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LeBron James, who is also called "King James", plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has had a stellar career in the NBA as an NBA champion, the NBA Finals MVP, a three-time NBA MVP, an NBA scoring champion, and the NBA Rookie of the Year. James was selected in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. There he led the Cavaliers to the 2007 NBA Finals, their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history. In 2010, he left the Cavaliers for the Heat in a highly publicized free agency period. James is the Cleveland Cavaliers' all-time leading scorer, and holds other franchise records for both the Cavaliers and the Heat. On January 16, 2013, he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points.


NBA champion 2012

NBA Finals MVP 2012

NBA Most Valuable Player 2009, 2010, 2012

NBA All-Star 2005–2013

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2006, 2008


LeBron James
Klutch Sports Group, LLC
50 W Broad Street
Suite 1800
Columbus, OH 43215


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There is no guarantee that mail you send will eventually reach the celebrity of your choice. The only way to be sure a celebrity receives something is to hand it to him or her personally. Yeah, not many chances of that, so you gotta have faith if you feel it is important to send to a celebrity.

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I sent a letter from my son to the address listed and just had it returned mail, was wondering what I could so about this

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There seems to be a new address available for Lebron James:
LeBron James
Klutch Sports Group, LLC
50 W Broad Street
Suite 1800
Columbus, OH 43215

Submitted by Jason ONeill (not verified) on

i believe I can give you Some advice on you jump shot, and improve it by at least 10%

Submitted by Vayden Fielder (not verified) on

King James dunk is already at 100% and u can't go over 100% so its the best jump ever P.S it does not need improving

Submitted by esmeralda lebro... (not verified) on

hii my name is esmeralda LEBRON ortiz and im a 13 year old girl from columbus ohio and my birthday is on may 23 and some people call me lebron james the reason i did this is because i think is a weird coincidence that my middle name is lebron and my birthday is on the 23 and lebrons james jersey number used to be the 23...

Submitted by andy muldoon (not verified) on

hey yo lebron huge fan. But why did you quit for miami i watched your dunking videos and i thought they were intense and amazing but i was wondering someday you and me could shoot some ball.

Submitted by Seyoum Workneh (not verified) on

For my hero, king James on his win Last night;
Cry baby cry
Your rose is dry
Cry baby cry
The king rises high
Cry baby cry
The king is on his way
Cry baby cry
No one dares on his way
Cry baby cry
LJ gets rosy way
To out shine on the champs day !

Submitted by Emmanuel (not verified) on

We need to package a deal w/ Kyrie and Kevin for Kay (g.s) and the go after Aaron Harrison with the 24 pick. Resign Tristan slightly under a max deal and bring back shumpert and jr... Can't forget LEBRON ( soon to be G.O.A.T)!!!

Submitted by John Pearson (not verified) on

Hey Mr. James.
I just wanna say I've always looked up to you. I'm 16 years old and my dream was too soon enough play NBA on Cleveland with you, even as a kid I looked up to you. The biggest play I remembered was when you threw that half court shot up against Orlando back in the day. That was amazing and it's only gotten better. All I ask is a form of response I truly hope you read this and hope you reply I've had a pretty rough childhood here in MN with my family issues and stuff like that but If any form of response to see if you could make time to call me or send anything with your signature. I'd literally be complete. Thank you for reading hopefully I hear from ya man.

John Pearson

Submitted by Joey (not verified) on

I appreciate all you do to be a leader. I listened to your post game press conference and have a request from you. PLEASE don't reference war as what you do. I believe and have witnessed you give all you have on the court, and I have a lot of respect for you. I just wish you would not reference war. My grandfather almost died fighting in WW2 in the Pacific and my father fought in Vietnam. I am so lucky to have been born based on the literal fights they had in wars for our country. I know it is common to reference war in athletics, but I would really appreciate if you would lead the way as the premier athlete to help others understand that what you do is not the same as literally sacrifing your life for a cause the same way our men and women do in our military. Thank you

Submitted by Buffi Nielson (not verified) on

I am contacting you on behalf of playoff tickets. I'm sure you are getting so many asking. I am not asking for anything free. I have 5 kids and we don't get to attend much as a family. My husband cheated on me a year and a half ago and I am trying to get back to living my life. We would love nothing more than to be able to watch you play in person. It has been a rough year on all of us. I know there is worse things that could have happened. But I am begging you to please help us get to Cleveland to see you play on the 9th or the 11th. Please help!!!

