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Kobe Bryant, "the Black Mamba," plays as shooting guard for the LA Lakers. Bryant's professional career began directly out of high school where he was recognized as the top high school basketball player in the country. 1996 he declared himself eligible for the NBA draft and was picked by the Charlotte Hornets. However, he was immediately traded to the LA Lakers and been with that team his entire career.

Bryant is a 15-time All-Star, 14-time member of the All-NBA Team, and 12-time member of the All-Defensive team. As of March 2013, he ranks third and fourth on the league's all-time post-season scoring and all-time regular season scoring lists.


NBA Champion: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010

NBA Finals MVP: 2009, 2010

NBA Most Valuable Player: 2008

NBA All-Star: 1998, 2000–2013

NBA All-Star Game MVP: 2002, 2007, 2009, 2011


Los Angeles Lakers
Toyota Sports Center
555 N. Nash Street
El Segundo, CA 90245


Submitted by Tim Vallejo (not verified) on

(Below is a piece I shared on my g+ sight-thought it might shed a light of encouragement for KOBE)

KOBE IS STILL THE BEST PLAYER EVER! OK, he had a bad night last night. You try playing against the best in the world who average ten years younger than you with a drive that you maybe loss because now you're an 18 year veteran. Lets not forget the wear and tear he has put his body through in all the years he has been in the NBA. No one has played more than Kobe has in the amount of time he has been in the NBA. Lets remember that he started at an early age of 17, drafted straight from high school. He's been on 2 Olympic teams who won gold and lets not forget all the playoff games. Jordan actually took time off for baseball and played in college which is nothing compared to playing in the NBA. And we all know that no other sport runs and is as active as the NBA. Shit, I'm 36 years old and I can't handle but maybe one or two full court games maybe once per month and I'm done. I literally grew up with Kobe. I'm from LA and I'm 36 and he's 35. I stuck by him through thick and thin and I refuse to give up on him. Yeah, it hurt watching him play yesterday but you have to look at the whole picture. It cannot be easy for him. So Kobe keep ignoring the haters as you should be use to by now and go out there and play the best you can. Make us proud because to loyal fans like me who shared tears at intros last night-watching you play means everything to us. 

Submitted by kobe wright (not verified) on

Im named after kobe he is awesome if u r seeing this kobe ur awesome

Submitted by Letha Adams (not verified) on

Hello Kobe,
Just wanted you to know I'm 45 years old. I have followed you since you began the Los Angeles Lakers. I think your the best player ever!!! I bleed purple and gold til the day I die..My Dream is to come see a Lakers game before your retirement. My prayers are with you and your family. Keep doing what you do..God Bless you

Your Greatest Fan

Submitted by caster dela cruz (not verified) on

Kobe I think you're better than Michael Jordan. And you're the greatest player who ever lived. Kobe you are awesome.

Submitted by Al Ezell (not verified) on

Hi Kobe I'm glad to know that you will be playing in the game on my birthday 10/6. I have seen you in 2003 and 2006 at Staples Center before I moved to Oahu to finish college. I admire your strength and resolve to do whatever you can to better yourself. You are a true leader Kobe! I'll see you on my birthday and good luck in your endeavors. Al "Aldo Chilla Cella" Ezell.

Submitted by Michael Pascoe (not verified) on

I hope Kobe gets this because I think he needs to hear from true fans that love him and want nothing but the best for him. I have been watching the NBA for over 45 years and have seen the best play. Kobe is right up there with the greats like The Big O, Mr. Clutch, Clyde the Glide, and Magic Johnson.

Your best years are not behind you. Before the injury, you played one of the best basketball I have ever seen, single handily putting your team in the playoffs. There were signs that you were going to get injured that night, but being the athlete you are, you ignored that and played your ass off.

The Lakers made the playoffs without you. And because The Black Mamba was not there, it was a quick exit for them.

I for one am not looking forward to life without Kobe Bryant. Everyone keeps waiting so the Lakers can move on. This is a mistake. To rebuild, they need the inspiration from one of the greats on how to work hard.

