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Richard Kevin Sherman (born March 30, 1988) is an American football cornerback with the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He was selected by the Seahawks in the fifth round (154th overall) of the 2011 NFL Draft. Sherman played college football at Stanford as a wide receiver and cornerback for the Cardinal. Sherman and the other current Seahawks defensive backs have dubbed themselves the "Legion of Boom".


XLVIII Super Bowl Champion


Richard Sherman
C/O Seattle Seahawks
800 Occidental Ave. S. Suite 100
Seattle, Wa 98134


Submitted by chuck curran (not verified) on

Congratulations, from a Pat's fan but a dad first.

Submitted by Sarah Washington (not verified) on

Every since the media controversy my son has been talking nothing but Richard Sherman. He talks about how he Sweats you... and how you're his friend, he just turned four years old.The most ironic part is that his father or I doesn't even watch Sports ......he would love to meet you or hear from you we live in Forest Grove Oregon.
Royal Washington's Mother, Sarah

Submitted by Greg (not verified) on

I have a 4 year old cousin and he does the same, he is upsessed with the image.

Submitted by Venus (not verified) on

Please bring back that Legion of Boom spirit. I want to see you score twice every quarter to teach the so called bad boys at LA some football scenario. You gotta do that defense boom.
Senior citizens for the Seahawks.

Submitted by Jeff C Gorr (not verified) on

Man , what can I say my family loves you so much and enjoy watching you when the opposing team gets brave enough to throw to the receiver your you make watching football very exciting in our house..we have a sports room that one wall is dedicated to our Hawks. The wife and I were born and raised in Seattle and have been 12's before there was 12"s...I just wanted to thankyou for bringing life into our house on football days ...God bless you and the rest of the boys ..we love you Go hawks

Submitted by Sheree Cunningh... (not verified) on

Mr. Sherman, Sir,
You So Need A Big, Big Raise !!!!
You and Wilson, what a formidable duo.
Congrats to the whole team. WE LOVE YA ALL, GO HAWKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Stephanie Brown (not verified) on

Good morning,

This may sound like a crazy email...but I am writing this as a "Christmas wish" in regards to the upcoming Seattle Seahawks game on December 24th.

I am from Calgary,AB Canada and I am surprising my amazing boyfriend by flying out to Seattle! He is going down there to see his newborn (1st) nephew and to see the Seahawks game with his sister,brother-in-law, and father. It was difficult to get time off work, but I decided that it would be worth surprising him. I absolutely love and adore my boyfriend and this is our first Christmas together. You may think that it is corny...but I know I'm my heart that he is my one and only. He is my soul mate.

We met only 8 months ago but I knew that he was the one. Here is a little funny story about how we first met- He was a student teacher at my mom's (she is an assistant principle) school. My mom phoned me one day and said "Stephanie I have a super tall,handsome man wearing a kilt in my office." Now, many people would be surprised at this...but unfortunately it is common for many of my family attempting to set me up with random tall men. I am proud that I am 6"2 but it does have its difficulties in regards to finding tall men. I politely declined my mom as I was too proud to lower myself to the family attempts at playing matchmaker. Fast forward a couple months- I ended up meeting Ben when I met my mom at her school to show off my new car. My mom cunningly introduced me to everyone at her school. However, when she introduced me to Ben- it was a bit different from the other introductions. It was like she was the lady on wheel of fortune uncovering numbers...but she was revealing her daughter and pretty much showcasing me to Ben. Ben and I politely greeted each other but both were flaming hot red embarrassed by my mothers obvious attempt to marry me off to a tall, random stranger. Fast forward another couple months and as fate would have it- we reconnected on a "fabulous" app called tinder. From there on in we have been inseparable.

So here is my question...I do not have tickets to the game, because this was a last minute decision- but I have. Crazy corny plan that I would be forever grateful for you to fill. I am hoping that you could get me into the stadium for the "kiss cam." I wouldn't have to stay for the game...I would just come in wearing a sign "KISS ME BEN" and hopefully he would?

