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Kevin Durant currently plays forward for the NBA's Golden State Warriors. Durant has won an NBA Most Valuable Player Award, four NBA scoring titles, the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, and two Olympic gold medals. He has also been selected to six All-NBA teams and eight All-Star teams.

Durant was a heavily recruited high school prospect. He played one season of college basketball for the University of Texas, where he won numerous year-end awards and became the first freshman to be named Naismith College Player of the Year. In the 2007 NBA draft, he was selected with the second overall pick by the Seattle SuperSonics. After his rookie season, the team relocated to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder. Durant helped lead Oklahoma City to the 2012 NBA Finals, losing to the Miami Heat in five games. He played nine seasons for the Thunder organization before joining the Warriors in 2016.


NBA All-Star 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

NBA scoring champion 2010, 2011, 2012

All-NBA First Team 2010, 2011, 2012

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2012

NBA All-Rookie First Team 2008


Kevin Durant
c/o Golden State Warriors
Warriors Executive Office
1011 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607


Braden Ward's picture
Submitted by Braden Ward (not verified) on

Hey, keep it up and get to1st in the west!!!!!!! #GoThunder!!!!! #BoooooooSpurs

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Submitted by JAZLYN LEWIS (not verified) on


Sherman Lane's picture
Submitted by Sherman Lane (not verified) on

Hey KD. I from Texas. I am a diehard fan of yours and a fan of the Warriors. I wish you all the best in your upcoming free agency. But PLEASE stay in Golden St. These CLUELESS LeBron lovers sports analyst like Nick Wright and Shannon Sharpe just want you out of Golden State so that you will not get more rings and have a better legacy than Lebron James. They think they slick. You dont have to prove anything. Your skillset has ALREADY demonstrated that you are BETTER than Lebron and to me BEEN BETTER for years. You got the better mid range game. Better long range game. Shoot better free throws. Better defensive player. Better CLUTCH shooter. You play both ends of the court. You dont have to prove that by going to a team like the Knicks. No superstar of your caliber has ever did that or had to do it to prove greatness. There is a FALSE myth out here that Lebron James took a bunch of nobodies to the finals for 8 straight years. That is TOTALLY BOGUS. Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Kyrie, Kevin Love are ALL multiple time All Stars, lottery picks, future hall of famers, etc...JR Smith came out of high school right into the NBA. Shummert was a 1st rounder, Channing Fry was a 1st rounder. I can go on. Lebron had MORE help than anybody. More than Jordan. And more help than you would have in New York. Again Shannon Sharpe, Nick Wright and this lebron fanboy media just want to sabotage your career by saying you need to go to New York to prove you can carry a team. No you dont. Why. Because nobody else has. Not even Jordan. MJ played with 2 Hall of Famers. And EVERY Warrior player know that they need you and the fanbase know you are needed. Your great play has extended the career of Iguadola and Livingston. You have given money back to the organization. Go get that 221 million dollars that you have rightfully earned. Go get that bag. Take care of your family. PLEASE stay. You are ALREADY the BEST in the game. Best of luck.

Trystiant's picture
Submitted by Trystiant on

Can you please sign autographs after the game in Boston on January 24 because fan and I want your autograph

Kristi Flock's picture
Submitted by Kristi Flock (not verified) on

I am a nurse at the Oklahoma City Clinic-Edmond Pediatrics and we have a Thunder Room and would love for you to bring some of the guys with you and sign the room. We are at 200 N. Bryant, Edmond, OK 73034. Thanks

Mikeal Jones 's picture
Submitted by Mikeal Jones (not verified) on

KD you are my favorite player and I want you to come check me out this weekend coming up in Neptune,NJ I would really be psyched to see you there if you can. I hope you and the rest of the crew win the championship this year , you can count on me watching. Good Luck!!

aaron.redman.733's picture
Submitted by aaron.redman.733 on

Hey kevin I would love if u would help me out with something. This kid died of spinal cancer and his dream was to b on espn abnd the video is on my page on facebook. My name is aaron redman please check it out. Btw im ur #1 fan. R.i.p Eddie Buggs.

