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Michael Tomlin (born March 15, 1972) is the current head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the American Football Conference. Tomlin is the third youngest head coach in any of the four major North American professional sports. He is the tenth African-American head coach in NFL history, and first in Steelers history. With the Steelers' victory in Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009, Tomlin became the youngest head coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory.


Super Bowl XLIII champion


Mike Tomlin
c/o Pittsburgh Steelers
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Submitted by Cleotis Johnson (not verified) on

Coach Tomlin,
I want to be the first to commend you and your team for a great season. I was proud to be able to view the playoff games against Cincinnati and Denver. Although you all did advance against Bengals but not against Denver the season was a success despite the health status of your team.
Well I am writing for an opportunity to visit your open or public camp this year. My nephew played five seasons with your team (David T. Johnson) but now with San Diego. I am a devout Steelers fan win or lose.
I am a retired U.S.Army Master Sergeant, and would love a opportunity to visit team and meet players. I played college Football at NCA&T Greensboro NC.
I currently work for the Raleigh USPS Postal Service in IT (Wireless).
I enjoy the sport as I mentioned played running back. I know and feel that next season your team will return to playoffs and will advance to the Super Bowl, hopefully your team will be much more healthy.
Coach Tomlin I know you started your coaching career at Arkansas State -l turned down a scholarship to Arkansas State to go to Central State Ohio.
Well, Coach Tomlin if you can find time in schedule to write me back it would be much appreciated.

I thank you for taking team to playoff but if you all stand fast and the team returns next year in great shape then we can make it to the big dance...only the Lord knows...take care and much success in the upcoming year. there are great many Steelers fans here in North Carolina. :)


Cleotis Johnson
Raleigh NC

Submitted by Charlette Covington (not verified) on

Coach, I was raised in Wilkinsburg, but live in Norfork, not far from where you went to college. Please encourage your players, others coaches, and owners to get involved in helping to find these ANIMALS, who killed these people in COLD BLOOD. Also, our African American community is SUFFERING, in Pittsburgh. Mainly, East Pittsburgh Wilkinsburg, Homewood, East Hills. You guys can make a difference. I LOVE MY STEELERS!! I expect you guys to STEP UP!!!!!

Submitted by Mr. Lynn Wiston (not verified) on

Although I am a Giants fan, Mike Tomlin is my favorite coach. His character, dignity, and class typifies the Rooney organization, and what the Steelers are all about. The Steelers organization is simply the best of all teams in any professional sport. And I deeply admire coach Tomlin when he visibly wears the cross of Jesus every game. There are no words to describe his faith. God bless coach Tomlin, the Rooney family, the Steelers, and all the Steeler fans - all of them are great.

Submitted by JeanAnn perry (not verified) on

how dare you allow your mentally retarded team to hide in the locker room during the national anthem . you coward!!! the Steelers sick and I pray you lose every game . you're a disgrace to the NFL. ..losers!!

Submitted by RetiredArmy (not verified) on

Mr. Tomlin - you and your staff's decision to stay in the locker room hiding while the National Anthem played is the most egregious affront to respect. You displayed what a coward does in the heat of battle, hide in a cave while the only true hero from your "team" went out and showed respect. You're so intellectually lazy I'm 100% sure you can't even articulate why players are acting like little children throwing a tantrum. Oh I know....it's because someone said something they didn't like and you had the audacity to chide the only hero on your team that had the guts to go out on the field all alone. Bad decision for your revenue stream......you or your players wouldn't last 5 minutes in true combat......the NFL is in a death-spiral and you are one of the causes....you'll be remembered as a footnote in history as a complete imbecile.....you need to have 5 minutes locked in a closet with a soldier like the ones you disrespect and chide - I'd be the first to stand in line for that mission.... someone needs to show you how a soldier treats their enemy!!! Yes - you are an enemy to this nation and none of you are any longer a role model that a kid needs to look up to ......I'll be your huckleberry!!