I know this is a crazy and extravagant plan but that is how much I love him. He holds me at my weakest, he pushes me to be a better person, and he loves and chooses me everyday.

I hope with my whole heart that this Christmas surprise could be granted. I would be forever grateful!

I am hoping I hear from you soon!
All my best and happy holidays!

Stephanie Brown
Aka a crazy in love corny tall girl

Submitted by JoAnn Hamilton (not verified) on

I can only imagine the physical strain of two games, in the same travel, practice, not to mention some family time. Some of us fans are less than thrilled about Thursday night games, too. Especially those of us who are season ticket holders (who actually attend). I've missed 3 home games since 1997, work full time, and live 95 miles from the stadium....and I'll never see my 50's again. My charter seat neighbors feel the same way. The guy behind me lives in Vancouver B.C. The teacher next to me has an early schedule in the mornings, and she has decided that Thursday is just too much....she's also in her 60s. Feel free to pass this on to the NFL, maybe they should poll the season ticket holders. See you Thursday. GO HAWKS!!

Submitted by David heisey (not verified) on

I hope you enjoyed what my green bay packers had for you sir. Also glad to hear your pocket was lightened for your continual dirty play. Most overrated player I've seen in my lifetime

Submitted by Bill Gabriel (not verified) on

You are a narcissistic, prideful, and dirty player. Football fans who know and love the game, see and know the player you really are. Over-rated, BIG-time. Atlanta ends your season. I hope someone ends your career. You won't be missed. I'd love to meet you, too. Find me.

Submitted by Marilee Frame (not verified) on

Dear Richard Sherman, I am a 55 yr old grandma with a grandson who is turning 12 on the 28th of this month. He is a very sad boy who is without friends. Every birthday he invites a bunch of classmates to share in his birthday but nobody ever shows up. Only his family (which is very broken torn apart) and we all try to put on that happy face for him to make his day special. I can't take another year of the invites and seeing him with sadness but makes the best of it. It would mean the world to him seeing someone like you and other teammates show up. He would be overwhelmed just knowing Seahawks came to his birthday party. It would help him forget the ones that don't come to his invites. He would forget all the bullying he goes through. It would just be the best gift ever to such a sweet kid. He wears his jersey #25 proudly. Its something I have I can share with all 5 of my grandkids 3 boy 2 girls ages 6, 10, 10, 12(the 28th) and 14. We all watches the games together faithfully. We are part of the 12s family. If you can find it in your heart to help make this boys birthday special PLEASE contact me so I can give the info as where when and time. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.
Marilee Frame


Submitted by Edward Lamson (not verified) on

It appears that Goodell's NFL cares less about the education of our children and cares more about whether a child can play football,and put money into the League's pockets. From my perspective, why is it okay to take public funding away from education to construct a football stadium; instead of using private funding to construct a football stadium?
An example of private versus public funding for the construction of a football stadium is the state of Nevada. The government of the state of Nevada denied Clark County, Nevada 14 million dollars in funding for education. This denial of funding has led to the closure of facilities, increases in class size and a demoralized staff and students. Yet, the very same government can approve 750 million dollars for the construction a football stadium in Clark County. This is a slap in the face to our children and their educators.
As a taxpayer you must ask yourself these questions:
Who will profit from these deals?
Why are taxpayer's dollars being expended, when private funding can be used?
Will the taxpayer ever be allow to vote on the expenditure of public funds?
And is a child's future more important than lining the pockets of Goodell and his merry band of Billionaires?

Respectfully yours,

Submitted by Walter Patterson (not verified) on

I sent this to ESPN can you please read and forward to M Bennett and Puffed up S. A. Smith....thank you so much Sherm...