Grebstress77's picture
Submitted by Grebstress77 on

My son's 16th bday is coming up and he is an awesome kid. I know you will be in town playing the Wizards on 2/1/14, and he is a huge fan. His room is OKC colors, wears your shoes, and he looks up to you and all that you do. He has had a very rough life, and I would love it if he could somehow meet you, as it would be a dream come true for him. Please email me at

Joe's picture
Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

Did little buddy get to see his star? I know scouts were supposedly looking at him in football but for some reason that died because he wasn't on the football team this year? :-(

Mario Sbarro's picture
Submitted by Mario Sbarro (not verified) on

Hi I am 10 almost 11 I have wanted to meet u since u wiere drafted. It would be a dream come true if u wrote me back

jamil's picture
Submitted by jamil (not verified) on

i am jamil and i have i really want to meet you i have only saw u on a tv before it was a lifechurch when u went and got interverd u were a big influence in my life, spiritual and inspired me to play basektball im only 12 and i hope this is ur email .

sharr williams's picture
Submitted by sharr williams (not verified) on

Hello, I am the mother of a 14yr old son who was diagnosed with petit mal seizures when he was 9. He was held back in the 3rd grade because he missed a lot of ground work. He gets picked on a lot because he doesn't understand his subjects in school and with him having seizures he is playing catch up. This has caused him to get in trouble in school because he doesn't want to look like he's so called
"stupid". Over he years he has taken to basketball as an outlet and you were his role model and #1 fan. He has researched you and patterned all of your moves so that way he can become somebody and make me proud. He tells me this all of the time. I am going to send a letter every week because I would love for Kevin Durant to email me or be a mentor for my son so that way he can stay on the right track. Basketball is his only dream and his way of knowing that this will keep him out of trouble. We go to church and believe in God but if I could get a response back this would be a dream come true for him. I believe this is what he needs to turn his life around and start doing better in school because everyone including teachers have given up on him. Please have someone email me at for my son Elijah so that way he wont fall by the wayside and become another statistic.

Traegen Smith's picture
Submitted by Traegen Smith (not verified) on

Dear Kevin Durant,
My name is Traegen Smith I am currently in 7th grade at Wakefield Middle School. My dream is to be a NBA player. I have been playing since I was two and I am currently on the middle school team and play for Garner Road. I want to play basketball when I get older and play for Oklahoma City. My dad played basketball in college for South Carolina and Campbell. Can't wait to see how far I can get in life.
I have been studying in this class call CPS which stands for College Preparation Strategies. I am currently researching about what I want to be when I grow up. So i chose to be a NBA Player, I know i will have to work hard along with my talent to make it to the NBA but I know I can do it.
I think I will be able to achieve this job. If you have any questions, comments, etc. You can email me back.
Thank you for your time.
Traegen Smith

ZaiZai34's picture
Submitted by ZaiZai34 on

Durant what is going the season u was giving your all but now in the playoff..I feel like I dnt knw u anymore..I'm a die hard okc fans..please beat the grizzles..and win the playoff

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Submitted by Gary Hanlon (not verified) on

When the next book on having class is written, Kevin's name will be the first chapter.

GOD Bless Him and His Mother.

najla ayad's picture
Submitted by najla ayad (not verified) on

Hello my grandsons birthday is coming up on the 7th and he has always been depressed and we kept asking him what he wants for his birthday and he said kevin durant to come over and he said their is no way you can get him to come over. So it will be a wish come true for you to come over for anthony s birthday

Paulo Vieira's picture
Submitted by Paulo Vieira (not verified) on

My son's 17th bday is coming up - next Tuesday - May 13th.
He is a great fan of You. We live in Portugal and he is a Basket Player and try play like you.
If it is possible, please give a Foto by mail with a message for him. It would be a fantastic and a great gift. His name is Rúben Vieira and my mail is

Thank you so much and big success for You

Paulo Domingos Vieira

Josh Blount's picture
Submitted by Josh Blount (not verified) on

I'm disabled and I play a sport called power soccer in a power wheelchair. We are starting a team in Sacramento,VS. We are in need of finances and I hope you can help. Please respond.

Josh Blount's picture
Submitted by Josh Blount (not verified) on

My email is even if you are not interested please respond anyway. Congrats on the mvp

Daniel's picture
Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

My son Tomer is celebrating his 13th birthday soon -Bar Mitzva. For Jewish boys this is a very special event in their lives. They become real men. He plays here in one of the local teams. Constantly he is watching your games on the computer and mobile. You would make him extremely happy if you could send a short video message. Much appreciated!

Elise McDaniel 's picture
Submitted by Elise McDaniel (not verified) on

I be came a fan of you when I watched Thunderstruck. I read the newspaper every day looking at the sports page to get your stats. I was excited last year when I read about you coming to Knoxville for the Bobby Maze charity game. Unfortunately you couldn't come last year due to a conflict. I really hope that you can come this year. I would really like to meet you and have a picture made with you. I have Down's Syndrome and turn 17 years old this year. It would be the best Birthday present ever to meet you and get a picture. My Dad would even take us out to dinner to celebrate if you agreed.

