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LeBron James, who is also called "King James", plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has had a stellar career in the NBA as an NBA champion, the NBA Finals MVP, a three-time NBA MVP, an NBA scoring champion, and the NBA Rookie of the Year. James was selected in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. There he led the Cavaliers to the 2007 NBA Finals, their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history. In 2010, he left the Cavaliers for the Heat in a highly publicized free agency period. James is the Cleveland Cavaliers' all-time leading scorer, and holds other franchise records for both the Cavaliers and the Heat. On January 16, 2013, he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points.


NBA champion 2012

NBA Finals MVP 2012

NBA Most Valuable Player 2009, 2010, 2012

NBA All-Star 2005–2013

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2006, 2008


LeBron James
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50 W Broad Street
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Columbus, OH 43215


Submitted by Mickey B (not verified) on

You are a great role model and have represented the 330 perfectly, thank you!!

Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

Hi lebron James your such an inspiring and awesome basket ball player to me. Your someone I love to look up to. I would please like you to visit high hopes head injury program, I would love to meet you there. I have cerebral palsy and would want to see you there. If able to please donate to the program it would be much appreciated thank you once again for being someone I love looking up to.

Submitted by Reggie Jones (not verified) on

I am a big Lebron fan. I think you should give nate robertson a 2 to 3 year contract because he is a high motor guy for the second and forth quarter. Looking at half of these guys signing these 2 to 3 year contracts over the past couple of days have nothing on nat robertson. Coach Lue and Lebron please go get Nat Robertson hes a sleeper im a old school cat i love the way you guys one the finals this year ! Thank you

Submitted by Violeta (not verified) on

Dear LeBron,

Congratulations on your big win. We have been fans of yours for years. I don't like to ask for help but my 16 year old son is in need of throwing shoes for track and field in his size 17. He throws discuss, shot and hammer using both front glide and spinning techniques. He is currently competing in the Junior Olympics using his LeBrons from previous years but they still have alot of traction. I've looked everywhere and contacted Nike but they just took my suggestion. I'll pay for the pair. I'm asking if you can ask Nike to make throwing shoes in his size. It would really help his performance. I've been searching for two years with no avail.


Desperate mom

Submitted by John Morgan (not verified) on

You have disappointed me and many others LBJ. How could you stand up on that stage with the other athletes and not once , not once mention the five fallen officers. Are you aware that some of the men you had mentioned while on stage do not yet have a completed investigation. Why do you and so many others not allow for due process? We're now finding out many facts about the Minnesota case which initially weren't known. Many already jumped to a conclusion because a woman with a phone made statements in a 2 minute video clip.. You and your colleagues need to be MEN and stop using your celebrity status and grand standing when things like this occur. Why don't you guys go to Chicago and talk to young black men about the violence in their city and is against other black men. Why don't any of you ever talk about that?

Submitted by reed shamblin (not verified) on

Hey LeBron James I am like your biggest fan and I believe that you can get more MVPs and Finals MVP and more Rings and I just want to know how to meet you are my favorite b-ball player in the world I also love to play basketball and I want to know how to make it in the NBA and if we ever meet I would like to have a private practice but it doesn't have to happen cause I know how you are busy.

Submitted by reed shamblin (not verified) on

I love to meet the Cavs Players and Coach and the Heat Players and Coach, The Cavs and the Heat are my fav teams of all times God Bless you and your teammates and former teammates.

Submitted by reed shamblin (not verified) on

HI LeBron James it is me again my birthday is in 2 days July 21 and I want to know if you can come over and surprise me with your greatness God Bless You and your family hope you reply

Submitted by Joshua sutton (not verified) on

Hi lebron James i Would like to see you and my best friend Would like to see you to and name is destin you are my hero.And i want to play basketball with you and for we can play one on one .

Submitted by Katie (not verified) on

Lebron! At one time, it was my dying dream to meet you, to become immersed in your greatness. To have someone to look up to - to feel alive and excited. You were and are a true inspiration to me. Now, while I still feel all those things about 'you', I feel them within myself. It's incredible to pull from the strength of others even when they aren't part of your inner circle. Thank you for your success, its helped me become great in my own individual way!!!

