal physically and mentally. You are young and have exceptional abilities that can still allow you to become what we expected when you joined the Redskins. Look at the comeback that Manning executed. You have the ability to outdo Manning with maturity.mnbbbvv

I am a lifetime Redskin fan but will root for your comeback wherever you are. Good luck and heal

Submitted by Clark Curtis (not verified) on

This is an essay my 8-year old, 3rd grade son (David) wrote for school.

I thought RG3 would appreciate it and find encouragement in the essay.

The title is: “Why R.G.3 should be noticed more”

Do you know R.G.3 is the best QB in the NFL.

I think he should get noticed more by everybody.

For example, the fans should notice him more and people watching a game on TV should notice him more.

He should be asked more questions and should give more speeches to encourage people.

He should be noticed more because QB is one of the most important positions.

And he plays QB!

One last thing, he is a very thankful person because he thanks his teammates and his coaches.

Here are some reasons why R.G.3 should be noticed more.

He works hard to make his family happy.

So why can’t you make him happy.

Not only does he make Washington happy he also makes his coaches and teammates happy. So they can play well. And coach well.

It is good exercise to play football and you can get techniques from him so you can play football and build up your muscles.

Here are some other reasons why I think R.G.3 should get noticed more.

First of all, at the end of a football game and his team lost, he is not upset.

He just shakes the other team’s players hands and wears a comforting smile.

Also you should comfort him by holding up a poster that encourages him or something like that.

One other way that he is respectful is he doesn’t make his teammates feel bad if they do a bad thing.

He just encourages them more. Which is what would make his teammates pumped .

So those are my reasons why R.G.3 should be noticed more.

But I have one more thing to talk about to encourage him and here it is.

Lots of people probably buy a R.G.3 jersey and wear it to school or somewhere.

Then someone tells you that R.G.3 isn’t good so you don’t wear your jersey. And completely forget about it.

When you can wear it again and encourage other people to like R.G.3. And they can spread it by telling other people about R.G.3. And that will comfort him a lot.

Submitted by Robert the Thir... (not verified) on

I think your the best Quarterback in the NFL. I think you should be relaxed with your line. If you see a biltz throw a short pass. I am 8. And the position I play is Flanker and I practice Quarterback.

Submitted by Elijah Fergerson (not verified) on

Hey rg3, can you please help throw the football with a spiral and with accuracy. That would be helpful for me and the team.

Submitted by Rick Cuppelman (not verified) on

I would love nothing more than to see You (RG3), take us all the way to the Super Bowl this year! And Win!!! Then you can turn to the Media and say, "I guess I answered that question!!! I am the best!! That would be so gratifying!! Now go play with a chip on your shoulder! Rifle those balls in there!!! You Can do this!!! Clear your mind, take it one play at a time! Good things will happen! Forget the Media, go on a mission!!!!!!

Submitted by Irene A. (not verified) on

I have been a fan of the Redskins probably before some of your fans were born. I have watched the Redskins through such quarterbacks as Billy Kilmer, Sonny Jerguson, Doug Williams, Joe Theismann and others. Therefore I can talk from experience when it comes down to Washington's perpetual curse of the "Quarterback Controversy." I am sorry that a visibly talented quarterback has been caught in the frenzy of this controversy. I know my other co-fans are saying, "Wait a minute Irene, RG was the first string." Well I know that but somewhere along the line I see that the curse returned against you RG. But I employ you as a mother and Baptist Minister to "Not Give Up and Not Go Down" because recent turnarounds have not gone in your favor. I know most of America measures human beings from a "money gains standpoint" but there are qualities and values in life that count for a whole lot more, and I believe that you RG, have such qualities. You remind me of my oldest son (38 years old) who has had to jump over many of life's hurdles and find his way out of many of life's dark tunnels. Yet, he is a success as you are a success, you have just been confronted with something on the track of life putting a hurdle in your way. But I can tell you have had a good upbringing by a concerned home structure. I again say, don't give up. Even though you may be finding your way out a dark tunnel, there will be an end and you shall see a new and more positive light soon. I hope you continue playing the game and I feel that you can revive your career if you push hard enough in those places that some say you waivered. I praise your parents for the great job they have done giving the world a determined young man. And remember, the same persons who called you out as "not a team player or not focusing enough on your game" are probably the same ones who maybe trying to get all the attention in their own workplaces. Be Blessed and Don't Give Up

Submitted by Sherry Richardson (not verified) on

Hi RG3, I really miss seeing you play. I want you to know that we believe in your ability to become a Great QB. You have a God given talent that we want to see you use very soon. We know that God will bless you to get out on that field.

