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Quintorris Lopez "Julio" Jones is a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Falcons with the sixth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He played college football for the University of Alabama. During his sophomore season with Alabama in 2009, he helped lead the Tide to an undefeated 14-0 season including a victory in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game.


2010 BCS National Championship


Julio Jones
Atlanta Falcons
4400 Falcon Parkway
Flowery Branch, GA 30542


Submitted by Sham Juma (not verified) on

As a mom I have a humble request to have my kids meet their favorite player...from Bama to ATL...we are true Falcon believers. Hope u can find a way that we could meet you even for 30 seconds in Houston. It would be a dream come true

Submitted by Laura Rudd (not verified) on

Good evening my name is Laura and I reside in Greensboro NC. I have a 13 year old son, Tahjae Alright, who has been playing football for 4 years. For the past two years he has been acting out in school. Not doing his classwork, he lies about having homework, walking out of class, the assistant principal caught him roaming the halls when he should have been in class. I refuse for my son to be a victim of these streets. I was going to out him in military, but the football coach at his school begged for me to keep him there at the middle school so he can play. He has so many different people looking at him and his is only 13. My husband and I talk to him every day, telling u can't be a dummy and play football. Education is sooo important. Julio Jones is his favorite football player. Sometimes it takes a stranger to tell u what's real/check u in order for u to get ur life right. He goes to Hairston middle school.. Julio if u can't reach to him. I totally understand but as a mom who is trying to keep her son out the streets is needing all the help she can get.. Be Blessed.

Submitted by Corey Maxie (not verified) on

Hey Julio your my favorite player of all time and everytime I watch you I just want to critique my game like how you play on my football team I wear number 11 just like you. And I just want u to know that I can’t wait to see u in the Super Bowl again but coming out with a ring I hope u get this and thank you for getting me closer to the game

Submitted by CC (not verified) on

A few weeks ago I was next to Julio boarding a flight in the Birmingham airport. As a longtime Bama fan and a Falcons fan, I was thrilled to speak with one of the NFL's good guys. After asking Julio if he thought the Falcons could get back to the Super Bowl this year, he turned to me with a look of disdain and mumbled "I don't talk about football, I don't talk about football like that, can't make assumptions like that." He turned away and made it clear he wanted nothing to do with me or anyone else in the airport. I can't remember the last time someone was so rude, especially when I was trying to be nice. Disappointing though I still believe/hope Julio is one of the good guys. Not sure I can still call myself a fan though.

Submitted by J. Stephen Sheats (not verified) on

Hey Mr. Jones. Just wanted to say u r my favorite NFL player of ALL TIME. Always wanted to meet u ( I even have a mini helmet with ur signature on it). Hope u have a great season next year. Keep grinding, u are and will always be an inspiration to me. #riseup

Submitted by Alex Low (not verified) on

I just wanted to say thank you. My uncle was at Thomas dimitroff’s house and saw you and you signed a jersey for him. My uncle recently just sent it to me. Thank you.

Submitted by Michelle Smith (not verified) on

I am not going to write many words, but my son loves you. He always training to be better than you. Lol. He is always determined and never giving up because he uses you as his foundation in sports. At 8 years old he has the brain to be a doctor, but only wants to be a receiver better than you lol. It would be nice to meet you, but a word of wisdom will do.

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