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Kyrie Andrew Irving (born March 23, 1992) is an Australian-American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He attended Duke University before being selected as the 1st overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Cavaliers. He won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2012. Irving was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in West Orange, New Jersey.


Kyrie Irving
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7801 Erwin Road
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Submitted by BASketbalfreak9 (not verified) on

Hello Kyrie I'm a big fan of you you are my BASKETBAL idol. My room has been painted by my dad in the Cleveland Cavaliers colours and is filled with gadgets of you.

A late happy birthday from me
Bas Vanhauter (Belgium)

Ps: I think your determination and work ethic is great!

Submitted by Iyappan (not verified) on

You need to focus on winning the game rather than getting three points from half the court.

Submitted by Keegan biggest fan (not verified) on

Kyrie if u read this I love u watch all highlights and tell lebron I love him too I've always wished that I could come to court seats at cave stadium but I'm poor so I cant

Submitted by Howard L Solomon (not verified) on

There is and never was an I in Team. Yes, The Nets management f'd up Big time. You now have No big man to block shots with Allen gone, You have no one to run the floor, The teams a bleeping mess.What isn't needed are 3 Egotists looking to be "the man" - who cares - what we need is a Team that can gel and win.

Submitted by Eliza (not verified) on


Submitted by Eliza (not verified) on

hello kyrie you are my inspiration and i look up to you and hope to be a women's NBA player when i grow up. I was wondering if you had any tips for me for my basketball.

Submitted by Alyssa Cardona (not verified) on

I would want to meet u so much. People say i play like u. I am the girl version of u. U shot a comercial video at the park i play at. Which is Toberman Park.Please come back, i would love to meet u. Please answer back.Alyssa C. Number 11

Submitted by JaredFromDuke (not verified) on

Ur the most entertaining NBA player to watch!

Submitted by Antonio Taylor (not verified) on

I really wish I could meet you and that you can help me to play basketball because you are the best basketball player ever

Submitted by Owen (not verified) on

congratulations on winning the nba finals. I am your biggest fan and i model my game after you. I cried when you won the finals and was following when you were a freshman at duke and was still following you when you were drafted. i made a slideshow on your greatness and my teacher gave an a on it. she is from ohio. Please return with an email or call.

Submitted by Mickey B (not verified) on

You are so amazing, we are all so proud of your accomplishments! Thanks for being a class act and representing NE Ohio, we love you!

Submitted by Jacob Steggell (not verified) on

I love you. You are the best basketball player in the world. You are going to win 10 thousand rings. I love Cleveland. You are the real star on Cleveland. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE IN MY HEART.

Submitted by Pedro Vidal (not verified) on

Hi Kyrie

I´m the captain of a basketball male team of a small Portuguese Town call Faro.

Every year We vote for the best team player.

This year (2015/2016) the winner is Tiago, nick name "Titas".

We love basketball, We love to watch you play and We stayed awake very very late to see You win ;) Congratulations!!!

But this Guy (Tiago / Titas) is a HUGE HUGE fan of your game... He is crazy for you!

I don't want to take your time but We would love to have a short video of You giving Tiago/Titas congratulation for the award player of the year...

I´m sure You have hundred of requests every day.
But Your video will make all the difference in our annual dinner (1st of October) and for sure in the game and life of Tiago. He will reach the sky :)

Thanks a lot for your time!

Even if You don't reply, We still love You and will support You for the new season ;)

Best Regards


Submitted by Mya (not verified) on

Hi Kyrie, my name is Mya, I would love to meet you, you are one of favorites players in the NBA, I have wanted to meet you for a while. That my be my ultimate dream to meet you.
I have watched you on the Cavs, Celtics, and now the Nets, you are the greatest, I hope you make my dream come true.

Submitted by Danielle cross (not verified) on

I don't know if this is the best way to reach out, but I will give it a chance. My 7yr had been praying every night since he has been 5 to meet you! So I asked for a Christmas list and you were the only thing on it!!! He said when he grows up he wants to be just like you, and all he wants is to meet you. I have never meant a child and I have 5 that replays ever cavs game when he sits to watch tv. All I'm asking is if there is away and this gets in the right hands. It would make son's world if he could just get to meet you, since I don't have a clue how I could fill his Christmas list.

Submitted by JJ Garza (not verified) on

I respect your opinion on your thinking the earth is flat. I for one am certain and can understand your opinion from a certain perspective. To me the earth is flat when looking from a perspective of depth. When looking at earth from a distance high above, the earth meets the definition of being flat as from a far distance you cannot see that the earth is 3 dimensional making it seem like a 2 dimensional eliptical object( not a circle either, this is another topic for discussion ,a circle in my mind is a fictional object, if you can tell me why theres no such thing as a true circular object id be impressed). As an engineer I believe I have to keep an open mind and question everything. Not sure if you'll ever actually ever read this but you may be right. Good luck in the playoffs this year..Thanks for attempting to open everyones minds, you must be taking a lot of crap for this.

