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LeBron James, who is also called "King James", plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has had a stellar career in the NBA as an NBA champion, the NBA Finals MVP, a three-time NBA MVP, an NBA scoring champion, and the NBA Rookie of the Year. James was selected in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. There he led the Cavaliers to the 2007 NBA Finals, their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history. In 2010, he left the Cavaliers for the Heat in a highly publicized free agency period. James is the Cleveland Cavaliers' all-time leading scorer, and holds other franchise records for both the Cavaliers and the Heat. On January 16, 2013, he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points.


NBA champion 2012

NBA Finals MVP 2012

NBA Most Valuable Player 2009, 2010, 2012

NBA All-Star 2005–2013

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2006, 2008


LeBron James
Klutch Sports Group, LLC
50 W Broad Street
Suite 1800
Columbus, OH 43215


Submitted by Kobie Hubley (not verified) on

Hello My name is Melissa Hubley and my son is a huge fan of yours and I know that you hear that all the Time but it's true .He watches every game and he plays ball himself on 3different leagues through out the year . He just made the senior team and is so excited He started playing ball in grade 8and has loved It ever since. The reason why I am the one emailing you is because I am dying with lupus,rehmatoid arthritis , endometriosis and have had 16 operations , Kobie does so much to help out at home with house work, his younger brother,takes Care of me when I am having a very bad day and he does it without complaining,he also helped take care of his nannie who lived with us while she died of cancer or he would go and spend time with her there,he also yard work and pilling wood for her and for his uncle and aunt while she battled cancer and passed because of it he helps Out with his little cousins when they are here . He does good in school and when he comes home he helps out and then when it's all done he goes out side and practices when it's dark most times , and this is an everyday thing so if you Could find the time to email him and say hi would mean the world to him and this is the only way I can think of to say thank you to him , he sees his friends with your jersey on and with all of my meds I have to get we can't afford to get him one so this would be something he can say he has Please please please find it in your heart and your time to do this it would be so nice to see him smile again .

Submitted by alex bronder (not verified) on

lebron i was wondering if you would participate in a fundraiser for my school? Here is how it works if you would want to participate all you have to do is donate a signed picture of yourself, signed basketball, jersy, anything really. then we will sell it of for money for my school.

Submitted by Mianka Charles (not verified) on

Hi LeBron James, my name is Mianka from Norwich CT. And I'm sophomore from Norwich Free Academy , I have two implants so I was born-deaf when I was baby. I wish you to come over to my sweet 16 birthday party and meet you. You are always be my best basketball player I've had! This is my dream to meet you at my sweet 16 birthday party. My birthday is September 4th. I hope you to come over my sweet 16 birthday party.
Thank you

Submitted by Kenny Clark (not verified) on

Mr. James thanks for the love offering you sent me I knew it would be hard to get 10 tickets to your game in Cincinnati for my youth ministry but thanks for the gifts you sent. I will bring some children to Cleveland. Your a great role model for our inter city youth not for your basketball but who you are as a man loved your speech about how you were thankful to have survived you childhood, thats real talk see you in Cleveland. Deacon Clark Peace and Love!

Submitted by Angela Williams (not verified) on

My son Jorden Williams is a great 14 year! He has a strong faith even at an early age and has follow Labron James. He loves Labron not only as a bb player but as a great man. He talks about Labon's involvement in the community and his love for his family. My son is 6 ft now and wears a size 12 shoe (so have to pay men prices for him to wear Labron sneakers..lol). He still has a lot of growth left in left and is a bb player. We are traveling down to the game in Washington. I am praying my son has a opportunity to meet Labron even if it's a pound or handshake. We are also praying Jorden has an opportunity to attend Labron's bb camp. He is a great kids always willing to give back. When he was 6 years old he received an award for going into the projects to hand out food and pray with the kids. The kids would look for him every 2 weeks. Our Pastor was so moved for this an advised more adults to follow Jorden's example. In 2007 his dad was diagnosed with cancer at 41 and Jorden was quick to want to lay hands on his dad and pray for him. He didn't worry because he believed his dad would be healed and his dad has now been cancer free for 7 years. I am thankful In advance.