If the Bandwagon Jumpers want to leave the Kobe train, then so be it. I for one know what you have done for the Lakers and will never forget it. Those memories are right up there with Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain. Magic, Kareem, and Worthy. And of course Kobe and Shaq.

I would love to see you go out as a champion so the naysayers will finally shut their mouths and realize what a gem they have and what they will miss when the time does come for you to hang it up.

Submitted by Daniel Meo (not verified) on

I don't know if you'll even see this but I'm going to try. I respect your game a lot and I saw that your body is very sore and you don't know I you'll be able to keep playing. If you let me be your nutritionist, I will personally guarentee you could play for at least 3-5 more years at a high level. Email me if you're interested.

Submitted by Sky (not verified) on

Hello Kobe,
My name is Sky Cochran, I'm from the small town of Magnolia, AR. Me and my little brother T'Kobe were raised by our single parent mom. My mom was such a big Kobe fan and she knew my little brother would be an athlete she couldn't help but name him Kobe. It has always been on our bucket list to attend a Lakers game before Kobe retired. With me being a recent college graduate and my mom taking on all of the responsibilities to take care of home it has been impossible to attend a game. My mom has a chronic liver disease and will one day have to be put on a donors list. Through it all we always keep the faith. It would be more than appreciated if we could make it to a Lakers game before Kobe is gone, due to some financially difficulties we just don't see this happening before Kobe is gone. I've never had the guts to reach out because I don't like to be let down. I'm testing my faith this time and praying for a good outcome. Thanks in advance for your time and concern. Forever and always Kobe fans!!

Submitted by bryce johnson (not verified) on

you one of the best shooters of all time i need help with science fair can you answer my question plz

Submitted by chris mcallister (not verified) on

we live in north ga and would love to come see kobe play fri night against the hawks. our son is named after kobe. big fans and this would be only chance to ever get to see kobe in person. have enjoyed watching you play and give em hell one last go around. thank you

Submitted by Sme Ranik (not verified) on

We will miss you, kobe! Although we dont watch all of ur games cuz we dont have cable. Always got us updated thru google. Ty Google! My husbands crazy about you. Thats how i was introduced to u. Hehehe one time we was in ER because he was ill. You were playing that night. He got the remote and we start watching ur game. Took 15 mins. For the doctor to come check back on him. They were surprised because the fever he was running was back to normal. Was like he never was running any! Hehehe no medication was given btw! They asked what he took...he just shrug and said "I WATCHED king KOBE" ...you will be always our KING of NBA!!!! we love u, KOBE!

Submitted by Dominic Leano (not verified) on

Dear Kobe Bryant, For what it's worth, I just want to let you know that you are the SINGLE REASON that I fell in love with the game of Basketball. Your drive, passion, determination, killer instinct and love for the game of basketball, changed a kid like myself and turned me into a lover of the game. When I heard about your announcement to retire from basketball, I was so sad cause I may not see you play anymore. So to relieve my feelings, I took my brush to paint you wearing your Lakers jersey. I am not a professional painter though, I am only 13 years old. I wanted so much to watch you at the Staples Center,and have you sign my painting, but your announcement made the tickets expensive and my dreams to watch you play in person is unattainable anymore. Thank you Kobe for 20 AMAZING years in the NBA. You will be missed and basketball will never be the same without you. In my eyes, you are the greatest basketball player to ever grace the floor. What can I do for you to sign my painting? I will cherish it forever.
To see my painting, please check my Dad's Facebook: Roger Leano.