Submitted by Valerie (not verified) on

Wow! First off the I work with special needs children, and the word retard is very offensive to those children, the parents, and those of us who work with them. The Steelers were wrong for not coming out. So were all the other NFL teams that disgraced the flag by taking a knee or giving a fist. The entire NFL is a disgrace!!

Submitted by Nicole Ramer (not verified) on

Mike please let Paxton Lynch play in a game. I am Paxton Lynch biggest fan.

Submitted by Milan Bajich (not verified) on

Dear Mike Tomlin,
Congratulations winning the division this season. The game on Christmas day, was amazing! It was such a back and forth game making it even better! I'm so glad you guys could win it, especially against the ravens. Winning that game got you guys the third seed in the AFC Playoffs. So being, I think we should not rest our starters. I personally think we should have our starters play the first half or so, then bring in the backups. Resting our starters could ruin our rhythm, and possibly injure our players the first game back against the sixth seed team. For instance, January 4, 2014, the Indianapolis Colts overcame a 28 point deficit because many key Chiefs players got hurt. They got hurt because their bodies hadn't had the contact in multiple days because they were rested against the San Diego Chargers a week before. So Mike Tomlin, please do not rest our starters the whole game against the Cleveland Browns. Once again, congrats on the division title.

Submitted by Pat Roth (not verified) on

I maybe just a simple fan of the Steelers for the past 30 years ,but it seems to me that when you can't control your coaches,you can't control your players.I was at the Pittsburgh/Seattle game and all I could see in pregame warm ups was everyone more concerned about their Dance moves and looking stylish.Maybe coach Tomlin can put some class back into the team .I thought football was a man's sport and not about your tattoos,earrings and your pretty hairdos.Suck it up and maybe you can all get past your egos,have some pride and maybe some professionalism,and you maybe a real football team again

Submitted by Roderick Coffman (not verified) on

Coach Tomlin... I have been a Steeler fan since 1971. I bleed black and yellow. I really admire your coaching style and I love the team that you and the Steelers organization has assembled this year. I really feel this is the year to add another Super Bowl trophy to the collection. I love your demeanor of appearing to being cool, calm, and collective at least in front of the camera ;). I'm sure that you can be a real disciplinarian in the locker room. I often hear players and coaches talk about the love of the game and how important it is to also have fun on the field. I too believe that this is important. However, with the squad that you have this season I would like this as well for the players but at the same time stay focused and disciplined in every aspect of the game and if fun has to be sacrificed for discipline then so be it. This is the season. I would love the Steelers to crush it this year and not lose to teams that we should beat right out. Take no prisoners. Real Steeler football. Laser beamed. And above all, PLEASE crush New England and Baltimore. I'm so excited for the team this year. I wish you great success this season and God bless.... GO STEELERS!!!!

Submitted by joe simonetti (not verified) on

who cares what team wins anymore, no one will be watching these Fascist overpaid babies. The death of the NFL brought on by a below average quarterback that no one knew was black until he told us.

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

I'm with you Steve. If the coaches and team stay in the locker room for the national anthem then let them stay for the complete game because I am through watching. Not only are you disrespecting our country and flag, you are disrespectful of the fans who pay your salary with our hard earned cash. So Long Steelers I'm through watching you ungrateful SOB's.

Submitted by Terri Lindquester (not verified) on

Coach Tomlin,
I am a very liberal person (voted for Obama twice and wish he was still there). But I believe passionately in the NFL players being good role models for our children. Yes, there are problems in our country, but sitting out the National Anthem is NOT the way to solve our modern problems. If there is anything sacred to all of us, no matter how we stand politically, it should be the National Anthem. That belongs to all of us. There are other ways to protest our country's policies. Were there not players on your team who wanted to be there for our National Anthem? Don't the protestors realize that the whole reason they are able to protest is because of that National Anthem and how we got it?? Without the freedom it represents, your player could not choose to protest in public. He should protest Donald Trump in a different way--not in the middle of our sport that everyone watches, including our children. (If I wanted to sit down during the National Anthem (I don't), no one would care. But the NFL players are taking advantage of their place in the public eye.) Our children today saw the Pittsburgh Steelers; the whole team, ignore our National Anthem because of something Donald Trump tweeted. You should have ignored him instead of the National Anthem. I can't believe that every member of the Steelers agreed with that decision. What about those guys who wanted to be there for it?? We have lots of problems, but we have a great country, and I am so sad that you have supported the mocking of the National Anthem. It doesn't matter what Donald Trump or anyone says, the Anthem should be respected by all of us. You were always my favorite head coach. The Steelers had a place in my heart because my son was in the hospital in Pittsburgh years ago. I am now re-thinking how I feel about you and the team. It is as if you all sat down during our beloved National Anthem.