A loving mother
Angela Williams

Submitted by Elizabeth Reynolds (not verified) on

My best friend just committed to play basketball at the Navy and has always aspired to be like LeBron.He is his inspiration. We have a dance coming up and it would be a dream come true if Mr. James could send a tweet asking him to the dance for me. Please email me for further information if this is do-able. thank you!

Submitted by shannon (not verified) on

Hello! I'm a single mom with 2 boys . My son Elijah is a huge fan of yours. He practice your moves off of YouTube everyday and he watches all the games! His bday wish is to actually see you but he knows your busy.. So if you can send him a letter for his bday he will be so happy. You have encouraged him to play basketball this year and I am thankful for you because without his father in his life you inspire him! Thanks!

Submitted by shannon (not verified) on

Hello! I'm a single mom with 2 boys . My son Elijah is a huge fan of yours. He practice your moves off of YouTube everyday and he watches all the games! His bday wish is to actually see you but he knows your busy.. So if you can send him a letter for his bday he will be so happy. You have encouraged him to play basketball this year and I am thankful for you because without his father in his life you inspire him! Thanks!

Submitted by Moraima Castillo (not verified) on

Christian is a 20-year-old boy who is extremely bright and full of life no matter what challenges he
faces. Christian was diagnosed at 5 years of age with CMD. This is Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. Christian has been in a wheelchair since he was 5 years of age. Christian succeeded in school and graduated12th grade in 2013. Everyday living with this disease always involves a hurdle. While some hurdles are bigger than others, his strong will and great disposition has helped to overcome them. Christian continued to grow and reach certain milestones, but has been unable to walk since he was 5.
Christian has dealt with many health issues. Fortunately, he is strong willed and quite a fighter. God has kept him with us. Christian's mother has been taking care of him since he was diagnosed 15 years ago. She understands how to handle his disease and he is now equipped at home with medical equipment to assist him. One major component of the medical equipment is his ventilator which assists him in breathing while sleeping.

Christian loves to enjoy life. Unfortunately his travel has been very limited due to him not having reliable transportation. We would like to raise money to get him a wheelchair van so he can enjoy life. He is an angel sent to us from God and as I always say he brings a whole new meaning to life!
PLEASE help him it would mean the world to him!

Submitted by M. Hudson (not verified) on

Hi Lebron-

My 8 year old thinks you are amazing, he walks around the house shooting imaginary shots; he used to say Lebron for 3, now he says Omar for 3 :}}
Wishing you continued Blessings and may the good Lord continue to cover you and your family.......

Mom of 8 year old that thinks you're the greatest well after his dad :}}

Submitted by Zeke Miller (not verified) on

I want to ask a girl to prom and want to make it special because she is a senior. She plays basketball and just went to your toronto raptors game last night and has a ton of your inventory and I think this would be a great way to ask her. Thank you so much.

Submitted by mikey (not verified) on

Lebron james you're my idol and my hero i love watching you play. I love watching you do amazing things for others. My only dream in life is to meet you. You probably won't see this but before my dad passed away we watched every game you were in for a whole season. we never missed a game and im glad you're playing for the cavaliers, Thats where you belong

Submitted by joe worme (not verified) on

I watched u on tv since your high school days, and always seen the big heart u had and being unselfish. My question is I see you're a business minded person and wondering how can u help me get and how should Iget my business started?

Submitted by juan burgos (not verified) on

hi leBron my name is juan and I am from colombia I am going to see brooklyn vs cleveland on barclays center and I just want to take a picture with you and no mere because with that picture I can remember that I had been really close to the best player in the history of nba

Submitted by Jan (not verified) on

Hi Lebron,
My son Reid, who is 6, is a crazy basketball fan. He is YOUR biggest fan. He loves basketball and he has followed you since he could watch TV and understand the game. He has high hopes of being an NBA player. He is only in Kindergarten and is already 43" tall. :) His Christmas list this year had Lebron Socks, a jersey, and a shirt and a ball signed by you. It also included, gum, Hersheys kisses and such. So cute. Anyway, I would LOVE to surprise him with something from you for Christmas. You rock!!! Keep being the KING.