Submitted by Ramon (not verified) on

I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of yours and I think you are an amazing basketball player and I learned so much from watching your basketball lessons and all your games also you are a big role model to me everything I learned came from you people even say that I remind them of you from the way I play just like you wanted to perfect it all I've also just studied and placed myself on te court for 5 hours or more to reach the potential it takes to even compete against you one on one I wish one day I get to meet you so we can play and you can give me advise on what I can do , basketball to me is a big passion to me as i know it is towards you but I would really love to meet you

Submitted by Charles Garland (not verified) on

Kobe I have watched you over the years and have always had much respect for you. I was most impressed with your work effort. This is part of the reason you are an all time great. I am contacting you to ask if you would take a look at a player with a lot of potential the could help your efforts in getting the Lakers back on track. Erick Green is a proven scorer that deserves a shot. The guy has worked so hard and remained so humble. He played briefly with the Nuggets but was sent to the D League and instantly made an impact and is now the leagues leading scorer. With your mentorship and his work ethic he could be the spark of something great in LA.

Submitted by Stephanie jones (not verified) on

Hello Kobe,
My husband and I have been planning a trip for the past 5 years or longer to come to California, it's been my son dream forever, he has been an avid fan of yours and the lakers forever . The trip we have planned we have saved for years to be able to do this for him. It's is a combination of a Christmas present and his graduation present . Even though he is only a junior we are having to do the vacation now because , we can't afford giving him a graduation party and present at the same time .. I wanted to do something very special for him , he is a great student has maintained straight A's since 1st grade and has the love for basketball, I know he would be a great player but he really lacks the confidence. We have tried to tell him that he can do it if he sets his mind to it , and that he is good enough, but every year tryouts come around he starts making excuses, it all boils down to rejection and lack of confidence. He says every year he is going to do basketball and as soon as it's time he starts with the excuses.. I know you are probably thinking he really doesn't want to play , but let me tell you , his love that he has for the game is to the moon and back. I remember, we had just gotten him his basketball shoes for him to tryout in and , he was at the YMCA, he went into the locker room to use bathroom put his shoes and gym bag away in a locker he came out and some stole his brand new pair of basketball shoes .. It was so upsetting at the time I was a single mother not getting child support and on disability. I couldn't afford to replace them. It was heart breaking to see how upset he was. To get to the meat of this subject . I would love to do something awesome for him why we are in LA . He has never been to a professional basketball game , and I looked up the tickets for the games that will be played when we are going to be on vacation there. Neither me or my husband would never be able to afford tickets to the games or in that fact any games. I know it is on his bucket list . And he would be so overwhelmed with joy. If we could somehow get get a discount on tickets for the games. And maybe a coupon for discount on new basketball shoes . We simply can't afford the price of good shoes for him.. I would appreciate any guidance or direction as to where I could possibly afford these things for him it would mean the world to him , and hopefully boost his confidence. He is such a great kid . I just want him to learn he can do anything he sets his mind to. I have told him that since he was born but I think it falls on deaf ears . Kobe thank you so much for taking the time to read this .. If there is any info you could pass along to me I would greatly appreciate it . You are one awesome guy!!!

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart with love ,
Stephanie Jones
P.S. As a mother I can only explain it like this ,
Mothers only want the best for their boys and try to raise them to be the most respectful and kind loving men.

Like I said thank you again God bless you and your family... May you continue to be blessed with all your talent and out pouring of love

Submitted by Victoria Garcia (not verified) on

“As long as my baby has ten fingers and ten toes, I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl,” I have heard many expecting parents announce to their family and friends. What happen when that expectation is suddenly shattered? What happens when that story takes an unexpected turn? When the nurse looks you in the eye and states, “She doesn’t have all her fingers.”
I can tell you first-hand what happens. You heart immediately begins to sink as you consider the world we live in. Then it begins to ache as you consider all the cruel comments, ridicule, difficulties she will face for simply being different. You mind contemplates what activities she will miss out on or the things she will not be able to accomplish. You will want to wrap her up as tight as you can in her pretty pink blanket and hold her forever.
Sooner or later, however, you will come to grips with the reality that you have to let her go. You have to let her make her own way in the world. You will never be able to protect her from the cruelty of the world. You can’t cry it away, punch it away, scream it away, or pray it away. It’s just there and she will have to survive it.
You can kiss her tiny hand every chance you get. You can play with it. Name it her “Sprecious Hand.” You can point out the fact that it looks like a little heart. You can be there with love.
The day will come when inconsiderate souls show up with heartless comments. At night when you are all alone, tears will fall for the child you must endure such behavior of an immature society.
Then one day she will bounce through the front door with an art project she made in Kindergarten. It will be a handprint transformed into a flower, with a sweet poem. The handprint will be made with her Sprecious Hand. And you will know that the world will not win. She did not wilt from the unkindness , instead she grows stronger because of it.
As she continues to grow you will see that she makes no apologies for who she is. Not only does she grow, but she blooms. And where do you see her blossom the most? On a basketball court. She falls in love with the game. In love with the Lakers. In love with Kobe Bryant. She spent and continues to spend all of her free time in pursuit of becoming the best player she can be.