Submitted by Tracy Miller (not verified) on

You did just play politics. I have not missed a game in over 45 years. Not watching today,as I watch for the love of my team, not politics.
Seriously. That sucked.

Submitted by George (not verified) on

After today's events 09/24/2017 in the NFL and the Steelers organization I will no longer support the Steelers or the NFL. Very disappointed... God Bless you, Alejandro Villanuvea, Thank you for your service.

Submitted by Steeler Fans ar... (not verified) on

I can't believe what this has turned into because of one rich spoiled brat who wasn't seeing the field so he decided to start a self motivated movement that has completely segregated the sport we've grown to love. The NFL was one of the most prominent sporting events we have left that had not been tainted by ruthless people who claim to be athletes; i.e. the NBA, MLB and on and on. I for one am done with the NFL and my beloved Steelers. I don't condone the actions of our President nor do I condone the actions of people who do not have a clue about what our FLAG truly stands for. You people make me ill knowing how many service men and women died for that FLAG. Do you think you would be playing a kids game for millions of dollars if hadn't been for the brave laying down their lives for that FLAG. I hope your ratings tumble because of true blooded AMERICANS like myself stand up for what we believe.

Submitted by Brian (not verified) on

The demonstration at the Chicago Bears game speaks volumes about your organization, coaching, and players. With the exception of Army veteran Alejandro Villanueva, the entire team should be ashamed of themselves! Your complete ignorance of what the National Anthem stands for astonishes me. The example you tried to set for this country is alarming and should be dealt with immediately. I for one have complete respect for our veterans and current men in uniform. Many gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can have the freedoms we have today. By your actions you just spit on those graves and made many question what they are fighting for. To not attend and stand for the National anthem is not a sign of protest, but rather total disrespect for our country and what it stands for. After this event I certainly wouldn’t expect any of you to understand that! To quote Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee “I wish that some of these players who get on one knee would get on both knees and thank God they live in the United States.” By your lack of character and presence on the field during the National Anthem I have forever lost any respect for the organization and anyone responsible for this decision making! From this moment on, as a result of your actions I will never support the current or future teams. It is my wish that everyone would ban together and no longer attend the games. You have forever lost me as a fan!

Submitted by J (not verified) on

Mr. Villanueva,

You sir are a true patriot and the only real man in the public eye that I've seen take a stand on true morals in a very long time. Thank you for your service! Also, thank you for being a great example for our Country and not participating in the childish trend of 'following the crowd' that was displayed today by those around you. 36 U.S. Code 171, 172, and 301 clearly define how American's are required to salute the American Flag during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance. Please share that knowledge with the multi-millioniaire players who greedily take advantage of those who have and are sacrificing today so they can 'play' and disgrace our flag. A friend of mine came to the United States from Brazil to join the U.S. Marines, has done 2 tours in the middle east, and currently serves as a fellow law enforcement officer continuing to fight for our freedoms in the greatest Nation in the world. Let's not wait for another tragic event in our history to join together and turn back to our Almighty Creator. We are American men and women, and today we need to act like it to preserve our next generations as many before us so selflessly chose to do for our benefit. I pray that God will bless you and God Bless the U.S.A.

Submitted by AJ Heinz (not verified) on

Your team deserved to lose for disrespecting the National Anthem!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you Mike Tomlin your a coward!!!