Submitted by Ethan stokes (not verified) on

Hey mr.james. Aka king James
I'm i huge fan, Im from cayuga ontario and I watch all your games. I play on the Hamilton wildcats. I hope to follow in your footsteps and become one of the greats. I love the way you play on the court. To me your the greatest of all time. Your my idol.
Sincerely ethan

Submitted by D'en Vargas (not verified) on

Whats up LeBron. My dad just surprised me with the cavs cs nets game today and i gotta say i was excited. I remember the time i met you was when you first began in Cleveland when you did a photoshoot In front of bard in the playground in the lower east side. It was memorable because you chose me to be on your team against the 10 other kids and you picked me up carrying me with one hand. I always waited for those photoshoots that the people promised it would come in the GQ magazine but it never did. I always wanted those pictures. Good luck today and see you at the game.

Submitted by tori crews (not verified) on

I am a single mother of a 7yrs old her name is mia addison. she wrote santa a letter saying all she wants for Christmas is to meet Lebron james.i bought tickets to the magics vs. Cavaliers game on December 26th for her Christmas present.i was trying to find where she could meet and maybe get an autograph but I couldn't find anything on the ticket website. It would mean the world to her if she could meet him.please if anyone could help me out with this It would be so amazing to see the smile on my baby's face this Christmas

Submitted by Barb Whitfield (not verified) on

Dear Mr. James,

I am a 57-year old grandma who has raised two of her grandsons since they were babies. My oldest grandson, Wanya, who is 17, getting ready to go to college to become a mechanical engineer, has a great GPA from working hard in school, and is an awesome basketball player to BOOT, has asked for a pair of Lebron X MVP basketball shoes.

Upon seeing the cost, I realize that they are very expensive, but because of Wanya's hard work and great achievements throughout his academic career, I want to reward him for his efforts. He truly is a stellar young man -- courteous, caring, and friend to many.

I've saved up my money and hope that you can help me with this request. I would like to be able to purchase the shoes before Christmas. He wears a size 10, but a 10.5 would be preferred.

If there is a way to be able to find these shoes, you would know. Can you please help me?

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


Barb Whitfield

Submitted by julyssa D ceballos (not verified) on

Hi lebron my name is julyssa I being trying to email you seens forever I don't have a facebook account or notting like that my mom dont let me so I really hope you get this message.. You see im 14yrs old and I have a 4yr old sister my mom and my dad wish is not my birth dad but I love him like he was and wish is the reason that I would like to talk to you… you see!!! I would really love to give my dad something he could never forget and he is your #1fan my mom says he loves you more then her an I think sometimes he does lol so lebron if there's a way that maybe you can send me something for my dad you would make my X-mass very happy I am a very good student and I'm on honorclass on my 9th grade and well behave kid so please.. And if you can't can you at list tell my dad hi in one of your games he sees them all. His name is Rigo morales I know your super busy so if you can't it would be ok but if you can please please try to make a little time for my dad you see im not his real kid but yet he was always taken care of me an loved me he never has enough money to go to one of your games or do notting my mom don't work cause she's blind from one eye so we always have it hard he works 12hrs aday and never has enough for extra things I never meet my real dad and having him in my life has made it so much better so you see this is very important to me so instead of asking you for something for me I want something for my dad.. Thank you.. Julie

Submitted by Tommy T (not verified) on

Thanks for the encouragement Lebron. It's people like you that give the rest of us the courage to speak out. Nobody wants to go against the police or establishment, but things really need to change.....

Submitted by Doug Longfellow (not verified) on

Mr. Jame's,
I am blessed op be able to look up to very influential athletes in my life as I base allot of my life to athletics. The one the only I thought sir airness himself until you came along (18)) lighting it up. So me a white boy followed you, looked up, watched your every move as does everybody in the U.S.A. and when you stand up for justice everybody watches. The problem is it looks racial there is alot of people getting murdered everyday and when the king only stands up for his race instead of all races more people get murdered. Like the two cops that got assassinated tonight. We have a problem in this entire world and the problem is we are scared. Scared of our neighbors, teachers, the government, and sadly the cops. So just stand up and lead.