May 20, 2017

Dear Mister S.A. Smith

OK Mr. Big Mouth with 25 years of building your career and long term cash flow judging by your narrow opinions in order to continue your ratings sports commentator S. A. Smith. I wish you would just face it and be honest and shut the “h” up!!! The stupidity of your criticism of Kap was “he did not vote”? That’s your puny justification of verbally slapping Kap and M. Bennett? Kap was standing for what has been perceived as the country NOT giving my blacks justice as they were killed by police and other scared to death people and ALL of those who died many such as Kap feel and believe as if justice does not think BLACK LIVES MATTER you butt head! Did you stop and think for one little second that who else did not VOTE and yet they could not speak about their NOT VOTING? It was and is for the Black and Oppressed who have been killed which is the entire alpha and omega of Kap's very point, you bubble gum bimbo, carpet bagger, sports announcer and commentary “extraordinaire”. As the Apostle Paul would have said to you,“You have become PUFFED UP”. This entire subject matter was not something you needed to get yourself PUFFED UP self involved with and no one asked for your “Judge Judy” judgement or even your comment about Kap and even less about M. Bennett. So just go away, drop it and take a vacation and move on to something that is in your narrow and closed minded status quo that those who own ESPN filled you with “hot air” so they all can make money and you can make money. You know why you should just announce you are done with speaking about this and go away? Because as I viewed your last 3:20 segment on the Seahawks ESPN page, you think you were talking to M. Bennett as if it was you and Skip again.....which is why I say you are so PUFFED UP and a stupid punk....the truth is you were looking into the camera and speaking to every Kap, M. Bennett, Me and every Black person and all those to support the stopping of the Killing of Black people and not just those years ago who died for our right to vote, but for those who are dying and being killed right now as you brag about how much money you “give back”. Every time you run your stupid mouth as if you are scoring some point or two in a private dispute, you are actually spitting on all of us who felt like Kap did and those who understood his point and you know and everyone with a IQ above room temperature knows it nothing to do with Kap's Patriotism of whether of not he voted or who was elected. It had to do with plain and simple Justice For All. So go chew that and be quiet for God's sake. You have lost your mind Boy!

Please forward a copy to M. Bennett

Thanks Go Hawks!

Walter Patterson
Seattle Seahawk Fan
A 12 Fan
A Micheal Bennett Fan
A Peace Warrior

Submitted by TS (not verified) on

Richard Sherman! My little brother (and fiance) are huge, huge fans of yours. We watch the Seahawks every Sunday, and now that I live in Washington, DC, nothing makes me feel more connected to home (Seattle) than watching you kick some ass every week. I happen to be getting married in Seattle this August (13) on my brother's birthday. It would mean the world to him if you come. And if you make it, I guarantee to move you to the front of the dinner line!

Submitted by David Sears (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Sherman,

My son is a huge fan (as am I). We both love your fearless attitude and exceptionally athletic playmaking skills. My son is 13 and, while a gigantic fan of yours, he doesn't appreciate all the work it took for you to get to this level. I explain to him all the time that, besides great DNA, it takes dedication, perseverance and hard work to achieve at the peak level you are at. I rarely see him work for anything and this is very concerning to me and my wife. If you would be open to it, I'd love for you to meet him. I know your time is valuable, of course, so we could meet wherever you want. This is my long-shot wish. I think that a quick motivational message straight from your mouth would do wonders. Thank you for your consideration Mr. Sherman.

Submitted by Terry peters (not verified) on

My 10 year old grandson is and has been a seahawk fan his dad is in military currently in Japan we try to help his mom here in pueblo Colorado he plays football mesa tigers 3 years champions he loves you and Russell Wilson his dad told him when he comes home for good in April he is bring caden peters to a game next year prayers to you and your family terry peters caden grandma

Submitted by Susan Delgado (not verified) on

Im so sad about your achilles tear. Youre the best corner to ever play the game. Youwill come back stronger and better than ever! Youre in My prayers for a smooth recovery.
You Will be direkt missed. Its just a share to have these farm Thursday games. Much love and prayer.

