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LeBron James, who is also called "King James", plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has had a stellar career in the NBA as an NBA champion, the NBA Finals MVP, a three-time NBA MVP, an NBA scoring champion, and the NBA Rookie of the Year. James was selected in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. There he led the Cavaliers to the 2007 NBA Finals, their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history. In 2010, he left the Cavaliers for the Heat in a highly publicized free agency period. James is the Cleveland Cavaliers' all-time leading scorer, and holds other franchise records for both the Cavaliers and the Heat. On January 16, 2013, he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points.


NBA champion 2012

NBA Finals MVP 2012

NBA Most Valuable Player 2009, 2010, 2012

NBA All-Star 2005–2013

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2006, 2008


LeBron James
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Submitted by Allen Edwin (not verified) on

LeBron, 'King James', has a nice ring to it, huh? I know tge warriors are a seeming threat, and to see what they did to the thunder the other day makes ALL of us wonder who will stop 'em... Just hear me out: The Kings play the warriors during preseason, offseason exhibition, and get to see 'em throughout the year and Kings ALWAYS put up a great fight. We got us a B I G MAN, we got Rondo's knowledge 'n skills (leading assist) and we have improved our defense. This year (next season, though) we will have a brand new stadium, a few top selections in the draft, and an all around experienced staff. Cousins will be in Sac for another year, and I honestly think with you there, NO TEAM can challenge the Kings. Sac is where you had your amazing debut, and you've been the best since. Unfortunately there is a very dynamic team that only a couple teams come close to stopping, and I believe practice makes perfect. You'll play them so much you will learn to beat them by yourself. Your crown is waiting for you in Sac, you can even bring Durant or Westbrook, but this Warriors team IS NOT SLOWING DOWN. If they win another, at least think about, please. Now I would NEVER speak for God, but I believe your destiny is here. I hope you give it some thought, because this town needs a ring after that ref said if it wasn't for him, Sacramento would have one.... King James, we need you, c'mon.

Submitted by Kamrin jefferson (not verified) on

Hey mr. LeBron you are my favorite basketball player. I want to meet you one day. I live in Birmingham Al. Thanks

Submitted by Shannon (not verified) on

I have a former foster daughter I bought tickets for, for her 17th birthday, so see LeBron James play on March 14 against Utah Jazz. Is there anyway I can get his autograph as an added bonus for her before or after that game? Thank You!

Submitted by Juian Williams (not verified) on

Kia ora LeBron,
My brother in law is having his 30th birthday in 10 days and we are having an NBA themed birthday for him. He is a huge basketball fan and a fan of yours.
If you have time, could you please wish him a happy birthday from yourself. We live in New Zealand.
His name is Blaine Rakena turning 30 years old from the Waikato in New Zealand.
If not, thats cool, we wish you ll the best for the season.
Hei kona me ngaa mihi nunui ki a koe.

Submitted by Chris Barbacci (not verified) on

My buddy Matt Lucarino is one of your biggest fans, from Cleveland to Miami back to Cleveland no matter what he loves you. Unfortunately he has had a severe flair up with his crohns disease and has been in and out of the icu for the last 2 months. I can go on with the tests, and surgeries and all that he'should been through but that wouldn't help him. Just wondering if there's possibly anything you'd be willing to do to bring his spirit's up during this trying time he is going through.
Thank you,
Chris Barbacci

Submitted by djwasabi (not verified) on

get kevin Durant....

Submitted by Pedro cosme (not verified) on

Mr.James, never really was a basketball fan, until you played for cleveland. Just trying to find some encouragement, trying really hard not to just give up, just seem Rt o be in a fownward spiral, everytime i have thought i hit bottom i gind a new low.it started a couple years ago,by my own doing, then it just seems the harder i try to pull myself up,i get hit from a new direction. At a brwaking point now and jusy trying to find some kind of hope. Getting really tired and weak . Mr.James , thank you for coming back.