Joy Lynn Hennigh-Foster's picture
Submitted by Joy Lynn Hennig... (not verified) on

I have a cochlear implant, and I could use money to help ,replace my old one, if I had newer model I could hear better ,PLEASE IF THERE'S ANY WAY YOU CAN HELP I WOULD VERY GRATEFUL, MY FACE BOOK PAGE IS UNDER

Connie Holt's picture
Submitted by Connie Holt (not verified) on

HB KD i <3 u

Cale's picture
Submitted by Cale (not verified) on

hey kevin my name is cale. im 13 and i love playing basketball and watching you play basketball, you're my idol. i have a problem. see i play community =. the league i play in was a competitive league but now its a recreational league. i get to play junior high ball and im in grade eight. my big decision is whether i should play senior or junior team. if i don't make senior i know ill make junior but if i try for senior and make the team im afraid i wont be able to shoot. i play PG and im 5.5". i know the answer is probably play senior and my family says i should play it because i can challenge myself. junior boys isn't really a challenge for me. i wanted your advice. what did you play when you were in junior high and what should i do about my problem. hope to here you soon. again you are my favourite player.

Charlie Easter's picture
Submitted by Charlie Easter (not verified) on

KD - I hope your foot heals quickly and you will be back playing with the Thunder soon. I'm a huge fan and you are such an inspiration to me. God Bless you and remember we will be praying for you!


Charlie Easter
11 years old
Cary Christian School
Cary, NC

Patricia Monroe's picture
Submitted by Patricia Monroe (not verified) on

I dont know if you really get or read these letters or e-mail from your fans, but I have two ballers, 1 Jeremie @VU ,Indiana and 1 Jocelyn 3rd yr. Bosse high, I know she is your biggest of the two, jocelyn is asking for one of your gym bag please help a mother out.

Jared's picture
Submitted by Jared (not verified) on

Kevin I am a huge fan of yours. Your my role model. I love your new Kd 7s. I have customized over 26 pairs. I would love it if you could email me back. My saying I made, ballislife#35. Go Kevin Durant.

tasheed.cantey.16's picture
Submitted by tasheed.cantey.16 on

Hey kd i am 12 and i am a big fan. I am going to the sixers vs okc game on dec.5 and it would be awesome to meet you if you were there.

P.S. my birthday is on dec. 13th

Karim's picture
Submitted by Karim (not verified) on

It doesn't matter what anyone has to say. You my man are the greatest player in the Nba atm. Everytime I play Nba 2k I use the Okc thunder my friends and I are amazed at what you do on the court lol. Your drive to be the best that you can be every time regardless of the situation has really inspired me to be a better a person. Don't ever let anyone anyone bring you down you are and will always be the mvp.

Chris Mazzuchin's picture
Submitted by Chris Mazzuchin (not verified) on

My name is Chris Mazzuchin. I have two little boys Quin 7 and Dax 10. It is important to me to raise them to believe in their dreams. Having a chance just to talk to Kevin on the phone would be a dream come true for them. They have made KD turkeys at school, KD reindeer, KD snowmen, the list goes on.i could send you pictures. Please let me know if a simple hello would be possible or not and I can then reply with a phone number, if at all possible. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Chris and family.

Mark Anthony James's picture
Submitted by Mark Anthony James (not verified) on

Hi Kevin my cousin is really a big fan of yours and it's his birthday and he's birthday wouldn't be complete without you so please if you can do me a favor to make a short video or a fan sign showing your greetings for his birthday with his name and yours on it. He's name is Andre Cruz of the Philippines. I want to surprise him and I hope you see this post

Jadarrius Brandon's picture
Submitted by Jadarrius Brandon (not verified) on

Kd you are my hero and im coming to oklahoma for my spring break while you are playing the timberwolves i make straight a's in school i also go to church could you email my mom your number im from port gibson and i start on my varsity basketball team but im only 7th grade

Jadarrius Brandon's picture
Submitted by Jadarrius Brandon (not verified) on

Kd you are my hero and im coming to oklahoma for my spring break while you are playing the timberwolves i make straight a's in school i also go to church could you email my mom your number im from port gibson and i start on my varsity basketball team but im only 7th grade

Diana C.'s picture
Submitted by Diana C. (not verified) on

Hi! My name is Diana and I am a 1st grade teacher. I recently purchased tickets to the Oklahoma City vs Portland game on Feb 27th for my boyfriend's birthday. My boyfriend is a big fan of yours. Is there a way he could possibly get a picture with you? Thank you. I know its a long shot but worth a try! :)

Lori 's picture
Submitted by Lori (not verified) on

She is a big fan and it would be a great gift to her if you would stop by and wish her happy birthday
Mama is Velma Dennis

Destiny Ramsey's picture
Submitted by Destiny Ramsey (not verified) on

Hi my name is Destiny, I'm 16 and I live in Texas. My church thinks that you are amazing at basketball. We like you because you're always mentioning what God does for you. You give the upcoming generation a view of life,to show us you can be a NBA player and still worship God. My church is in the process of buying a new building, but we need a little help from others. You can visit our church website at You can read around, and if you would like to donate our information is on there also. Thank You for your time and consideration.