Submitted by Bea Miller (not verified) on

I have been a Steeler's fan since Terry Bradshaw, and today was the first game I hoped they would lose--all because of the decision to disrespect the American flag. That disrespect slaps the face of all who have served, fought and died to give all of us the privilege of pursuing our life's dreams. I realize this decision was a result of President Trump's words of yesterday, but two wrongs don't make a right. Showing disrespect for the honorable men and women of our military, who have sacrificed their time and lives, by disrespecting the emblem of our country doesn't right any wrongs. Our sports icons are privileged to play their games as a living, making millions of dollars because of these sacrifices. There are a multitude of ways they can show their protest without taking a knee and bringing politics onto the football field. Their time could be spent on working to improve what they feel is wrong; taking a knee doesn't improve anything, nor does sitting through the National Anthem.

My heart broke as I watched Alejandro Villanueva stand to honor the flag he and his fellow soldiers fought to preserve. We allowed one woman to take the Bible and Prayer out of our schools. Are we going to allow a few millionaire athletes to lead in disrespecting the country that gave them their privileges, when they could put their time, talents and fortunes toward improving the situation instead. They have the means to honorably work toward resolving the problems, rather than protesting.

Allow us to have the Football we love, in the Country we love, under the Flag that we love, remembering we're all on the same team!

Submitted by michael (not verified) on

you and the players that refuse to stand for the national anthem of the united states of america. we will never watch the nfl again until you start to respect the country that has made it possible to make a very good living playing a sport that is nothing more than entertainment. do not think that for one second that i give a flying fuck what you think about the current president. man up do your job. keep your personal opinion's to your self. you fucking ingrate.

Submitted by Robert Arrico (not verified) on

This is not about politics, it's respect to your country. The game you play is entertainment and your salary is paid by the fans.
What you and your team did today is truely disgusting.
One true hero went on the field today, with out his team standing with him.
I have been a fan since the 60's, and today I am purging all of my Steeler merchandise, and will never support the Steelers or any NFL team.
The Steelers and the NFL do not respect the country they
live in. Why not move to another country and see how that works out for you.

Submitted by Margaret Bolinger (not verified) on

I believe politics has nothing to do with showing respect for our national anthem. For now, our family will not be supporting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Today, we have been reveiving texts from people saying that they are done with the Steelers or done with the NFL. These are people we did not think would care. You all have your rights, but with the good things this country has given all of you I do not understand.

Submitted by Lou Lento (not verified) on

Mike, been a fan forever. Think you made a bad decision to keep your players off the field during the National Anthem. Players deserve the opportunity for free speech. If they wanted to take a knee so be it. If they wanted to participate so be it. Who are you to deny freedom of expression? You going to fine Villenuva for defying your orders? Let the players speak! Lou

Submitted by JeanAnn perry (not verified) on

Your childish act of allowing your team to hide in the locker room during the National Anthem is sickening. your team deserves to be eliminated from the NFL. Your a disgrace to America. I will never watch NFL again.

Submitted by JeanAnn perry (not verified) on

I want to commend the Army Ranger that came out on the field last night during the National Anthem like a true American while your other mentally handicapped players hid in the locker and you allowed this. your a piece of shit!

Submitted by Former fan (not verified) on

After 25 years my kids and I burned every form of steelers memorabilia not because of the selfishly ignorant decision your spoiled players made but the incredibly despicable decision you made disrespecting the single player with character on your team. You sir are a piece of crap. Good day good bye forever and the next time you Will here from me is when you're UNEMPLOYED...tic fucking toc

Submitted by Ranger Steve (not verified) on

Had lots of respect for Coach and the team. Lost it after the coach's criticism of the one person who showed moral courage on the team. I have always loved the Steelers. My dog is named Jack Lambert. I am considering changing his name. Ranger Alejandro Villanueva had check his personal convictions at the gate while in the Army. In uniform and off duty he was a professional, he had to meet the Army standard and the Ranger standard. Not a bad business practice to consider in the NFL. In an time when Identity seems to be the most important factor one's behavior, I am amazed that the coach isn't sensitive to the fact that Ranger Villanueva identifies himself as a Ranger, and Rangers Lead the Way. Maybe next time at least the Offensive line will follow his lead.