Submitted by Lori Harrell (not verified) on

Hi Lebron. I am bringing my son to the game tonight (2/29/16). He is 13 years old and a huge fan of yours! I know this is a long shot, but if there is any way he could meet you and get an autograph, that would be amazing! God bless you and best of luck in your career! Thank you

Submitted by Stephanie Price (not verified) on

There is nothing greater than having that one player who even on their bad days in your eyes is still the all American MVP.... you stick it out through thick and thin and dream of seeing your all star play live one day....
I watched my husband watch game after game after game and his passion of the game when you played, coached, and carried your team when they counted on you most. There is no greater sound then hearing the excitement in his voice for every great play you made, awesome dunk, or hear him screaming at the television when you weren't getting the help that you needed. Seeing him follow you from Cleveland to Miami and back to Cleveland showed me his loyalty to you as a ball player. So what better way to celebrate his loyalty to you then to get tickets to a live game....he would love nothing more then to see his MVP play live and being that we are from Virginia I seen the perfect opportunity on February 28th, 2016 in Washington DC.
So I paid 208.00 for three tickets as my son loves you too and we were so psyched we even came up on Saturday, spent two hours on the metro because someone with us had no sense of direction...lol but none of that mattered because we were seeing LeBron James live in less than 24 hours. As we stood in line at the Verizon center waiting to get in the couple behind us asked if we were in line, and what a waste of time this even was....my husband replied by saying excuse me? You are about to see the greatest player in the NBA play ball, the gentleman said no LeBron isn't playing today... I immediately pulled up my LeBron 411 on my phone and sure enough posted 20 minutes earlier LeBron had stated he was going to take a day of rest.
My heart hit the floor to see the disappointment in my son and husbands eyes. I'm a Cavs fan all the way...if I was going to see a Lil of JR Smith, Kyrie, and Tristan....I was all good! Not that I don't love you Lebron...but there is something about a bad boy....and Smith is my bad boy! :) I did get mad photos at the game, of you and had to endure the biggest jerk in the world who continued to holler obscene, rude, ignorant things until I finally stood up and told him to shut his f***** mouth. It was at that point I noticed he had on a Wizards Jersey with LeBron James sneakers....(you can't make this stuff up) I proceeded to tell him what an ignorant a** he was and of course my husband continued to tell me to sit down, do you know where you are, you are in DC you cannot talk to people up here like you do back home, blah, blah, blah...
It doesn't really matter to me where I am, you do not deserve to be disrespected in any manner because you chose to take a day of rest.
Disappointed.... we surely were, however I wouldn't want you to come to my job and tell me how to do it or if I schedule a day off you tell me no.... so I would never judge you or tell you what you need to do on your job.

I hope that we can afford to come to Cleveland in the upcoming weeks to watch you play live at home....I didn't particularly care for Washington DC, the Wizards,the Verizon Center, or the fact that Floyd Mayweather had to have 40 entourage escort him in to the arena.....he is a professional boxer, correct? Knocking people out is his career....so I would assume. So with all this being said I just wanted to give a shoutout, let you know that we will be watching tonight on dishes NBA league pass, and regardless we love you, and support you as loyal fans should. Let's get a championship this year boys....


Arthur & Stephanie Price

Submitted by sean carter (not verified) on

Dear Lebron
i would have sent you a letter but i had no stamps
i couldn"t make it to ceder point my mom works third shift at land mark plastic
i would love to have lebron 12s or 13s im just asking so people would stop saying what are those at my school .

and if you do send me some plz send them to Robert G Hyre clc and my name is sean carter

thank you your friend sean carter

your a great basket ball player and i will always remember are prom

Submitted by sean carter (not verified) on


Submitted by Elliott (not verified) on

Pound the paint more with mozgov and have the tem take more short shots like the Spurs

Submitted by Thanounsorne ph... (not verified) on

Sup Lebron I been a fan of yours since u were drafted to Cleveland and taking them to the finals.... I predict that the Cleveland cavs gonna win. A ring with u... Cavs all the way... I got a jersey but it's not autograph