Submitted by Andy4444444 (not verified) on

Hey kyrie,
Just wanted to personally apologize because I told my fiancé I loved steph curie...he doesn't compare to you and I can't wait to be able to come to one of your home games as a result of this message because of my wonderful fiancé! Love yah!

Submitted by lucca feraci (not verified) on

Dear kyrie irving, you are my favorite basketball player and your playstyle is amazing...and what about that that killer crossover it gets defenders all the time.when i'm older I want to play in the NBA so expect to be teammates soon... lol, please respond when you get a chance

Submitted by Mathew Arroyo (not verified) on

Heyy mr.kyrie I'm a big fan of u and kinda want to follow in your image u are my role model to do better hopefully one day can u train me to be great

Submitted by Nemanja (not verified) on

Dear Kyrie,
My name is Nemanja,I am 16-year-old student from Serbia.
Anyway,I am a big fan of you,especially your way of playing the basketball.
Greetings from Serbia
P.S. I wish you boys a lot of successe in the next round of playoffs,and further more
With love,

Submitted by Justin gomez (not verified) on

Hey Kyrie! My girlfriends birthday is coming up and she is a huge fan of yours. I wanted to make it extra special by having you just give a shout to her someway on a DVD or someway to have a video message saved just wishing her a happy birthday. She would damn near flat line. It's a shot in the dark but I would love the opportunity to put the biggest smile on her face from one of her personally praised athlete!

Submitted by William Martin (not verified) on

Just before watching the outstanding, record breaking game 4, I sent an email challenging Jacob Russell, the reporter from the Washington Post to watch a "Flat Earth proof video." The substance of the email was invoked due to his poor and biased reporting of you being a "Flat Earther." So I set him straight for you. I'd love to forward copies of the emails to you that i sent to him. If I only knew where to send them. I think you would enjoy them....

Submitted by John (not verified) on

hey Kyrie I hope your still in Cleveland next year , your one of the best , I hope the Cleveland cavilers don,t go down the road of get rid of people , all the best to you , heres to many more in Cleveland ohio , good luck , & happy 4th

Submitted by Timothy (not verified) on

Kyrie please don't leave the city will be devastated I love you more than anything we need you. Your the best and my favorite player if u leave I will still love watching you play but please don't leave us!!!!!!!

Submitted by Dameon (not verified) on

Hello kyrie, I'm not writing you to judge this idea that you no longer want to play with Lebron. I understand the frustration between wanting to win and wanting to be the star of a team. I don't think this is possible without the kyrie/Lebron combo on the court. Anyone that watches the sport of basketball knows that you could break anyone's ankles "including Lebron" and get the easy layup or open shot. That's your game, Lebron can't do that but lebron is a freight train that drives through and can score at will. He also sets people up by driving and passing to a open man. Anyway, enough about him. Every time I watch a game Lebron can be quite a let down, turnovers, easy misses, bad passes, etc. on the flip side you are very efficient and rarely miss, when you go to the rim it's going in. So in saying this I believe if you talk and listen to your fans, Lebron is nothing without you. In this years finals you put spark after spark into your team and people like lebron couldn't help start a fire. So believe it or not you are cherished by your fans here in Cleveland as much if not more than Lebron.

Submitted by Victor quinones (not verified) on

Please knicks bring Kyrie irving back home to play for our ny whatever it takes to get him here.& dear Kyrie irving your my favorite point guard in the whole nba I feel like people don't give u enough recognition cus there to busy riding lebron James.your the superstar of that team without you the Cavs don't make the finals.its time for you to be the Batman of Gotham city not the robin in Cleveland.I could picture and visualize the noise and buzz you would bring to the mecca of all sports Madison square garden.the die hard knicks fans like myself could have something to look forward to If you join our team you could be the greatest knick point guard to ever put on a knicks jersey with all due respect to the knicks legends.between you and porzingis you guys could form the best 1-2 punch in the league and build a team that more players would want to play for.picture the ny crowd chanting your name at every even have the potential to win mvp in this league while playing for the Kyrie please come home to the knicks and make us winners again and I promise you there's no place like winning in New York in the mecca of all sports,you won't regret it.sincerely your biggest fan victor quinones.

Submitted by Hephzi (not verified) on

Hi there,

Read ur news today.....


GOD's knw you .... and HE knw ur needs....