Submitted by Scotty Gipson (not verified) on

Coah Tomlin,

As a life long Steelers fan, I wholeheartedly disagree with you and the rest of the team who recently thought it to be a good idea to show solidarity by protesting our National Anthem and personally feel that you and the team are flat out wrong...plain and simple! Like it or not...agree with him or not...Mr. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States, period! And he too has the RIGHT to exercise his 1st Amendment Right in criticizing the likes of Kapernick for choosing to kneel during the National Anthem, which I personally do find offensive and disrespectful, especially when I don't feel Kapernick's decision in doing so was based on any statics that even support his argument, but I won't side step to elaborate on that since those who disagree will undoubtedly choose to ignore the facts as they have done so up to this point.

Anyway, I feel that the NFL should have held the position that demonstrations and or protest will not be tolerated during games...while players and coaches are in essence on the job and working, period! If any NFL player or coach wishes to participate in a protest it should be done so on their time, period! It's no different than any other job where employers restrict free speech while their employees are at work on the company's time. By foolishly playing into politics you have ignorantly alienated at least half if not more of your fan base because I assure you there are probably more fans who never agreed with Kapernick's kneeling shenanigans than supported him to begin with, the mere fact that he hasn't been hired as a backup QB by another team to date reflects as much.

Because of your stance and that apparently of the majority of the NFL teams to include my beloved Steelers, I will not be renewing my NFL Sunday Ticket next year!

You guys probably should've been more focused on showing up against the Bears than showing solidarity which in the end didn't really appear to be the case thanks in part to the only Steeler player with true courage, Mr. Allehandro Villanueva, who you guys left hanging by himself...but you guys wouldn't understand the concept of "no man left behind" now would you?! I hope you and the team enjoyed that flight home yesterday because you deserved to lose the game!

You guys don't deserve my continued patronage! And you should learn from Drew Brees...his post game interview on the subject was spot on!

Lastly, here's a thought...if our National Anthem and the American Flag for that matter are so offensive and divisive why don't you guys just do away with them period?! That would take care of that problem, right?

Respectfully Disgusted,

Scotty Gipson
Fredericksburg VA

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Submitted by Lori Jacobs (not verified) on

Once again I was disheartened to see people giving in to the pressures of politics in the sports field! If your one and only Man wants to stand for what he believes in after the sacrifices he and his family have given to protect our country I believe he should without any repercussions from you. Maybe if a few more of these players realize that it's only possible for them to be making these millions because of the sacrifices these men and women have made and the National Anthem is a solute to our heroes not a place for them to make their personal beliefs heard then this wouldn't be happening!

Submitted by TODD bARKS (not verified) on

You are a typical liberal POS! Its fine not to agree with the president but totally unacceptable to disrespect the anthem, flag and your country! This is why NFL ratings and attendance is at an all time low and will get much worse.

You and Roger G can burn in hell!

Submitted by joe simonetti (not verified) on

Years ago while serving over seas we formed the Black and Gold Brigade. A fan club of Steelers fans in the Army and Deployed. Nothing you could have done would sway our love of the Steelers, until this! How disgusting. You should be praising the only real man on your team and cutting the pay of all the other leaches. My terrible towel will return to a drawer until you fix this. Black and Gold Brigade stands for our country, not your fascist wealthy ideology.

Submitted by William Law (not verified) on

Never again will I attend another Pittsburgh Steelers game, purchase any steeler merchandise, or in any other way allow this franchise to profit form me. Mike Tomlin has his right to his own view points but I should not have to pay to have him express his political view points on a subject I am completely polarized to. I think there is a large part of the county that likewise, are aware of mr. tomlin’s passionate objections to our country, and its oppressiveness that have afforded him the opportunity to be head coach of the steelers, but likewise are not interested in providing a podium for him. I also, as a veteran, find it disgusting that he is enough of a hypocrite to stand up and invoke his first amendment rights and on one hand, want to force us to listen to his political statements, when all I wanted to do was watch a football game, and on the other hand want to censor Alejandro Villanueva and his political views, on the same stage. Disgusting!! And mark my words. I am done with the Mike Tomlin and his Steelers.