Submitted by Rod Scott (not verified) on

I watch about every game and I question the lack of passing by Kyrie which creates overall lack of offensive production (Kyrie is a ball stopper, not a fan most nights). I am a Love supporter (team as well), we involve him early and then go away from him as the game progresses. Last night 1st half example he got to the foul line and made the shots, few touches in the second half. We sub Love for defense (at times needed) even though he passes, rebounds and makes foul shots. We would be better served to remove Kyrie and insert Delly, Shump or JR. Most opposing point guards have big games against the Cavs. My late game rotation would remove Kyrie and go wit LBJ, Love, Thompson, and 2 of the 3 depending:JR, Delly or Shump. Most important thing needed is better ball movement which creates better looks. Regarding one more thing for Love, he needs to bend his knees and catch and shoot and stop the hesitation which lowers ones shooting percentage. The best teams are led by point guards on talented teams that pass first shoot second. We have scoring options, go Cavs!!! I am 57 years old and live in Dublin, Ohio. It is the CAVS year to bring it

Submitted by Ryan (not verified) on

Hey I'm a really big fan and I am just having a hard time playing basketball. It's my dream to play on the cavs and be like you. I feel like if I try out I'm not gonna make it on the team. I just really want you to help me and buy me the right equipment. (Shoes,socks,shorts and shorts.) I also don't have enough money to get a basketball hoop. I'm not trying to be greedy but I just wanna be cool like you. I'm only asking you to help and see me on my birthday. It only has to be a minute. Your my role model. I'm looking up to you. Thank you for reading this. Bye

Submitted by Dallin Hawken (not verified) on

Hello LeBron James
I have a shoe problem. I wear size 16 shoes and I am only 13 years old. It is hard to find shoes that fit right and look nice. I was hoping if you could help me get a pair of LeBron 12 elite's. I am a big fan and hope to hear from you.
Dallin Hawken

Submitted by Violeta (not verified) on

Have you searched on Eastbay? My 16 year old is using size 17 men's LeBron shoes. I usually able to find his size there. Good luck.

Submitted by Mikey (not verified) on

Hey Lebron My Name Is Mikey I Am A Huge Fan And I Love Watching Your Games When I Watch Your Basketball Games And I See 23 James It Puts A Huge Smile On My Face I Have 3 Cleveland Cavaliers Hats I Have The Lebron 9 Soliders I Have The Cavfantic Lebron Jersey A Lebron Basketball And I Always Play Basketball I Try To Do Your Moves But Your Just To Good I Wanna Go To The NBA And I Would Seriously Cry If I Met You So Thank You For Giving Me Happiness When I Play Basketball Thank You

Submitted by Denise (not verified) on

Hey LeBron, my son is 11 years old he'll be 12 on July 4th he loves playing basketball and he says that you are his favorite player and he looks up to you. My son has been telling me that he wants to be in the NBA and play for the Cavs that has been his dream especially meeting you in person i always wanted to take him to a game but money situation and good right now not sure what to do i would love to make it to a game for his birthday it will be a great gift. Also i have a 4 year old daughter that loves watching you play every time the game is on she runs to me and says mom LeBron James is on i love him lol. Any advice for my son Marco would be nice hope to hear from you. Thank you and keep up the good work. God bless you.

Submitted by Bobby Jackson (not verified) on

I believe your making history in every game you play.
Unfortunately I have Cancer and probably won't see the end of your career but wanted to let you know that your the best I've seen in Basketball in my Lifetime.

Submitted by Gabriel Estrada (not verified) on

Hello my name is Gabriel Estrada and I am a student at Walden Grove High School. We are doing a research project in our math class where we got to choose a topic that we are interested in researching. As part of our project we are required to contact a professional to help us in our pursuit. If you like to help out please feel free to reply to this email. Thank you.

Submitted by Blaine Beabout (not verified) on

Hey Lebron my name is Blaine Beabout I live in Palestine Illinois I know you probably won't write back to me but I look up to u and am really hoping to get to go to one of your games someday and meet you if I could meet you my dream would come true if u have time write me back please

Submitted by Pamela Washington (not verified) on

When u left Cleveland I swear in my world I was the only person who stood by you and defended you. So much so, the minute you decided to come back to the Cleveland ,everybody texted and called to let me know. As if, I didn't know. Honestly I thought you should had not come back to ClevelandI, because the fans here were awful to you.....But if you can forgive so can I. If anyone deserve to meet you it is me....I hope one day.