Submitted by John Washington (not verified) on

Mr James, I put a video of my son (LJ) John Washington 3rd. When he returned from surgery on his foot , he thought he was you. So funny, but I don't think kobe and Jordan would think it was funny. You would need to look for, (my son LJ after surgery thinking he is LeBron). I think you and your family would enjoy it.

Submitted by KarenBradshaw (not verified) on

Good Morning, my son, Blake, whom has Downs Syndrome is 30 years old and has followed Lebron since he went Pro. He has SUPRISE tickets to Grizzlies-Cavs game in Memphis on March 25th for Christmas. I would love more than anything for him to have a chance to meet Lebron, just a handshake or hug would do. Please let me know if this can happen. Thank you so much

Submitted by ericka (not verified) on

Hi my son's name is Vincent and he is 7 years old . He is learning to play basketball and he is a big fan of lebron james, he has been one since he learn about the sport and I was wondering if you can tell him so he never gives up

Submitted by joe moon (not verified) on

u suck

Submitted by Madi (not verified) on

My friend is coming to your game on the 13th of January 2015 and he worships u and he got the tickets for Christmas just to see u play and he is so disappointed that you're injured and won't be able to play; but this is the only time he'll get a chance to see u play. Since u won't be able to play, maybe he could meet u?

Submitted by Lisa dennison (not verified) on

My 9 year old son Brandon has been a big fan for years. We live in West Virginia so we were thrilled to hear that you were coming back to Cleveland, closer to our home where hopefully we could make a trip to a game. Brandon received a letter from Santa Christmas morning that said that he had done so well in school and had been practicing so hard at basketball, that he would have three tickets waiting on him at the game on January 4th. He's so excited. We were so sad to hear that you are injured. If there is any way that Brandon could get your autograph at the game, he would be so happy. Tickets are very expensive and this is probably the only opportunity he will have to see you play this year. In addition, Brandon just found out he made our local All star 4th grade team so he will be playing the next six weekends and I'm afraid this may be his only opportunity. Meeting you would be a dream for him.

Submitted by JEANETTE MORGAN (not verified) on


Submitted by Tom Tekavec (not verified) on

LBJ,I have lived in Cleveland my whole life,I'm 43 and have been a Cleveland fan since birth.I know you can't believe everything you hear on the web or news but I have to say,I was never a big basketball fan until Jorden,then you! Watched alot of games you played in ,past and present,I never got the chance to see Jorden play in person or you,just on T.V.I have a daughter now,her name is Taylor,she is disabled and LOVES YOU,you are her favorite player,when you left I did'nt know what to tell her and now I hear you might leave again after coming back? Surly I hope this is all hype and the media out of control,cause if you would do that again to us,only after a year,well I think that would be career suicide in the CLE,dude we love you here,do you even understand the magnitude if you win a championship here? You are a home town boy!!!! I don't think that has ever been done in the sport,and as hungry as CLE is,OH BOY,you would be the man for a VERY,VERY,VERY long time!!!! Just a fan

Submitted by Jennifer Rose (not verified) on

My daughter Jillian Rose is a change bandit for the Akron Children's Raidiothon. She is working really hard to raise as much as she can. Since Akron Children's saved his life so now she is trying to help the hospital. She would love for you to help her.

Thank you
Jennifer Rose

Submitted by Jessica (not verified) on

You don't know unless you try! My son Jaden is absolutely obsessed with you! He is seven years old and watches all of your games (except the late at night ones when you has to go to bed). But you better believe he is watching sports center in the morning to watch the recap's!!! We have not had the chance to go to one of your games but plan to one day this year! I would love it if he had the opportunity to meet you. You are my sons inspiration. Thank you for you!!!

