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LeBron James, who is also called "King James", plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has had a stellar career in the NBA as an NBA champion, the NBA Finals MVP, a three-time NBA MVP, an NBA scoring champion, and the NBA Rookie of the Year. James was selected in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. There he led the Cavaliers to the 2007 NBA Finals, their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history. In 2010, he left the Cavaliers for the Heat in a highly publicized free agency period. James is the Cleveland Cavaliers' all-time leading scorer, and holds other franchise records for both the Cavaliers and the Heat. On January 16, 2013, he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points.


NBA champion 2012

NBA Finals MVP 2012

NBA Most Valuable Player 2009, 2010, 2012

NBA All-Star 2005–2013

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2006, 2008


LeBron James
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Submitted by Barbara Franz (not verified) on

I LOVE watching you play. I don't watch any other sports. Just the Cavaliers. I saw you play once in Cleveland in 2016. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I appreciate you so much as a man and as an athlete. (And I was for Hillary too.) Congratulations on everything. You are a wonderful role model.
Worshipfully (teehee), Barb Franz

Submitted by Gene Gonzalez (not verified) on

LeBron-Just read your article about the Four Horseman. It seems, even while having these gentlemen as friends, you had enough trust to bring them on with you in business. I am a 58 year old Hispanic/British male living in the Plano, near Dallas, Texas area. Why did I have to give this type description, not sure, just thought it was important. Presently, I have an engineering/surveying company but wish to broaden my horizon into my writings, but more especially with my artist abilities. See, up until two years ago, the best I could draw was stick men. Now, I can say I am an artist.

The main reason for this email is to ask how can I market my art. You did such an incredible job mentoring the people who have your back. I need that. I am stuck and not sure how to get over the hump. Anything you could offer is greatly appreciated. Gene

Submitted by William Dupree (not verified) on

Put ego's on the shelf basket 101 wins championships. Any NBA player should be able to shoot on another NBA player at his position especially from their sweet spots on the court seek them. Full court vision seek open areas of court and always try to penetrate toward basket. Try to beat your man to the basket, if double teamed hit open man. Everyone must be alert on offense and defense to what there man or the other team is trying to do. Make the other team work for their points. Don't force shoots.Keep cool.

Submitted by Paul (not verified) on

Just a thought . Bill Bradley of the Knicks stance at the free throw line allowed him to set his body in motion before the actual release. This is similar to golf when a golfer has a slight movement forward before bringing the golf club back thus keeping the muscles loose instead of tense.

Submitted by Al Roberts (not verified) on

LJ, need to focus a little more on playing a game for social entertainment and less on politics - your values seem totally prejudiced towards all things that fit your social norm, since WE are not in agreement with your stance on President elect Trump. Conservatives won, and liberals can't live with that. But eight years of Obama spreading his philosophical teachings from years of listening to Rev. Wright, and that played no role in dividing this country? Only wow, your head is in the sand. By the way, remind me why pro-athletes are against standing for the National Anthem, or for disrespecting our military, or, hell, for disrespecting anything about this country that has afforded you a fairly nice comfortable "pursuit" of happiness and prosperity! I know one thing, I never had your "opportunity"!! Just do all of us a favor, play the game, but when the microphone gets pushed in your face, don't speak for us, we can speak for ourselves, as we did in November of 2016.

Submitted by Maria T Barnes (not verified) on

I see the aggravation in your eyes when you work so hard and people still don’t have nice things to say to you. I was born and raised Cleveland left in 1986 to be with my mom in AZ due to her illnesses. Moved to Florida near my brother who is also gone. My heart and family is in Cleveland. I have followed your career for a long time and never lost love even when you came south. Keep doing what you do I will always appreciate you. You are an extraordinary family man and for that alone you deserve props, To hell with with naysayers and haters. You are an achiever and #1 in my book. Say hello to family