I still sometimes shed a tear as I watch her, but it is not in sadness. It is in amazement. I am so proud to know such a strong young woman. Little did I know, that she was sent here to teach me so many things. Most of all she taught me how to be brave. She showed me that there are many kind people in the world who will love her just the way she is. She taught me that you don’t have to just endure the meanness of the world. You don’t have to just survive it. She taught me that you have to live through it and be better because of it. That you must dribble down the court in the direction of your dreams.
She doesn’t feel sorry for herself for the cards she wasn’t dealt, she plays the hell out of the ones she held in her hand.
I wish I could repay her for all the joy she has brought to my life. I know one of her dreams is to see Kobe Bryant play. I did buy her tickets (although nosebleed section) to see him on February 6, 2016 in San Antonio. I think it would be amazing if she could meet her idol and inspiration. I also believe in miracles. So like and share this post, who knows, maybe someone, somewhere will be affiliated with the Lakers or even Kobe, and make my daughters dream become a reality.
-This is a facebook post of the mother of sierra Montoya. We are from Tularosa New Mexico and it would the coolest thing ever to see such an amazing girl go crazy over meeting Kobe Bryant and I hope this message reaches him.

Submitted by andrea (not verified) on

2 yrs ago I sent two old Basketball cards to you to autograph, and I never received them back, also my son, myself and my husband are huge fans, trying to find a way to get great tickets to the Lakers and Cavs game coming to Cleveland soon, my son is a wonderful basketball player and idolized you his whole career, in desperate need of tickets to game.. always wanted those cards with your autograph to give to my son, please contact me. Wondering if you ever received those cards.. You are the greatest player in the world!

Submitted by Kyle (not verified) on

Hi Kobe I will be going to California this March from Indiana. You have always been my favorite player in any sport. My grandma happens to live in Huntington Beach. Me and my friend would love to get the opportunity to meet you. We are both in 5th grade and since we live in Indiana it would be so cool to meet you. GO LAKERS!!!!!

Submitted by Fj (not verified) on

I would just like to have some advice from u man. Thank you Kobe, take care!

Submitted by stewart (not verified) on


Submitted by Vergel (not verified) on

To Kobe's last game, Pls. wear your original No.8 jersey. My only reason for this is, you have won more rings to this number than #24.