Submitted by shari (not verified) on

my best friend son was in a bad car accident dec 24 doc said he would not live but every day is one step closer he is now out of icu he hit a tree head on was trap in the car lack of air to the brain he is a big fan on game night they put his shirt on and turn the game on not sure if he hear it but life if full of magic he has a 4 year daughter dont now why her daddy their and not home his mother live in fla had to quit her job to be here with her son as we all know we do anything for are kids i dont know if you do wishes but any wish would be great give him hope to get better every day but i know the only one know is god you have to kept faith but i know it hard family in fla you leave

Submitted by Kristy (not verified) on

Hey Lebron! I want to Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. This past year I have been blessed with meeting one of the most amazing men in my life. He is smart, kind, and he is one of the strongest people I know. He has had a very hard year. His mom has been sick and his dad is a pilot. So when his dad is gone he is the man of the house. Not once have I seen him break down or skip a beat. No matter how hard the devil has tried to break him through the year he stays strong. He has a love for Basketball and even plays when he gets the chance. It is his release and his get away. When he has a ball in his hand he becomes a different person. He looks up to you. You are his inspiration. He wears your name on a daily basis and shares your quotes. He watches all your plays and cheers for you day in and day out. I am trying to save and get him tickets to see you play in Miami in March. I want him to be able to have his dream come true and see you play in person. He deserves to have the time of his life. So I hope and pray that God keeps you safe and that you will be there and able to play. I just truly want to thank you for being and inspiration to this spectacular guy in my life. Hope to see you in Miami!!

Submitted by kaedyn sarver (not verified) on

hey lebron i'm your biggest fan i live in spring grove PA i want to meet you so much your so awesome this year can you fly out to PA and meet me thank you kaedyn sarver

Submitted by Gemma Graziotti (not verified) on

Hello Lebron my name is Gemma Graziotti from Perth in Western Australia. I am writing to you because my brother Charlie, is a big fan of yours. I don't watch or play basketball at all, but just hearing about you seems amazing. My brother I am sure, would like just a small reply on behalf of you and your team. I understand you must get lots of fan mail, so if you feel like I am harassing you please feel free not to reply. But it would be amazing if you can! Just a few questions though, What would you say to young basketball players who want to follow in your footsteps? That's all. Thank you for your coeperation (sorry if I spelt that wrong, I'm not a very good speller) And good luck!
Love, from
Gemma, 11yrs old Perth Western Australia. My brother is 9yrs old by the way!

Submitted by Asheton Bennett (not verified) on

Hey LeBron James I am your biggest fan in North Carolina and I have everything of you fatheads posters McFarlane and jerseys and my father and I love watching you play the game of basketball and I hope you make it to the finals.P.S I would love to meet you my school is Wadesboro elementary school.

Submitted by Travis Harris (not verified) on

We brothers of the same mind unblind. I would ove to converse with you about several inventions I feel after telling you about them would greatly benefit people in general who likes to stay in shape. Also with my other idea's bring jobs back to the community and give our youth another since of direction. Instilling programs to help the elderly by giving them assistance. Looking forward to your response.

Thank You Travis Harris

Submitted by Kennedy Santos (not verified) on

If this message can get to Lebron James,
My son is a straight A's student in the 2nd grade, 7 years old. This Friday Feb 20th Cavs and Wiz game, my son will attend his first NBA game to see his favorite player Lebron James. It would be in honor for my son Elijah just to shake Lebron James hand after the game or before the game.
Kennedy his dad.

Submitted by Asheton Bennett (not verified) on

Hello LeBron James i'm your biggest fan every and I look up to you and I have everything of you including:action figures,fathead,shoes,backpack,notebook,posters and necklace.So I just wanted to tell you that your an athlete that I look up to!!!! P:S Striveforgreatness Go Cavs

Submitted by Aiza (not verified) on

Hi my name is aiza.im 12 years old and im a big fan but not as much as my boyfriend he has been telling me he want to meet u and he is a big big fan. I really hope u can answer back.i have been trying everything so I can to get u to meet him. Please pleass answer back

Submitted by Sydney Keefer (not verified) on

Mr. James,
I know your busy, but I've been taught that if you want to make it somewhere you have to contact known people who have made it before you.
So here I am, but not for me; for Jared McCrillis. He works and trains hard. He doesn't dream to make it to the NBA. He's fighting to make it to the NBA from small town Saegertown PA. I'm his cousin who wants to give him a little more inspiration by contacting his three most favorite NBA players. And you're first.
Please, I know that you know how hard it was to make it to where you are now, would you ever consider meeting him and just giving him advice personally? I have some clips of Jared playing and practicing if you would care to check it out. His dad video taped every game in his senior year.
I'm just asking if you'd give the kid a chance. My name again is Sydney Keefer, if you are willing, contact me and I can share more.
Thank You.