Submitted by Athinian Cain (not verified) on

I have designed the dopest lion logo that will take lebrons clothing and brand to another level pls email me for a chance to see it!!
Athinian Cain
All bullshit aside this is the real deal

Submitted by Aaron Borgman (not verified) on

Hey so I'm taking my dad to your playoff game this Thursday for his birthday and I wanted to do something special for him and I wondered if there was anyway for you to sign a shirt of something for him. This would be very memorable for him and for me knowing I did something out of this world for him.

Thank you for your time if you read this! And kick some ass this series! Then onto the Warriors hopefully to show them who is boss!

Best regards
Aaron Borgman

Submitted by BRELAND D PRINGLE SR (not verified) on

I have much love for Lebron.....I want to see those free throws go in 88% of the time!.....Form is good....take out the hesitation and falling back and snap that wrist will get him to 88% or higher guarantee it. GO CAVS!

Submitted by Ryan Albanese (not verified) on

Dear LeBron James,
You don’t know me, and in all likelihood, you never will, but I’m okay with that, because I know you.
I don’t think I’ll ever fully appreciate the greatness you bring to basketball or to the world, I don’t think anyone will, we’re simply not capable of it.
You’ve never been my favourite player, nor my biggest idol, but you’ve probably had the most effect on me (outside of my father) than any other person in this world. The way you present yourself, the way you act in any given moment, is everything to me, not just basketball player me, but real me, everyday me. You being you has provided a model for what I want to become, what I want to reach and overcome, and I cannot show enough appreciation for you.
Jordan couldn’t have done, didn’t do, what you’ve done for the game, not because of any physical or mental advantages you may have over him, but because of your character, because of your inner greatness that isn’t comparable to anyone, the “chosen one” aspect to you. Forget the game and what do you have left? Greatness. Greatness in its purist form. Greatness that pours out from your very presence and provides structure for those around you, for those who can only look up to you and wonder what it would be like, what it would be like to soar so high.
For as much love as I have for basketball, I have more for you. I don’t care about your in-game shooting streak, about any of your statistics, about the team you play for or your finals record, I care about the person who devotes himself to an idea, who says no to the impossible, who follows their dreams without crushing others, who stares in the face of hatred and finds love. And you have displayed those qualities to me, and millions upon millions of people, from all around the world, time and time again.
The difficulties you’ve proven to overcome, even when different to my own and others’, provides a guide, to myself, to all of your fans, to everyone who merely watches you, on how to defy adversity and remain “on top of your game”. Nobody’s perfect, not even someone as truly great as yourself, but you, you exhibit, on a consistent basis, what everyone should aspire to be like, for as much and as long as they can possibly handle.
To me, you’ve already proven more than enough to solidify yourself as not only one of the greatest basketball players of all time, if not, the greatest player of all time, but one of the most premier examples of human greatness. Yet, I still want to ask one thing of you, I want you to go all in this year, I want you to bring a championship to Cleveland. Not because they deserve it, not because I, or any other person, wants you to win another championship, but because you deserve it. Cleveland does not deserve you, to be fair, not a single city does, but you deserve a championship, a championship in Cleveland. I only want this, if you want this for you, not for your city, but for you.
In the end it’s just a game, but this game changes lives, you change lives, and as a 16-year-old, Australian division 4 club basketball player, simply marvelling at the chance to watch you and every other NBA player do what you do, is humbling. This world is filled with so many things, so much diversity, but out of it all, defying odds yet again, you’ve significantly helped shape me into the person I am today, and for that, I thank you. But I want every single person in the world who knows your name to thank you as much as I do.
I want you to show Cleveland, no, I want you to show EVERYONE, what you’ve shown me.

Ryan Albanese.