Submitted by David truong (not verified) on

Hey my name is David truong from Bellingham Washingto. I don’t want a autograph or to see you in person. I mean it would be awsome. But I want you to know I look up to you. Your the man your the dad that anyone would want. and i still beleive in you and the team. you guys can still win the finals. I beleive, but I don’t think you do. i seen your face, down 3, your just like me. you make everyone more happy and a better person when there around you. what I’m trying to say is be you, play ball let the rest happen your teammates will fall into place, tell Jr tho stop letting people in his head and the henny will come to him when it’s ready 😆. be himself he’s a better ball player. Don’t let Twitter and Facebook and social mieda get to you guys ! your the voice tell them to be them self and play hard ball. they all good ball players let them control it. they all look up to you. I can see it. but they want you to be the king. Lebron James your man. Don’t push your teammates hard I know you want the best for them but have you thought that they want this for you for how bad you want it? Your teammate want this for you more then they want it for them self give them the prep talk I will always look up to whatever yo choose to do your a great man and deserve a lot of credit thanks for showing me that growing up without a dad you can do anything you put your mind too !

Submitted by Niola (not verified) on

Your talents are God given you are a true inspiration win or loose your true fans are on this amazing ride with you thank you Lebron

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

Please don't leave Cleveland LeBron James you are a better part of what Ohio is made of and Cleveland and the Cavs and if you leave here it is going to break a lot of hearts I am a very big fan of yours and so are my two sons and we know you have busted your butt to try and beat the Golden State Warriors and you are the man and we thank you for everything think of the kids please don't leave Cleveland we won't have anybody to look up to

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

We love you LeBron James and we hope you won't leave Cleveland but if you do we wish you the best you will leave a big hole here in Ohio and in our hearts

Submitted by Phillip Bakon (not verified) on

Dear Lebron I'm a young businessman that loves basketball and I understand that you as a businessman have a big decision to consider not only for you and your family.
But if you would consider this the weak spot on the team was the backcourt and to compete with other teams in the east you need a strong backcourt and to derail Golden State you need a strong backcourt, so I think Hill and Calderon will make good back ups and keeping Nance and Osman and the other big will be big for the bench also, but what the CAVS were able to pull off a trade possibly with that 8 pick for Goran Dragic to play the point good defender great basketball iq great passer, and then the other compliment at the 2 guard would be Avery Bradley to go along with of course you, tristian, and Kevin that lineup would stifle Golden State offense by having Goran guard Curry and even Kyrie, Wall, Lowry and other guards. Bradley could hold his own against thompson, Hayward, Beal and other guards. The starting five of dragic, bradley, james, Thompson, and love will deliver another title to the land. By the way adding Jamal Crawford to the bench would help, as well as Marco Bellineli, Enes Canter maybe Mbah Uh Buta, to strengthen the bench really want to see you win again wanted to offer suggestions

Submitted by John Wygrecki (not verified) on

Hi, tell the Cavs to send Kyrie to Cleveland for the 8th pick, or Sacramento , or some scum team for assets and then sign with Boston and win 4 more titles. I like sending Kyrie to Cleveland for his insolence and treating you like garbage. That would be the best way for you to make it all equal with Kyrie, Cleveland management, and GS when you crush them next year and in the future.

Submitted by Marcia Peterson (not verified) on

Dear Mr. James,
Just a note of thanks for all your hard work. Also as I am very human, I appreciate that you had an angry moment and said what happened for all to hear.
Hoping you might stay in Cleveland and purchase the Cavs and make Cleveland a real basketball city for the future. My best to you and to the whole team who treated us to a great end of season.

Submitted by Linda DeCock (not verified) on

Hi Lebron. I'm sure you've been bombarded with messages regarding where you'll play next season. Here's a thought. Why not come to San Antonio? Spurs fans are loyal. The Spurs organization is truly a family. You would be honestly appreciated. Can you imagine playing and learning from Coach Pop? I've raised my family in San Antonio and as a mother and grandmother, I can honestly tell you that your children couldn't be raised in a more loving atmosphere. Give us a thought. We'd love to have you.

Submitted by john (not verified) on

I have been a fan of yours since you came out of high school and I've even defended you when you went to the heat but going to the Lakers is the last straw, I cant be a Laker fan and it must be all about money and Hollywood but not about the rings, it will be years before you have a team that will even compete against the Warriors, but I guess you are doing what you feel is right, just wont be watching basketball anymore. Not that you will care..