Submitted by Anurag Sqnyasi (not verified) on

I need a little fund from you to open a stadium . . .
plzz help me
will be waiting for your reply

Submitted by Mikka Amore (not verified) on

Lebron please help our 3 month old pup that my four year old named after you because she is a huge fan and watches all your games with her dad. Http://tw.gofund.me/owu4io

Submitted by Michelle Drame (not verified) on

Dear Mr James, My daughter mentioned you so I decided to give this a try. First, I must say, if we had more people who cared about others, and I mean REALLY, from the heart, we would all be in a better place. If I could pay it forward, I would do the same as you. I remember when I was growing up, you felt people's heart, no question about it. Everyone took the time to get to know people and to help where needed. We need people like you again Mr. James, to help out those with a true need but who have done the work to better their lives. We must all take responsibility and demonstrate that we are doing our part to better our lives.

I am a very happy single mother of two children, living in CA. Raised them as a single mom, hardly miss a day of work, because that's what sustains and defines my character. I put myself through college at night, graduated in 2007 with a Master's Degree and that opened the doors to a whole new life. I remember going through job ads and only looking for requirements that said, "Master's Degree Required" because I wanted to feel my loan was worth something. I could have chosen the easy out, you know what I'm talking about...but I did it the hard way. I remember being so exhausted at night putting in a full day at work, then driving another 20 miles back home to get my kids, cooking, cleaning, homework, caring, loving, spending time with them to keep them loved, cared for and emotionally whole - strong united family that no one could tear through our wall. THAT's what my duty was as a mother. With just a few hours of sleep, I used to set my alarm at 1:00 a.m. three times a week when it was quiet, and do homework, study, write 20 page papers. The weekends were filled with more homework, studying for tests, kid's activities, you name it. I did it all without any government assistance and for years. I barely kept my head above water at times, but we made it through. We all look back at that time and agree it helped build our character. We were one then, and now. Today, I am thriving in a fantastic career of my dreams and my children are in college. There is only one thing that holds me back...my school loan. I owe nearly $54K. I've had $402 taken out of my pay check automatically every single month for 7 years. I will be paying this off for the next 35 years, or longer. This may not seem like a lot to you, but it is for me. It would be another dream come true if I could get this paid off. Could you help pay this off or a portion of it? I will take $30K and work to pay off the rest if need be but I NEED ASSISTANCE. If I can get this paid I wouldn't need anything else and I could focus on helping my daughter get through her college. She is in a scholars program and a community college and if she keeps her grades up to where she is now, then she gets to transfer to her dream university, one of the UC's in Cali.

If you can assist, I would be soooo grateful. I will send any documentation you need to verify I am authentic and truthful, to include my place of work, anything that will verify that this message is REAL. I am a proud African American mother in need and I would be truly beyond happy if I can hear back with confirmation of my request to pay my loan. I can be reached at (949) 293-2061. My most sincere regards. Michelle Drame.

Submitted by Madelyne Lott (not verified) on

Good Morning LMR management,
I've been a diehard fan for a long time since mr. James looks like my oldest son. I have a request if he isn't to busy to see if he could talk to my youngest son Travarion Lott. He's 16 and he plays football and basketball, he's talented but won't put his all into it to want to be the best.We don't want him to fall by the wayside!His self Esteem is low even though we as his parents try our best to encourage him. His coaches says he's talented, but won't push himself. I know Mr. James is busy but if he could just shoot an email out or Facebook him to encourage him please! Thank you so much management.

Submitted by DeAngela (not verified) on

Im LeBron James biggest fan ever I watch every game that he is ever played I buy all his jerseys shoes tshirts it would be my life long dream to have the pleasure of meeting him I would probably faint

Submitted by LisaA (not verified) on

Hi there- my 6 year old daughter wrote a sweet letter and picture to Lebron and also included a wrist band because she is very upset that he doesn't wear a head band anymore. How can I mail it to ensure it is received by someone that can give it to him? It's very valuable to her. She bought it at her only game she's been to and I'm not excited about her just placing it in the mail.
Thanks so much!


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