Submitted by Tynita Haines (not verified) on

Hell Mr. JAMES, I recently had a right sided stroke and have spent almost a month in rehab away from my family and friends, but I wanted to ask a big favor. It is not for me - your forever fan, but for my Physical Therapist Mark who is your Biggest Fan. He watches every game you play and we discuss during therapy. I really wanted to do something nice for him to show him my appreciation and gratitude for everything he's done for me. The doctor says I will be back to doing everything I love to do in no time,.which includes basketball. I wanted to know if you can make a guest appearance here at the rehab facility where I am currently residing so that Mark could his #1 NBA player Lebron James. And possibly a n autographed Jersey. He would totally love it and it would make his dream a reality. And his happiness and smile will make me so happy that,I was able to help cltribute to that. Oh yeah we are Maryland.And I am from Baltimore. Getting a call or email or both would make my day especially if it's you responding that you can come meet Mark. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to meeting you, KING JAMES!

Submitted by Anthony (not verified) on

Kenton if u dnt stop playn wit them n go get yo ring n put curry to sleep if u a real man shout me out at the post game my name is Anthony Robinson aka hoopglizzy

Submitted by Lorri L Long (not verified) on

LeBron, My "Road Dog", my BFF, my Dude, my Ride-or-Die, Dave Williams Jr., is just a 57 year young average Joe from Lima OH who worked at GM until he was forced to retire due to a back injury on the job. And even though he was on disability, he took care of his mother in his home for 10 plus years until she passed in January of 2015, he did odd jobs for neighbors and loved to work on cars.

He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on December 7, 2015. The reason I know this, is because I was the one who took him to the ER on that Monday morning after he spent the weekend at my house complaining of abdominal pain. I was at my wits end seeing him in pain and didn't know what else to do. When the doctor came into the ER room and said, "You have pancreatic cancer", my heart just dropped. My friend, of course, just lost it and I held him while he cried.

In the last couple of years, we had been to a few NBA games in Indianapolis, including a game against the Miami Heat a couple of years ago - a game that you did not attend. My Road Dog is the greatest LeBron James Fan, whether you're with the Heat, the Cavs, whoever.

Anyway, this past Wednesday before Memorial Day, he was given the results of his latest scans and.........the chemotherapy that he had been on was no longer effective. He has been given 6 months or less to live.

Now I'm sure you get letters like this all of the time, but I know how awesome it would be if he could attend one of these playoff games (the last ones he'll see on this earth) since he "KNOWS" that Cleveland will win the 2016 NBA Finals!!!!! I got online to see how much tickets with good seats were in Cleveland when you played the Raptors, and based on the pricing, have considered cashing in my 401k to get us front row seats to a game. There is also a go-fund-me page set up for him, but he is a quiet, keep-to-himself kind of guy and hasn't received many donations.

He has been in some pain but it is pretty well controlled right now, and I know that in the near future, it will get worse and worse and he will be home-bound. But until then, I am trying to get him out and about and Cleveland is only about 3 1/2 hours from Fort Wayne, IN.

If there is anything that you can do to help him see you in action before he leaves this world, it would mean everything to him. He is a simple man and doesn't like a lot of hooplah and fanfare, but HE DOES LOVE WATCHING LEBRON PLAY BASKETBALL!!!

Whatever happens, thank you for taking the time to read this.


Submitted by Isaiah Hefner (not verified) on

Hey I just wanted you to know that you are one of my favorite players that i have ever watched. My name is Isaiah and I live in Joplin, Missouri. I really hope that you read this and it would be so cool to see you play in the Finals.

Submitted by Brittany Coleman (not verified) on

Hello, my name is Brittany and I have an uncle who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I am one of his care takers. At his last doctors appointment he was told that his chemo would be stopped and hospice needed to be started due to his decline. He was given 3-6 months to live. His final wish is to come to your game and possibly meet you. This man is the strongest man I know. He took care of his mother (my grandmother) for 7years at home until she passed away 1 year prior to the date of his diagnosis. He has also helped take care of his other brother who also passed away due to cancer and another who's health is failing. He also stepped in and helped as much he could when my mother had a stroke a month ago. Our family has been through so much and I had to reach out somehow to see if making his wish come true was even possible. Failure is guaranteed if you don't try. He is the most selfless, caring, genuine person that I know. Please if you get this in time, help me make him smile one last time. Thanks so much for your time. Bless you!