Submitted by Anthony LaFache (not verified) on

Kobe, I have messaged you on your personal website. I want to let you know (like so many others) that you will be missed - in my case especially so - you have impacted my life beginning as just a young boy to a grown man. I've watched almost all of your twenty years. Your mamba mentality has been inspiration for me in my pursuits - and you've changed my life; molded it through example. You showed me what it meant to ferociously fight for success and to battle with failure, allowing it only to better yourself. You will, and always will be my idol. That may sound cheap, but I've watched and traveled to see you play. As a young boy I watched you win three titles, as a dude in his young twenties I watched you win two more and they made me feel young again; I was thrilled to watch you beat Boston in 2010, and heartbroken when I saw your jab-step drive against golden state in 2013 -- watching as you hit both free throws after rupturing your Achilles. That was a heartbreaking moment. Your return after that and the many other injuries is just a small example of what you are: a legend with both unparalelled skill and desire, battling the injuries for both yourself and the doubters. I was, and will never be a doubter. You're human, but as a young guy you were larger than life, you were and are a god amongst mere mortals. #MambaMentality&Immortality. There is no bigger fan. And I've been more than just a fan - you have given me inspiration in my own career, you have shown me that guts to take a shot (always believing it will go in) and painstaking hard work do pay off. I'm a twenty six year old dude writing here ONLY to say THANK YOU. That's all - thank you. MambaMentalityMovesMountains. Kob - thank you. From the bottom of my heart, from one dude to another. Thank you for allowing me to #BearWitness. Bear witness to your career, your struggles and your many triumphs. Your retirement will truly be the end of an era for me, and while I know you receive millions of these petty messages, know that this one comes from the heart, that place deep down where imagination becomes reality, and childhood idolization turns into respect and brotherly love. Best of luck from a white boy who saw something in you almost twenty years ago which has stuck with me - cheers, Mamba -Anthony LaFache.

Submitted by natty (not verified) on

hey cobi my name is natty i am from etiopia i am big fan of u and i was whondering if u can help me out by teaching me basketball i mine to be the best like u like by seanding vidios on my email like that thanks

ps help me out

Submitted by Joy Maschi (not verified) on

I just want to say how disappointed in KOBE I am. I traveled across the country yesterday to make the game last night and KOBE does not even sit on the bench for his fans!!! My son is 20 and has been a laker/Kobe fan all his life since my husband has been the same... A MAJIC fan from when he was young... And we r from New York !! It's one thing that Kobe was injured but to not even come out and sit on the bench for his fans to see him is terrible!!! These fans have followed him since he started the NBA, and he can't even respect them enough to be there!!!!! So very disappointed in him !!!!! I came to Los Angeles for one reason... So my son can fulfill his dream to see Kobe play at the staples center before he retires!!!
Just tell him how much he let his fans down last night!!
Thank you

Submitted by Sookie (not verified) on

Kobe I am from Trinidad and traveling to see you play in Houston on April 10th would be a dream come through to see you on the court in your last set of games better yet if I can get an autograph

Submitted by Larissa oliver (not verified) on

My name is Larissa I'm marrying one of your biggest fans his name is marshon he is the biggest fan of all times we will be getting married July 31,2016 it would be a honor the best honor in the world to see you please give me this one wish for my husband to meet you in person or give me away to him

Submitted by Gabriel Estrada (not verified) on

Hello my name is Gabriel Estrada and I am a student at Walden Grove High School. We are doing a research project in our math class where we got to choose a topic that we are interested in researching. As part of our project we are required to contact a professional to help us in our pursuit. If you like to help out please feel free to reply to this email. Thank you.

Submitted by Vergel (not verified) on

To Kobe's last game, Please wear your original No.8 jersey. My only reason for this is, you have won more rings to this than #24. I hope you will support me too. I'm a fan from the Philippines(Vergel R.)

Submitted by Mae Saito (not verified) on

Hi Kobe,
I don't know if you actually read these comments, but I just wanted to say that I am so heartbroken. My husband bought tickets to your game on March 15th, 2016 vs. Sacramento Kings. The only game in the past month, which you did not show up! We're not wealthy people and my husband paid over $500.00 for those tickets for me cuz I am such a big fan of yours. I still have my ticket stub to show as proof that I was there and Bill McDonald took a selfie with us. That was really nice of him, just wish I could have seen you in person, just one last time. If you could be so kind to send me an autographed pic or t-shirt? Anything? Would be so appreciated. Love you, Thanks for all the great memories and much success in your future endeavors.