Submitted by Mike Donovan (not verified) on

Hello LaBron, I know you do a lot for the community and help people. But you have it wrong about President Trump's. He did not start this divide. Kappernick did. He is responding to the disrespect of sitting/kneeling during our Countries National Anthem. I come from a military family and respect that flag. If he wants to protest, he can protest another time.
I think Trump is correct in his upsetment. I love football and don't want politics in sports. I will not watch if players disrespect the National Anthem and our military. You would not have anything if it were not for them allowing us Freedom

Submitted by Wilson Ospina (not verified) on

Lebron .. I was just sitting here thinking of your coming challenge and also thinking of Cristiano Ronaldo’s challenge currently engaging a change as important and siginifiant as yours is at the moment .. so much responsibility , so much courage , freaking admirable my brother , super human without a doubt .. would you consider bridging those two worlds as an opportunity to look into this transformation, for us to be able to glance into from out here .. god bless you this season and stay healthy , we’ll be eagerly watching you this season

Submitted by Spencer (not verified) on

I’m not angry. This is common sense. Why would you support someone like Colin when he is not someone to stand behind when it comes to protesting. He can’t protest human rights and then show up to a press conference in a Castro T-shirt. Castro has the worst human rights record in history. This completely diminishes his protest. Also he didn’t even vote. I am a Native American who is a huge trump supporter because Obama is the most divisive president in history. I know you have your views and I have mine. But just sit in peace by yourself and really look at Colin and trump and don’t listen to cnn or any other news outlet. Just research for yourself. Trump is a good man and loves Americans. All Americans. He doesn’t care what color you are. He just wants people to respect the flag of the country that sets you free. I am a business owner and someone who doesn’t see color in people’s skin. Please give trump a chance but don’t make yourself look bad or ignorant by supporting someone who has no ideas what he is doing.

Submitted by Jim Keck (not verified) on

How do I purchase a copy of “Rise Up?”

Submitted by Kyle (not verified) on

Hey man... My kids lI've how you play ball! They watch you and try to make the same moves on the court lol. I'm a father of 5 not a real Educational and good decision making individual lol I made stupid moves growing up and really need some help with motivation for my kids. They are doing great in school my oldest my daughter is in the NJHS he is doing great. My oldest boy is a baller he's on 3 flag teams 2 bball teams and he works out with his little borthers every sunday! I have 3 younger boys that are doing really well in all the sports they play I have videos lol YouTube ( kyleteeter) the little boys love.you and try your moves all the time some times hitting them. Lol I hope to get some types response for you to make them see you are just like us and just worked hard to make what you have. Thanks again

Submitted by Gino Lostracco (not verified) on

King James i just want to start by saying i have been a Laker fan forver and the day you signed was the greatest day in Laker history. You are the greatest player to play the game hands down. You are a genetic talent no one has ever seen no one player can play you one on one. I am so tired of hearing players dont want to come to LA and play with you. Kevin Durant should be one to talk he went to Golden State in the shadows of Curry. They say they dont want the mdeia circus that comes with you wah seriously Durant or whoever your pro athletes and when you play with the greatest of all time thats what happens media follows. We are watching something that will never happen again theres no Lebron James ever coming besides his sons. No college player even Williamson at Duke is as good as you were at that age so everyone stop saying its the Lebron effect because the greatest player doesnt need you you need him more.
Go Lakers and Lebron i know you will bring us another championship King James is my MVP.

Submitted by Ray vassallo (not verified) on

Lebron is just riding the coattails of Kobe and Bryant. Magic can’t build his ow team, so he’ll just still the star player from other teams. And why would any good player want to join a Lebron team. If you win, he gets all the credit. It they lose , the poor coach is at fault. Lakers are a pathetic joke. Lebron will bring you nothing.

Submitted by Andrew (not verified) on

Hey LeBron i took some old Jordan's and I drew your face e on them BTW I am a big fan I got a L.A Lakers jersey of you and I would love it if you could respond.

Submitted by Mari Moore (not verified) on

Hi, LeBron I'm a big fan of you, and you are clearly better than Michal Jordan. And your son is so hot i love him as much as I love you

Submitted by Gabriel Tapia (not verified) on

Sup Yo! Just came across an article about you and your family, what you have donated and what you have maintained. Doubt if you come across this message, but if you do then good stuff Kid! I am not a fan but I respect a good ball player in any sport that maintains who they have been raised to be. Money drives folks crazy and puts some on their own levels. Fame has got to feel righteous but soo difficult to mange. I’m raising 3 student athletes focused on experiencing the college life which I only had a tiny taste.

