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Mariano Rivera was born November 29, 1969 in Panama City, Panama. He is a retired baseball pitcher who played 19 seasons in the MLB for the New York Yankees from 1995 to 2013. Nicknamed "Mo"and "Sandman", Rivera spent most of his career as a relief pitcher and served as the Yankees' closer for 17 seasons. A thirteen-time All-Star and five-time World Series champion, he is MLB's career leader in saves (652) and games finished (952). Rivera won five American League Rolaids Relief Man Awards and three Delivery Man of the Year Awards, and he finished in the top three in voting for the AL Cy Young Award four times.

On September 22, 2013, a day that Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg declared "Mariano Rivera Day", the Yankees held a 50-minute pre-game tribute to Rivera at Yankee Stadium. In a ceremony attended by former teammates, Yankees staff, and members of Jackie Robinson's family, Rivera's uniform number 42 was retired by the team, making him the first active Yankee to receive that honor.


World Series Championships w/ the Yankess1996, 1998–2000, 2009


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Dear, Mariano a couple of years ago me and my friend Jack were at a soccer game. We ended up playing football with this kid named Jay. Jay was with me and Jack while both of our brothers were versing each other. while we were playing football Jay got injured into a garbage can and someone walked over with a limped leg. Jack was wearing is baseball outfit number 42 and Jay said,"Do you like Mariano Rivera", Jack said that why i chose this number and Jay said that was his dad. We did not believe him because he was 10 and we thought he was lying. I asked Jay where was his dad in June 30th 2013 at what soccer game. And he correctly responded Real Madrid Game and i knew from then that was the real Mariano. He walked over and shook our hands but unfortunately we only had a dirty wiffle ball and a little plastic football for him to sign in pen. It wore off but my wiffle ball you can still see the faded signature. Since this day we always wanted to meet him again and get an auto graph that would last forever. Me Jack and his brother cried when Mariano Rivera was injured and i watch his son Mariano lll play for the hagerstown suns. We really want to meet him and get balls that would last us for a life time and we promised Mariano that me and Jack would not tell anyone he was at the game so his cover was not blown please help i would really appreciate it in my heart. Please Mariano
From Dominick

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