Bless you

Submitted by Bryn (not verified) on

You are in a position of leadership and an idol for many. The people who idol you are young and have developing minds. Joking about the Earth being flat, regardless what you believe, has a horrible ripple effect when people take you seriously. You think it's fine for people to think the Earth is flat even if that isn't actually your belief. It's not fine. Having your own opinion is fine. Denouncing a fact is not. These people are so quick to denounce what they can't understand yet they watch tv and play with their cell phones all day. Do they understand how the phone or television was made? No they don't, but they enjoy the luxury of having them. Don't piss on years and years of compounded scientific discovery. The Earth is round because, first, math proved that this is the case. And then technology built us spacecrafts and satellites. Stop playing to the lazy people that want to denounce years of hard work from the worlds greatest minds and spread the opinion of some idiot on YouTube. Thought you were smar but apparently you don't think big picture.

Submitted by Zane (not verified) on

yo kyrie bring the mamba mentality's and samurais to Australia (where i live) and aye best of luck with the Celtics.

Submitted by Dan Grundy (not verified) on

Dude, You need to get help. Come to the Space Coast and get some education before you open your mouth again. You don't know seem to know if the moon landing was 61 or 69. You are complete idiot to call into question the moon landings of the Apollo missions and somehow link them to the con man president BS we endure today, For real, you cannot discern the difference???

Submitted by Bryn (not verified) on

You are doing an excellent job of getting young minds to ignore quantifiable data and empirical evidence. A couple more podcasts and you can maybe get people to think 2+2 = something unknown and mischievous. There's a difference between being an open-minded thinker and someone who believes some youtube videos that were filmed by a guy in his parent's basement. Have you tried to read anything credible? No, because that would be difficult and hard to understand. You have no idea how an iphone works, but you'll sure as hell recognize its existence and use it to spread your ignorant podcasts.

Submitted by Tom Phase (not verified) on

I assume you will never read this, but i just wanted to say that i have the utmost respect for you not wanting to be someone's Robin or Batgirl, anymore. In an age of so many cowards in the NBA, you went against these pathetic losers (Kevin Durant is, obviously, the worst) and wanted to be your own sole legend. Hats off to you, and i hope others will follow what you did.

Submitted by anna (not verified) on

Hi there,

I wanted to tell you about my daughter and how you have inspired her!!!!
My daughter Annelise Nodecker is 13 years old and your absolute biggest fan. She has had a difficulty time the last 3 years after a divorce our family went through a divorce. It really has affected her self confidence and motivation. Last year she tried out for her school's basket ball team but did not make it. After she found out she had not be chosen she made up her mind she was going to practice all year and try out again. She wanted your shoes and told me she knew she would make the team if she could wear your shoes because they would bring her luck. Her first ever purchase using her own money was to buy your shoes. Annelise tried out and made the basketball team. She said that you had inspired her to practice and try harder to make the team. It has made all the difference in her confidence and self esteem.

Thank you from a thankful mom :)

Submitted by Bryn Schwartz (not verified) on

The design of your new shoe looks as well thought out as your theories....

Submitted by carmichael (not verified) on

Hi Kyrie,
I say "happy birthday" to you because you are my favorite basketball player, and I like the Celtics.
I am also the one that sent you the letters. I hope you will write back.

Thank you!
Your fan,
Carmichael/Gr. 6
Petersham Center School
Petersham, MA

Submitted by Krista (not verified) on


I have a seven year old son and we could not wait for the launch of your sneakers on August 25, 2018. He's had several pair of your sneakers and I actually bought him his first white pair of sneakers which were yours this spring because there were colors all over them.

So as I was in Punta Cana on August 25th, we were so psyched to order the decades. Cooper, my only child, loves the colors you use and designs. Imagine my surprise and Cooper's disappointment when we realized these were not available in preschool size. He's like a 2/2.5. I think I looked all over and then tried to find the mambo mentality which I know are older.

So, as we start school next Wednesday, we are hoping that you will realize that you have amazing little fans out there too who love you and sharing a piece of you on their feet. LOL.

Thanks so much. This is coming from a single mom who thought KD's were not Mr. Durant's but KD Lang the singer and I was like why would she have shoes.

Have a great day, great season and thanks for inspiring others-
Krista S

Submitted by Zaylin (not verified) on

Hey kyrie... do u want to go to the gym and have a dun time there. We could play a basketball 1v1 game if u want? Ima huge fan... i have a pair of kyrie's and I want more. I have a PS4 and we can play 2k sometimes during the weekend.

Submitted by Krysy Steckler (not verified) on

kyrie Irving i love the Boston Celtics! I now your busy practicing for your next game. but can I please have your autograph!I hope you win! your the best player by.