Just want to say I’m proud of you for handling yourself the way you do. Your children see this and will fall from the tree and that will be where you sit back watch and be proud of your biggest accomplishment. Keep it up. ✌🏽

Submitted by Adam (not verified) on

Hey, I don’t typically write any athletes but it has been bothering me how much people try and hate on you. I played D1 college football and baseball and have seen all kinds of people and how they conduct themselves on and off the field/court. I just wanted to give you a pat on the back, I think you do it as well or better than anyone on and off the court. Thank you for being a positive influence for the kids. You have done a great job (this is coming from a die hard bulls/mj fan). I appreciate what you do, God bless.

Submitted by Adam Campbell (not verified) on

hi sir my name is Adam Campbell I don't know what you like to do called LeBron James or King James but I've really have to write you and thank you so much for your shoes they've really helped me day in and day out perform my job to the fullest and probably pick a lot of the stuff that gets old for you and every other sports team in the NFL so NBA any major sports including NASCAR they are so comfortable I know I have to walk 20 miles a day at least and I am one of the highest Pickers fanatics in Frazeysburg Ohio but I really think it would be really cool if your shoe could somehow become like the official shoe of fanatics and actually be sold to employees there cuz I think it would really help what we do like the stopping power the grip I love the flexibility of the 16 but I love the stopping power of the 12 I actually own multiple pair and wear them everyday to work and when they wear out I always get new ones in your line of shoes somewhere and I will have a pair of the ones that come out on October 10th please let me know your Insight I would appreciate it a whole lot and I am doing this without my company Fanatics knowing

Submitted by tolbert noneya ... (not verified) on

YOU are not a politician, say all you want about Bball but never go against the country that gave you all you have.Choosing a communist--citizen jailing and organ harvesting country over America, and you piss of a lot of people, so stop being a dumb ass and keep your mouth shut putting down America.

You play a game... grow up!

Submitted by tolbert noneya ... (not verified) on

YOU are not a politician, say all you want about Bball but never go against the country that gave you all you have.Choosing a communist--citizen jailing and organ harvesting country over America, and you piss of a lot of people, so stop being a dumb ass and keep your mouth shut putting down America.

You play a game... grow up!

Submitted by Jonathan S Warren (not verified) on

Lebron, I am an out of work Project Manager and Service Disabled Veteran. I want to be your Project Manager for the I Promise Housing Initiative. Let me know where to send Resume.

Submitted by richard thompson (not verified) on

what's great king james keep up the good work with your effort being taken because of anthony davis but i guess you already did or out did your micheal jordan legacy meaning to put a team on your strength and succeed i guess they expect automatic championships from you because they all or invested in your down fall lol meaning they win either way just have your mind grade point average .

Submitted by Jackson (not verified) on

hi lebron james. im a big fan of the los angeles lakes i hope you win the nba basketball champions in 2021 i have a nba game and you are on there and when i go on the playoffs your team is on there all the time and you always win the grand final im going to send you and some thing bye.

Submitted by Arianna (not verified) on

Hello, my name is Arianna Castellon a big fan of yours your number one humongous fan even though there are so many people out there that love you as much as I probably do. I just want to say that it's so amazing to see that you made a big journey and have a big life and you accomplished so many goals that you did and it's just so good to see other people that are kind of like a figure to us that we look up to and that's my point of view that's how I see it when. I was younger I would always love singing But then after I started watching basketball and I was like you know it it's my all-time favorites now I got to do basketball even though I'm not the at it I try my hardest to be the best as you and try to do things that other cant and try to figure out things on my own it's just so crazy how you made your life out of basketball like you created so many accomplishments that you got to finish and it's just a big thing for me a humongous Journey something that others really do look up to something that others wish they can do and wish they can meet you and wish they could be like you and be the all-time stars do you know there are so many people that are good at basketball but don't get the opportunity to show what they got so for what I want for do is that if they want to do something to show it but so many people like basketball and we don't really get the opportunity to show it so I really hope you see this so maybe you can start like a club or something like sports academy that others can show what they got and we could help him out. I'm not the best at basketball I'm not anything I'm just a normal girl teenager that wants to do basketball goals my life isn't perfect but I just wish you can meet every 18 single fans out there so you could see how much we're grateful to have you in the Lakers team.


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