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Jimmie Kenneth Johnson (born September 17, 1975) is a stock car racing driver and a six-time champion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. He drives the No. 48 Chevrolet SS for Hendrick Motorsports.

Johnson was born in El Cajon, California, and began racing motorcycles at the age of four. After graduating from Granite Hills High School he competed in off-road series. He raced in Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (MTEG), Short-course Off-road Drivers Association (SODA) and SCORE International, winning rookie of the year in each series. In 1998, Johnson and his team, Herzog Motorsports, began stock car racing. He moved to the national American Speed Association (ASA) series for late model touring cars, and won another rookie of the year title. In 2000, he switched to the NASCAR Busch Series (now Xfinity Series).

He moved to Hendrick Motorsports in the Sprint Cup Series in 2002. After finishing fifth in the points in his first full season, he was second in 2003 and 2004 and fifth in 2005. Johnson won his first Cup series championship in 2006 and with further wins in 2007, 2008, 2009 and in 2010 became the only driver in NASCAR history to win five consecutive championships. During the 2011 season, Johnson finished sixth in points, while he finished third in 2012. In 2013, Johnson won his sixth championship, one fewer than Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt who have the record for the most championships. Johnson is also a two-time Daytona 500 winner, with victories in 2006 and 2013. Between 2002 and 2015, Johnson has recorded six championships, 74 wins, 301 top-tens, and 33 pole positions.


Sprint Cup Series Champion (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013)


Jimmie Johnson
Hendrick Motorsports
4400 Papa Joe Hendrick Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28262


Submitted by Linnie locklear (not verified) on

Hi i have a friend that is 93 yrs old she is a huge fan never misses a race she has had to go to a skilled facilities i just know it would lift her sprits so much just to meet Jimmy Johnson in preson all we are asking is 2 mintues of his time so please can you help

Submitted by Heather (not verified) on

Hi, I’m heather and I live in eh and my fiancé is a major fan. I’m a local in the hamptons. I know lots of people love to go to the hamptons and if there was ever a chance you were out here it would be awesome to see you and possibly meet you. I work at a very local restaurant and know lots of golf course people lol just saying. I know everyone likes there golf out here. Fiancé is a huge fan and that reason I’m messaging.. thank you..

Submitted by Maureen Flanagan (not verified) on

My name is Maureen Flanagan.

I'm trying to surprise one my co-workers (Ms. Sherry) who is due to retire in December 2016. Ms.Sherry has given 25 yrs of service to our government and our country. Ms. Sherry is a avid Jimmie Johnson Fan and she attends the Pocono race yearly. Her office has all the Jimmie Johnson gear you can imagine. She is truly a HUGH FAN.

Ms.Sherry is a middle class Mother & Grandmother, lifetime spouse who is raising her Grandson, caring for her partner who is battling Cancer. Ms. Sherry is a very kind hearted person who never gets angry. Ms. Sherry is not about a big retirement party or bringing attention to self.

The best gift I can think of is something signed by JJ himself. It would be such a wonderful surprise.

Submitted by Sherry Albertini (not verified) on

My dad was diagnosed last month with stage IV lung cancer which has spread to the liver, lymph nodes and spine with the life expectancy of less than 6 months. We go to the Kentucky Speedway every year for the Quaker State 400, this Saturday will be the last for him. You've always been his favorite driver and it would make his day if you could do anything at all for his last Quaker State race:( I will gladly provide medical records if needed.

Submitted by Phil (not verified) on


I'm looking forward to you winning a lot more races.

Sorry to say that since you have not been winning, I have not watched many NASCAR races this past year.

Best wishes

Submitted by Chase Ashley (not verified) on

Hey Jimmy Johnson I big fan of u and Chase Elliott I sill support u on the race track every race I know is be on losing streak has been hard 4 u but it will come to end here soon or later I know sill got lots of Talent behind the wheel I know will Become 8 time Champion before u will Retired good luck rest of the season
Sincerely Chase A

Submitted by Mark spence (not verified) on

Use , tape on the nose , when temps allow .

Never, stay behind a car in front . If you can nose out . Draft air is stopping speed , side draft when you can .
Dont always fill up with fuel when your ahead , you could have lapped those cars when your out front .

We need speed and low drag


Submitted by slogan (not verified) on

Hi jimmie
I am a huge fan of all the hendrick mtorsports drivers and I hope I can come over to america to watch a nascar race one day. I have been to talladega before with my dad but i would love to go to charlotte or bristol and i wish will keep on driving 4 years to come

thanks slogan

Submitted by William A.Rieck (not verified) on

Jimmie: My wife and I have followed your career since you started. We have always rooted for you and 2020 will be no exception! We'll miss you, but we understand. Good luck in whatever you do!

Submitted by Richard Potter (not verified) on

Good run today Jimmie, really enjoyed watching theiiRacing indycar event. Probably not quite the result you were looking for but good racing anyway. Great to see a driver of one series stepping out of comfort zone and trying something new. Even if it was virtual. Cant wait to see you in the real car.

Submitted by Russ Johnson (not verified) on

Hey Jimmy - Big fan. Love your commitment to excellence on the track. You always drive to succeed and bring enjoyment to the fans. With that said, maybe you should drop your sponsor Carvana. They have a slogan that promises "We'll drive you happy." But, they are really making a mess for us customers who bought that promise but can't get our vehicles registered because Carvana isn't getting us the required paperwork in the legally required time. I'm going on 4 months myself and others longer. Carvana is NOT on the same level of quality as you and your racing team. Just a thought - but I'd lose them.

Submitted by Mary Hammack (not verified) on

Praying for you and your family during this time.

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