Submitted by michele zink (not verified) on

You should be ashamed of yourself. You should have had those players out of the field during the national anthem. What the hell is wrong with everyone? You just snubbed ever active and retired military member in the United States, who has and is fighting for YOUR freedom.

Screw the Steelers

Submitted by Sheri Sorrell (not verified) on

I am starting a boycott of the NFL and a campaign to end athletic privilege in the U.S. If you want to stay in the locker room for the national anthem, then don't come out at all. I was born in Pittsburgh and was a lifelong Steelers' fan. No more. I will not watch on television, nor will I purchase any NFL merchandise.

If you really want to make a difference, then donate your OBSCENE salaries to inner city schools and youth programs. Sell your mansions and live in those disadvantaged communities. Volunteer in the off-season as police officers. And when you kneel for the national anthem, kiss the ground. Because only in America can you earn so much for playing a stupid game.

Submitted by Michael Morrison (not verified) on

For over 45 years I've been an avid sports fan. Having been awarded the opportunity to play at the college level I had the respect and dignity to stand up and give honor to the Men and Women that have given their lives for All Of Us. This is what it's about, not what someone said or some idiots actions. It's about You Sir as an individual and your honor and what you represent. The NFL is absolutely disgusting. You all are earning such a wonderful wage to do something you love at us the Fans and the Great Service Personel of our Country. Shame on each and everyone you!!!!! I have taken all of my NFL items and burned them all. The same thing you have done to our Flag. I hope some day when you and your team need a service person to come to your aide that they turn their backs as you have done!!!!!

Submitted by Ken Kirkham (not verified) on

Ignoring rhetoric, the Steelers action of staying in the locker room was despicable.

My action will be to stop being a Steeler Fan in particular, and an NFL follower.

BTW, I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, have been a life long Steelers fan, have driven 700 miles to see a game once per year, watch them every week on TV and have Steeler gear.

My action will be to suspend all of the above support and following.


Ken Kirkham

Submitted by Paul June (not verified) on

Coach Tomlin,
Until you wear a US military uniform and do 3 tours in Afghanistan defending this great country of ours - you need to shut your damn mouth and coach football - a game that wouldn't even be possible to play on Sunday if it weren't for great men like Alejandro Villanueva to give us this freedom. For you to single out a player yesterday - not cool. I have lost all respect for you as a man. I used to be a Steeler's fan - not anymore, as long as you are the coach. You are a disgrace to America for treating a veteran like that!!

Submitted by Josh Moon on

Amen to that brother!!

Submitted by Ramiro Rivas (not verified) on

Flag represents the people that gave their lives for you to spill your voice (good or bad). it does not represent Trump you stupid fool. There is a huge difference between these. I don't like Trump but he is not the reason my brother gave his life for in Vietnam, he gave it for the Fag and country you are so blessed to live in.
Just cancelled my cable and threw away all my gear, cups, flag, been a Steeler fan since Franco Harris and the Immaculate Reception. Never in a million years did I think this moment would come. Hope you and your spoiled little whiners lose every game, to think I was the biggest Mike Tomlin fan... what a joke!. Trump is a fool, you sir are scum.

Submitted by Mark Murray (not verified) on

Alejandro Villanueva has more integrity, courage and respect in his little finger than you do in your entire body. Aren't you the guy that tripped the opposing teams player on the sideline? You're a real piece of work.

Submitted by Dan Klonoski (not verified) on

I think you need to move to canada

Submitted by Howard Spore (not verified) on

We are so appalled that the Steelers are allowing these players to disrespect our flag and country by kneeling. I am not allowed to wear any political hats, shirts or logos where I work or I would be fired for company rule violations. We will no longer buy any Steelers tickets, apparel or watch any games. A letter writing campaign is started to Steelers advertisers. May you never have to endure being handed a folded American flag from a family service member!

