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Jordan Spieth was born in Dallas, Texas, attended St. Monica Catholic School, and graduated from Jesuit College Preparatory School in 2011. Spieth played college golf for the Longhorns at the University of Texas. In his freshman year at Texas, Spieth won three events and led the team in scoring average. He helped his team win the NCAA championship, was named to the All-Big 12 Team, Big 12 Freshman of the Year and Player of the Year, and was a first-team All-American. Spieth earned a spot in the U.S. Open in 2012 as an alternate after Brandt Snedeker withdrew and he tied for 21st and was the low amateur. That's when he became the number one amateur in the World Amateur Golf Ranking after his performance in the U.S. Open and Patrick Cantlay's decision to turn professional.

Midway through his sophomore year at Texas in 2012, the 19-year-old Spieth turned professional. He partnered with Under Armour for sponsorship in January 2013 and with BioSteel Sports Supplements in March. In 2014, Spieth made his debut at The Masters and shared the 54-hole lead with Bubba Watson. During the final round, Spieth at one point was the standalone leader by two strokes and in position to become the youngest Masters champion in history; Tiger Woods holds the record at age 21. But Watson retook the lead heading into the back nine and never relinquished it. Spieth finished in a tie for second with Jonas Blixt, becoming the youngest runner-up in Masters history. Spieth ended the tournament having shot no worse than an even-par (72) in any of his rounds. His finish moved him into the top 10 in the world rankings for the first time.

In 2015, Spieth set the record for the most birdies during the Masters by making 28 and became the second-youngest person to win the Masters; and on June 21, Spieth won the U.S. Open to claim his second major championship.


Masters Tournament - 2015

US Open - 2015


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Submitted by Gil Dukes (not verified) on

Jordan, if you ever read this email, I want you to congratulate you for the way that you handled the Masters. When you look back at the final round, be proud of the way that you handled it. You are a class act. The game of golf is lucky to have guys like you.

Submitted by Guy Gawrych (not verified) on

I know you are more upset about the way your back nine went at Augusta, but I personally became a bigger fan of yours after your round was over.

You showed so much poise and class with how you handled the post-round interview and that is the mark of a true champion. There is much promise and more to look forward to with your golf career, but I'm thrilled to see such a fine gentleman and sportsman taking the lead role in the finest sport on the planet.

Golf is certainly in great hands and I could not be more proud

Submitted by Jordan Hale (not verified) on

Jordan, you are something special and I love watching you on the course, including the early mornings I wake up to watch you. I have been having a rough time lately with life and golf has been my way out. I go to class, but have a hard time focusing on my long term goals because all the bad thoughts going through my head. You have been my idol for two years now, especially whenever I got that high-five at last years John-Deere Classic in the Quad Cities. It would honestly mean the world to me if would be willing to get back to me. You are honestly one reason why I wish to stay on this journey. I came to college to play basketball, and realized that's not what I want to do, it's golf. You are the reason behind it and you will continue to be my role model behind why I want to continue to get better and eventually go head to head with you on the tour. I understand if you are too busy to get back to me, but honestly, you are the hope I have in this world.

Submitted by bill obendorf (not verified) on

You are a fine example of a humble man, who honors Christ and lives for him, especially considering how you have become at such a young age, to be, in my opinion, the best golfer in the world. The way you handle yourself on and off the course, brings honor and glory to Christ. And because of that, God has honored you, with great talent and ability, and is using you to let the world know, that fame and fortune are not the most important things in life at all, but rather, a faith and trust in Jesus and living for him is. May Christ continue to bless you and yours all the days of your life Jordan. Phil 1:21

Submitted by George (not verified) on

I am a 90 year old former golfer who has enjoyed the game but never had the tools that you do. I do have a suggestion. You may be over coached. Why not try to get a week with Lee Trevino and just play for fun. Use a cart and no caddy. Select your own clubs, figure out the distances, do your own course management and line up your own putts. Just like the millions of amateurs do. At the end of the week you will have a pretty good idea how good a golfer you really are and perhaps build more self confidence. We all admire you as a person and hope you will do better

Submitted by Robert Reibel (not verified) on

You are a great player but please...when in or near the lead 1) please stop trying to get close to a pin over water, especially on par 3's. On the front nine today, with a "5" stroke lead, why didn't you just hit the longer choice of club 20 ft. left and slightly long of the pin? At worst you take a 4...and win the Championship! 2) please stop reading an ever so slight break, that isn't there on those 4-5 ft. putts. Then you wave your hand like it is supposed to break. Keep it inside the hole like you did when you started out on Tour. You do this at least once every round. Dustin is my second favorite player and he deserved to win today. But I feel you let your fans down today because of your stubbornness. On the brighter side...I am glad to see your driving improving. Play that baby draw 90% of the time and you will be fine. You were doing what my son was doing, trying to overthink and "hit" the ball. People "friends" would tell him to change this swing angle, hand whatever, all sorts of silly things, and he would believe them. He comes to me a I always show him it is simple. 1) Swing the club without the ball. "does it feel good"? "Yes". now put a ball on the tee and just "swing the club" swing thought. Boom! 310 yards with a baby draw and right in the fairway! I tell him that there is nothing wrong with you swing...just your head! lol There is nothing wrong with your swing...your body knows what to do! He uses our G.A.S. method. Grip, Alignment, and Shoulder turn. T-h-e-n...just swing the club..."thru the ball"!!! It seems like you are now hitting your drives much better. Hitting solidly "thru the ball", instead of trying to "do something to the ball". I am not trying to criticize, but act as an observer, even though it may not seem that way. My friend think you are overrated and who's fame will soon pass. I believe if you just stop trying to overthink, as you have corrected with your improved putting routine, you will climb to even greater heights! I wish you the best Jordan!

Submitted by Robert (not verified) on

Your driving has gotten better. You seem to be "committing" to the swing...what I call swing "thru the ball". Your iron play is just great! Today you 2-3 strokes on the course...again. In those 5-10 ft. putts you seem to over read those putts with no break, looking for the break that really isn't there. You don't even touch the hole. On those that have obvious break you tend to baby the putts and leave them on the low side. It seems like you are "over thinking" the shorter putts. I hope it is not the silly topographical greens book. I think it should be banned! People should just read the green and just put the ball in the hole. When you first started, all of the announcers used to comment that "he just puts the ball in the hole", or the would say " he just hits the hole with the ball". It seems like you have forgotten this. Please...just putt the ball in the hole again! Don't over think the obvious. Once again thanks. You are a great player and young man!

Submitted by Robert Reibel (not verified) on

You seem to be swinging "thru the ball much better, from the little I have seen so far this year. You seem to not be able to get that little "just one more inch outside" guy off your shoulder. On the 3-6 foot putts, make the ball "in the cup", not in the "side of the cup". I swear you lip out more short putts more than anyone on Tour. Thanks.

Submitted by Dan & Teri (not verified) on

You are in our hearts and prayers for all you do off the course. God gav your talent for a purpose. Forget all the naysayers. Go back to having fun and play golf like you know you can

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