Submitted by Karyn (not verified) on

Mr.& Mrs Lebron James

My name is Karyn Carl. I'm a mother of three. I'm 53 and we're losing our family home. This is their childhood home. I owe JPMorgan 123.000 on it and they want to take it. I was wondering if you could help us out in anyway. The stress of losing our family home is beyond stressful and causing great anxiety. I know this is not your problem. I just thought since you have been born and raised in Ohio that you would understand. I admit I've made some very bad choices after my divorce. I kept living the way we lived when I was married as I didn't want the children to think anything had changed. I suffer from major depression, PTSD and anxiety. I've tried to work several times but end up losing my job because of this. I just want some kind of hope. We live in Louisville, Ohio since 1988. My oldest was 1-1/2 when we lived here the other two were born here. I've been trying to reach out for help which I'm not to proud of. My X husband will not help me at all. I know I probably should have stayed married but couldn't take the abuse much longer. He is well to do but has a joy in watching me fail as he told me I would when he left. Our home is no mansion but to us it is. It's filled with love and hope. I'm not sure if you help others but didn't think it would hurt to ask as I'm learning pride gets you nowhere. I've heard about how giving you are and what you've done for your mother which was so nice of you. I'm sending you my address and e-mail if you could help in anyways that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this..
Karyn Carl

E-mail, Karyn1164@aol.com
Address, 1164 Sturbridge Dr
Louisville, Ohio 44641

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this. I know it's not to professional of a writing as my mind just wonders off not knowing what to do anymore. If there is anyway you can let me know if you've received this I would appreciate it.

Submitted by Wade K (not verified) on

I can do all things though Christ which strengthen me. (Philippians 4:13)

Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage (Joshua 10:25)

Submitted by Nancy Uhl (not verified) on

Dear LeBron , I've wanted to write you for a long time but I now feel as if I can do that. My daughter was sincerely one of your biggest fans. We attended so many games in 2005-2007. Shannon died 17 days after giving birth to her second son iN August of 2008. We tried very hard to get your autograph but we were not successful . LeBron thank you for coming back. Watching you ( even with Miami ) somehow keeps me feeling close to Shannon . I am ALL IN and I will always be a huge fan of yours also. I wish you luck in these playoffs but in my heart I know you will win. Even if by a slight chance you don't thank you for all you do. I was born in Akron at St Thomas hospital and so I guess that makes me an Akron native residing in North Olmsted now. Stay strong stay grounded and if you listen close enough you just might here Shannon's cheers from Heaven. God Bless you LeBron.

Submitted by LEBRONSUCKS (not verified) on


Submitted by Stephanie Price (not verified) on

Some people should grow up!

Submitted by Amber haggard (not verified) on

My son is a huge fan of yours and has been since, his preschool years. His birthday is in nearly two weeks and he will be 12. He is one of the strongest children you would ever meet in your life being the nonsense that has been unfortunately put in his life due to no fault of his own. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and most kids would name of 16 electronic devices and toys but all he asked for was a pair of Lebrun James sneakers. I work two jobs to try and make ends meet which leaves little money for much else or time for that matter but he attends school like its life or death, sick or well. He is very hard on himself alot. I would love to bid on any pair of shoes that I could give him that would bring tears to his eyes but I just can't afford that at the moment. I'm sure these emails are sent by the minute and few are read but I have never asked such a favor specially from someone so busy in their life. If there is anything you could sign even a napkin, sneakers, a shirt, just about anything with your name would mean the world to both him and I. He would treasure that napkin if that's what was sent for life. Thank you for your time. I am going to work day and night to try and afford something that would really make his yr but I'm not sure that is a possibility at the moment. So once again his name is AJ and he is a strong willed hard working young man that deserves the world. If I could personally hand him anything with your presence or name on it he would be beyond thrilled. Thank you so much for your time! I am not a basketball fan but I watch it for him and you are "THE BEST PLAYER I HAVE EVER SEEN." Lol. Hope that was an appropriate comment being all the controversial issues with it. THANKS AGAIN.
ADDRESS IS: 5574-8 centerpointe Blvd
Canandaigua NY 14424