Submitted by Kortaveyon (not verified) on

Hi my name is Kortaveyon Arnold i am in the 8th grade I always wanted to see you and have a pair of your kyrie 4 shoes. My dream is to come to the NBA and be like you but it is hard because I didn’t make the basketball team in 7&8 grade

Submitted by Brenda (not verified) on

Kyrie I know the odds of you ever viewing or recieving this are slim to 0 but if there is a chance you see this I want you to know the impact you have on my 12yr old son Sam. He is a huge fan of basketball and of course you. For his birthday which is close to Xmas he made a choice to not have parties with his friends he wanted to go see games at the Garden. We live in VT so no problem there. For the last 4 years that is what we have done. Now you are here and every game is that much more exciting. For his bday this year he wanted 2 things his Celtics game and new Kyrie's. Again no problem or so I thought. We searched hi and lo and came up empty on what he wanted for your shoes. He loved the 3's or any that were white so they matched his AAU and mini metro unifroms. I contacted Nike after being unable to get my hands on any of your shoes in his size that they liked and they made magic happen. We saw the Nov 17th game against Utah and seeing you and all the players is indescribable for my son. We went to the Duke basketball camp in June of 2018 and will do the Celtics camp this year at Auerbach. Heart and soul my son Sam loves the game he loves the players and constatnly has a ball in hand. I love his passion I love his drive and I hope we are able to continue to watch you and I thank you for the positive impact you have on Sam. He wants to go to Duke he wants to play ball nonstop and he respects who you are as a player and man. Thank you Kyrie! FYI he gets his haircut like Gordon Hayward! Anyway I just wanted to say thank you! I fyou read this please know you are appreciated on and off the court.

Submitted by Ray Weirick (not verified) on

I read some where your father helped you train to be as great as you are. You are a true champion and worked as hard as labrone win your championship. But it deft took the both of you together. I don’t think one will ever do it with out the other. Can you give me advice for my son. He’s six. He’s truely great now. But I want him to be as good as you. I’m also trying to buy him a home for him and his 9 yr old sis too. I won’t give up on his training and won’t give up on getting him a home. Maybe this is the way to his greatness. Live a little rough now and have so much later. He’s truely so great! I love both my kids equally for eternity. Sorry to talk too much. I feel like you can relate.

Submitted by yeshua (not verified) on

HEY there Kyrie irving I am your biggest fan ive watched you since I was little.I think i play alot like you i think i can dribble and do fancy layups like you. you inspire me so much i like the way and the style you play i know everything about you and i would really like to play against you so day and your shoes are awesome my favorite shoe is the kyrie kripsy kreme shoe i think thats the best and i really enjoy you play keep up the great work.

Submitted by Joseph (not verified) on

Mr Irving,I am your biggest fan in South Florida,As well as a huge Celtics fan since childhood. I wanted to send you a message because I hear rumors that you are leaving the Boston Celtics. Please confirm whether these rumors are true or not. If so,Please stay on the team,You are this franchise’s last hope. Written by your biggest fan,Joseph.

Submitted by Avery M. (not verified) on

I love the new shoes collar with Nickelodeon. I have grown up watching Spongebob. I will say though, I have the girls basketball tryouts, and no shoes comes in girl size or even women for that matter. I just want a good basketball shoe.

Submitted by Nooreddeen (not verified) on

Me and my friend were designing a kyrie shoe in school and we got a good Idea. We called them the Kyrie Ankle doctors. With red and blue on the sides and the medic sign in the middle, I think this would be a great shoe. We called them ankle doctors because of The kyrie's ankle support and you breaking people's ankles. I hope you could keep this in mind.

Submitted by Patsy J. Moore (not verified) on

Kyrie is one my favorite ankle break superstar in National Basketball Association. Know to his super level dribbling. But you also need to try monster legends breed.

Submitted by Xavier deleon (not verified) on

I wish you would not sit out because first its my birth day, on april 27. I love watching you play on all teams i have your jersey's and im foster and i would love to come to a game, i say that because your goated i play basketball just like you. and all my freinds say im upseesd with you well maybe a little no homo. I also love all your shoes i had like 4 pairs only but i would love to have more and see you play in real life and talk to you but everyone wants to so if you read this it will still be a honnor and thank you i would say i am number one fan i dont care who says there better than me in basketball thats not the way you have to be foucsed by you and i want to be like you so they talk but im not worried and i want to make it to the nba have a good day!!!!!!!!!! by number 1 fan Xavier deleon

Submitted by Mary T (not verified) on

My late husband and son and I are huge fans, well you and Kobe . My husband passed away unexpectedly at the age of 43.. My husband was young at heart, loved your Uncle Drew movie and watched you thru your career. He was actually buried in your Brooklyn jersey in plot 24 out of respect for Kobe. I just wanted to say that you brought a lot of entertainment to his life.

Submitted by Jay k (not verified) on

I've following Kyrie from since Cleveland days. We celebrated 2016 Championship. He's simply the GOAT. I then listen to him last night when he risked his fame, and possibly money to stand up and talk about the injustice and massacre in Gaza by the Apartheid Entity. In as far as I lived I never expected an NBA play would say such a brave and courageous thing. I hope all other celebrates listen and learn. He took ALL players to school in one statement. You're my hero to the end of time. Please spread the message


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