Submitted by Jared Cassell (not verified) on

Thank you Kobe
Thank you, for doing all that you've done with all you had. Thank you, for being born on August 23, 1978, and from that day on, pursuing your passion in basketball. Thank you, for choosing basketball over soccer, though you were talented in both. For leading Lower Merion High School to four state championships. Thank you, for choosing to go to the NBA, straight out of high school. Thanks for being traded to the Lakers, though this one was not necessarily in your control. Thank you for exploding on to the scene as a rookie, and winning the dunk contest. Thank you for 3-peating the championship. Thanks for making it to the finals again in 2004, and giving all that you had. Thank you so much, for not going to the Clippers that summer. Thank you for scoring 81 points against the Raptors, leaving behind a legacy. Thank you for winning scoring titles; and thank you Jerry Buss, for not trading the GOAT that year. Thanks for being the dynamic duo with Pau Gasol. Thank you for never letting go of your hatred towards the Celtics. Thank you for winning back-to-back championships, and Finals MVPs. Thank you for your dependability. Thank you for your all-star games. Thanks for being better than Lebron. Pssh, “The King”? Nah, we know who really sits on the NBA throne. Thank you, for pushing through injuries, and not retiring on a low note. Thank you for your final year, and giving us a chance to say farewell. Thank you for Wednesday, your final game. You haven't finished yet, but I know it'll be a great finish. Thank you for all that you have done for me. My whole life, there has always been Kobe. Through the good and the bad, there was Kobe. Thanks for the experience of the Lakers Games. I've had one close encounter with you. I went onto the court to give high fives, but you were injured, so I could not have the honor of high-fiving you. Your career has impacted my life in an innumerable amount of ways, and I honestly need to say with all sincerity, Thank You! One day I hope I have the honor to salute you in person, but until then, good-bye old friend.
Signed, Jared Cassell

Submitted by Shahbaz (not verified) on

Letter to Kobe (Bryant)

Thanks for inspiring millions of fans like myself. I am not a basketball player like you yet I know struggle like you; i am not a pure athlete like you but I know injuries and playing through them like you; I don't wake up at 4am to practice like you but I rise early every day inspired by you.

Six years ago I needed inspiration from anywhere and everywhere I could find so I have the strength and drive to survive and make a come back of sort. That is when I truly discovered you and became an avid fan.

Like millions I was in pain when you were injured and unable to play; like millions I was angry when you lost play offs; like millions I am sad to see you go.

You taught me that greatness is not perfection nor championships nor MVPs nor image. Greatness is to give your all; greatness is to keep shooting even when all betting against you; greatness is to watch, listen and learn from greats in all walks of life from M Jordon and M Jackson. You studied them all and embraced them all, perhaps why all top athletes the world over love n embrace you.

Thanks for giving 17 years to NBA and for unifying people across countries around the world who wear Kobe jerseys.

Please don't go out in the sunset and not look back. Millions of people from China to Chile, from Rome to LA still look up to you for inspiration and wisdom.

Thanks for helping millions like to me to "hang in tough" and be at peace.

Mamba for ever.

Your biggest Fan

Shahbaz Ali

Submitted by Jared (not verified) on

Sad to see you retire, holds many records and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

My Favorite memory of Kobe is the game that he air balled a couple of threes. The failure is what made him work. He thrived on winning, and hated losing. Overcoming failure, and pushing yourself to exaustin day in and day out. Is in my opinion, the best accomplishment. Thank you Kobe.

P.S I can beat you one on one. Don't believe me? Play me!

Submitted by Adam Huenink (not verified) on

Dear Mamba,
My name is Adam Huenink and I have had Lyme disease and chronic health issues for most of the past 8 years! The last 7 months have been the worst in my life, and I've thought about suicide. So many chronic symptoms have plagued me everyday. I finally got help from a Lyme specialist when I found out I had Lyme in October of 2015. His treatment killed the disease but I still had many crippling symptoms and I was forced to quit my job. I reached my breaking point on April 13, the day of your final game. I was so depressed that day I wanted to give up, until I caught the second half of your last game. All I can say is your masterpiece of a game and your powerful speech motivated me to fight through this hard time! You talked about hard times and team development, and that's what made the lakers champions. I told myself to work and fight and do whatever it took to beat my chronic symptoms. The next day I decided to go free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar, abad alcohol. In only a week I did a 180 and almost all my symptoms were reversed or getting better. It was a total 180 degree change for me. This was sparked by your inspiration. Now I'm better than ever and am happy and overwhelmed with blessings from God. I now have confidence in myself I never new I had! Thank you for the spark! My life is forever changed. God bless you.
#mambachangeslives #Huey-out