Submitted by Kelvin (not verified) on

Dear Lebron,
I'm a nobody from Taiwan. You might have heard that Taiwan just happened a powder fire explosion in a water theme park in Taipei and more than 500 young people were injured. There's a boy (Lee is his last name)was seriously injured with more than 90% in his body and is now in unconscious condition. His sister just past away days ago as a victim in that fire explosion. I know you are the boy's idol. Would you please record a short film and say something to cheer him up? You may send the video to me or any press in Taiwan. Thank you very much and I represent all Taiwanese people to thank you. We highly appreciated for your very kind assistance.

Nobody from Taiwan

Submitted by Don Olson (not verified) on

So I'm reflecting on the greatest of all time argument. To me, Joe Montana and Michael Jordan stand out. Both were never defeated in the championship series. Matchups, health, and teams all played a pivitol role. Here's the question...... For the Bulls and Jordan's 6 Titles... pull out Jordan and insert Lebron in the line up. Do they still win all 6?

Submitted by Donnie Howell (not verified) on

what up king James I watch every single one of your games I am 11 and I have read lots of books about you my favorite one is a biography its the LeBron James story by Ryan jones anayway I know u left Miami a year ago but im still a big fan I wish I could meet you your my favorite player I like that you play with Kyrie Irving and Kevin love your shoes are awesome./ I wanna be like you when I grow up and even though you lost against the warriors I mean look at who u had against them. I hope you destroy the warriors next year.

Submitted by Lucy Manuel (not verified) on

Hey Im Lucy a big fan u probably get that alot though but u r a big inspiration in my life I started watching u play a couple of years ago and that's when I started to play basketball.u taught me to never give up and be strong I just u to know that u r awesome and never doubt that keep doing what u r doing. Always a fan love u

Submitted by wuekawatkins (not verified) on

LeBron my daughter is 13 she love basketball her favorite player is u she have sickle cell ss and i want my daughter to see u in person and spend a day with you and yoyr family if wouldn't mind my number 6788489814 her name is demosha i lost my son in January and it would be amazing to get that for her im not rich im on low income so please help me i even set up a go fund so she can see u

Submitted by Carlene Johnson (not verified) on

My son is 11 years, 5ft 8 inches, wears size 11 1/2 LeBron sneakers. Saying that he's a LeBron fan would be an understatement. Good kid, always on the honor roll, swims, and plays basketball. He never asks for anything other LeBron sneakers, which a purchase for him when he would ask.
just a shout out from his favorite athlete is all he asked for.
Loving mom

Submitted by Kim (not verified) on

My name is Kimberly Asbury. This is my last chance. I'v been writing everything and everyone. I play D1 NCCAA Basketball for CIU in South Carolina. This is going to be my senior year. I am 99.9% sure I am going to miss my senior year because I cannot pay for my last year. I am writing to see if there is any type of scholarships you may have. I am so saddened to miss my senior year. It is literally killing me. This was everything I have ever wanted. If I graduated next year I would be the first in my family to graduate college. Oprah I know there are much more important things you could be doing, and maybe you will never read this and never reply, but you're my last hope.


Submitted by Pate, Colette (not verified) on

Every single day my four year old grandson tries to find a way to call Lebron. He looks on either my phone or his mom for the name James and calls the number up. He cries out for him and keeps asking us to call him. He also tells us to go get him and bring him to his house. This is a constant. He is a smart child with a lot of character. He was born almost 4 months early . He has a shunt. He asks for no other player. Even during the play off win or lose . He was with Lebron all the way. He says please call Lebron I want to see him and tell him I'm his best friend. My contact number is 504 609-9755 and his mom Taeneia Ducre is 504 975-8124 . We reside in Baton Rouge but can attend a game in New Orleans or surrounding states please help us out. He really loves Lebron. I met Lebron mom when he first started out . Thanks you so much.