Submitted by Brittany Coleman (not verified) on

The fan mail "friend in need" is also about my uncle. As u can see. He is a huge fan and he is very well loved! :-)

Submitted by Preston Wilson (not verified) on

Just stopping in to let you know that you are about to lead Cleveland to their first ever NBA title. It has been a pleasure watching you grow into the greatest player ever. You are an inspiration to millions of people. Congratulations Champ you deserve it, and so does your city.

Submitted by rick jones (not verified) on

Your no Ali and nothing close! Get real, you have had nothing but comfort in your life and your speaking out about trayvon martin is a joke. Warriors in 5!!

Submitted by Lane Hasty (not verified) on

How come you guys, don't go with a diamond defense against Golden State?

Submitted by Anounymous (not verified) on

June 5, 2016
Dear Cavaliers,

I have been a fan of yours as long as I have known. You guys are truly inspirational to others and all of your fans out there. Although you probably already know that these finals games are an uphill battle, you are not out of it yet even though you are down 2-0. I believe, and I quote, have always believed that anything is possible. Imagine this, the bases are loaded in the 9th inning and you are shy by one run. You may ask yourself what do you do now? Do you throw in the towel and call it a game or do you give it your all by hitting the ball as hard as you can (or in your case: throwing it up for the last shot before the buzzer) for that final moment and final score? Yes, the Warriors are a great team, but you guys have something even more special. To be honest, you do not need records to win games, and you don’t need big shots to win either. All you need is a little hope, teamwork, and a positive attitude which can go a long way. Remember to always take one shot at a time, and than mentally prepare yourself for the next shot after you have gotten back to the other side of the court. Now this may be easier said than done, but as for myself I too have a condition which is an uphill battle, but I battle through with it every day of my life, and do not let the little things bring me down. As for all the people that may be giving you a hard time, try to block out all of that negative energy, and focus on the moment and live for the game. I’ve once played on a tennis team and was down 0-5. During that moment I thought I was done, but after a while my coach called me out and told me to pull myself together. Here’s the ironic part, after being pulled out to the sidelines I put my game face on and was ready to go. I was not about to lose, not than, for my team depended on me, and the most outstanding or I should say surprising part of the game is that I came back and won 7-5! As I have said before nothing is impossible, and I believe that this is your year! So don’t let the crowd, the fans, or the opponent stand in your way, and show them what a true team can do by pulling through to the very end. I hope this message can get through to the team and the Cavalier players before the next finals game. One last thing before I sign off, GO CAVS!!! I am looking forward to your next games in this finals series.

Your fan forever and for always,


P.S. “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”—A Cinderella Story

Submitted by Anounymous (not verified) on

Dear CAVS,
I just wanted to say I never doubted you for a second, and I knew from the start that this was your year even though the odds were against you. I have always seen true potential in your team and you. That's why I knew you would win because you were one to never give up and fought through until the very end. :) Now I guess there's only three words left to say...."You did it!"

P.S. ( Wish I could celebrate with the rest of the crowd back in Ohio, but for now I will celebrate from a far in Nevada)

Submitted by Deionte (not verified) on

Lebron I still think your best player in the world forget Stephen curry he suck anyway. Threw your ups and downs in the NBA I still have been your number one fan. But when y'all play golden state warriors Wednesday tear them apart and lebron keep attacking the basket they can't stop you your a beast and try to get your teammates involve.

Submitted by Ji-Yang Zheng (not verified) on

I am your big fan from Taiwan, and though My English may not be fluent enough to express what I thought, I just want to let you know that you are always the best NBA player at all times in my mind, and I really appreciate you have brought us so many memories of glory.

No matter what the outcomes is for this year, you are always my hero, and though I don's have any chance to see your game in person, I will always pray for you from the other side of the world.