Submitted by Crystal (not verified) on

Hi! Im Crystal, this guy Hamed really is a true fan of Kobe Bryant. I was wondering if he can meet you in person and get an autograph. Im hoping you say yes. This will be the best gift from me to him. His dream since been falling you with Lakers is to meet you. Im hoping Kobe Bryant says yes. Hamed lives in San Diego, CA. Pls I really hope you can. Thank You! God Bless!!

Submitted by Jose (not verified) on

Hey Kobe Bryant I'm a huge fan been a fan of the Lakers since I was six months old have a picture and everything but I never got to go to game because I'm grew up in poor, but one day I finally got to go to game for my birthday this was about two years back now I went to go see you but during that time you were injured and we're going to therapy this game was Thunder versus the Lakers at thunders home I don't know if you're going to get this or not but it would mean a whole lot if I can just get an autograph take care

Submitted by Dasha (not verified) on

Please Kobe, Me and my dad are huge fans. Snd so are my dads friends all they do is talk about you. And we have a new resturant that really we dont have any reveiws and its new york style, We really want you to try our pizza and wings and it would really be a miracle if you came, and if you responded. Im only 14 years old and starting the 8th grade this would be a huge accomplishment to make my dad proud to meet is Idol and everybody else. Please come Kobe im really counting on you.❤

Submitted by Josh Rybinski (not verified) on

Hi Kobe! I'm a huge fan of you. Watching your games when you played, I was memorized watching you. My question to you is, can you help me get the Kobe AD. I've been looking everywhere and I cant find it in my size. I wear a size 13 and your website does not carry it. I emailed them of if they restock the shoe sizes or when they do so I could purchase it. Its my senior year and i would love to have this shoe. So if you could help me in any way that what be a blessing!! Thank you Kobe!!! #Mambamentality

Submitted by CeCe Elias (not verified) on


My brother has been your number one fan and even as he lays in his bed battling stage 4 mesothelioma cancer follows you and your career.

I am his sister and I would so love to have you come and meet him before his condition gets worse..

CeCe Elias

Submitted by Mimi (not verified) on

I have recently met a man that is on a semi-pro basketball league [with no interest to becoming pro as he is currently a doctor and enjoys his career, just enjoys basketball as a hobby] prior to him I have never watched ball however, I discovered that I do enjoy watching someone I'm familiar with play the game. I would love to be introduced to the players as I am a big supporter of things I enjoy. Would love to meet the team. Regards.

Submitted by Cory Graham (not verified) on

Dear Kobe, my name is Cory and I'm your biggest fan ever. Growing up when you first started your career I was riding the bus with my three best friends. My best friends were better at basketball than me who Loved Allen Iverson and Steve Francis. I remember arguing on the bus that Kobe Bryant will be the all-time great, better than all and I was so happy to be correct. I'm writing you to let you know that Im a 30 year old recreational basketball player and recently ruptured my achilles tendon playing basketball doing the exact move you did while rupturing your Achilles. I now realized that we both ruptured Achilles on the same day April 12th. I'm also getting married this year which the date is set for August 24th 2019 which equals (8, 24). I picked those dates because it was your jersey numbers in the NBA. It's just a weird coincidence that I choose your jersey numbers and then I rupture my achilles on the same date you did. Anyways keeping Mamba mentality is helping me get through this. You are the best ever and always will be in my book. Sincerely your biggest fan Cory. PS my six-year-old daughter has been getting better at shooting the basketball by just saying Kobe at the end of the shot. Lol

Submitted by Brian Shields (not verified) on

Do it for the team,L.A. and basketball buddy! Wipe out the idea you are selfish...

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