Submitted by tomekia (not verified) on

Hello I'm writing because my son Jamarius is the biggest LeBron fan. I have purchased tickets to the game in December Cavaliers vs pelicans and I would love it if he could actually meet LeBron. Jamarius is a very special 7 year old he tells me everyday how he wants to be just like LeBron. I allow him to look up to LeBron as his role model because he doesn't really have any positive male figures in his life due to his dad's passing when he was and infant so with that being said I would be so happy if my little boys wish could come true

Submitted by Iulia P. (not verified) on

Hey, King James! I don't know if you actually read this, but if you do, I want you to know that you have fans even here, in Romania, and thei are keeping their fingers crossed for you and your career! Especially my boyfriend-he is fatherless and has seen you as a model for his life and maybe future career in basketball since he was 8 or 9. He is almost an adult now, and has faced a lot of struggles in his life , inclufing an accident that stole him the joy of playing basketball. Please make him happy and write back for him a kind word ! That will help him a lot. Thank you and keep it up King !!

Submitted by HOPE CHAVIS (not verified) on

My daughter has been a follow of Labron for years. She is 17 now and no matter where he goes she is there! My daughter recently went from Private school back to public school for her senior year. She is in the process of chosing from her top 5 colleges to go play basketball at. Top D1 schools and we are very proud of her. When she left her school only thing she wanted was to sign with her friends but now the coach has taken that from her and she is no longer able to sign with her friends. I as her mother want to make her happy bc this is a BIG time in her life and should enjoy it and the first thing I think of is LABRON JAMES would make it better. :) Would love to know if a letter can be written to her or just something sent bc I know meeting him would take more money than I could ever have. But I would do anything to put a smile back on her face.

Submitted by Maeva (not verified) on

Hello Mr Lebron, I am Maeva, a French student. I have a little bit special request in you ask.
You are the model of my boyfriend that is in the sport or in life!

He follows you since he was a child, and saw through you on a daily basis, his dream to come in the United States to be able to see one of your match!
My demand is: you can take time to make a short video to say a merry christmas has my boyfriend Thibault please.
I know that you have one multitudes of things has to make and one timetables very to load but if ever you voyer this message.

Excuse I for my English.
Sadden some disturbance Looking forward to hearing from you, to realize its dream!

Cordially Maeva

Submitted by Darrick Mangum (not verified) on

Mr. James I'm. a 47 yr. old Master Electrician that would like to start a program to train Inner City man and women the electric trade. I have a plan without finance backing. The plan I have would need a one time 6 fixture start up then it would pay for it self after 1yr. I know people come at u always different ways for $ , This was my dream for many years and if I have to beg folks to fund this ill do it until it's up and running. Would love to explain in detail if you can help. Thanks love your B game God bless u Brother...

Submitted by Tanya (not verified) on

Dear Mr Lebron James my husband is a big fan of yours . His name is Jesse 31y/o and he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer stage 4 eleven months ago . Jesse's prognosis is poor the Dr's gave him 6mo to a year to live. As of today his disease has worsen and I'd like to give him the pleasure of meeting his favorite athlete "King James before god calls him home.

Submitted by Valentine (not verified) on

Hey..my name is Valentine. My boyfriend's bday was Monday.have been thinking in what gift I should give him.He loves basketball and also plays basketball in school.if you get this message please send him a video telling him happy birthday..his email address is kevirungu@gmail.com.
Thank you so much!!! :-)

Submitted by Kim McCray (not verified) on

If you can watch the High Five club from this game LaBron.My grandchildren were so excited to come down on the court to see you. You walked through so fast,didn't look at those kids who worship the grounf you walk on. You say your all about the kids but, how hard would it have been to put both hands out and with some excitement? I am not sure your all about the kids or my six year old wouldn't have been so disappointed. If you need the video i have it. Looked like ou could care less.

Submitted by dave (not verified) on

Hey LeBron James,
Could you give a birthday Facebook shout out to
SPENCER NEUBERT...he is your #1 fan.
He is from Akron/Kent and liked you even in Miami.

Submitted by Kim Snyder (not verified) on

Hello I am writing to hopefully get help meeting Lebron James at the November 28 game. We will be surprising our twin daughters with tickets for that game. They will be turning 16 years old and also plays basketball for their school both guards. This would be a dream come to true for them, and we are trying everything to make it happen.. Please Help......

