O'Dell Beckham Jr.

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Odell Beckham Jr. (born November 5, 1992) is a wide receiver for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at LSU, and was drafted by the Giants in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft with the 12th pick.


New York Giants
1925 Gaints Dr
East Rutherford, NJ 07073


Submitted by spencer (not verified) on

what do you do in you free time

Submitted by Shelia McGoy (not verified) on

Good morning,
A young woman that I work with would love to give her fiance a extraordinary gift on their wedding day. Her fiance is a huge fan of yours. She would like.to invite you to their wedding, which is in October. Since you will be playing during that period and may not be able to attend, could we get you on video tape congratulating her fiance on his marriage? This would mean a great deal, since he's a big fan.
Many Blessings, Shelia McGoy

Submitted by Jesse James (not verified) on

Dear beckham . jr
My name is jesse james jr. I am 9. I am deaf. I am from new mexico.
You my favorite football player beckham jr 13. You are good.

Jesse James Jr.

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

I have been disgusted and disappointed with all the garbage that you and some of your nfl players have exhibited. They disrespect our flag, anthem, and country, and yes, our President, elected by We the People. (President Trump did not start all this; CK did.) But your behavior was inexcusable. If you had any self control at all, you would be ashamed of yourself and apologize. Worse than childish!

I went to LSU as well. I enjoyed seeing you play for the Tigers, and I wished you great success in the NFL. But not anymore. Character is more important than any stupid football game, and you are woefully in short supply. (Remember what MLK said about that?) BOYCOTT THE NFL!

Submitted by Charm Veney (not verified) on

My daughter Jay-Jay is one of your biggest fan even I'm a Steerlers fan and her sister is a Panthers fan. Any my daughter her own go fund me page because she wants to finally step out of her being that she is on the Autism spectrum high functioning. No one wants to help which I am not surprised, but I'm asking you to just read this and if by some small chance it gets to you ask me anything.
Explanation is needed...my daughter Jay-Jay has been diagnosed with being on the Autism spectrum for 10 yrs. now. She went years of counseling for hearing speech and physical. But not only that she has been bullied for sometime now to she has been jumped, made fun of and now goes to a school with only 125 students. She is amazing. I sent her pictures in to a company giving them background information and everything. It took a month but we finally heard back. Wednesday was her first audition and she was scared once we got there and overwhelmed with pressure, and didn't want to be laughed, she couldn't stay. She has a fear of being around a lot of people. But then the company called me back and begged for her to tryout one on one. She was this is not just about because if it was we would be asking for 2,160 which is the tuition. But we are, She Is Not!!! She wants to feel important and build confidence. Please think about that before you say no to a child who takes rejection terribly hard.

Submitted by Stephanie Teardon (not verified) on

My 7 year old son is obsessed with you. He writes all over is shirts with your name and number and is constantly watching videos of you. He tells everyone he wants to be just like you. I would love if you can maybe send him a signed pic of you with an autograph. That would make it the best day,month,year ever for him

Submitted by Gavin (not verified) on

Dear O'Dell,

I'm a big fan and you're my idol. I don't just like you for your famous one handed catch. You have a great personality and its just like mine. I'm sorry about your injury. I hope you feel better soon so you can get back on the field. I hope you guys make it to the super bowl next year!


Submitted by Izzy (not verified) on

Dear Odell,
I am an 8th grade female playing football! Personally I am a Seahawks fan but that wont stop me from saying your my favorite football player of all time!!! You inspire me very deeply and I wanted to ask if you believe a female could make it to the NFL.

Submitted by Kathy Wedekind (not verified) on

My grandson thinks you Odel Beckham is great. He has your picture hanging in his room and also wears you number shirt. Because he looks up to you as many other young children do, your behavior as seen in the last game is extremely upsetting and when my grandson sees how you behave he will think that is how he should react when the game does not go his way. You really need to think about your behavior and what you say as there are many children watching you and they want to be like you. So clean it up and show your fans how a man acts.

the game does not go his way.

Submitted by Amy Andres (not verified) on

we live in buffalo NY and my son garrett who is 11 doesn’t have a favorite team but he has favorite players from different teams. One of his most favorite players is you. We try to play catch at night after dinner in the summer and our favorite catch we try to do is the one handed Odell catch. He is so inspired by you. It is even more inspirational for him cause he was born with only one hand. He can catch and throw very well but our favorite catch is when him or I do the one handed Odell catch. He is so inspired by you. Since he has one hand when he does catch it with one hand we do quite the Odell celebration. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Submitted by BETTY LIBRIZZI (not verified) on

I'm very pleased to hear that Mr. O'Dell Beckham Jr may be traded from the NY Giants. I've been a Giants fan for forever, but totally stopped watching any Giant's football games since the incident where this 'gentleman' pretended to be a dog urinating on the field. If I was his Mother I would have walked right onto the field, pulled him off by the ear and given him a lesson in appropriate ADULT behavior. Shame on O'Dell Beckham Jr AND his mother - she did not do her job!

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