Submitted by Tracey Carr Camper (not verified) on

hi Mr James...my name is Tracey Carr-Camper I am a 57 year old mom of 5 damn good kids i work part time as a LPN in a city nursing home and a psrt time shopper in a supermarket I usually never ask for any help in any way but now i may need a little..my last two kids alex and sara attend college very proud of them this will be Sara's second year and this will be Alex's first year both of my kids were getting Social Security due to their father passing away now this will be alexs last check in sept 2016 Sara's payments finished last year in April so it will be me carrying those kids thru college my oldest daughter helps where she can but she works part time also...now i am not asking for help for me i am asking for assistance for the kids they get financial assistance that will pay for their tutition praise God...but for the kids to get the FA we have to live below 37,000 dollars. the kids cant even get s small part time job to help we have to keep it so tight and hold it down to below 37,000...so we are trying to keep it tight here finanicallly wise my rent is 1100 dollars a month and there are the other bills cell phones transportation con edison and food....but i am concerned about having carfare for my kids to get to school...i see that you are a man who is concerned with kids attending college..one of the important things is having the carfare to get to class its one thing a person shouldn't have to worry about is paying for transportation for school so many other things to worry about...while attending school.
So please Mr James i am asking for a little help for my kids..it hurts me to even be asking for assistance i have a yellow pad that is so written over trying to figure out a survial budget for the kids and I
i just need some assistance with metrocards/transportation for my kids Thank you so very much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to read my letter God bless. tracey carr camper

Submitted by jermaine mccaulley (not verified) on

Just want to me u have some questions I had a hard but bless life and going threw some things and just wanted to talk man to man about some things that all if I can it would be greatly appreciated 864-376-8847 any time God Bless You and family amen.

Submitted by Corey (not verified) on

My moms is a die hard Mj fan, I keep telling her your the goat of Bball. She always say if you guys were the same age who do I think would be the better of the two? I say you she doubts that. The bottom line is she's struggling to support me and my 5 siblings, and my grandparents. I don't want a hand out, I'm willing to work for it. I'm a sophomore and want to be like you or better no disrespect. I feel I'm destin for great things but my moms $$$ dollars can barely put food on the table or school supplies in a book bag I don't have. My grandmother keeps telling me to write you and ask for help since I'm your biggest fan, but I have to much pride, that's why it's his mother asking

Submitted by javarius dy... (not verified) on

my name is javarius dyson -harvey LeBron is my favorite player in the nba .
my dream is to meet you and challeng your son and how was it when you beat the warriors.

Submitted by Mousa ahmad (not verified) on

Hey mr James this is my dad I'm not sure if you'll remember him but he owned the New York style on the west side diagonal road He tells me stories of how your mom use to take you to eat there my dad is a great guy and I just wanted you to remember him we moved and moved the restaurant to in Florida the store is in Tampa please e mail me back so I know you saw this thanks

Submitted by Seondell Green (not verified) on


Good morning...I just wanted to say man I hope life exceed your expectations. It inspires me to move past life challenges and gives me a desire give me more of what I can offer to whom I can affect. You have no filter on helping people, if the world had the same perception it could be healed by these acts alone. God bless you good man, keep being an awesome family man!!!

Submitted by Roslyn (not verified) on


Please contact me at the email address above in regards to some information.

Submitted by Prem (not verified) on

lebron is the best his dunks are so PRANGSTER GANGSTER and u r my man

Submitted by MB (not verified) on

You made your endorsement of H. Clinton. I'm no longer a fan of yours . Your truly an idiot and not very smart off the basketball court .

Submitted by Latrice Miller (not verified) on

I bought my 5 year old son who thinks LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in the world a pair of your shoes and he had them for 2 months and the Velcro does not work anymore. 85 dollars and he can't even where the shoes shame on you and nike

Submitted by Keith Patti (not verified) on

Hey man. Wrote you a fan letter and mailed to your agency in Columbus.

Told you how proud you've made me to be a classmate of yours and I hope by fulfilling my potential as you have fulfilled yours that I can make you proud, too. I hope to continue to represent our class and our hometown in California. It doesn't matter that this is Warrior territory- I'm forever loyal to the Cavs.

Take care,

Submitted by Tatiana (not verified) on

Mr. LeBron, I just want to thank you for who you are as a man and what you do in life. You are an inspiration! God bless you and your family.

Submitted by Mohammed R Hassan (not verified) on

King James, I'm a an average guy from Brooklyn, NY and I'm here urging you to please come out and make a statement to the voters of Ohio not to vote for Trump. As the Election nears, Ohio is a huge swing state and as of now it favors Trump. Donald Trump is someone who contradicts everything you went through and everything us normal folks go through on a daily basis. Do it one more time for Cleveland, for Ohio, and for America.

Submitted by Logan (not verified) on

Congrats on winning the NBA championship

Submitted by LaKesha Henderson (not verified) on

Hello,my name is Lakesha henderson and my son jasper is a fun loving 6 yr old that is about to be 7 on new years day..he was born 2 months early weighing at only 2 pounds 7 oz. He has had his share of different surgeries due to being born premature, but he is very outgoing. He loves LEBRON JAMES, he has read to me the life story of lebron james at the age of 4, he has been his biggest fan since he was able to walk and talk...where ever leBron played he be watching..for a school project in pre k he wanted to do his project on lebron, the year he went back to Cleveland and it was pretty good I mist say got him 1st place...it would be an honor for his 7th birthday to meet or just even talk to lebron james. I must say my son loves lebron and his cowboys..lol