Submitted by mike holston (not verified) on

Lebron, down 3-1. Media ripping you for not playing aggressive. I know what you can and have done. The set up is perfect. You and the cavs have a chance at not only making history by being first to come back from 3-1 in finals, but also to do it to a team that holds NBA wins record and do it on their own floor. Man your legacy will be so serious if this happens. I respect curry, but he's not you. You are like no other. This is no kiss butt type message, just the truth. Please please make this happen. I need to see these fake warriors fans look stunned and stupid afterwards. I don't bet money I just am a big fan of yours and a believer in what you are capable of. I know you don't read stuff in your lock out period in playoffs, just hoping someone sees and shows to you. 4-3 cavs. Bron finals Mvp. I believe!!!

Submitted by mike holston (not verified) on

I sometimes dream of playing alongside you and you getting 7 rings before retirement. I am very defensive minded and often see things on d that could be better by some of the guys. Wish I followed my dream and kept at bball and didn't go thru my coach trashing my athletic scholarships. Would of loved making it and being on a team with you. I'm a defense guya and would relish in the task of shutting down curry. His game is to me guardable. But he is a superior shooter, can't deny that. That being said, I'm rambling a bit, but it's your time to turn to the monster I and all your fans know you are. These last 3 games, we need 40 10 and 10 from you. I know it's a lot to ask, but you're the only person in history capable of it. You're the best. Forget any negative distractions, fulfill your destiny. I'm tired of seeing ayesha curry screaming let's go smh. Pisses me off. I'm sorry but that's how I feel. Let's get it bron

Submitted by Vince Padilla (not verified) on

This video helps me get through the hardest times in the helps me succeed in the worst moments so hopefully you can watch it and it should inspire you to bring a championship home get a Championship for Ohio God bless

Submitted by stan a. dreibelbis (not verified) on

mr james my lifelong friend and i coach cadet and junior high bball for our church Highland Presbyterian inFayetteville N.C. we desperatley need team shoes, ne jerseys even if theyre old anything will help. coach my rob had to buy the whole team YOUR NIKES last year and theyre very expensive and to b blunt coach rob or myself my name is stan dreibelbis btw are broke. im not sure if u cluld sogn a couple cards for us and we cluld auction them off lr maybe donate a jersey or poster anything u could do sir. i can or will provide u with all rexiepts from any auction we did 100% of the proceeds will all go to teams and to help our church. i know theres alot of bad guys out there that probably try to get u to donate or sign stuff for thyrs own financial gain but i can assure u i am not trying to go to hell and im quite sure u would if u had an auction for a church and kept the money. anyways ive emailed and called soooo many people and i cant get any help matter of fact ive been emailing people all night and its 530 a.m. here in N.C. again thank u for anything u could do to help our boys and our awesome church. thank you sir and god bless.

Submitted by Eli young (not verified) on

I'm a small town man working on a farm. In Sparta TN. It would be an honor to meet

Submitted by Carter (not verified) on

Lebron you are by far the best player in the world and for my birthday coming up I wanted to meet you, could you do that for me

Submitted by Patrice Elliott (not verified) on

Thank you for being a nice person Thank you for all you do for your community Thank you for your hard work!

Submitted by Anastasia Ratchford (not verified) on

Hi my son's and my husband and I are a big fans of your team and we just wanted to stay congrats to you and your teammates on winning the champion ship you guys earn it that was the best fathers day gift and game I ever ! God Bless <3

Submitted by alex quinn (not verified) on

Hi my name is alex quinn. I live in sturgeon bay Wisconsin. I am a huge fan of you. I was just just wondering if there is a way if I can meet and get a pic of me with you. And finally can u send me a signed jersey if you can I will be so excited if u would do that for a fan like me.

Submitted by ziare woody (not verified) on

I'm Ziare 10 yrs old and i love to play basket ball and football I am on several teams. i lost my dad and it is very sad. I just want to meet my best basketball player so I can have something to look forward to. I want to go to the NBA and NFL


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