Submitted by Dalton Daniels (not verified) on

I wish you and me could play a one on one game together at my house in Huntington WV.But im sure you wont do that but if you do plz contact me. I wish you the best of luck this season. I hope you read this lebron .

Submitted by Desmond (not verified) on

Hello Mr.Lebron,

I read your thought on beating Golden State this year.

I think you just need players.

Ie: Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Harding, yourself, and Wade.

I think with that talent you can best them.
You need to get someone thats all defense to stop that three ball they shot.

Wish you luck. Canadas watching

Submitted by Will (not verified) on

We are having a huge party on Feb. 5th for my 35 year old brother. He is a huge fan and acts like he knows you personally. We are surprising him by re doing his room. New paint, new posters, new jerseys, everything. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

Submitted by Mikey (not verified) on

Hello My name is Mikey and LeBron is the best player ever!!! I want to know if I can call you LeBron or King James or The Chosen One and I love your dunks and I have you LeBrons Shoes and a Cleveland Cavaliers hat and you are the best

Submitted by Janice Williams (not verified) on

Merry Christmas to the James Family. My family is located in Tacoma Washington and we have kept up with the CAVS since we left in 2013 as always been fans. I just want to say the CAVS Team will ALWAYS be our favorite team. We miss yall. But, thanks Bron for bringing Hollywood to our Hood. I really like the Samsung commercial on Christmas Day. When you make commercials from Cleveland I feel truly blessed that Our city gets positive attention. Thank you again for giving your Best to Everybody especially your family and children. We love yall. God bless.

Submitted by Talla zahe (not verified) on

Hi Mr. James we are on our way driving to come to Phoenix Arizona to watch you play. The ticket was my gift to my 20 years old son who loves you very much since you were in college. It would be a perfect present if he could get a picture with you at the game too. He doesn't know I'm writing you this. Please email me if there is any way you could Arrange that.thank you. Your fan's Mom

Submitted by rhea ferrante (not verified) on

I just had an idea. When I was young, the city of Cleveland had a tennis program NJTL. I was wondering if something could be set up for inner city youths. I believe sports allows young people to be both healthy and learn discipline. I believe Cleveland has a new youth center but I do not know how effective it is or has the funding to maintain potential programs. I have other ideas. Thank you for your time.

Submitted by Keyuna (not verified) on

Hi umm I have the same birthday as u and I'm 12 I just wanted to wish u a happy birthday December 30th!!

Submitted by TERRI DUDZIAK (not verified) on

I live in New Philadelphia, a half hour south of Canton, OH. My husband and father-in-law went to watch you play while you were still in high school because they heard about your gifted talent.
I want to thank you for giving Ohio something positive! thank you for being a role model in sports. you started your professional career while you were a kid yourself, yet you have always maintained a professional and dignified role model. Thank you for all of your charitable organizations and not forgetting where you came from. Thank you for coming back to Ohio to play for the Cavs. And, thank you for continuing your charities in Ohio even while you were in Miami-although much of Ohio was angry, you still continued to give back to where you came from. Thank you again for being a positive role model. May God bless you and your family. GO CAVS!

Submitted by Josh (not verified) on

Lebron. You have a lot of power but stepped down a bit for your teammates to improve for selfless reasons and/or to get another ring. You pour your energy into more than basketball such as big deals with big companies. You take criticism as fuel. You may not respond to this because you may consider it a waste of energy. You know how to get what you want. How else do you do it beyond what I've said? Learning how to get good at life, Josh

Submitted by Azucena Flores (not verified) on

Hi... I'd like to see what I can do to help make my baby happy. He's a huge fan of Mr . LeBron. I can't afford everything that he wishes that's related with you. Can you please advise what are my possibilities to make he's wish come true to meet you. He's birthday is coming up..in February 21st he will be 13. He keeps telling us he's one and Kalyan wish is James LeBron. .. I've been unemployed, and makes it very difficult. Thanks for your attention.
Mom.. Azucena Flores

Submitted by Joel A. Flores (not verified) on

Hi I'm 12 years old and I am one of your biggest fans you inspired me to play basketball and to try harder at every thing. Every time I play basketball I always try to play like you. It would mean the world to me for one day to meet you. Hope you have a chance.


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