Submitted by Carl Tanzillo (not verified) on

Mr. James,
I was at the basketball game when you played the bulls in Chicago. Anyway, I had a Cleveland hat and I was going for the luck to hopefully for to be able to sign it,it was going to be for my niece,Elizabeth,she got breast cancer and getting treatments,thus far she's doing fine.The main problem for her and her parents are having so many bills coming and they are wondering how they're going to pay for them. That was the reason why I was trying to get your autograph on the hat. It seemed like I was going to be in luck when one of cleveland's trainer came to me and took the hat and said he'll see what he could do for me,to be able to get your autograph,he never returned with the hat. Well,all went bad lost a cleveland's hat and not getting an autograph,what a bummer.
Carl Tanzillo

Submitted by Todd Salls (not verified) on

Don't know if this will make it to Mr. James but I am teacher from New York with 3 sons. A few months ago my fiancé and I (the boys mother) bought them a Christmas gift, to go to Cleveland on Jan 29 to see the Cavs play OKC. She knew they would really enjoy this. Unfortunately, she was terminally ill with cancer and lost her battle on October 24. The boys will receive their Christmas tickets from her and will still be very excited. If you had time to give the boys a little shout at the game, it would make the weekend. They have dreamt of seeing you and the Cavs play in person, plus that guy on OKC isn't bad. Happy Holidays, we will see you in January.

Submitted by Jason Taylor (not verified) on

Mr. James, I'm a police officer in Jackson, Georgia. It's a small city about 45 minutes south of Atlanta. I wanted to know if you might want to ride along with me one night for a shift, just to see what it's like from a cops point of view. Not for any negative purpose, just for two completely different walks of life to meet up and see if us together could help a community in need of a lot of positive influence of citizens. I haven't spoken to my Chief about this, but I don't think it would be a problem. I'm sure I won't even show up on your radar, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sir for any time in this matter.
PS: I'm a huge fan and good luck man.

Submitted by Ebone Brown (not verified) on

Hi Lebron, we are from Birmingham,AL and my son MJ has asked for tickets to the Hawks vs Cavs game on March 3, 2017. Which I am more than happy to purchase for him. However, his only other wish is to meet you after the game and to get a autograph. Please, if there is any way possible you can make this happen this would be something he will never forgets. I know you probably hear how much your fans LOVE YOU and how kids think your awesome (which mine thinks you are too). I'm just hoping this fan mail will reach you or get into the right hands and your able to make this wish come true.

Thank You in Advance!!!

MJ's Mom

Submitted by Joanne torres (not verified) on

Hi my name is Joanne Torres and my daughter name is Mariah martinez she 12yrs old she been playing basketball since she was 8 . she your biggest fan I have to save up just to buy her your sneakers . the reason why I'm writing Cuz her birthday coming up and I wanted to know how can I get a picture of you as a surprise for her??? Hope to hear from u soon happy new year

Submitted by Ricardo VALDEZ (not verified) on

Hello, Sir I don't know if you take the time to read your page or not but I would surly glad if you took the time out to read this.. I'm a stay home dad and Have 5 kids I live on a budget and we live good.. My daughter is turning 15 IN a couple of days January 8th and I wanted to come see if she can just say "Hi" to you and shake your hand while you where coming off the bus when you can into town for the Game against the Suns... I'm such a Sports fan my kids have taken a liking to you and your Cleveland All-Star team. I guess when you have 4 boys and one girl She is the loner or the outside one.. I guess that's what she says, "How The King felt" when he was down in the series last year in the playoffs.. She said, Daddy I know they'll win it all and he'll make a name for himself... My Daughter is a Amazing person to everyone around her. She helps me out with all her 4 younger brothers and doesn't complain... Well sometimes she does but hey that's what's kids do.. She goes to Madison School in Central Phx, She helps out her older brother 11 who goes to the same school who has a Special disability. Everyday she wakes up and helps me start my day off right.. Sometimes she makes breakfast for her whole family.. Not just a bowl of cereal.. I mean eggs,bacon,potatoes, the whole nine yards.. Some of my kids where born premature and so I lost my job because of my kids being sick to much and then going in and out of the hospital. Basically, to much time off and not enough sick days. but its ok I'm not asking for anything other to you to say Hi to one of your Fans on very Special time in her life "HER 15th BIRTHDAY"!! I know Sir how much you inspire kids and help kids. i LOVE THAT, so I took the time out to write this hoping this might reach you in good faith... In fact one of my son's just got out of Phx childs hosptial. His name is Matteo Valdez. He gets sick at least once a month to where I have to take him to the hospital. WIth that said I have a big family and really cant afford to go to the game but for her to meet you would be nice... Of course if your not to busy.... i CAN HAVE EVERYTHING IN HERE VERITY ED TO LET YOU KNOW its real talk Thanks, one good daddy.....