Alison Magill's picture
Submitted by Alison Magill (not verified) on

Kevin Durant-
My name is Alison Magill and I am writing this on behalf of my students at F.D. Moon Academy and Edwards Elementary. I am a music teacher and I have been at these schools for two years. These schools are located on the east side of Oklahoma City. They are both "F" rated schools and they lack funding and support. The students at both of these schools are remarkable. Most of these kids live in less than ideal situations and they look up to you big time. You are, to most of these kids, their idol and hero. I am sure you get hundreds of thousands of emails about coming to certain schools or areas to meet kids. Some of these kids have no hope, and they don't believe that they can make it out of their situation. While I can tell them all day how important receiving an education is, it would mean a lot coming from you. We would love for you to come out to our schools and show some love and support.They have big state tests coming up, and you would be a huge motivator to these kids if you could make it out! If you have any interest or questions about my schools, feel free to email me back. Praying for a swift recovery for you and your injuries. God Bless,
Alison Magill

Kevin Waickman's picture
Submitted by Kevin Waickman (not verified) on

Does anybody know Kevin Durant's fan adress?

Cory's picture
Submitted by Cory on

The mailing address for Kevin Durant and all celebrities on are located at the top of the celebrity's spotlight page. The mailing address you were looking for was at the top of this page you commented on.

Oklahoma City Thunder
Two Leadership Square
211 North Robinson Avenue
Suite 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-7109

Wyatt N's picture
Submitted by Wyatt N (not verified) on

You are the best basketball player ever!!!!! I have your jersey and your shoes. You are awesome.

Gabriel Adegoke's picture
Submitted by Gabriel Adegoke (not verified) on

Hey, Kevin Durant I am a huge fan, going through a very hard time going through foster care, court cases. So I really want to meet you at these address: 1901 NE 13th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73117 ask for Ms.Stevenson class. North side ymca 10000 North Pennsylvania Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120. The Village Library
10307 N. Penn Avenue
The Village, OK 73120. Love, Gabriel Adegoke

paula's picture
Submitted by paula (not verified) on

Hi my name is Paula .I go to John Marshall In south bend, IN 46614 . I love our shoes I a big fan . and my school would love to you . I am in the 7th grade . I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO OUR GAMES . I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU ...I play ball at school, and at home. there is lot of kid's..I am a girl but I play like a boy.. I would love to see you.. I will save my money to come see you play some day.PS.. Love Paula Odom..

Jose Martinez 's picture
Submitted by Jose Martinez (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Durant i truly don't believe this would work or if you'll find a way to read this
I'm truly a big fan of yours I've watch most of your games threw the years and your an amazing Pro man to watch
You have what it Takes to be MVP or champ any time you want to
I wish you the best luck in life and family
I'm a heat fan always been since the age 10 I'm 26 now
But what Im really trying to get to is
My wish and every heat fans wish is to see you come to our city and help our team win more championships
We did it with wade
Then with wade bosh lebron
All we need is a dominant athlete like yourself to come to Miami and enjoy it with us
Its your choice I know but Miami is a great city to live in.
Durant please think this threw and hope for the beat in the near future
Take care champ
Your supoorted fan

Drevon Chester's picture
Submitted by Drevon Chester (not verified) on

Kevin Durant this is Drevon Chester I live in Indianapolis Indiana my wish is to see if you could train me because some people say i suck in basketball i think of that as a threat but i what you if you have time to come help me get better .Please!!!!!!!!

Melissa's picture
Submitted by Melissa (not verified) on

:) :) OMGorsh is this really you
Kevin Durant.
I am writing from Belize.
Always see you on tv :) .
email me please!!!!!.
i know you might be quite busy but hi would melt my heart jeje.
my email is
best wishes keep up your great work
blessing :D :D

camden fisher's picture
Submitted by camden fisher (not verified) on

are you going to the miami heat

Jessica Herrin's picture
Submitted by Jessica Herrin (not verified) on

I would like to know if you are interested in coming and speaking about your Faith (Testimony). We are trying to minister to particular group of kids in our area. If you are interested please contact me. This would be a great way of sharing your story with other children that look up too you. Thank you for any consideration. Jessica Herrin

Alex Hernandez 's picture
Submitted by Alex Hernandez (not verified) on

My big Sis is your biggest fan and I think you're pretty cool so Plz email me


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