Submitted by Russ Slabaugh (not verified) on

Mr Tomlin, Art Rooney II and all Steeler players, except for ONE HERO, should be totally ashamed at your behavior this weekend. You have lost hundreds of thousands or more Steeler fans .... we will bite your ass and wallet, I guarantee that. I was a fan of 44 years. Your organization will never see a penny more of my money. You and the NFL have destroyed yourself... suck on that for a while. Signed... one PISSED off ex-fan.

Submitted by carmen bochicchio (not verified) on

Coach, Rooneys and NFL

I don't know if what Coach did yesterday was right or not. I do think the NFL leadership is afraid of political ramifications by not acting. The National Anthem protest issue is completely ridiculous on the player's side. The argument that this is a free speech issue is nonsense; it is not a free speech matter. The NFL regulates all uniform use; shoes, shirts, behavior, etc; they have player conduct requirements, but now afraid to address this issue???? So; if a player wants to protest Maytag washer machines; or protest Arbys roast beef sandwiches or protest that there are enough players on the team; or whatever the hell they deem as important; they can do it on their work schedule? Who determines what is important or not isn't relevant. Players are employees when they are on the clock. If players want to protest on their time; God Bless them; it's completely their right as it is any Americans; but when you are working; it's a completely different thing. If a citizen chooses to burn a flag on their private property; I am pretty they have that right too; but i don't think i can do it at work. I can't be discussing my personal political, religious or other beliefs openly at work while I am on the clock.

Submitted by Red Olson (not verified) on

Having served in the U S Navy and the U S Army and have a son that spent 22 years in the U S Army, who served two tours in Iraq, with the Special Forces, is a Bronze Star recipient, to see the conduct of the traitors in the NFL is very disheartening and then to bitch that you didn't get 100% of your team to go along with your traitorous actions, is sickening. If you hate this country so much why don't you get the hell out of it? And that goes for every player that refuses to stand and honor our flag, nation and our veterans. Until the NFL gets owners and MEN on their teams, that are Americans, I've watched my last game and most certainly wouldn't attend a game. God Bless America!!!!!

Submitted by Jerry (not verified) on

Next game, and for the remainder of the season, please keep the team in the locker room for the WHOLE game. Villanueva, of course, may come out to greet any fans left in the stadium and stand for the national anthem, as he did on the 24th. I'll have to read about any of the above, as I won't be watching Steeler games from now on.


Submitted by Dave Leach (not verified) on

Below is a email that I sent to the local paper about the current NFL refusing to to stand for the national anthem. I believe that all veteran organization should take stand to support the men and women that serve and gave their lives for this country

I have been a steeler fan for over 60 years but I will not watch the NFL and not support any of the sponsors. I am a Vietnam veteran a lot of heroes lost their lives in Vietnam fighting for this country. I would suggest that the pampered players watch the PBS special on Vietnam to see who the real heroes are. It is appalling and disrespectful to the men and women who has served and gave their lives for this country. Our local VFW turned off the game and did not serve any beer that sponsored the game. I will do what ever I can to get other veterans and veteran organization to do the same we will make it a national effort. Your freedom still rest on the real heroes and that my friend is a veteran. And to prove it look at the most respected player in the NFL Pittsburgh's Alejandro Villanueva . (Thank you for your service)

Dave Leach

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Sent from my iPad

Submitted by Frank Plains (not verified) on

Dear Coach Tomlin,
I am fully outraged by our President's divisive language and agree it is unacceptable. But your condemnation of Aljandro Valleneuva is equally divisive. Why can't he stand for what he believes? You are NO better than those condemning Colin Kapernick. You have no understanding of him as does those opposing Kapernick. Why don't you keep your actions to football on Sunday and work to make a difference off the field. I have been an NFL fan for 52 years and am now wondering why continue. Your actions are truly dissapointing


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