Submitted by Bruce Daeyon Wi... (not verified) on

I am inspired by Lebron James and every thing he has been through. I watch all his games and he's my motivation when I'm playing a pick up game in the gym. I want to be a leader just like him and it would be a blessing if I can meet him.

Submitted by Winsome Waite (not verified) on

I think you are amazing and hope that you remember to thank your creator God. Next you should run for president Yes!!!

Submitted by Brady merchant (not verified) on

Dear LeBron my name is brady merchant and you are the best NBA player I've ever seen. Good luck rest of the season I'm also from Gillette Wyoming

Submitted by DeAngela Adighibe (not verified) on

Im your biggest fan I have all your shoes I have been watching you since you came in the lead I cant wait to I get tje opportunity to meet you

Submitted by Fred (not verified) on

LeBron - You get paid handsomely for playing basketball. If you want to get into politics, put up or shut up. I'm tired of over-privileged / out of touch of reality athletes, performers and actors talking about crap they have no idea about. I would listen and heed your words about politics if you would heed mine teaching you a thing or two about basketball. Doesn't make sense, does it? Who cares about your political views. Remember why you are where you are; Your parents hooking up, you being born into a body you had nothing to do with PLUS your hard work practicing and mastering your craft, PLUS my education and hard work to be able to purchase tickets. Stay focused bro. Who cares what the media asks you. Tell them "no comment" and move on.

Submitted by Lane (not verified) on

Labron James. I agree you are a whiner. First whining about hillaribitch not winning. As she shouldn't anybody that defies the law and they do nothing should never deserve to be president. The most expensive team in nba history and your still bad. Let's whine some more maybe they spend more for a descent coach. Tyron Lue is not a good coach or at least for a whiner like YOU.

Submitted by Ced N Misty (not verified) on

He is a huge fan and also had a scholarship to Florida state and couldn't do it due to a health issue I would love for him to meet u for his big day his 21st bday

Submitted by Jorge Ramos (not verified) on

FU Lebron James, you are racist POS. Charles Barkley was dead on about you, whiny biotch. Hope you shred your knee tonight. MAGA!!

Submitted by Lexis Haney (not verified) on

Hello LeBron James,
Hi, I am Lexis Haney. I am surprising my boyfriend with Cleveland Cavaliers tickets for the April 7th game for an early 26 birthday gift. This is also going to be his first time actually going to a game instead of just watching it on tv. :)
I know this is a far stretch, but my boyfriend, Rob Meyers, is such a big fan of yours. He loves the game of basketball, he would probably marry it if he could ha. But I was wondering if you could do a shout out to him, sign his jersey, maybe meet him or something that works for you and that you are comfortable with. I know you probably get a lot of requests like this but this would mean the world to him! I understand if to is much to ask or not comfortable with this, but if you could, I would be forever indebted to ya. This would make his birthday one to remember especially since this is his first one spent home since coming back home from his first deployment. He is currently enlisted in the Army National Guard and even plans to go active and spend the rest of his life serving and defending our country. He is a wonderful man! He does so much for his country, family, friends and pure strangers. He a man that goes out of his way to help others, no matter what. If you could do anything, even a simple wave to him, to honor him, he would be so appreciate of it and truly would make his day, let's be honest probably his life lol:) thank you so much for taking time to read this. Thank you LeBron ! Have a wonderful day and go Cavs!! :)

Submitted by onkar bhachu (not verified) on

lebron you are the best player and role model in the world . thank you for bringing a ring for us. you are awsome and dont let anyone tell you that youre trash or bad because they dont knoe who theyre dealing with

Submitted by Patricia Banks (not verified) on

Have watched you since you were in high school, and I adopted you as my son then. Do you and don't let the haters change who you are(The King) .

Submitted by Crystal Ward (not verified) on

Hey LeBron James, my Best friend is a huge fan of our yours and i just wanted to see if you would talk to your manager about coming to see my best friend and give him at least 1 ticket to your next game. The reason i want to do this for my best friend is,because he has been there for me and i just want to repay him back for being there when i need him and plus i want him to meet his favorite Basketball player. please email me when you have time thank you and have a wonderful day.

Submitted by Dillon Jennings (not verified) on

Hello LeBron I've always been a fan of your since I was 1 years old I'm now 11. I love your talent..I'm from Lexington Ms I study your every move to become the basketball player I am today... I'm living a dream and that dream is to be as good as you as a basketball player.

Submitted by Krista feller (not verified) on

My little brother has seizures and doesn't see his father and when he thinks about u he seems like his spirt is lifted up a lil like he's not afraid to do anything.... And he loves ur shoes he waits the pair we got him. He would love to meet u someday he talks about that a lot. U r a very good basketball player he wants to be just like u! I hope u read this thanks !!


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