Submitted by Zee Riip (not verified) on

I'm sad you got hurt. You're a staple of the Seahawks' defense and style. Maybe you and Earl Thomas can join the Sea Gals on the keep team morale strong and whatnot. <3 ya bro

Submitted by Kathy Sorensen (not verified) on

I am a senior Fan of the Hawks and I have been praying for you. My grandson just got a cast on his ankle and he thinks you are the best in the business. He cries that he cannot play so when I saw you cry --i cried too. Gods in control and I am going to pray for you everyday. God Bless you and the Seahawks. GO HAWKS!!!

Submitted by william lees (not verified) on

Keep being RS.You have for years given your POV on different issues.You have done a lot of good.
During your rehab keep in mind lots of people appreciate you.

Submitted by Enzo (not verified) on

i read the comments Sherman made that Gronk's hit shouldn't have been a penatly? Are you out of your flipping mind!! the guy is 6'8 it was a clear helmet to helmet hit, the NFL is trying to protect players and you Richard Sherman, who i cannot stand listening to, is trying to defend his fellow cornerback? The last time i checked helmet to helmet is a penalty IS IT NOT MR. HYPOCRIT!!! If that was Graham that got hit in that manner, I'm sure your LOUD MOUTH SORRRY ASS ATTITUDE WOULD BE JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON THE SIDELINES THAT IS SHOULD BE A PENALTY!! Or do you deny that?
Yes you can't hit him in the knees, but thats quite a bigh frame, I don't maybe don't jump and just hit him in the waist, wrap your arms, maybe the chest. But noooooooo, he leapt off his his feet leading with his helmet. So sit home where you belong and stopping on the Patriots, i'm getting sick and tired of listening to idiotic fans, but imagine how much I hate listening to players who sound like a bunch high school kids crying and moaning. When the pats lose, they never make excuses, the rest of the NFL should do the same. Lots of crybabies out there, and Sherman, youre at the top of the listt!!!

Submitted by Important (not verified) on

Richard my idea is that you can accept the patriots offer and they will have more space after your contract ends so you can get paid more

Submitted by Sharon Allen (not verified) on

I am one of your fans and I felt so sad for u in hearing about all u been through with the law for the 1st time.i sincerely hope u get the help u need and don't stop praying as I am praying for u 2 as well. U have a wonderful family and I applaud your wife for standing behind u and supporting u in these difficult times.u will get through it so just keep your head above the waters. Mental health issues r so very real so don't ever and remember u r not the only one going through this.dont b afraid to talk about your issues and share your feelings so get better.u r a good person and we all need u much people depend on u and look up to u so hang in there. U r much loved and admired by your fans,friends and family. God bless u always

Submitted by Randall "Bud" Adams (not verified) on

Don't know if this is going to get you Richard, but I hated you as a Seahawk and I LOVED you as a 49er and since THEN, up till this day, especially when I see your podcast, and in the background you've got my favorite sports hero/Idol of all time Muhammad Ali.
There's nobody I respect more that his walk this Earth other than my father and my heavenly father then Muhammad Ali.
It's not always been popular to be a fan especially as a young man when my father didn't care for his "Big Mouth trash talking" ( now I see where you got that from 😉)
But I've always looked up to the man because he stood up for his beliefs even though it cost him his prime, the best three and a half years of any athlete's life as I'm sure you know, and he willingly did it because he believed that it is not right to take another human's life when we have so many problems facing us at that time and still today.
I'm a musician who has been playing classic rock for over 50 years and our keyboard player is as huge a fan as I am and the day when I learned that the greatest of all time passed I called my friend and I'm not ashamed to say that I, and he wept.
I just want to tell you that seeing that poster behind you on your podcast is incredibly moving.
There's never been anybody like him,
Nor will there EVER be In Our Lifetime, or in generations to come.
... somehow I got a funny feeling you would agree with me.😉

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