Submitted by Darnell Brown (not verified) on

I would personally like to thank you for the excitement you brought to the nations capitol in the little time that you were here.Its been amazing. Redskins fans had no one exciting as you since Sean Taylor. Don't let nobody change your game and stay healthy. Just remember u are still a redskin,please don't go to Dallas, philly or new york. Wherever you go wishing you nothing but the best of luck

Submitted by Sal Oxley (not verified) on

As an employee of the Redskins, many thanks for your dedication and giving your best in helping the team to become more competitive and exciting to watch. Professional sports teams are companies and must balance the entertainment arena with business acumen. Many times this means making unpopular decisions to take the company in a different direction or to achieve a certain outcome. Many times employees and CEOs leave the company for better opportunities or personal reasons and vice versa. This is LIFE. The most important attribute of a leader is to maintain a positive IMAGE. The IMAGE of the NFL as a hold mirrors society and that is a problem. While NFL is the greatest American sport, many of the players act and look like thugs, off and on the field. But this is NFL’s and its union’s fault of failing to realize their IMAGE and role in family entertainment. Do You Like That?! Go Redskins…

Submitted by Lynne (not verified) on

RGIII - I am a 50+ year Redskins fan. I found the organization's handling of your injuries and your talent/potential to be shameful. You managed this terribly handled situation with grace, dignity and a maturity beyond your years. The Redskins lost their historical standing because the management of the team has been bungled and anyone that follows them knows it. Your locker message was perfect and so true. I wish you nothing but the best and will root for you wherever you may go - even Dallas. included.

Submitted by elias butcher (not verified) on

Hey I'm a huge chiefs fan if I were you I would go to the chiefs because 1. we can pay you good
2.look at our last season(2015)
3. we are so good that the patriots had to cheat to beat us.
4. Its just a game and we are the cleanest players out there
5. pretty disappointed that the chiefs lost t the pats especially because it was on my birthday =[ Any ways do you want to be the next odell or the next vikings kicker? I know your career is not completely done.
6. andy reid was in the probowl
7. eric berry beat cancer{so did I)
8. marcus peters is the rookie of the year( interceptios)
9.I really hope youre reading thhis beacause im supposed to be doing my homework, but any way evereything counts. grandpa went to the first superbowl and the ticket was only $10 but was still a rip off because the chiefs lost to gb.
Anyway I need to get back to my homework god bless and whichever team you choose i wish the highest paying longest playing.
oh yeah my boy jamaal charles is back buddy old boy. HAHA our running yrds per carry went up since he got hurt. I dont have time to spell check this but who cares i rather be doing football& not homework
oh yeah i'm doing the play 60 flag football and i chose the chiefs as my team. the nagain good luck whichever team you choose and JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

Submitted by Shawn McKeever ... (not verified) on

Hey Robert it's Shawn McKeever from Cleveland. I just want to start by saying that I'm your #1 fan. I am a true belieber ( sorry I love Justin Bieber too ) in your ablitit's and what you could bring to the city. I really hope you join the Browns organization because it would make my dreams come true ( my first dream was seeing Justin in concert )... yeah check that box office but anyways I'm just saying dreams do come true. From now on I'm on the RG CLE train...first stop..super bowl!

Submitted by Shawn McKeever ... (not verified) on

Hey Robert it's me again Shawn McBelieber. Just wanted to say pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on top come to Cleveland. I will even grow my hair out like yours...mind you I'm a balding white male with a widows peak but I will give it a go. Woot Woot RG CLE, RG CLE.

Submitted by Max Pavlosky (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Griffin
I am a 8th grade student whose researching ACL injuries as part of an Exit Project necessary to complete my 8th grade year. I was wonder what it was like to tear your ACL and the recovery process. Please respond to my email listed previously. Good luck in the NFL!

-Maximus Pavlosky

Submitted by Hillary (not verified) on

RG3 you are one serious knucklehead. Since graduating Baylor - you have bee nothing but an embrassment.

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